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Love’s Sorrow

Narrator : Through the cold and frosting temperatures because of the winter season
had come, ice and snow where everywhere. There settled a man that is sculpting a
woman that he would likely to fell in love to.
Demitrius : Where and when would I find true love, for a man with pure heart shall
not be partnered with a synthetic and a filthy woman ?
Thallia : Oh, Hello there? (Waves at Demitrius)
Narrator : Demitrius with intense focus on his artwork did not noticed and reply to
Thallia : Dear Sir? Why wont you just listen to me ? (She angrily said)
Narrator : Thallia n pursue in talking to Demitrius slip/trip because of the ice.
Demitrius quickly catched Thallia. (Slow-motion effect) Thallia had fell in love with
Demitrius, She frequently came to Demitrius every single day, After a few days,
Demitrius started to notice Thallia’s existence. He keeps on waiting for her, before
starting to create a sculpture.
Thallia : Demitrius? There’s something I need to tell you
Demitrius : Yes my dear Thallia? What is it?
Thallia : I am inlove with you Demitrius : I two feel the same, I love you Thallia.
Narrator : Few days had passed, since they admitted their feelings for each other,
and as days goes by, their love gets even stronger, sweeter and will be unbreakable in
the eyes of others. However, their love was deemed perfect for the eyes of Goddess
Aphrodite. Goddess
Aphrodite : Ehhh!! I need to break them up, Eros post-haste come to me!
Eros : Yes My Goddess, what is it that you want?
Goddess Aphrodite : Make Thallia fall in love with a rich and filthy man, make
Demitrius suffer, even if he has pure of heart, Hahahahaha Narrator : With Eros
doing his job, and was unknown for his objectives, he did what he was ordered to do.
Thallia : I have to say goodbye now, Demitrius. I am in love with someone else.
Narrator : Demitrius was shocked and left with a broken and bleeding heart.
Demitrius : Goodbye Dear Surface of the world, you had given a lot of happy
memories for me, but I have to say goodbye (Thrust himself with a knife) it’s all my
fault that's why she left me……..
Narrator : Demitrius’s soul now roams the underword, there he meets Charon, the
one responsible of carrying souls across the river of blood to Hades.
Demitrius : Kind and mysterious Sir? (Waves at Charon from Afar)
Charon : (Stoods Quietly) Demitrius : Hey can you hear me? (Screaming at Charon)
Charon : (Raises right Arm, and the pointing finger above while moving it in an
inward and outward motion while it is raised)
Narrator : Demitrius followed and hopped on to Charon's boat (Charon propels his
boat onto the river of blood located in the underworld) (Arrives near Hades's
Demitrius : Thanks Charon ( Waves at Charon) ( Charon didn't replied and
continued to propel at the river of blood)
Hades : What is up with this pure of yours?
Demitrius : I took my own life because of discouraged love
Hades : Well isn't that just sad, would you like a luxurious life here in the
Demitrius : I am afraid to reject your offer, but I believe that I am not worthy
Hades : You Bafoon! You shall perish here in the underworld for rejecting my
request! ( Demitrius out of fear fell from his legs)
Persephone : Oh dear, don't get so mad at him, he's just a mortal forgive him Hades
: Fine, perish above and be reborn as an immortal being that would not die
Narrator : Demitrius wakes up, screaming in fear ( No!) He finds himself in a puddle
of blood, the knife that was used to be in his chest was no more found. His wounds
healed up like they were never there. Demitrius : What happened? ( asks while
scratching his head)........... oh I remember now!
Narrator : Demitrius traveled for years trying to forget about his love. After a
hundred years he faints out of fatigue.
Cynthia : What a poor man, I shall take care of him fifth away!
Narrator : 3 months had passed since he had fainted, and Demitrius finally woke up.
Demitrius : Where am I? Cynthia : Oh your finally awake, after three months, I
thought your dead. Demitrius : Wait three months? Thank you, how could I ever
repay you?
Cynthia : Oh you don't have to! , alright I'll just leave you to rest
Demitrius : Okay thank you again? Cynthia : Cynthia, Your always welcome?
Demitrius : Demitrius, where are you going Cynthia?
Cynthia : I'm just gonna do some chores
Demitrius : Okay, Good luck then.
Cynthia : Thank you, it means a lot
Narrator : Demitrius is up to something, he is hit waiting for time to past by and tell
Cynthia how much he loves her. ( along the way he meets The Goddess Lytta and
Persephone : How are you doing Demitrius?
Demitrius : ........ ( Walks continuously and ignores Persephone) ( Attitude ka
Lytta : You just disrespected the Goddess Persephone and her friend , now suffer !
