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IL TROVATORE, Iw FOUR ACTS, BY VERDI. (WITH ITALIAN AND ENGLISH WORDS.) EDITED BY ARTHUR SULLIVAN. BOOSEY AND CO., LONDON AND NEW YORK. KENNY & 00, TYPOGRAPHICAL MUSIC, STEAM MACHINE, AND GENERAL PRIN 25, CAMDEN ROAD, CAMDEN TOWN, LONDON, N.W Vi \SO2 No. 1.—INTRODUZIONE « CORO No. 2—CAVATINA No. 3.—STRETTA DELL’ INTROD. No, 4.—CAVATINA Ne, 5.—ROMANZA No, 6,—TERZETTO No. 7.—CORO.. No. 8,—CANZONE No, 9.—CORO.. No, 10.—ROCCONTO . No. 11.—DUETTO No, 12.—ARIA » CORO No, 13.—FINALE No, 14—SEGUITO DEL FINALE No, 15.—PEZZO CONCERTATO No, 16.—INTRODUZIONE » CORO, . No. 17.—TERZETTO CON CORO No. 18.—ARIA .. fire No, 19.; MISERERE l ARTA No, 20.—DUETTO No, 21.—DUETTINO No. 22.—TERZETTO No, 23,—FINALE 18 2Trol? Ys Abbietta zingara” S2a847 INDEX. ACT Ist. © All’ erta”” Came rouse ye! (avco, There was a swarthy witch “Brevi e tristi giorni visse”.. + Not lng did he lve in sadue —— oo The night was extn. “ Deserto sulla terra” Now on the earth 0 lonely. , “Tnfida” Wo OLE Unjachju ACT 2nd. “ Vedi! le fosehe”” See low the darkness yO tecteat O “Stride la vampa” “7! Fierce now the flames glow, <7 “ Mesta 2 la tua canzon’s You sing a dismal strain. 4 « Condotta ell’ era” Dhuy brought her they deaga'd her « Mal reggendo” On hin jiercely. «Il balen” Bright her smile * Ah! se l’error” AL! should the world’s. “ Degg’ io volgermi a Quei”. Now wate Heaven L turn “< deggio” w) wieing Or do my eyes my sense deci ACT 3rd. © Or eo’ dadi” We jnst now these dice “Giorni poveri vivea” ( A2t Cte < Scere with til my Wife giving, “An si, bon mio” 6. ap * Yes, now ; thou are my spouse. ACT 4th. “D'amor sul’ ali” Boruc on the rosy wings. ore To vedrai Thou shalt sev “ Qual voce !” What hear 1? “Ai nostri monti” Once more returning. « Parlar non vuoi?” . Wile thou not say? “Ti seosta!”.. Hence hie thee! Ce Pace. 10 18 380 82 of 98 101 uz 128 141 IL TROVATORE. DRAMATIS PERSON. Txoxons ce es ea = Soprano. Inez - ca on vs Soprano, AnvceNs ca ve = Contralto, Tenore, Tenore. Ge a» Baritono. Fennaxpo cn cp Basso. Revi and burnt alive for ha woman is seized sar is the mainspring of the action of IU Trovatore. An old gi ing bewitched the Count di Luna’s infant son, AzuceNa, the daughter of the gipsy, to be revenged, steals the Count’s son and burns him, as she fancies, on the same pile with her mother. She is horrified, however, at finding she has thrown her own child by mistake into the flames. The desire for vengeance becomes the sole object of her life. ‘The Count’s child is brought up as her own under the name of Manrico, As he advances in years, he distinguishes himself in the wars, and carries off the prize at a tournament, where he is crowned by Leonora, with whom he falls in love, and who loves him in return, The reign ing Count pr Luna, elder brother of the stolen child, is also in love with Leonora, who rejects him for Manrico, which fires the Count’s jealousy. A. report of Manrico’s death reaches Leonora, who resolves to pass her days in a convent. ‘The Count attempts to carry her off, when Manrico interposes and prevents him. The castle in which the lovers find shelter is stormed by the Count and taken, and Manvico, being made prisoner, is condemned to dic. Azucena is apprehended, and, being recognised as the gipsy who burnt the Count’s brother, is adjudged to be burnt alive. In exchange for her lover’s pardon, Leonora promises her hand to the Count, but, to prevent the marriage, takes poison, She flies to the prison to liberate Manrico, who, suspecting the terms by which his freedom is secured, rejects her offer. ‘Too late he discovers she has sacrificed herself for him. The Count, infuriated by the deceit practised upon him, orders Manvico to instant execution, and leads Azucena to behold her son’s decapitation, His exultation is converted into horror when told that the victim is his own brother, and the gipsy is avenged for her mother’s murder. The scene is Inid in Biscay, and Arragon. No. 1. INTRODUZIONE. gp Alero ex soto, aa =—_ | g ; 2 on a * =< . = Ee <= = E A’ er- tal AW otal Game rouse ye! cme roe ye! ‘Tho Royal Edition — 11 Provatore,"—() » Tl Con-to mn’ d’uopo at = ten = = -der vi - gi - The Goont comes, and ce must watch for: Bis ap = = Ian-do; ed o-gli ta-lor pressoi ye~ ro-ni del-la sun ca-ra, in - te-1 pas-sa le = prouch ing! Ye know that oft-tines Teeneath the winsdoe of Wit fair la dy, he Respoeth ‘a tone-ly eu ne gE = << ——= — Seng lee si- a le fio - vo scr- pi gliavvon-ta in Cono, Tinow "that Bis breast” tron fie whth “a flamay he te a tee ——— Ot ¢ = —e = ———— ———— £ si- a Ie fie = re ser - pi gliavven-ta in ot - to? Wel we Jnow "dlet He ust” fron fre with Sa fey he 8 Jar tou, cho dai giar-di- ni move notturno il canto, Wun ri- va-le a drit-to ei who in he gar= den she at nighttime, he fears Kim, he has good cause fear that ‘Pho Royal Baifion—"H Trovatore."