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GNANAD2 Unit Exam 1

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1. Plane that divides body into equal Midsagittal Plane 23. Bones that have pneumatic cells Sphenoid
right and left halves Median Plane Ethmoid
2. Wrist is _____ to the finger Proximal
3. Prominent bump at the back of the Neither
24. Medial limb of zygomatic arch is from this Zygomatic
neck is due to the...
bone Bone
-Inion 25. smallest bone of the face Lacrimal
-External Occipital Protuberance
26. Structure that closes prematurely in Coronal
27. Cone that contributes the smallest Palatine
4. Components of Posterior Cranial Temporal Bone
segment to the orbital cavity
Fossae Occipital Bone
28. Foramen which enables the abducens Superior
5. This is where the hypophyseal fossa Greater- wing of
nerve to reach the orbit Orbital Fissue
is formed sphenoid bone
29. Where the maxillary division of CNV exits foramen
6. Surface anatomy of body is best Palpation
appreciated by this: Visual Observation
30. where the spinal accessory nerve exits Foramen
7. Most prominent landmark of anterior Sternocleidomastoid
neck Muscle
31. which does not form the roof of the nasal Palatine
8. Only bone that does not articulate Hyoid Bone
with any bone
9. Number of bones that form the skull 28 -Maxilla
10. Bone that forms via membranous and Mandible
cartilage ossification
11. densest bone of the skull Petrous temporal
32. This artery is palpable anteroinferior ot Facial
12. Suture that separates parietal bones Coronal the masseter muscle
from the frontal bone
33. Which group of lymph nodes is not Sublingual
13. Bregma is the junction between what Sagittal and Coronal associated to the mandible?
14. Highest point of the skull Vertex -Parotid
15. structure contained within sella Hypophysis cerebri
16. First bone to ossify in the skull Mandible
34. Which is true of the atlas or 1st cervical Short anterior
17. projection at the back of the head Inion vertebra? Arch
superior to the foramen magnum
18. Cartilage of the larynx that is used as Cricoid -Bifid Spine
landmark in doing tracheostomy -Diamond-shaped
-Short posterior arch
19. Anterior border of the anterior Midline of Neck -Short anterior Arch
triangle of the neck
35. Which is not considered to be part of the Articular
20. Anterior border of the posterior SCM TMJ Complex Tubercle
triangle of the neck
21. unpaired facial bones Mandible -Articular Tubercle
Vomer -Glenoid fossa
-Synovial Cavity
22. Denticulate type of suture Lambdoid
-Articular Disc
36. Main blood supply of TMJ Superficial Temporal
37. Nerve supply of the TMJ Trigeminal Nerve
38. strongest ligament of the TMJ Lateral Ligament
39. Main muscle that protrudes the mandible Lateral Pterygoid
40. Cervical Vertebrae that does not have a bifid spine 1st and 7th
41. Location of optic canal Lesser wing of sphenoid
42. Location of Foramen Ovale Greater wing of sphenoid
43. Location of Foramen Rotundum Greater wing of sphenoid
44. Location of foramen magnum Occipital Bone
45. Location of foramen spinosum Greater wing of sphenoid
46. location of cribiform plate Ethmoid Bone
47. location of Hypoglossal canal Occipital Bone
48. Location of foramen lacerum Greater wing of sphenoid
49. Location of sella turcica Greater wing of sphenoid
50. Location of internal auditory meatus Temporal Bone
51. ... Inion