(Chants a Spell) Demitrius : I am very sorry, forgive me...... please forgive me ( Vows
and lays down with his knees, helplessly requesting for forgiveness
Lytta : Never
Demitrius : Not this again!
Lytta : Perish for you have no respect, let every women you love die with a plague
that sprung ups when they love you or when you love them.
Cynthia : Demitrius ! ( Calls loudly on Demitrius ) Demitrius : Don't come near me
Cynthia !
Cynthia : Why? What is this? ( Looks at her hands,palm and back of his arms, then
sees black spots ) Demitrius : No!
Cynthia : Make it stop please, make it stop! ( falls down in fatigue and pain.)
Demitrius : There's nothing left for me to do in this place once more, I don't want to
hurt anyone once again.
Narrator : Hundreds of years had passed, yet the first day of fall is beseeched in
front of Demitrius. (Demitrius was walking and noticed something that is like a
corpse of a dead person)
Demitrius : Poor woman, she must be dead.
( Demitrius checks for pulse and breathing signs, and saw these signs but again is
weak and almost hard to noticed ) ( Demitrius carries Anastasia to a shed nearby,
trying to find shelter he had no choice)
Demitrius : This place stinks because of chemicals
Hestia : What are you doing here at the shed that is the gate to the underworld?! .
get lost or I'll kill you! Demitrius : Alright alright, I'll leave but please take care of this
poor woman. She is in a bad condition Hestia : You could stay, until she wakes up
and recover
Demitrius : Thank you so much?
Hestia : Hestia, and your ?
Demitrius : Demitrius
Hestia : What is up with you and that weird auto of yours?
Demitrius : Oh this? , I got cursed and now I am an immortal
Hestia : I can help you, kind and pure hearted sir
Demitrius : You can really?
Hestia : Yes, yes I can
Demitrius : Thank you so much
Hestia : I'll be preparing the healing salve that you need, as you travel the
underworld in search for Persephone's hair.
Demitrius : Oh no I can't go back to the underworld, Hades is going to punish the
hell out of me. (Whispers for himself), I have to find a shape-shifting potion from
Hestia’s Shed before entering the underworld once more.
( Demitrius searching for potions, for a while he got what he wanted and in a rush to
go to the underworld)
Narrator : Anastasia pulled his leg, he quickly looked at Anastasia and said
Demitrius : What in the name is wrong with…………
Narrator : Demitrius stopped and remembered Thallia his long lost love, Anastasia
looks alike Thallia.
Anastasia : Please, search for my grandmother, she has a very uncommon illness and
no one knows how to cure it, I know it’s selfish but please help my grandma.
Narrator : Demitrius blushed and said
Demitrius : Alright
(Anastasia Hugged Demitrius)
( Curtain )
Narrator : Demitrius drank the potion, and transformed for a person that he
randomly thought of, suddenly he appeared right in front of Hades and Persephone.
Hades : Where did you come from?
Demitrius : I came from the mortal realm, in search for a piece of Persephone’s
hair, for my sick Grandma.
Hades : I am confused, really. But since you look desperate, Kiss my shoes/feet to
obtain what you want.
( Demitrius about to kiss Hades’s shoes/feet )
Hades : HAHAHAHA, forget about what I said, here have my beloved wife’s piece
of hair.
Demitrius : Thank you so much, Anastasia would be really happy once she sees
( Demitrius coming out of the gate that separates the underworld and the mortal
realm )
Demitrius : What happened?
Hestia : She’s dead
Demitrius : How?
Hestia : After you left she started having dark spots on her skin, and she keeps on
vomiting blood all the way.
Demitrius : Did I really loved her that past?
Hestia : What do you mean?
Demitrius : Oh this is nothing, ( Gets close and hugged Anastasia ) I am really sorry,
you died because of me. Don’t worry I’ll take this salve and hair to your
Hestia : Remember, for the salve to work properly you must hold the hair while
drinking it, you must drink the whole solution otherwise it won’t work.
Demitrius : I know where her grandmother lives, I saw her in one of my journey.
( Demitrius started his journey and went to Anastasia’s grandmother )
Narrator : When Demitrius came Anastasia’s grandmother was dead
Demitrius : Why do I always mess up things I love ! ( Throws the salve away, and
steps on Persephone’s Hair subsequently )
Narrator : The people of the strange town heard Demitrius, All of them got furious.
Bad luck for Demitrius it was the town of thieves that he went to. He got imprisoned
and was tortured.
Every single torturing item got worst and worst, his regenerating rate started to slow
down, a d every single wound would make him perish for his eternal life.