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Page : 1 Preparation Date: 6-Sep-18

Memo Reference
Document Type Ordinary / Urgent / Most Urgent 113/CLG/IX/2018

Completion Date ASAP

Class Ordinary / Confidential / Most Confidential Document
Prepared by Fitri Fauzy

Subject Adjustment Additional Incentive for PT Tujuh Insan Madani (Existing Independent Agency)

Background Regarding to overcome challenges in Q3 and Q4, we need initiative to improve our performances. The initiative is provide an additional incentive 2% to PT Tujuh
Insan Madani for the first 6 months. PT Tujuh Insan Madani commit to improve their performance with this additional incentive.
The forecast of PT Tujuh Insan Madani is below :

Proposal Approval Adjustment Additional Incentive of 2% (for the first 6 months) for PT Tujuh Insan Madani (Existing Independent Agency)

Your approval is highly appreciated.

Approval Authorized Agree O Comment /

Passed To Approver Person In Charge & Signature Not Agree X Reccomendation

v Retail Banking
Inayat Hisyam date: __________

CLG Group Head

Erwin Wiryawan date: __________

Product & Marketing Dept Head

v Consumer Lending Juliana date: __________

Public Loan Sales Dept Head

Budiarto Candra date: __________

Sales Support & Gov, Unit Head

Eko Setiawan date: __________

- Please complete this Official Memo Proposal prior to submit to GA Department with below documents:
1. Attachment of vendor bid comparison (if any), signed by GA department & requested department
2. Additional supporting documents needed, signed by requestor
3. Approval from authorized person based on Authority Limit Table
- The original approved memo will be kept by the proposed unit.