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Name(s): Mary and Stephanie

Lesson Title: Wild Things Grade Level: Kindergarten

S & S Statements:
By combining the physical characteristics of animals children are using their physical perceptions of
animals that they have seen in personal experience and in the references I will provide they will be
able to identify specific characteristics and then use their imagination to great a sketch of a creature.

Concepts and Skills:

Students will use physical perceptions to create a sketch of a creature and identify specific
characteristics. When creating sketches we will focus on making the outline of the creatures and then
the details.

Academic Language:
Characteristics and sketch/outline

Purpose of Lesson (Overall Lesson Objective):

Given visuals examples with discussion, pencils, and paper students will be able to identify specific
physical characteristics of animals and combine them to create a sketch of a creature focusing onnthe
outline of the creature.

Learning Objectives (List National Standard(s):

Assessment Criteria: Convincing combinations of physical characteristics of animals.

Teaching Resources Needed to Support the Lesson:

“Where The Wild Things Are” (Book)
Power point for Images of animals
Also provide print outs of animals

Art Materials Necessary for the Lesson:

Teacher Directed Activities Student Activities

Introduction: Introduction:
I would begin with the power point of animals and Tell me the animals characteristics from the
discussing characteristics. Ask the students to power point.
identify the specific characteristics. Identify characteristics from memory in the
I will then read Where The Wild Things Are to the book.
Students and as I read I will ask them about the
animals characteristics
Pass out images of animals.

Development: Development:
I will give a demonstration of a sketch. I will ask Students will provide me animals they want me
them what animals my creature should be made up to include in my creature.
Then I will send them back to their seats to begin Begin sketches

I will be walking around and make sure to be

available for students to ask for help and make sure
they are doing accurate characteristics.

Conclusion: Conclusion
when some students finish early I will have them pick
colors that they want to use for their creatures and
start coloring their sketches
I will ask students to put materials away Students will put materials away
Collect their sketches Turn in their sketches

Critical Comments and Reflections:

(Problems, successes, differentiated learners, and what to think about for next lesson)