—(2) Moderato, Dal-legra vi pal-pe~ bre il sonnoa di-seao~ Bromouraje ds wud dom moun his wehdraaay xtching 7 ee 2». ie Dalle gra-vi_pal- pe - bre H sonnoe di-scac~ From our eye = tds weigh d own with drow ay watching is 5 —— es = 2 Sa en = pet > cia, Jn vom sto-rin ci narra di Gar-ai = a) ger = mano alnostro Con = = care, Chaenaw their slep es Sony gf the Gar = the "brother of our mae ~~ poe h bs 2 sto-ria et narra di Gar slap wath tonry of the Se ger - manoalnostro Con - - Monaro ean Se 5 tr ve -ni-tein-torno a me— close noo t= round and hear’ i = Noi pu-re— Cono pr Sorpar, “We Mat! me = di- te u- di- te Felis = ter, we is = tom Cono pr Servi. a U - di- te, We te > tet, = < ‘The Royal Bdltion.—“N. Trovatore."—(3) Andante mos, —__———_ — . 3 Ferrayno, Di due fi- gli vi-vea, padre be-a-to.. ilbuoneon-te di Lu 3 —— a List ‘the Count ‘de Lana,” x happy fa~ ther, With boo sone in is herp iy i Po —— iene ae pe = tri-co del se-con-do un- to.,.. dor-mia pres-so la cu -——— na, Sur poung ver “a good nurs watch’ 0 = Sery.ecs The while he hid wee step = tig One % sen yomperdell au-roraunbelmat - ti-no el-ln di-schiude i rai, imorming when the etrydaenies breshng, what ght nosh there? SS i coan-to a quel bam- fonts — === Sy what eno wher what we hee? egret AUN eS = Tafa vee— OW? okt mal? Absit te sie, rE — : — ez i ae ao =f Chi?—Fa- vel-la— Chi? chi mai? reas = ae — Gin ge- vai sim -bo-li Hier Syms tole e liar - da! Soa. od, ‘The Royal Eiliion.--" Lt Truvatore,’"4 4) xi cal, on ther dress ~~ : Bere, , > gce= SSS SS ar - da; e sul fan - ciul - lo, ci - can A “fe Fi ror com = a pea might com-pre-sn la nu ~ Poe tee 2 ae ee tt aes bee az eo? 8 in Sone no cho me - fir than ‘the een ib - bro - i ser-viae-dor-ro-n0, ter_=~ waniscame round her, Then they ow'- ted quick ‘Tue Reyat Buition,—* 31 De vatorec"—(5) = sete spe = - oo rages mae - €0, i, per - Bo, ene dees me 7 oe FF { = S a St ae site» 0s. Ry See cos = se, 8 fre mi dan = get, Then by their = nag = ce, ur-lie per ‘irik = ing, and threats of se la rea di - scac-ci gen, The gip = sy no chentrarei o ~ was ex-pelld the hag. = se wise te 5 te = Fete Pee | TSS SS oS — Tye aes Ke ae ia pe =e = SSS ~— oe 1 b ee eres: ; 2 fF oe 2. 2. - e+ 6 # » 1a. oa — ee ee eae eee Tab la yeu, In vou dl-ooao = clo-no civeazarvio = ab Ta reo, Is tun dl ecao = cano ah'eatmarvio + in te ata Sen puta” Ghee ig se "sw pa play te agy_ Sit Rw gut 2i etek st o + — tt oa Royal Beton "1 romra"<8) $a 4 Se eel eet Giusto quei pot=ti edegno com-mos = 20; T'in-fa-me _veechia lo pro-vo - od. Gono. “pa'jurie The hat eur thar” an ger Truly te ‘uch had chr Bis grace eee fe, eee 2 oe a * 7 2. == b= Cr = Sa Giusto quel pet-ti sdegno eom- ‘fame veechia To pro-vo - cd. yee toe ent Te wleh had tec Oi pra ze e inci SELEEL sip pay Pe ee feel eal ¥ ce Joe | te Andante mosso come prima, Femranpo, a 3 & ee : Sa 04542 2 1 ere eae aa ca + a Se ert o> "As -se - ni cho ti-rardelfaneiul-li- no— To-ro-sco-po vo -le - - - a— Bugiardal Sheer “eusemade that shewas ony hat -ingion Te predict hechiis for > > = tunel Deveb-er! iat he ene om 5 Len-ta feb-bre del me-schi-no., la sa-lu-testrug- ee > al Co-ver-to di - ten te Retne Ql men aes ih aleve Se ww eee Se paws thts a — = Pep ee et Tan-guido, af-franto eitrema - vala se-ra, il di tra-e-va in la-mente-vol ceo ee, ad dy, ieee eee) ae eet eee ~ | athe Eau € avai 5 les ae = 0 0 fo Alegre come priv 9 amma -a-to eal” bra-gie; Twas the of-fect of ma = = gic! Then was” the fe wele” hay tremolo e a = ee, oe ae tra sie = fa presa, eal ro - go fw if goant Fund” he tate see her ‘con = dem — ‘The Royal Edition —" It Provatore."—(7) a no = a dough > ter, s eeige” “her tm pia ue ~~ fim ~ do eo - eo ~ so! Pre Hh kent "tut to trey tee be seep SS arin - yen - ne mall ar tae — ‘The Wojal Edition. #11 Provatore."=(8 sempre -Hipete_y tee pea | mez = 20, briceia-to a mez 0, brucin-to + sum > ing Pherethe bones, Wook — stain't, were stil oom ~ sa - me bru -cis-to ‘ones there were tll eo Fa 20, fu-man-te ane fig ed burning 0, fu-man-te an-cor bra-cia - to ig, and Burning sti in ra- ta! oh donna ‘me! Del parmn'in = ves-te o-dio ed or-ror! seonman (thy deeds ae el, pa Torro and anguish llr nn igulsh tal oh donna eps man thy deeds = pibibSS tt) —— oo = eee [0 ge fe ee | Fx ‘The Royal Eaitwm.