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current Motor Vehicki Road Users, 2023 tlirough rerrenuu regulations to be
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Tax and will be carried out on a stas_
staS- issued Uy tie
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gered basis starting this year (202b) --ih" ir,"uru.'" was sponsored by
tfiu Departrneniof
Ueparhneniof Finance.
until 2022-
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- Tlrsloli i; ;;i;",;;i;,";se about peO billion
More popularly known as the "road '" r'"r--'-*
users'tax," M\aRUT is the tax govemment in funds in the first five years of its
collecis through the annual registration im plemen tation.
fee that owners of more than 11 million About half of its incremental revenues
vehicles pay to the Land Transportation will finance modernization of public util-
Office. it1 vehicles as well as other govemment
The last adjustment to such renewal of programs for the prevention of dpath
auto registrations was made irl 2004. due to road accidents and for victims'
Under the proposal, tax on cars and assistarce.
similar light vehicles weighing up to The other 50 percent of the revemres
1,600 kilbs would go up from the present will be'used on the massive infrastructure
P1,600 to P|080, or an additional P480 - protects of the Duterte administratiory
roughly 30 percent for the first year of its dubbed as the Build Build Build program,
implementation' where roads. bridges, trains and lhe like
For_the next two years. however, th"
cost ot registering a motorist's vehicle Srl.eda insisted the measure is not
would. be upped to P2,560 and P3,040
for.lighr vehicles, which comprise ,lr"aJ-;;;; o.i**ii, U"."".e the rich will
;;; i";i'h[';
bulk of motor vehicles all over the t-',,16o.,,-!!.0 p"..".rt of all cars are
"fi1!9."*"1 o"* iltlil*t*t""1T,Tfi:Hf:*"#X$
nanq, ratqs
lor ar
vehicles like utility vehicles, SUVs, bur*., thi,
ilii" U"n-r* id'p"-i'""'',t. fhi, -ut""
rucks and trailers will be based on a ;j. ;;;;;1" oro'*"i"". t_"t,r make the
l.:l pS.!l"gl1- of gross vehicle weight
(GWV): P1.40/kg of GVW for first vear, ;laff '"-* ir"i.
l.aa "-''-'-',--,
ouu to" ,oua n"
to''' 'Y --
- 4
E' 't
P2.50/kgof CVW for second yea4 Pj.40/
kg of GVW for third year.
For vehicles weighing over 1,600 kilos
but below 2,300 kilos, the road users' tax
will increase to P4,680 for this year (2020),
P5,760 for 2021 ar.d P6,840 for 2022.
Lastly, the MVRUT for vehicles
weighing above 2,300 kilos will increase
to P10.400 for the first year, P12,800 for
the second year and'P15,200 for the
third year. ,
On the fourth year of implementation
of the law, there would be a uniform
rate of P1.42 per kilogram based on the
vehicle's gross weight, with subsequent
anhual increment of five percent. This