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our FAQs
FAQs and
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contact details, if you
have any questions about your subscription.
if you have any questions about your
The weekday
During the week, The Guardian provides
expert coverage of major news, plus stunning
photography from all over the world. You’ll get
up-to-speed on everything you need to know each
day, from national news to sport, financial and
more. You’ll also receive our two brilliant pull-out
sections, G2 and Journal.

Journal is a carefully chosen selection of

insightful opinion pieces and long reads. Enjoy
thought-provoking pieces by award-winning
commentators, such as Suzanne Moore, alongside
your Guardian favourites.

And in G2 you’ll find the best in arts and culture of

the day. From recipes and reviews, to fashion and
wellbeing, enjoy a unique perspective - plus daily
The Guardian
on Saturday
On Saturday, you can look forward to our expertly
designed, weekly supplements. From cultural
deep-dives to exciting new recipes, your weekends
will be filled with plenty of ideas and imagination.

Unwind with a range of recipes from celebrated

chefs in our food magazine Feast. You’ll find fresh
ideas from Yotam Ottolenghi, masterclasses by
Felicity Cloake and vegan inspiration from Meera
Sodha. Plus restaurant reviews from award-
winning food writer, Grace Dent.

Lose yourself in a world of literature in Review.

Filled with the best new publications, interviews
and fascinating features Its small size makes it
easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Weekend magazine brings you fascinating

interviews with the stars, plus our regular
columnists, lifestyle tips and fashion. The Guide
is your one-stop shop for cultural happenings
around the UK.

And keep an eye out for offers and discounts on

books, prints and more in our Saturday paper.
The Observer
on Sunday
The Observer gives you a thoughtful take on
the week’s news. As the world’s oldest Sunday
newspaper, The Observer brings an expert eye to
complex issues and culture. Every week, you’ll
enjoy expert analysis and features by award-
winning journalists, such as Carole Cadwalladr,
Emma Graham-Harrison and more.

The Observer’s supplements are just as insightful,

with comprehensive, in-depth cultural coverage.

The New Review brings you the finest writing for

arts, science, politics and ideas. Plus two pages
of puzzles to while away your Sunday afternoon.
Observer Magazine is a fabulous selection of
considered opinion and culture. From design to
beauty and wellbeing, it’s on the pulse of all the

Every month, you’ll also enjoy The Observer Food

Monthly magazine, bringing you the best from the
world of food. Updates in food news, delectable
recipes and reviews of the best places to eat and
drink around the UK.
Get your paper
We’re always looking for ways to improve your
subscription. That’s why we wanted to let you
know about Deliver My Newspaper.

Deliver My Newspaper is a great way to get more

from your subscription. You’ll make sure you never
miss an issue - and give your local newsagent a
helping hand, too. 68% of Guardian and Observer
subscribers currently get their newspapers
delivered to their home - and you can join them

1. Sign up for your six week free trial

2. Deliver My Newspaper will post you your

home delivery vouchers

3. Take your subscription vouchers that we’ve

sent you - together with your Deliver My
Newspaper vouchers - to your newsagent

You and your newsagent can agree on the price that

you’ll pay for delivery once your six week trial has
expired. Deliver My Newspaper is a great way to give
them a helping hand - and make sure that you never
miss an issue.
Going away?
You don’t have
to pay.
If you need to pause your subscription, because
you’re going abroad or won’t be able to collect your
newspapers, you can. For up to four weeks a year.

Simply go to
and log into your Guardian account. Please book
in your dates at least one working day before they
start, to give us time to process your request. We
will then be able to credit the value of the unused
vouchers to your future bills.

If you have any questions, please email us at, or take a look
at our FAQs on the following pages.
Can I suspend my subscription when I go
on holiday, if so how?
You have a suspension allowance of up to
four weeks per year. You can manage your
suspensions online via your account by
going to
Alternatively you can call our customer
services team who will be happy to help
How do I notify you of change of address,
payment details etc?
You can update your details online by going
settings. Alternatively you can contact our
customer services team who can update
your details as well.
Where are my vouchers accepted?
Most newsagents, major supermarkets
and petrol stations accept subscription
vouchers as payment for your Guardian
or Observer newspaper. If you do have any
difficulty, please call us and we will help you
find somewhere nearby.
My newsagent already delivers my
newspaper. What should I do?
Just hand your voucher book to your
newsagent so you only have to pay for the
delivery of your newspaper.
My vouchers are lost/misplaced what do
I do?
Give our customer services team a call
or drop us an email. We will arrange for
replacement vouchers to be sent out to you
as soon as possible. Please make sure you let
us know the dates of the vouchers you have
lost so we know which ones we need
to replace.
Contact us
If you need to email us you can send your email to Alternatively
you can call us on 0330 333 6767. Our team is
available between 8am and 8pm Monday to
Saturday and between 8am and 6pm on Sunday.