— 1 Trevatere"[0) No, 3. SEGUITO E STRETTA DELL’ INTRODUZIONE. Fereano. Cono vt Servs. Bre-vie tri-sti_gior - ni Wot ling did he bce in ——=— = Et ju=rei- gno- to del cor pre- Ae hie are he hen dp ly Hie s-9 96-698 a eee =men=to gli di Sérange fom Ges in = e8- vache spentonon e-rail eer his ay he thowp ht had not ed a mosir vi - ci - no bramdcheilsi-gnor And when he dist he made our master pro-mise that = ss=] = = a ee aa = ba : so pre yp le —— —~~—— — * e—- — SS ae ee =z no-stro a lui gin ras- se di mon ces-ear le in-da -gi-ni— Ah!fur va-ne! He veoud mse gice "up ‘hos pin but nen er cae to seat Se chid; Bat Dow aay! = oy = = = SSS Coro pt Sonpatt. E di co- dnt did yon — = = = et E di co- dnt did Soe ——= = =o: = oF pen fie= i ee poco pit mosso, 4s, by <= 2 = — 5 fo (St i ‘The Royal Haition,— 11 Trovatore,"—(10) Sg. ~ . ep ee Spat eH ee ep Nul-In con-tez-za! Oh! da-to mi fos-so rin-tracciorla un Weve dad mo thedinge! I hope ow day may tee her face a ~ — pet SRN = a = “Tei non s‘eb-be con-tez-2a mai? nacr “so. more 7 er? a —- ~ fel non sebsbe cou-tey-aa mal? hear “na more of fer? _ ee ~- a (ee = z yaad di! Cal-co - lan-do gli an - ni tra- _ an Suiscgui ter he, Sayfa” "hae pe +N == —— \s == oes + le Ee i" “a Cono ‘Ma ray-vi-aar- In po- tre - Mi? lor Savi, And if you met would gow” know her? Cate = ‘Ma rav-vi-sar- Ja po tre - xd if you met would you Inow = =—— — — Allin fer-no? tutte forza, To the ‘dest >> = oF SSS SS sssesss= Ste Cono —_Sa-reb-be tem-po pres- so la madre all’ in - fer - no spe ~ dir-la, prSoupatt, Then i the time to make her” jim her smother in incfer=nal re-gions Sa-reb-be tem-po pres- so la madre all in- er - nospe - dir-la. Then is the tine Yo Male her jam her. mother in inofor-nal Fe-gions ‘The Royal Eiition,— 11 Trovatore."—(11) * ope Seek eae e-den-za che di- mo-rian-cor wm Ta = ni = ma per = Sahm = ders lke Ger earth, “un SSS we wot woe et del em-pia @ quan -doil ce - lo® ne-ro im va-nio The inom She Emes Sn shapes” “eft hang ug, When the hy _f Wis 4 odg- Tenor, Srpvt 5 Soupatr. SS SS Y os for - me al-trai si mo-stri J BE vo-! ee her. ‘Tis “trwet adage tac ed og Tad a8 Peres Sy Bae Ta STi. Servi Soar, duviat nu -"ft-pao ecoeet es | tae gee fa = eee ere: — - Tha ve - du- ta! in u- pa o cor the hs tt i shape Tye on aaNay- oN: ~—~ = i} Ne Nig oN ee st eg re ae ‘The Royal Eaton, #1! Trovatore."—(12) stri- ge te - iol that the Satee es] stri- ge ta - lo- ra si ‘ul thit the" watch-er a mu - ta! Coro br Servi. | x @ In cor-vo tal’ spes-soin ci Bere sim oer sg SS 7S expan Se . Tn cor-vo tal’ al-tra; pid spessoin ci - Or eas & ore, and asset ws the Femranno. —, as = == = Mo-~n di pa- The 7 Gant hat Te eo = z SONG =F TE ese * eed lightning, She fli sath + xot-ta, cull’ al = be fag > genoto al par, di ga ~ et > Tat Sar from the da ct to's ear «iy Brigh-ning f. [Oe ae Se ee et ta oul? al - bm fog - gente al par dian - ct ta! Batch, “Shee ak ES Ser om fe abawe care Brigening? Ss ego oo fy sas fae -u-ra un ser - yo del con-te,chea - vea del-la zin ser sant, who fly tng be ~ fore her struck out” “atthe ites ro, nd dad of the acta per = eos - sa Ia —— 2 aa aS bob bp bbb eb ‘The Roya! Eaition. 4 1) veatore.”(13) : zt See = E frou-te! mo - zi, mo-¥, mo - 2, - for srors Yen, diy "aie, Maat a = a = 9 Coro vr Soupart, ANT abt ‘no >! AN ay a ie i? an — a — z = et . 3 a= ant mo ~~ AT ant aay ie ! | ae > 33s fees, bee Gi po-u = ral Ap = par-vea co = stu-i d'un gu foin sem ~ rom Phe hor "ror! Si” Bime “ie the "form op Sa Bing Sp ar == 2s -bian-za, nell’ all’ - ta qui- 0 = to di ta-ci- ta stanza! Con oc - chio lu - Gs men The witsheame “to fright him one ce in the gleaming, Her glance it was See Coro, D'un gu - - = fol Din gu - = = fol (atti) An Gok fies! An oul fies! - —_ Dun gu ‘an Sol fics? b> vow ‘The Royal Raltion,—M 11 Trovatore,” 7 seen -te guar ~ da - va, guar ~ da-va, il cie-lont-ti - stan-do d'un ur-lo fe - four = ful, “her” eyes flame “re = ceal- ing, Her screams piere’d the air with a ter =r = We 4 Bw Legato mez-za-not = tap ~ pun f suo-na- va— Of the mid ~~ might truck the ell pouting, ¥ Poco pitt mosso, 2 tutta forza. Ant AN! ecses sia le- det - te de a ait: : ey that fa > tad” hag nino be Abt ABI eres si - a ma-le-det - ta Ia ar “Ab : may "that fu = tal hag ne Prop mostor re oe >> es 7 ‘The Royal Baltion,—* 11 Trovatore."