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Professional Practice 3

School of Education

102605 Secondary PP Community Engagement

Self Reflection Form

Pre-service Teacher Details

Pre-Service Teacher Name: Stuart Pre-Service Teacher ID: 18377822


Pre-Service Teacher Phone Number: Pre-Service Teacher Email:


Placement Name: Doonside Technology Placement Phone Number: 02 9622 2463

High School

Placement Address: 15-39 Power Street Placement Email Address: doonside

Doonside NSW 2767

Contact Person : Helen Shandil

PPCE Pre-Service Teacher Reflection

Doonside Technology High school provided me the opportunity to engage with

multiple stage 4 classes, here I was able to observe and gain critical insight of teaching
strategies that are responsive to 1.3 Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and
socioeconomic Backgrounds. This educational setting allowed me to develop my ability to 4.1
support student participation by using a number of strategies to support inclusive student
participation and engagement in classroom activities. My role during this practicum was
similar to that of an SLSO I was partnered with certain students who needed extra help. The
teachers would provide background information on particular students who then I would
have to during class 3.1 Establish challenging learning goals for students of varying abilities
and characteristics. I had to quickly identify the ability of the student I was paired with an
provide differentiated support when necessary achieving standard 1.5 Differentiate teaching
to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities. I would be
setting in a one on one dynamic what we should achieve by the end of the lesson. Using a
range a positive and extrinsic motivation in order for the students to meaningfully engage
with the content. Taking on this role allowed me to 5.2 Provide feedback to students on their
learning in a more specialised and personalised manner so that individual student could gain
valuable and meaningful feedback on their learning. The content was provided for me during
this experience so 2.2 Content selection and organisation was difficult to develop, however I
was able to 3.6 evaluate and improve teaching programs. As I was able to access what I taught
on my practicum and revisit those programs with my head/mentor teacher. During PPCE I was
stationed in the HISE staffroom where I completed practicum 1 this provide me ample
opportunity to 6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice. I consistently engaged in
discussion about teacher workload, pedagogical strategies, classroom management, teacher
wellbeing, curriculum and importantly an area I found challenging on my practicum was
differentiation for life skills students. This was a great opportunity to develop my pedagogical
and classroom management skills in a stage 4 classroom the goal of this PPCE. The focus of
this practicum was to gain more experience in stage 4 classrooms, although I was fortunate
enough to go beyond engaging in professional learning days, staff meetings, school
assembly’s and subject selection preparation. This experience has given me surprising insight
into the work life as a full-time proficient teacher, I was exposed to the workload, the
responsibilities and skills necessary to be a successful teacher. This experience will directly
shape my future practice as it as reiterated the importance of time management and how it
effects teacher wellbeing. The experience in the classroom has provided me pedagogical
knowledge as well as further understanding of how students learn. Having that one on one
experience has highlighted the importance of differentiation as the literacy levels of year 7s
were lower than id have expected. Knowing now what I have gained from PPCE will directly
shape my teaching practice in the future and I am grateful for the experience.