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Running Head: BAR-Q @ Bold Mariner Brewing

Bold Mariner Brewing

Samuel W. Neil

ECPI University: Culinary Institute of Virginia

Running Head: BAR-Q @ Bold Mariner Brewing


What makes you think of BBQ? For me, it is Texas and southern picnic on

Saturday afternoon with friends and family. You can find all of this at BAR-Q within

the Bold Mariner Brewing Company on Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia.

When you walk in the door, you are greeted with hello or welcome back, if you are a

returning customer. The staff at Bold Mariner and BAR-Q are like family and are

always willing to share their story, Jayme will tell you all about his love and passion

with Texas style brisket and Mike will tell you about his family traditional brewing

techniques along with his 22-year career as an Operator in the Navy. This local

restaurant and brewery have found the perfect combination and has blended two

different businesses with success.

Bold Mariner Brewing’s (BMB) owner Mike Stacks, took his family teaching

of home brewing to the next level and turned his passion into a local brewery. Mike

found and remodeled an old bank located in the area of Ocean View in Norfolk,

Virginia and made it his new home for crafting beer. Starting his business in the

downtown area of Norfolk and growing his style of beer, he took his dream to the

next level, but still had room to expand his business.

Jayme Campbell, owner of Bar-Q, has deep southern roots to the BBQ way of

life. Growing up with a grandmother cooking on an open pit BBQ, she

taught him the love of the pit and helped him find his dream. Her open pit BBQ was
Running Head: BAR-Q @ Bold Mariner Brewing
the start of his dream and inspiration to open the doors of his future business.

The two men met at the beginning of their careers, and in September of 2019

they decided to combine their unique companies as a team to thrive together. Bold

Mariner Brewery and Bar-Q are now located at 1901 E Ocean View, Norfolk VA.

Where, together their hours of operation are Wednesday and Thursday 3 pm – 9 pm

and Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 10 pm.


Short walk from the beach, or neighborhood drive, Bold Mariner has plenty

of parking for 38 cars and 2 handicap spaces for easy access. The layout of the

building is an open floor plan, a simple design and the surrounding area gives off a

cozy southern beach style vibe. It features an awesome outside seating area on the

wrap around deck for those beautiful sunny days. You’ll notice, tucked in the back of

the building, the famously large BAR-Q smokers, where all the magic happens.

Inside, you’ll find the delight of beautiful wood grained floors, tabletops and

counters giving off a rustic southern charm. The restaurant provides plenty of

seating that will comfortably occupy up to 150 people. The brewery station is

displayed for all to see and the glorious smell of brisket coming from the kitchen off

to the right.


Even though Bold Mariner and Bar-Q have not completely combined their

businesses, BAR-Q’s Chef Ryan Goss (trained at Le Cordon Bleu) and head Brewer

John O'Reilly of Bold Mariner Brewing have managed to pair the two unique styles
Running Head: BAR-Q @ Bold Mariner Brewing
seamlessly to provide customers with great quality food and beer all under one roof.

The serving staff are always welcoming, seven employees work for BAR-Q and Bold

Mariner Brewing has eight employees. Bold Mariner operates their craft beer from

the left side of the restaurant and BAR-Q provides delicious food on the right,

currently working with separate operating systems. Vendors and suppliers for the

restaurant range from Costco, Restaurant Depot, SYSCO, and other various local

vendors in the community to provide excellent quality supplies. Deliveries are made

through a roll up door behind the building to make unloading easier.


The educated staff of Bar-Q know how to simply pair the foods that will blend

well with the beers of Bold Mariner Brewing. They will introduce you to their Texas

inspired brisket with a pint of their pilsner that allows the feeling of “Texas-style

Saturday-night grilling with family and friends”. Ryan has created a German flare

with pairing his artisan sausage (made in house) and couples it with a Frogman

Lager, giving you the vibe of Octoberfest in Germany. On every platter dish, there is

a little hint of magic that Jayme makes himself, homemade pickles and pickled

onions! Simple but deliciously important, these little surprises give you a nice

palette cleanse between items. Jayme’s desserts are also a huge favorite amongst

his customers. Before you leave, grab one of his custom monster chocolate cookies

or carrot cake.
Running Head: BAR-Q @ Bold Mariner Brewing

Bar-Q offers group dinning, which gives customers the feeling of connection.

You could sit next to a Navy SEAL or a guest from out of town, start a simple

conversation with a stranger and end up with a new friend. The counter service

allows for traffic flow, which customers can easily mingle with each other and enjoy

conversation about quality beer and barbecue. This style of seating is what makes

the experience with BAR-Q and Bold Mariner feel more like family. Good food,

friendly people, inviting atmosphere.

Bold Mariner and Bar-Q have the perfect inspiration for the style of

restaurant I would one day like to own and operate. From the friendly service to the

personalized treatment from the owners. You can feel the passion and love each

owner has for their craft, and they are always welcoming with a friendly smile. Both

men have made their business successful, not only through great food and beer, but

through compassion and making customers feel at home in their establishment.

Food generally brings people together, and I would like to be the chef behind the