—(15) 2. pal! nal! 2 stre-gain-fer - nal! “fir Ces ters more! inn, sempre, ~ ‘The Royal Edition, —* 1 Trovatore."—(16 ) No, 4. SCENA E CAVATINA, tar-da; vie-ni dite ta se, dour ts) Viscteu! — know'tho that the een latehath sought hes! ye ay you? Lele the ‘Lronona. é i peepee} 5 2O5E SHS - di- sti? ‘Un’ al-tranotte an-co~ra sen-za ve -der-lo! fiam-ma te no- ewsd tert A nightveiipaas = 9th and him shall med se! Lyfahafartal tore you hncecnet'd? nf aS ie? — Re == =| le ie = I Leonona. Ss SS SS SS NE P38 J co- me, do-ve la pri-mie-ra fa-vil-lain te s‘ap-pre-se? Ne’ tor Vip pony pot! Gil me howjou fr cme fo Jat tae fre “af? arcs? at thet “here a Allegro. eT par = “vo; * ny ci- mier To seu-do bru - no Soe am: kL An Noting Ge aM, PA ERT RS. Sa . = ae = {23S Ss_ |S SS S| Bo ‘The Royal Bdition,— Ht Trovatore,"—(27) 7 ~gnu-do,s6o-no-sciuto guer-rier, eke della - go-negho-no - ri ot-teu-no— Al vin-ci~ Alyn sa iecametmastrangeuknown, — dndgaindhe ai the glo-ties of the tourney. ‘Lerounidas SS =~ a oe ee ere Gi-vil guer-rain-tan-to ar-se— nol vi-di Then a "cio = il war broke out here and he was = tor — sul cri-ne il ser-toio ein = gue-ror his brow with Ed o-ra Lang éngede ALI what then? Give ‘The Royal Ealtion,—" 11 Teovatore,"~{38) = Poe pane = cea Ja not-te pla - ci - da Ja. a 7 Ont wemscuin end flare = fat = Je dary the lyre > gos igh The mion__‘sols x 2 peace - fad - Wy pte Ay te pe ye Re mon n= to- a mo-stra-va lietoap - pio - no— quando auonar per T'a- e-m9, Ss teat, ter ads cer tt aa Fiewoame a eoce_'up ~ on the it, te aie ae mite = sn = ties Dub - - Yio, ma tri What dread pre = mo,- 7 > alia uest? me, Tis” urd & Ghat = ca = nol ‘een = tures! Pretptet states racers Lrowona. 2 o E 6 ! a ee + 9 ——- fe == = ar - Io Ce = dial con - si = - lio ot” kim ah,” “yer! give car > > Ie Sooo eae et pe = Boe = dell’ a-mi - sth. Ce - di. Ob-bli - ar - lo!l— fit ied thet Whee jor hin? So t get S F ¢ e000 — “ak, me! Jouspeaka tan é olla parte, le Alin parl-stiun det pa <7 guagerchich love tocheis = ‘The Royal Edition — 11 Troratore.”—(23 ) SSE Di ta-leamor che Ahime to lace ike mal pud Wo words cangice be Ja pa- che intendo io ton = der in = ward ~bri- 8, eink, I mio de-sti - no My lace for him di~ Sn Se hon pud che a lui dap- pres cur Dus are found for by Sionon views) por ant sate mabe Yee The Royal Baition,—" fl Provatore,”—(24 ) tt ro per ¢8 so io mo-ri~ Fur his dear sake Td itd! s'i- 0 non ¥i diel ah! yey fat stb fo wo poco pitt moss. 7 pee SE 2 e. a—taat 6 > = = ee é : pare. >, ah! si, per @ - 80 mo - ti - - 9 per es-0 mo-n- dich aks yer Wis” dear “take Pat dic, Yor his dear sake Pd n Non deb = ba diet 7 prey that Lene? a — Pie? ete t tego es — — a = = Z = Ss eee ‘an = tun gior na = toe & = tal ‘Lronora, Lo. tempo. Di ta-leamor, che hime to bee” ie gee si malpud dal-la 5 1No words con give 8. Ilmio de-sti - no yh, Forkim my love i= ae oS ee on pad che a luidap-prs =" >> . er ads “are toad for? pe Bo Stionon yi-vrd per Cand if fatemates ‘ue S eo ar koe ccs ‘The Royal Eaitlon —" 11 Trovatore."-(26) es - 8, per es - so mo-ri- rd! s'i- 0 now viv per es > 0, per ess iomo-1i- his "sake, Jor his doar suke J'd die! ab! yer, if fate makesus Soar,’ Por his dear sate 1d ‘poco pilt mosso, Pama | | ’ ‘The Royal Baition.—" Il Trovatore."(27) 1 __y to ——— =m ahh ae hese Sor rst : —— — + md non deb = ba mai tig = pray that dear >: 2 en = tir = Jay meer ford love, Cs -eronmo ore ye for his sake chi tan = toun that you ty reer oe eet —oa gior - no, un el oe aye eee etete re aerate Sj] ae o ‘The Royal Baition —" 11 Twovatore,’—( 28 ) No, 5, SCENA E ROMANZA. Aruunce, ——— re, | a Kee Corre—— = 7 —— ea. = a Ta-co la not - tel Im~ Now all ip ai lencel | t 3 as == E mer~ sa nel son- nod cer -to,ln re-gal si - gno - ra— ma ve~ glia Ja sua, pocss Jat clo seep, "no doe, the roy - al mid in Gat ing, dnt get er aap = amt p- = ————F} —= _— Sa i= mel di-eo da qud ve dear! “the quivering rey ote 6 #9: eee = erat 2-4 i ee ee eee es [SS pase aebaa eae eee ~ ro-ne tre-mo-lan-te un rag-gio della not-tur-na Abt... Pamo-to - ea Ce a eee Te ate nets Bcc ASR a $= = _ SSS = eee go eye =j = Sy =a a a. ber CaS = == SS = so eo err The oat Baiion =" 1 Twat TIS rl —— : Eat aon =z aS ————- se ee 8 ad Cyt nara? ae clea . c= = =e Sa Y = | ae ; eee ie ue = ten- da— ear me! Vengo @ noi su -pr-mod tal mo - men Dear tne! This hap-py Ino ment, deary 18 or 1 a ae f E i Tro hq Trow =va - tor! Tha dour? < 8 ae ‘Mawaico, 1. Tnovators. De - ser- ew on to the sub = onrth.. 