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House panel vows

no quickie divorce
lHl lloure o'Reprc.entttiiec lechttiral \Ao'king Crorrp
(TWG) on the divorce bills on Wednesday rLrlcd out a
"quicl<ie" divorce.
'This is not a quick process because thcrc larcl iudicial
proceedings wherein the judge rvill be the onc to grant or
cieny a petition for approved divorce,"


House paneJ vows

Lagmarr said alter the meel,ing institutions.
held by the House Commit- While divorce will provide
tee on Population and Family relief for spouses trapped in
Relations. an abusive marriage, it is only
He said the process would for delimited cases where the
includ! a "cooling off period' marriage has become irrene-
of six months to allow the diably damaged.
court to try to reconcile the The TWG is currently con,
parties. solidating House Bill (HB) 100
The Albay First Distdct rep- authored by Lagman, FIB 838
resentativ€ said that even if by the Gabriela Women's Pany
divorce would be made legal andthe Makabayanblog and HB
in the Philipplres, the Slare 2263 by Davao del None First
would still have the mandate Disfiict Rep, Pantaleon Alvarez.
to protect the sanctity of mar- . DIVINA NOVA JOY
riage and the family as social DELA CRUZ

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