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House okays higher Road,User's Tax

A TAX measurE that would hurt motorvehi(le owneE expect itbo help eaJe transport conditions for eve*yolu
was appmved in the Hous€ of Representatives. by conkibuting to safer road inlraskucture. ad bv
House Bill N o. 6136, which got 240 affirmative votes expandhg the PUV modemization,,' Salceda said. '
and hve negative, seekg to insease the motor vefucle Salceda said the bill even got the zupport of the
usert charge (MWC) or the road users, tax ratei transport sector dnd trans port;dvocates.
starting this year. The MVURT.rate agius'brents are: for private and
The bilJ updates the rates of Lhe Motor Vefucle Road government vehides 30 fiercmt annua.l ra tb'increase for
User's Ta} (lr,fVRUT,; and siFdfican tl y ex?dnds fundinp three years; ra tes for utility vehides, SUVS, trucks and
lor lhe public utility vehicle modeririz6tion prograri trail€rs is based on per kilo'gram o f gross vehicle weigh t
(PUVIVIP). (CVW) - La0lkg for_t. tear; 2.5:0/kg for C\rW ?or
A.lbay Rep. Joey Salceda is the principal author of the second year and 3.,()/le of CVW for tild vear.
measute. A lower rate is chargid for vehides for i-rire and is
"Itopong lax na jto, napal.rd.plopressive. Mavdman
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