7 moo ey Pe ey —= ae Boe pS Pepa e— ee ie eee: A eee se Sal x —s ~ sot a most ge SS = bee 2 . et EE Se aie eet = = oo he opt Bai ee 8 go-laspemeun cor, & _30- la sper un cor al Tro - va- On! love the Trou > da ~ tor! oe dourt ‘Trovarore, Ma sei quel cor UT can gait Mat tren Kind Fate x0 ; OE 2. d'o-gni re mag-gior, 3 do-gni re mag- Can ae ar bait ine tore, oe bat ne Oh dep- tit Oh go-lo - si- al That sg 9g! With rage Pm burning? ae oo ae con forza. eS 2 rs 2 = = === wae é = gn = gior,. mag-gior il con “aos aaa ae” ie de So sen fs = — J | 2 bed St = — eae ak No. 6. SCENA I) TERZETTO. Allegro, Conte. a = OSS Sees & ee = = tor. Non nringan-no— Ela scende! © dour. Wo mis tuke then She is coming? Allegre, a = SS SSS "ie a a ae ee eet a EB + Bo ew) A= ni-ma mi-a! = sa = todter = da Vo-rj to ne con-tai gl Oh dearnest fot nc? thay ~ thy wont gy) Tee counted ee? ry Che far?) Whats this?) cstan-ti eo! pol-pi- ti del co- rl Al4in ti gui - da pie - to s a- rats mute and my Aenrt fast te eating? airit i dene, tee dhae takes ouch pe ty | cotcanto, oe = = mor fea que-ste rac = cia Qual_vo - eo! on me, Bringing thee 10, me! Wat fear” “Te TRovATORE. —=—— Inf - - fe Unjavh fal Allegro agitato.p an ‘The Royal Buition.—" I Trovatore.”( 82) Ah! dal - le te aM me iki ' * trot - tain er-r0 x to The dark-ness did creda ori -vol - ge-re Tae My ses “wither — went_not “argh, Te 80a. : os Ss ae : N + = =e oe ——— oe ee ee 3S AAS - = toenon 8 In- i A te, choTal- ma mi - a sol Toke, be lice mel Fr thee “T toce a= lone, dear, And 5 oe £ "fete Sea pee ‘Tmen - #0,@- ter - no a-mort non bra-mo! a leat ~~ ing bee! for = give=aast? Conte.fe. HA o> at fw dare you? ae iF. a i ‘tho Royal Efition —Tl Trevatore."—<83 ) D Lzonona. = ea = — = = — ve ta = mo! To t'a - mo! 7 lee the! Be lice ine! ‘Manrico, — fe f = 2 a ‘Ab pil non bra - mo! Ye, Tien bene thee! = tex ——— SE =F =e fu- ror, Av - vam - podi fu-ror! cet og, Ma om with ther, lve! ff fe non sei, di- sco - vri-ti, tis base to Me we ep tete f IEF = eiaie 288 oti. Deh per Tamer = = > e--- - «ail no-me: mame new! -y ee Conte, @. coin sont ‘Tul Co-me?— Ta - ea - no! Tho! ‘Thou here! ie” mad = ness? 2 et _ Et ‘The Royal Ration —* 11 Trovatore,”— 34) zz me - ra~ riol! DUr-gel se gua ~ 6% ext rash- ness! g at = en ~ dant, te: weer ae f TA ae pro -serit=to, ar > sei vor-ger-ti Tins demn'd tho, and yet a ye dost thou “return, tee i oe — ee = oe “a = 2 ere. == ee ue - = sto re = = gio por - to? | é_- ‘via, le guardio ap - pel - la, Hye and‘eall ty guards out, 6 ing” eet “al straight ie eI fer - ro del car-no - fi-co a. 1 tuo do thentend =o me tothe ase Spud Thine howe Bea... : ‘Pho Royal Baition —'11 Trovatore."{ 85 ) “fam ta = Te of death is ‘Lxonona. Con - tol Base in? te. 7 stan-te assal id pros A= mo bdissen- na-tol— —Vieni— ‘Alimiosde - guo tan-toassti J Pow dot think 0 madman? drawnear? iovartdsentd tie: = or ae oy ce Fit-ti- ma, duo - po chlo @ fall this hour wie = dim a, ef ¥ ‘Manco. ‘Leonora. ‘Maxnrco. ao An-dinn!—“(Che mat Teh) Come then— wal aor ————————— Bo = guia Be - gucmi— On__ eh me! Gn th mel Lxonona, Wnelmio gas do perde-re lo puo-tel) Mo - dt (peclmio get ap perdecys le og) drs at o ## : j + ‘tne Royal Eaition —* Tl Trovatore.’~(38 ) Allegro assai mosso, agitatissimo, Conte. 2. * ce an Di = lo = 60 | - mor sprez - a Rage Det eather tre - men-doil — fuo fire te atrange = ty gle b3— @ - stinguer-Io. fia po-col this “Love for her. tore owing! fol-le, io ta-mo, ar~ di-stil spoken in accents 50 loving! ‘The Royal Ealtion — Il Trovatore.”—<87) ae Dir - Thou li, 0 at ——~5-—™~ 3 or a Eten zg tet + or, = deni se Io eom-dan tesecevesserers [IM a@ = cem=to proffe = ihe Santo ee 2. Fly rank tone ny Imad “rage —_— = Lnoxona. _maregto > Un i - stan-te al - Nay fe > train nowy Mannico, ~~ > Dl gus per-bo 8 ie. gE fest e ri = sti chea mo-rir Jo con...... dan nd. moving, Has om - dena’ that man. marcato, 222 men di - a lo- co al-la ra- gio ~ ne: raging and an gers mad-nest des Oar = ings ‘The Royal Ealtion.—"Il Trovatore,"—(98 di ton - - to fo-co ‘son,pur - - trop-po, Se . In tu- a vi-te do-sti-no a me thine that is mor-tal, thy doom is and thou gan = gue, 0 scia = gu = bow” Soe! my soul Se & — tie te the 7 col Dir - gliofol-le, io t'a-mo, ar di-sti! Mi pit, vi-ve-re non fg; Thaw” Sadat spo “he fte-centt too loving, Hast ondenw'd this man to a £ i. wui,no, ei pid yi- ve-re non pud no, no,non pud,no, no,non pud,no, ei pid vi-ve-re non BURR alau Bot de “emo-ment ore am, nol not ie! not nol aot temo) mo, ot dee a moment ‘The Royal Bait “1 Troratore."