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Most people nowadays prefer movies over books for they prefer to see the story directly in
an image other than reading it. People want to see the spectical and drama directly because it
gives them more freedom to contemplate the messages shown in the film. But, unlike movies,
books offer a wider range of freedom when it comes to the interpretation and insights into
Having the fact that movies wouldnt even exist without books is very certain. Books are
serves as the scripts and source of ideas for movies. Without these books especially popular
ones, record-breaking movies wouldnt also be possible, for most the movies came from books.
The fun base of both medias are increasingly growing through the passing years, yet many
still prefer movies over books. But books leaves a more deeper effect to the reader in a way
that readers feel that they, themselves, experience the book itself that is rarely felt in movies.
Books also have more details and an in depth view of the main themes and scenes which you
may not find or may find lacking when watching a 2-hour film to the hours when reading a
book. Due to the nature of books being pieces of literature, it leaves a playground for the
imagination to explore and feel. Books may be a bit expensive especially when you buy an
interesting story with multiple series of books, but readers say that it is still worth it, for it is
added for their collection at home. It also enhances your english skills. Books widen your
vocabulary and practices you to read carefully and clearly to the point where every word you
read in a book makes your brain understand everything.
Reading the book “Into The Mountain of ....” by H.P. Lovecraft, it shows that you, the
protagonist, is being put on situations and scenarios in where you are being tested mentally and
emotionally while being face to face with a creature that can only be described as in general
terms “horrifying.” Movies may also show similar scenarios as the one shown in the book,
but yet, fail to portray the fear and terror that the protagonist is experiencing. Unlike the book,
when it is left to the imagination to think of a horrifying and monsteruos beast, the movie gives
you a visual representation losing it’s overall effect of fear and anxiety.
Another book entitled “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” by J.K. Rowling is a
very interesting one to read. It really emphasizes the feelings and happenings within the story.
It is full of details and also makes the reader imagine what its like to be in a magical world full
of witches and wizards. Unlike the movie, imagining what the people or the place are, seems
more convincing. It also parctices you on how you read and your vocabulary seems to widen.
The movie seems to lack additional information and scenarios. In addition to books, you can
keep it, and take it everywhere, and lets you take your time.
Looking at the other hand, movies, are also good in terms of having a cheap pay in cinemas,
and also gives you the experience with your eyes. Movies are by directors and actors where
they show their talent in acting, and portray their character. Seeing a movie gives you an
experience of witnessing by eye the story. Unlike books, you still need to imagine and make
up things, while movies, gives the image directly and specifically. Movies also a good thing to
limit your time. Not all of us have time to read books for we are always busy with our
obligations in life, so instead of reading the book, we watch the movie instead. In short minutes
or maximum of 3 hours, we would know the whole story. In terms of money, you can pay as
low as Php 110.00 instead of buying a Php 500.00 book, which also has multiple series of
books which may triple your expences.
Another fact about movies is that it lets you appreciate the modern technology, efforts and
talents of the people behind it. With one movie in cinemas for 4 weeks espacially stories that
are far from interesting and in today, the profit would double, or even triple. Unlike books, it
still needs shipments, and it doesnt get sold in books stores in a snap. It takes a lot of time and
convincing for a book to be sold.
Debating between books and movies have been very contraversal for a long time since
both are very good medias up to this day. Despite of these, reading a book has many benefits
in terms of our mentality and intellectuality. Movies may do certain things in terms of
experience and cheap pay, but it doesnt compare to your imagination towards the book. People
should practice reading and enhance their minds and imagination for it leads them to have
complex and creative ideas that may be applied in the real world. Having a book brings you
multiple perspectives, feelings, and relationships towards the character that helps you escape