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A Business Idea Proposal

Presented to
The Faculty of College of Business and Accountancy

In Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the course
(Your Course)

Presented by:
Juan, Princess Marie
Rabino, Frensarah


Presented to:

Ms. Estephany M. Gerona

January, 2020
Paper plates are alternatives of glass and ceramic plates that are often use
during celebrations and gatherings. For lower prices, customers are able to buy
pieces of paper plates. It is very convenient as well as easy to use. The problem is
that most of the paper plates being used are just disposed after its use.

According to the Environmental Effects of Paper plates, unlike office paper and
newsprint, paper plates are contaminated with food residue when used and it
cannot be recycled or even reuse.

Upon that problem, the business think of how to solve such concern about paper
plates. The idea that was contemplated is to create a reusable paper plate. This
will be quite different from the known one which is the one made out of paper
already. The paper plate that the business will produce will be made out of
banana peels and will undergo first with a process before it will become a paper.
To make this banana peel plate reusable it will be coated with a bioplastic which
is a good material to be used in reusing a certain product. Bioplastics are light
weight, durable and long-life.


The product was named after the things used to produce it which is
Trees do so much more than just adding aesthetic beauty for landscapes that
shields us from sun’s rays. It helps us in reducing carbon dioxide emission which
enables us to breathe much easier. Unfortunately, not all sees it that way. Trees
are use as great contributor in making papers that’s why hundreds of trees are
being destroyed. As researchers, we introduce BANANAPEL , a paper plate out of
banana peel covered with a bioplastic from cornstarch, it is a reusable plate than
can be used for all occasions. It is so much different from any other paper plates
that are only used once which contains plastics that are not biodegradable which
makes the paper plate very unfriendly to our environment. Researchers saw the
need of it because it’s a great solution in reducing agricultural waste and at the
same time reducing pollution cause by papers and plastics that are not
biodegradable. The bioplastic that was covered may decompose for at least 90
days according to researches. Bananapel paper plate was made to Provide a
compostable, reusable, and biodegradable dining ware for picnics, occasions,
and others. The product is an eco-friendly paper plate because once
decomposed it can be used as a fertilizer because of the banana peel.
A single pack of Bananapel paper plate contains 25 pcs of paper plates.
The product gives the customer the guarantee that the BANANAPEL (Paper plate
out of Banana Peel) can be reusable until it last. This product will be sold at low
cost because it is only made up of banana peel and bioplastic which doesn’t cost
too much.

The product is packed safely together before handed to customers and can also
be sold per piece for only 2 Pesos but last as long as 6 months.


Paper plates are ideal for individual servings at any kinds of parties, picnic
occasions and other gatherings. The demand of paper plates, dish and cups is
likely to grow substantially in future and even in present time in both urban as
well as rural areas.

Our main target market includes all occasions or festivals. We have found out
that the demand for paper plates are high because occasions happen all around
the year. We will not limit our target market, therefore, we will also be targeting
all sorts of people in the society which we think they are also be needing such

Pricing Strategy refers to method companies use to price their product or

Our business decided to use the Penetration Pricing Strategy. Since our product
is new the company will lower prices during its initial offering. The lower price
will help the product to penetrate the market and attract the customers away
from the competitor’s product. The common price of paper plates in the market
is ranging from Php30-Php50 containing twenty-five (25) pieces of paper plates
in a pack. Our reusable banana paper plate will cost Php35 that will also contain
twenty-five (25) pieces in a pack.

Upon the purchase of the customers the company will be reaching out to them
by offering product with discounts on a monthly or even weekly basis specially
those person or organization that commonly do events or organized an event. In
this way the company will be able to build brand loyalty among customers as
well as this will be another technique on attracting other customers.

V. ACCESSIBILITY (convenience)
Products that can be found easily and is accessible by the customers are the
most preferred one. Convenience of a product is often purchased by a consumer
because they spend less exertion and consideration.
Upon that, the company decide to promote this product in retailer’s distribution
network. Wherein, it will be introduced to the retailer and even in some
distributor on different stores may it be large business or a small one. In this
case, the accessibility of the banana paper plates will be very easy for the

The Making Process:

To make the BANANAPEL, we remove first the blossoms and stems then boil the ripened
banana peel until it become soft. Second, we blended by putting the banana peel and
mixing it with water. Third, we placed the blended peels in a huge basin and used the
strainer to take the small particles and placed it directly to the sun to be dried. After
drying the paper, we made us of a plate to mold it and covered the paper with bioplastic
so that it would be washable..