=(40) Lzonora, >. Piom - - hijab! piom - - bil tu-o det ne y's yer, "ally me” now, Maxnico. fu = x0 - 36 sul - Ia. I care nuty 2 still ~eom = pi te pou Ge Bae at fae =lo - so amor eprez-za - to ar-doin me tremen-doil ih me is fiercely burn ing, Like @ fre is strangely 2 es 2 => fi a tempo, breil fer-70 in Thou may/st hilt me, thoughts ~ che tol hate thee, Tove thee suo €0 = Te = + mat per e.- y @ wound shall fa = ted cand dare re rof-fe - ri- sti, un ac = im thot show = tag? since thy fo 00, a-dein mo tre-mendoil fo - co! Un ac - een-to gine ing) like “a fre te strangely glows ing, Since thy love for St = e-| Set = we - - - sto co- Te che. @f death can scare nol, 2 — fee vi- fe i de sti-no 8 mo cer = - nore ah ths thy doom “ty and thou mut Ft ee. ee ee f £ Ht =: che a mo- rit lo con-dan - een - to prof-fe- ri- eli cheamo-rir lo eon-dan heio thou Rast doom'd thie man to love for him thou'rt show - ing, Thou hast doom’d this man to + F 11 Trovatore."—( 42) ‘The Royal Eaition Poco pi moss. > yuo, non ¥udl, ce ans cau Se me eros st Sy ees me ser - thew ust is thy doom thow must ee ep Me = = = S, un ac - con-to proto - A - sii chea mo-- rir lo Gey Since thy toerfor Rim thenvt. show "- tng, “how hast” “domed this mon” “to 8 : : - con - dan - nd, 10 eon-dan - nd, mon ‘to die) this man to die he ar ee ‘The Royal Bdition, "11 Trovatore.”—( 45) dan - nd, che ode Sey, to - Fir lo con - dan - nd, fo con-dan-no, hast “deom’d thie man to die) ast doom'd to aie, ye.» To con - ‘The Royal Baition.—* Ni Trovatore.”— 48) 7 we DELL? Arro Prisco, ‘The Royal Euito «11 Trovatoro”— 44) No, 7. CORO DI ZINGARI. = Ee SS S Cono, Vert le fol shenot-tur ~ no spo = glig ds! cio-Ii_ avo sto Smmon a8 Sie “hove the darks nets of ght ow ee Cee Sp te pair morte ad Bassi. eS Nae ir 2. #—_, 2. ~ ee a a 5 = it — = rE et et fo-achehot-tur- ne spoglie do’ cie-li avo-stelimmen-sa Te darkness of might noo "RL Sdn °O. Sap the thy the fer morn Bah = Pe — SS Se Pe ee oe = es > ee "The Royal Baition.—" Nl Trovatore."~{ 45) ores, tr em-bra una yo-do-va, che alfin si to - glie i SS dow a widows of aigh-tng @- wea ory, Fit Fr - > ye-do-va, cho alfin si to ~ glio i bru-ni pan-niond’e - ra in- Wi deny of gh sing a = wea Ung, Put ly the ‘vext-menteof sr row 20 ar o-pra,all’ o-pra ta is watho. vol-t All’ o-pra,all’ o-pra. coe Ge dese oboe Usleleleleten, , letep, Jeter, Fe? 22, FF >see e iW hy ty > “2 Es, y iN £ SY Mar - tet-la, ‘The am-mer. ‘The Royal Baition.—"N Proratore.”—< 46} —_ = =a er gior = ni ab- > Me Hate fal of i aie = a se SS Jed Gor, By hana la? Chi del g-& sm i ior see BH ry ife_thate full of plea_- sure? Who giver the ip = ye ye that tee Se ee eee, Cee te eats f = Sa gor (= tL ab-bel - Ia? Ohi del gir = mab sate Bal ple niet Wea ife ae o ; j = pet ee = eee pe — Eee = bel = ta, chi? i gir niab- bel - > ~ In? plea sure? say, Who the ip - ays days makes” fair? ir = niab - bel = Chi del gi - Sop yt” days makes "fair? Whogites fm ——F = =H bel = Ia, chi? gior-niab- bel - - - Ia? fhi del gi - Balan: ke ete dae woke fart whgie aL Eos > bel = Ia, Plea = ae? - chi > zs ig Ta zin = - rel - = = = Ja The gp. went - - ert fa - no 1 pi bel - Ia? La zin- ga - wars png Sy plea 2 sure? The gp = 8y E 2 o—— oe _e aa ee ; ta = no i gior-niab-bel - Ia? La zin- ga- rel 7 fut of Sy “and plea > suret The pip = Bm a = =} = f E tr ‘The Raval Rattion —"T1 Trovatore,’—/ 47) o-na e eo rag - io il ni frogszon dal Wogan fresh stnghh to armbar fomiiancspe e-naeco-rag-gioil cor-poe Va-ni-ma — traggon dal Wegenfanetgh a am Mer ew hens from taneenpe bo-re. poswing. bee be E be-re, fowing, Boa. ( Trovatore.” (48) pe = et guar ~ da! del soleun rag - gio bril-Ia pid vi - yi-do nel tuo die - Sin snmegows ar at past em, Gaining ao siragih}rom the wine in the = + ae ee guar - datdel so-leun rag - gio pril-in pit vi- yi-do nel tuo bic Sen -shaeglows as th past = 6s, Gain=ng new stronth from the wine in the ES ere = —— pte, o = = 2 Oh guarda, guar - dat dol so-leun rag - gio bril-la pid vi - vi-do nel tuo Bie - Se “how the Eon” egioee ew pete =" Gatnciay he strona fren Soames i na = o a AI! o~pra all’ o-pra, laste! Rye back to!” tod cing. Pe» = = ! AID o~pra,all” lasses! Yow back to eee uelelelele ore, veers, Je ten, .,FeF oF = (= =Ss toe ee Eo i =~ ne pp > ‘Phe Royal Edition." Tl Trovatore."