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b. Chesterfield County, Virginia.

c. London.

Pocahontas was a Native American woman. She

married an Englishman, John Rolfe, and went to
London where she became a celebrity.
We know very little about Pocahontas' early
childhood. She was born in Chesterfield County,
Virginia. She was the daughter of Powhatan.
II. Find the mistake in the sentences
In April 1607, when the English colonists arrived in
Virginia and began building settlements, A. When the colonists arrived Pocahontas was 13
Pocahontas was about 10 to 12 years old, and her years
father was the leader of the Powhatan old.
Confederacy. Pocahontas began a friendly
relationship with one of the colonists, John Smith, B. Pocahontas often went to the colonist
in the Jamestown colony, and she often went to settlement and
the settlement and played games with the boys ate lunch with the boys there.
there. During a time when the colonists were
starving, Pocahontas brought Smith a lot of C. Pocahontas brought a lot of games and food
provisions that saved many lives. when
the colonists were starving.
An injury from a gunpowder explosion forced
Smith to return to England in 1609 for medical D. People know a lot about Pocahontas’ early
care. The English told the natives that Smith was childhood.
dead. Pocahontas believed Smith was dead until
she arrived in England several years later, as the
wife of John Rolfe. III. Complete the sentences about
There is no historical record that Smith and Pocahontas
Pocahontas were lovers. This romantic version of
the story appears only in fictionalized versions of 1. Her father was leader of…
their relationship.
2. She was born in…
I. Choose the correct alternative
3. She married an English man called…
1. Who did Pocahontas marry?
4. She became a friendly relationship with john
a. John Smith.
b. John Rolfe. smith in…
c. Powhatan.

2. Why did john smith return to England? IV. Write something that caught your
attention about Pocahontas and her history.
a. because of an injury from a gunpowder
b. because the natives told him to.
c. because he didn’t love Pocahontas.
3. When did English colonist arrive in ___________________________________________________
Virginia? ____________________________________
a. in April 1607. V. Complete the sentences with the correct
b.10 to 12 years ago. preposition at - in - on.
c. in 1609.
a. ___________Monday I have an English class.
4. What did Pocahontas do for the colonist
when they were starving? b. She arrived ___________ 8 o’clock.
a. played games with the boys. c. The show will be__________ 24th March.
b. she told her father Powhatan.
c. brought a lot of provisions. d._________ the last century, life was very different.
5. Where did Pocahontas become a e. We met__________ Susan’s party.
f. What are you going to do__________ spring?
a. America.
g. I will see Jane_________ 2:30. ___________________________________________________
h. The train leaves_________ 11 0’clock.

VI. Complete the sentences using the words


arrow gang bow cabin trail

forest mask Indian

a. - John was wearing a ____________ in the

Halloween party.

b. - Each year dozen of people get lost in the


c. - Aborigines used __________________ for hunting.

d. - ____________ people fought many battles

against the Spanish.

e. - Inca _____________ is one of the most famous

tourist places in Peru.

f. - It’s very common to find a ______________ in a

rural area.

g. - The Pincheira Brothers was a famous

___________ in Chile and Argentina.

h.- Cupid is known as a winged child armed with

_____________ and arrows.

VII. Choose 3 words from task VI and make 3