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1. In the circuit below, what are meters X and Y and their respective readings?

A. Voltmeter, 4 V Ammeter, 3 A
B. Voltmeter, 8 V Ammeter, 3 A
C. Ammeter, 3 A Voltmeter, 8 V
D. Ammeter, 3 A Voltmeter, 4 V

2. Diagram below shows a battery of e.m.f. 3.0 V with internal resistance of 1.0 Ω
connected to resistors of 9.0 Ω and 1.0 Ω in parallel and a switch K.

What happens to the voltmeter's reading when K is turned on?

A. Increases
B. Remains constant
C. Decreases

3. A 2 Ω resistor and 4 Ωresistor are connected in series across a 24 V direct current

supply. What is the current flowing through the circuit ?

A. 2A C. 6A
B. 4A D. 12A
4. Which circuit can be used to determine the electromotive force of a battery?



5. One dry cell with e.m.f value of 2V and internal resistance 1Ω is connected to one
resistor 4Ω.

What is the ammeter reading?

A. 0.4A C. 2.0A
B. 0.5A D. 2.5A

6. Base on diagram below, the e.m.f of the cell is 3V and its internal resistance is 2Ω.
Determine the voltmeter and ammeter readings.

Ammeter/A Voltmeter/V
A 0.10 2.5
B 0.25 2.5
C 0.20 2.5
D 0.25 3.0
E 0.30 3.0

7. Diagram 7.1 and Diagram 7.2 show circuits consists of 3three identical bulbs
arranged in two different ways. Each bulb has a resistance of 4 Ω.

Diagram 7.1 Diagram 7.2

(a). Name the circuit arrangement in Diagram 7.1

.............................................................................................................................. [1 mark]

(b) (i) Calculate the effective resistance in each diagram.

[3 marks]
(ii) State which circuit will produce greater brightness of the bulb

[1 mark]

(iii) Give two reasons for your answer in b (ii)

[2 marks]
8. Diagram below shows a circuit. The electromotive force for the batteries is 12 V.

(a) When switch S is off, the ammeter reading is 0.5 A and the voltmeter reading is 10 V.
(i) the lamp resistance (2marks)

(ii) the internal resistance of the batteries. (2marks)

(iii) the power used by the lamp (2marks)

(b) Given the resistance of the resistor R is 20 . When switch S is on, determine the
reading for

(i) voltmeter? (2marks)

(ii) ammeter? (3marks)

9. The graph shows potential difference across battery when different current flow in the

a) What physical quantity represents the gradient of the graph? (1 mark)

b) Base on the graph,

(i) determine the value of e.m.f of the battery (1 mark)

(ii) calculate the value of internal resistance (2 marks)

(iii) if 2.0 A current flows through the circuit for 10 minutes.

Calculate the energy supply by the battery. (2 marks)