—~ 49 ) Soprani ¢ Contralt gi- ta - fe” ip = no sy 1 gior Sie eats fale gior te 2 cy gor - ni ab-bd - la? Ohi del gi- ta sor > mab Gye tare Jal sect Who i ie nts lap ee ef” —- f f oe 2 chi i gir - niab - bel - ih? Wi the oD ys days makes suet . - = e a i $e s chi? elt i git = nia = bel - hh? La ain- ga Who the op 8 days wake sweet? «The gp —— ee bes ye gior-niab - bel — gip > ait days e 2 a Ta gin - ga- The gps ay ——— = - ——— “¢ os e— ee 7a - la, da zin-ga-rl- la, La zin- ga - rel felt, te pro Se Slat te oe Se eee 2 ou=t==e +a—e-"-#- *. = oe = = rei - Is, Ie ain; ga- tel - ta La ain- ga- rel sweet © heart, the ip ? A's suet © heart? The ip ~ B's set ‘The Royal Eaition,—"'11 Trovatore."—(50 ) No. 8 CANZONE. 2 rea quel fo saint he ra ——— s'al- za, che te - tra fiam the yol-tior-ri = > bie li fe hor turragh the foul . flanss rise f Cs = ciel). pa = eee go la vit ~~ tie ma me + = 10 Be ite te | Foti thee, at = “The Royal Euition —* LL Provaore lam» oir = _ z I ni - stra gplen = > - mat : che sal - za, cho he flames rise, the ra ciel. heat'n, > ra 7 o 2 ‘The Royal Eltion —“N rovatore.”{ 53) No, 9. CORO. Assat ‘moderato, AZUCENA. eres, ed allarg. Ss Ss ess me-ataghe Tastooni-a fu -ne-sta da oni aye ar- tell which hae Buspird thestrains of “Ss Del pati ah, yer! is sad, and tad. the stow ry T m0 Cono vr Zixcant ==} = : ae: ‘Me-staé In tun can-zon! You sing a dismal stra! SS ~e ‘Me-staé Ja tua can-zon ! Soprant ‘Trevor. ‘Me-stad la tna ean-zon! You sing a dia mal strain! Assad moderato, ‘Basst, Fe 2 Piano. ‘Maxrico. 3 Fi ee men - fof “Mi ven - di- cal mi ven = di- ca!” (Var-ca- na pa-ro - Ino More sow! tHe eenge!” Se-eage? Thou must a= eee” (a= gain thse dark words most Un Zrncaro. == Ses = gnor!) Compa-gni,avan en ork ine greet ‘Igior-no, a pro-cacciar-ciunpan, sit, sit! scen-dia-mo per le pro-pin-quo Be pe endincl for Dead? Gime on’ Sat ance wo He edge Wy = tag ‘The Royal Biition,—" 11 Trovatore."-~( 54) ‘An-dia-mo, We come then’ An- We dia -mo. ome. then? z ———- 2 An- We dia-mo. come then = Zz dia- mo. come then! gor - ai Sige dhessule ab ¢ Soprani. — gi - ta Chi del - i gior = oni ab Who gives the ip a life Ratsfut of = f st ea - . cd ‘The Royal Haltion —* 1 Trovatore,"— 55) ae “ger — —— gior-niab-bel - — RP Role he ye fair ts so ce Fy “ab - bel - - ‘Ia? chi del gi - ta - no Be We mater” fair? Who gies the gp = oy eee see a os = a chi? ab- tel - = in? chi del _gi- ta - no tole? his” Hye mates” fair?’ =—-Who gives the gip = oy lat La zin ! + heart! His oip — Te zin-ge-nl- lal He ppl ome 2-7 aaats . pte. Ett. S Se ~bA- la? La ain-ga-rel - - Jal Pleasure? His ip ty sueet, == iheartd ny aa", 5 Z ” Ee o ‘The Royal Baition,—* 11 Trovatore,"-—~< 56 vw ow SCENA E RACCONTO. Azver: } I i ] be mn ; SS SSS eet E tn la ignori? tn pur? Ma gio-vi } And cit jou SE tame “Rote nen seung ang ——— sia-mo! Deh,nar-za quella sto - ria fu-ne-sta, lone none, Come] tell me “of that strange fatal sto-ry! a e994 a = net-to,i pas- si tuoi d’am-bi- zion lo spro-me Imm - gi tr -e-al Dell’ a- vail fi-nea ‘Hear then the tale thet = Lain-col - pd su-per-bo con- te di ma-le~ La! the prod and no ~ Me cont she ac-cusd of = cor~ bod quest’ 1 - sto - 1 fells my nos thers mur ~ der, ¥ a col-tounbambin suo fi = glio, Es - sa_bru-cia- ta find persid by her ma = “pind Phen” straight they im = mol = - fi-zio on-de veto croft; te wwwrd ha infant ‘The Royal Baition.—' 11 Trovatore,"—(57) Lategro! SS [2 est ete eteter_ie |? = Con dot They brovght hes do, In- fi = ~~ 90 ad ecsmunvar =~ 0 Pings She cout tot_Htay toem = trace me, sghei Yarn > = Al Tor, She” rit. 333-3_% Ti : 0 ee with Fin thie Mayrico. AZCCENA, an Hf — z —~— Pe ae SS ae eS fy : 7 Ln yen-di- ca- sti? If fi-pliogiun - si ara-pir del ‘The Royal Eaition.—"\21 Trvvatore,"—(59) ¢ faz - mo ar-dean gi ‘sme fierer the lames sit pron = te, ti indy ‘Manrrco. di - strug - - on he asin ‘gan com ~ =o ee Le fiamme? Oh ciel! Still flaming? Ob eae’n? Allegretto, declamato. —_——, ‘Thy Royal Baition — 11 Provatore”—( 60 IX - fran - to! Quand ec - co agli oer When vege = a ee feeere fetter e fA ee. oe a Hae eiael SSI a = Agree f--m- le spa - ven - - outs and e+ sions i a 2 : gj ote Z : —— = = Ee = = le =—— = =o - = lar = wel Gi agher = Hi! i The “Goat - > est = pli - zio! re my om se 6. : ‘The Royal Edition.—'*Il Provatore.”