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House approves OFW

department bill
Voting 17&11 with no absten- The bill is among the mea-
tions, the House of Representa- sures prioritized bv the lead-
tives yesterday approved on ership of Speaker 'rl1an Peter
third and final reading a bill that Cayetano.
seeks to s€ate a new agency Under the measure, the P5-
for overseas Filipino workers billion assistance fund currentlv
(OFWs). under the purviepv o(the D6-
Lawmakers passed House partrnent of Forcign Affairs will
Bill 5832 or the DeDartment go to the OFw-Department.
6f Filipinos overieas and The bill also plaZes the Over-
Foreign Employment, which seas Wofiers Welfare Admin- '
would address the c6ncerns istration r.rnder ihe jurisdiction
of around 10 million OFWs, of the Depar.hnent bf Filipinos
including seafarers and house- Overseas and Foreign Employ-
hold service workers. ment. - Delon Porcalla
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