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Stormi Hazel: More Than a Third of Her

Classified Daughters Score 94 or Higher!


Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel had a decorated show career, with titles including Reserve Grand at Expo and the Royal 2008.
Here she is pictured at the Royal 2010 when she placed second in the Longtime Production class.
The EX-96 Stormatic daughter Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel was one of the big name stars on the North
American show scene. However, even more impressive was her success rate as a brood cow. Now
one of her daughters has claimed the All-National award in the 150,000lb class for 2019.

Doug Savage

During the summer of 2005, Norm Nabholz heard about a fancy young 2-year-old Stormatic heifer in the herd of
good friends, the Henderson’s of Coggon, Iowa. ‘When I got down there to have a look she was everything I had
heard she would be,’ comments Norm. ‘I bought her and sent her up to Mike Duckett’s to prepare her for Expo.
Rick Henderson went out of dairying about 10 years ago but he had a really nice breeder-herd in an older style
tie-stall barn. The Hazel cow traced back to a cow family from the Don Augur herd.’ At Expo, Hazel sold to
Carrousel Farms and stood 5th as a Junior-2. The following summer Carrousel held their dispersal sale and Hazel
was purchased by a syndicate that included Clark Woodmansee, Howard Binder, Tom Morris and Mike Deaver,
and Hazel moved to Mike Deaver’s to be prepared for Expo. ‘That would have been 2006, because Deaver had
both Apple and Hazel, with Apple winning the Junior-2 while Hazel won the Junior-3 and went on to be
Intermediate Champion,’ comments Woodmansee.


Hazel calved again as a 5-year-old in 2008, and sold through the Glamourview Sale for $302,000 with members
of the owning syndicate changing: Binder and Woodmansee were now joined by Vail, Whittier and Fisher. Hazel
moved to Woodmansee’s in Connecticut and that fall she was again in the headlines when she was Reserve
Grand Champion at both the World Dairy Expo and the Royal, both times behind Thrulane James Rose EX-97.
‘Hazel was just an excellent cow to work with, a very smart cow that seemed to understand what you were trying
to do for her and would help you,’ comments Clark Woodmansee. ‘Credit must go to Duckett and Deaver for the
way they developed that cow. She was just a delight to work with.’


As dazzling as Hazels achievements in the show ring were, they were actually overshadowed by her success as a
brood cow. While other cows may have produced more EX scored daughters, very few could match Hazel’s
success rate. She only has 17 classified daughters, 12 of which are scored EX. And they are not cows that just
scraped over the line to a 90-point score. Indeed, Hazel has 1 daughter at 96, 2 at 95 and 3 at 94: 6 out of her
17 classified daughters – that’s more than a third - are 94 points or higher!


Hazel’s first calf as a 2-year-old was sired by Champion. Quality-Ridge Champ Hope classified EX-91 in the US
before selling to Westcoast Holsteins in British Columbia where she developed into an EX-95 cow and was first
Mature Cow at the BC Fall Show 2011. Her daughter Shebs Goldwyn Hawaii EX-92 is at Scarlet Summer
Holsteins in PA. ‘Semex were interested in getting a bull out of Hazel and contracted her to Goldwyn,’ explains
Woodmansee. ‘As luck would have it that flush resulted in 6 pregnancies and we ended up with 6 heifers. I’ve
always wondered what could have happened had we got a bull from that flush. That might have been the mating
that could have turned Hazel into the dam of a prominent bull,’ muses Woodmansee. ‘She did have a son by
Advent sampled but he was nothing of real note.’ Judging from Hazel’s Goldwyn daughters, Woodmansee has a
good point. First pick of the Goldwyn flush sold to a syndicate of Cook/Wolf/Whittier and went on to score EX-95
at Whittier-Farms. However, the highest scored from that flush is Hazels Gldwn Hatty EX-96, owned by
Woodmansee. She has twice been Grand Champion at the Eastern States Show and once Reserve Grand.
Recently the Holstein Association launched its All-National Showcase program in which animals earn points at the
major shows across the country throughout the show season. The All-National winner in the 150,000lb class for
2019 was Hazels Gldwn Hatty, with Reserve going to the Madison Champion Butz-Butler Gold Barbara. And
Hatty is following in her mother’s footsteps as a brood cow too: Already 7 of her 13 classified daughters are
scored EX! The highest is Woodmansees Wdbrk Haute, a Windbrook at EX-94. Another Windbrook is also scored
EX, along with 4 Aftershocks and a Sid. Another Goldwyn sister to Hatty, Hazels Gldwn Helen, passed through a
number of owners before she was purchased by Gene Iager, of Maryland, as a 3-year-old and went on to score
EX-94. Her daughters include Md-Maple-Lawn ABSL Helen, a 91-point Absolute, as well as an older daughter
Hez Uno Helene EX-92, who is at Woodmansees.

The Goldwyn son Atwood also crossed well on Hazel. One heifer, Hazels Atwood Honor, sold as a 2-year-old to
Bill Taylor of Cedar Lane Farm, New Jersey, and went on to classify EX-94. She has VG daughters sired by Sid
and Absolute that carry their Milk&Honey prefix. Her full sister, Hazels Atwood Honey, sold through Mark Rueth’s
Rosedale sale in 2017 to Corey Foster, North Carolina, and went on to score EX-94. A third sister, Hazels Atwood
Harriet EX-92, is at Woodmansees and has an EX Brazzle daughter.



The Advent daughters of Hazel both scored VG. One scored VG-88 and was at Whittier-Farms while the other
was purchased by Jonathan and Alicia Lamb and proved to be a solid transmitter with 5 of her 7 classified
daughters scoring EX: Reality’s at 94, 93 and 92, and Atwood’s at 92 and 91. ‘That would have been before IVF
so we didn’t get as many daughters as we would these days,’ explains Jonathan. ‘She was popular with buyers
so we sold most of the better ones though we still have the 93 Reality (Oakfield Reality Harmony). We’ll likely
show her in the Production Cow class this coming season.’ Many of the Hazel daughters have inherited her
wonderful success rate as a brood cow. l

Hazel’s daughters include Hazels Gldwn Hatty EX-96, the All-National winner in the 150,000lb class 2019.