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Daniel Cotty

Mrs. Weaver

LNG 209

10, December 2010

Comparing Heroes

Being invisible, being able to fly, or laser vision are things you often thing of
when you hear hero, but Odysseus and Percy Jackson show other ways to become
an epic hero. Percy Jackson is supposed to be made out as a younger Odysseus,
created by Rick Riordan who goes through similar and different journeys on his
quest to save the world. Odysseus is a man way before Percy Jackson’s time, who is
a king and a father forced to go to war the day his son is born, created by
homer.They both are on journeys and have similar motivation. They are both close
to the gods. They also are loyal to family and to friends. They are both similar in
many ways. Both Odysseus and Percy Jackson have heroic qualities that allow them
to accomplish the important tasks and each encounters major obstacles; in spite of
these similarities Odysseus and Percy have different motivations for the quests they

Odysseus and Percy both possess heroic qualities that allow them to achieve
certain goals on their quests. Like Odysseus has the quality of leadership and battle
strategy. When Percy has an instinct to help him fight and can read Greek because
it is hardwired into his head. These qualities aid the two in accomplishing many
important tasks to get to the final goal. Odysseus shows a sense of heroic qualities
when he doesn’t rush to see his wife, son, and kingdom when he arrives back to
Ithaca, because he knows the suitors will be sure to kill him. Percy also shows a sign
of the heroic qualities by defeating the minotaur sent to kill him. Therefore,
Odysseus and Percy use these qualities to move on to over come major obstacles
they are faced with.

To be an epic hero, you’ll be forced to face major obstacles to defeat, like the
ones Percy and Odysseus encounter. Odysseus faced many obstacles on his
journey back to Ithaca. He had the lotus eaters trying to make him waste more and
more time. He also faced the Cyclops, Scylla, charibdis, and Calypso. He made it
past all obstacles in order to reach his home land of Ithaca. Percy also had many
obstacles like the minotaur, Hades, lotus eaters, and medusa. All of these obstacles
slowed the journey of these epic heroes, but did not stop them on their journey
home. Although Percy and Odysseus were faced with many obstacles, they moved
on and pushed to finish their quest.

Although Percy and Odysseus encountered major obstacles that slowed their
journeys, they used their heroic qualities and motivation to keep them going on to
achieve their goals. They both were very driven and had similarities like facing lotus
eaters, and the motivation to see a special person in their lives again. But they also
had differences like how they achieved their goals. Odysseus was cursed by
Poseidon but Percy was guided by Poseidon. They both survived their quest they
were destined to encounter. Percy and Odysseus proved it, now do you have what
it takes to become an epic hero?