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Marwa Ahmad Abdelfattah


Giza, Egypt
00201018815575 Summary
I have 10 years experience hands on full stack software development.
Worked in companies sized from small/start-up to big international.
Seeking an opportunity within an ambitious team that seeks to excel
Technical Skills and share common vision towards success.
Enthusiastic to learn different technologies, culture & languages.
OOP Experience
SOLID principals
REST web services Senior Software Developer - Freelancer/remotely
OWASP principals Sismatix Information System | 2018 - 2019
Design patterns ERP Web-App
Agile & Kanban Responsibilities:
Continuous - Software development; apply change requests and fixing bugs
Integration CI - Create user permissions management
- Create visual Sales Dashboard
Programming, web development & - Integrate with another E-Commerce website based on Magento2
scripting REST API
Senior Web developer
ASP.Net MVC I-XEON MSC | 2016 - 2017
E-Commerce online Booking website & web service
( )
- Full stack software development
Spring MVC
- Apply change requests, code refactoring- Discussing business
requirements, architecture, and extracting use cases
- Handle support cases & inquiries on daily basis
- Participate in enhancing the software development process &
Databases, ORM & search engines Source Control branching strategy
- Release & deployment management
MSSQL - Support, guide colleagues and perform code review
Entity framework - Add a new e-payment gateway & enhancing the already existing
Solr one
DevArt - Communicate with the customers, system architect, project
No-SQL manager & company’s owner
MySQL & Oracle - Optimize the web service and website performance
- Maintain other projects (a desktop app integrated with
Salesforce and another online booking website)
Table storage
Redis Cache Senior Software Developer
Azure SQLDB KSys Solutions | 2016 - 2016
Blob Storage Desktop App Practice Master (Managing hospital departments,
finance, and items)
Styling Responsibilities:
CSS & bootstrap4 - Full stack development
- Refactor UI & code in initialization modules
Source controls - Source code migration from SVN to Git for a central server
Git, SVN, Mecurial
Web portal (Managing clients' accounts, licenses, accounts,
organizations used internally by management)
- Code refactoring & deliver change requests

Software Engineer
360imaging | 2013 - 2015
Tools & IDE Licensing System Web Portal (Managing users’ accounts and
Visual Studio products’ licensing)
Jira Responsibilities:
Swagger - Software development, design & implementation of database,
Jenkins business logic, UI
VisualBuildPro - Logging & Security modules (Authentication & Authorization)
Enterprise Licensing System Web service (Web service for authenticating,
Architect managing users & products licensing)
Web Servers - Create it from scratch & document the REST web service
(swagger integrated with authentication & authorization)
IIS 7, 8
Courier Desktop application (Managing dentists orders)
Certificates Responsibilities:
- Web app for building projects automatically and deploy into Azure
Machine Learning by Stanford Cloud Service for the desktop app and websites
University on Coursera - Create tool for exporting customers data from documents into
95% - 2019 Azure storage
1Z0-851 Java Standard Edition - Create tool for uploading new releases into Azure storage (Azure
6 Programmer Certified API and C# 4.5)
80% - 2013 Service Information Developer I
Information Technology Hewlett Packard Enterprise | 2011 - 2013
Infrastructure Library(ITIL) Work Force Management Internal Website
Foundation Version 3 Responsibilities​:
86% - 2011 - Full stack software development

Paul McCartney Digital Library

Personal Skills (HP solution which provides MPL Communications, Ltd. with
instant access to its diverse media assets)
Communicational Responsibilities​:
Analytical - Third parties’ products installation & updates (OpenText Media
Troubleshooting Management and StorNext)
- Test, deploy, document system processes and updates
- Communicate with teams & third parties’ support personnel in
Languages Egypt, and England
- Support team members in Service Management Life cycle
Arabic Software Engineer
French Microtech | 2009 - 2011
Cashier Management ERP Module
- Solve bugs & Deliver Change requests

CRM ERP Module desktop app

- Participate in refactoring, enhance the GUI, and deliver change
- Client support & perform demos

Manufacturing ERP Module desktop app.

- Enhance its Action List screen & main functionalities

Stock Control ERP Module website

- Participate in developing the basic definitions screens
Faculty of Engineering
Cairo Univ., Egypt | 2003 - 2008
Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering

Accumulated grade: Good 71.59%

Graduation project (Grade: Excellent):
Using image processing & artificial intelligence (MATLAB)
Desktop application for automatic detection of malignant tumors
in digitized mammography images.

Software Engineering; System Development

Information Technology Institute, Egypt | 2008 - 2009
Technical Diploma

Graduation project Desktop application for converting Electronic

Data Interchange; EDI, files from/to XML and a GUI to show this
data (C# framework 3.5 and XML).