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Professional - September 2010 – up to now: Database Administrator at

Hologram Identification Services (HIDS)
In charge of:
 MSSQL Server 2005 Database administration and
Authoring, designing and deploying reports using MS
Reporting Services 2005 and Business Intelligence
Management Studio
 Import and export data using SQL Server Integration
 Designing MSSQL Server 2005 databases backup
and disaster recovery policies
 Ensure data consistency and reliability of all HIDS
Design physical and logical structures of databases for
new HIDS applications
Deploy all new applications on sites
Train all employees on sites to use new applications
 Troubleshooting all databases issues related to HIDS
applications (e-mairie, e-recettes, e-recensement)

- February 2010 – August 2010: Software designer at PC

Development of VAS solutions (PHP applications to
send and receive SMS)
Development of web applications
Completed projects :
- Trouble tickets Manager: a SMS application
written in PHP used for registered tickets in a
database and send SMS to engineers responsible
for intervening.
Used at GAR SPRL.
- Fuel Tracking Manager: SMS application written in
PHP that allows field engineers to send to the
NOC the amount of fuel in the tank and the
running hour of generators by SMS. Used at GAR

- August 2008 – February 2010: KPI & Performance

Engineer at TIGO-DRC
In charge of Optima’s Administration
Weekly maintenance of Optima server
Installation of new Optima Lite clients within the
 Administration of Optima users according to SOX
Integration of new nodes (GPRS and NSS) in Optima
Ensure availability and reliability of Optima reports
Ensure maintenance of Optima background programs:
FTP, Parser, Validator, Loader, Generic Summary and
Optima Jobs Scheduler
Troubleshooting Optima background programs issues

Responsible of Administration of Optima’s Oracle 9i

Installing Oracle softwares and updates
Creating and maintaining database users and objects
Monitoring and tuning database performance
Backing up database according to Millicom rules

Responsible of BSS and NSS Performance and KPI

Customizing hourly, busy hour and daily Cell, BSC
and Network level reports to help solve problems in
the network.
Identifying all Cells with poor KPIs in the network and
finding preliminary solutions to solve problems.
Identifying RXlev, RXQUAL Cell issues.
Identifying all radio and signal quality issues in the
network affecting the KPIs
Checking utilization of radio resources at cell, BSC,
MSC and network level.
Identifying all SIGTRAN and SS7 signalling issues in
the network.
Provide a quality dashboard in MSC, VLR and HLR
and Ensure all relevant KPI Targets are delivered for
Core Network Quality
Checking the trunk route congestion, trunk utilization,
call attempts, ASR between TIGO DRC and other
Mobile operators
Monitoring the on-net and x-net traffic, ASR and NER
Initiate action to expand the trunk capacity when
utilization is approaching Millicom's thresholds.
Identifying blocked trunks and raising flags to O&M
engineers to resolve the problem.
Monitoring Inter-MSC handover performances
Checking and monitoring signalling traffic, load,
utilization and availability
Monitoring HLR registered subscribers, VLR
registered and VLR active subscribers, Roaming etc.

Verifying reliability and consistency of all counters and

formulae involved in KPIs calculus.
Monitoring and checking NSS and BSS call drop and
call setup inefficiencies
Monitoring and checking SMS success rate in daily
and Busy Hour basis.
Checking all paging, location update, roaming issues
in the network.

Training  October 2008: OPTIMA Administration Advanced

Optima database and System architecture
Optima backend programs configuration (FTP,
Combiner, Validator, Loader)
Troubleshooting Optima
July 2009: iManager M2000 Training
Network Monitoring
Topology Management
Security Management
Log Management
Performance Management
Integrated task Management
July 2009: iManager N2000 DMS Operation Training
August 2009: ITIL v3 Foundation, IT Service
Service Strategy (Demand Management, Financial
 Service Design (Service Catalogue Management,
Service Level Management, Supplier Management…)
 Service Transition (Change Management, Service
Asset and Configuration Management…)
 Service Operation (Incident Management, Problem
Continual Service Improvement

Knowledge  Database Administration : Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g,

MySQL, MS SQL Server 2005
Reports authoring: Crystal Report, Reporting Services
2005, Optima v5.1, Excel 2003 and 2007
Software Applications developer
 Web Development using the J2EE technology (Jsp,
Servlets, EJB, Apache Tomcat)
Development of applications accessing database
using JDBC
 Development of applications using Java classes
(Applet, AWT, Swing, …)

Development of VAS solutions (PHP applications to

send and receive SMS) using Gateway(Ozeki Server)
and PHP
Computers Network Administration
Programming Languages

Telecommunications System (GSM and GPRS)

Basic understanding of GSM and GPRS architecture
In-depth knowledge of GSM and GPRS KPIs analysis

Education  2005 – 2008, National School of Finance, Insurance

Department, Kinshasa/Gombe
Public Finance Diploma

1989-1995, College Bonsomi, Kinshasa/N’Djili

Secondary School, Mathematics and Physics

1982-1988, CSC MALULA, Kinshasa/Limete

Primary School

Family status Single, 33 years old

Languages French & English speaker

Contact  Norbert WUPONA,,

Persons Revenue Assurance (Data Integrity Manager at Zain DRC
Network Manager at Tigo DRC
 Patrick KALALA,, IN & VAS Team
Leader at TIGO DRC
 Serge KAYEMBE,, KPI &
Performance Team Leader at TIGO DRC

Kinshasa, October 18th, 2010