—( 61) 7 — = a = = — — Be eT smor_ - - twin vol - fo seal - za, in tein latch es, noc ~ lest iL pri - do, Her dath ory, Sars i , seal = to dekergy of tensa Pasar, Heald me “Tow cca & _ &é. ‘Allegro agitato, egesesegesebee SSSSSEEE S| coco mano T= sw la vietima— Randthon “Traid ~ con = 1 hapless child? ‘Te Royal Edition ~ 11 Truvatore,’—( 62) fre fan be fore met there 1 bund kin +t ss E a —— Fey SF Se fo = co Ia traggo la 50 spinsgo— 4 E Cea = sil fatal de = li - rio— Vor-ri-da sco - na fosye— la Then “us thedreum = We part > ed! AN me that we = fal mince? r a co a eee == a anand fiam - = ma sol di'- vam - pa, @ In sua pre- da struggo! sa, le fre force “hast = Td) Te ald the pray ith int? Bea. Cie 5 5 piece pee ee 2 2 ta. Seetan® | pees =e fies Pur vol-gointor - - noil guardo ein-nan -zia me vege’ i- 0 dell’ em-pio Hound then PT take emacs, 1 sai the child ye turning, The Countown ee ee ‘The Royal Baition,—* 11 Proratore." 4 63) sate — a 7 — % iz as =i mi- 0, mid -glioa-vea bra ~ Spe tet See Boar, dae Slag at as Taxnsco, ee ey Ah! che ot Shae AzuceNa. straziante, fi - glo! Mio fi - giio! Mio dear hid! My) own” tld? ay yas + leor + - = vorf me Oh jar ad Shee 2 fee F : _t 2 aa il fi-glio eaveabru - cia-to! youn child and Thad tain St? = == — ae = re # ‘The Royal Eaiion,—* I! Trovatore,’—< 64) Maxrico. e= : E Qua - le or-ror! View sion dread! === = sreeter ee | J a wes eS mi-o le cho - = me sen = to drig-2ar- sian- cor drin ~ ond hor mad ning ‘ay wil + dord heady my =e e es =e + me + sim = cor! driz = zor - sian = Gort ‘wt 2 der head my fel © ded” end? fs apes ‘The Hoyal Baition.—“Tl Trovatore,"—( 65) No. 11, SCENA E DUETTO. AZucRNA. = Saree saa Tu seimio fi - gli Anetenon one fy? Maynico. Syn a aN Gears a . Nonsontuo fi-glio!— EB chi son i- oP chidungue?. Fp-pur di eta, airing, then sey who om TP resale Ie Tike dot die Allegro. : | PLANO, > - = +: - ee eS —— ‘Ah for-so! che yuo-i?—Quando al pen-sier s’af-fac-cin Ya-tro-co ea-so lo spirtoin-te~ne- Ae ne ay be when pounce se Defore ethene drendfal meni, my aptent darkly ——— = = : — a — - = — — g 7 = ce- sti, = brato po -no stol-te pacto- le sul mio shavken, promplainy oupueen with wordsdevoid of Inb-bro— Ma-dre, mecning. Mo ter, te = no- ra fond = est and ma-dre non m’ave - sti o= fru vest, haat thou net stil tutto questo Recitatio. a Mannico. Anventea, molto presto. es 7 —=s Se SE =a E nse es Spon te Ngee ee = gno-rm. Po-trei no-gar-lo? Amo, 0 vi-vian-co ~ ra, nol de- i! Notdur- na, gon, dosierkh Am gum m eau, Sa =F = = +e 7S Ee — SS SS ae ‘The Royal Raition.—* I! Trovatore.”—(68 ) a LSS Sar nei pagna- ti cam-pi_ ai + mid the ‘batts fought a-round Pe ~ l-la, o-ve spon-to fa- ma ti MIs le) When Tester sprecdtehadt perish, ded dis-s0, a dar- ti se- pol - 1 ty core e e — + SNS pt = 7 a ee ee E iM - ta - ra noo La fug-gen-teau-ra vi-tal non i-sco-yvri_ nel se-no non t’ar-re+ tes y tet uint=1 breathing yet Wy me tort thou not found, ert thou not rercald (é E = = = l= = = —— ee Staaten e g i ot ie pe Pt poe = std ma-ter-no af-fet-to? Equan-te cu-re non spe-si a ri-sa-nar le tan-to fe Ife, narsd on my tos nim? And lehut find tend'> ng 'T” owishd lt al thy wounds s9 fours ful wore SS ee E oe PP_ — te! Ma Axnco. = = ee =<: geo FSS Che por-tai nel di fa - ta le— ma tut - te qui, nel pet-to— Io sol fra mil-le gid sban- ntDveied tha day oo fete = fad But all be find ad rach ne ony mi hata Arig al ne-mi-eo vol There force De pp ee fo La-me an mo eol suo drap- pol-loz Luna in might ‘tore da for-te io Wnt fell de ~ -ta-meebbe sal - vi da ~fa-me, nel sin-go-lar cer Te ue cum 20 ty Fe- co mer-co-de ai gior-ni che Vi exis” when he in sin-gle Sieunt for the Ife to peas ee ma- are! non sa-prei mmo ther! een at my = Sse oe ree = te oat strange! Manntco, Cantabile fl fe Ss. we Allegro, iss - to rah > gy = Fineesecet 3 tesssss > —— Se 2: : + —— 2 SAS tate —= y+ S54 = = vail col - - poin al - to cho tra - fig ger-lo, ta- was the wea Pon sis pond >, a ia" tate Wfeekel ie agitato ¢ cup. ae ero =vea— Quan - = doar- re-sta, quan Lr GR tonae BS tT Whee” 7 swith an gor, then ath a pers mer = ey nel di seon-der, nel di - i ms jal chiome stay my fal — chien suf des = Stayt wy fl = oh eZ scen = der que - sta ‘The Royal Baition,—" It Trovatore."—{ 69) Soy a ee ete gg ge - lo fy re-pen - - teabbrivi - pall > ing, Left me hut ~~ ring all wn = rg ag=o8 28 Se: La —— Sts Ses a see i ee do . cie - lo, men-tre un > wen, m se enllsing) Came Prom PPP sotto voce. AZUCENA. Son ce - = - lod ai -co: Non fe- miadell’ in - Ge aS SRS Rie atte Se ia ane” head ter et tach ne 90, om —— = grees = F Pp h a EEEES See SS = = Hu non par-t® del ciel un det - to,non par-16 deleie Jo un detto! 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