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SeaboardTM SMB-22 Multi-Bowl Wellhead

Corporate Overview
Weir Oil & Gas provides superior products and drilling equipment repair and certification, rapid
service solutions which make our upstream prototyping of spares parts, including robust
customers more efficient. More customers asset management and field engineering services,
choose our pressure pumping solutions than any are delivered globally by Weir Oil & Gas Services
other. We provide well service and stimulation [based in Dubai, UAE].
pumps, flow control products and replacement
expendable parts from leading brands including Founded in 1871, The Weir Group PLC is one
SPM, Mesa and Novatech. Pressure Control of the world’s leading engineering businesses.
includes trusted brands such as Seaboard, which Weir designs, manufactures and services
provides wellheads, valves and frac trees, and innovative solutions for minerals, oil and gas,
Mathena, which delivers drilling mud-gas power and other process markets. The Group
separation equipment including chokes, aims to be a partner of choice to our customers
separators, and environmental containment with a worldwide network of around 200
equipment. Engineered mechanical and rotating manufacturing and service facilities.
equipment repairs and upgrades, oilfield and

Table of Contents
SeaboardTM Conventional Wellhead Systems........2 SeaboardTM NWC-H Overshot Connector...............7
SeaboardTM SMB-22 Multi-Bowl Wellhead..............3 Model WCS-10 Gate Valve........................................ 8
SeaboardTM FAS-LOCTM Hybrid (FLH).......................4 SeaboardTM Model 1640RS Gate Valve.................... 9
SeaboardTM Frac Tree Rental equipment.................5 SeaboardTM Rotating Torque Tool (RTT)................ 10
SeaboardTM Zip PacTM................................................6

1 Wellhead Technologies Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved.
Seaboard™ Conventional Wellhead Systems

Designed to accommodate all casing and tubing sizes with pressure ratings up
to 10,000 psi and can be customized to any type of completion. The Seaboard
conventional wellhead system high capacity bowel design allows for
suspension of casing and tubing to almost any depth. Our advanced sealing
technology provides robust sealing in high sour environments for oil and gas
applications up to 650°F. The system is offered in all the API material classes,
our metallurgical engineers will ensure that the material selected is the best to
suit the required application and well parameters.

Casing Head Housing
• Straight bore design uses 45° shoulder to minimize the risk of bowel damage
• Offered in three bottom connections; slip-lock, slip on weld or threaded
• Accommodates general service, as well as high capacity casing hangers
Casing Spools
• Straight bore design uses 45° shoulder to minimize hoop load while
maintaining high hanging capacity
• Accommodates slip type, as well as mandrel type hangers
• Optional lock down screws
• Offered in various bottom connections, elastomer or metal sealing
Tubing Head Spools
• Straight bore design uses 45° load shoulders to support maximum loads
• Offered with lock down screw or internal lock mechanisms to reduce
possible leak paths
• Accommodates all types of completions
• Tubing hangers offered with elastomer or metal sealing according to
• Available in hub, flanged and studded connections
Christmas Tree
• Offering stack or block type Christmas tree with pressure ratings up to
10,000 psi
• Bottom connections and bottom sealing type are customized to suit the
• Valves’ actuation is offered in pneumatic or hydraulic according to
• Available for single or dual completions

Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved. Wellhead Technologies 2
Seaboard™ SMB-22 Multi-Bowl Wellhead
The Seaboard™ SMB‐22 multi‐bowl wellhead system is designed to decrease
the time and cost associated with surface drilling and production by Benefits
containing multiple strings of casing suspended within one wellhead. This also • Faster and safer than many
helps decrease the number of times the BOP connection is made or broken, conventional surface wellhead
which reduces downtime or non‐productive time (NPT). Being able to suspend systems
multiple strings within one wellhead decreases the size, making it a preferred • Comprehensive product line
solution where there are concerns about limited space and time. offering “off the shelf” or
customized solutions
• Reliability and performance in
• Lower casing hanger is fluted to allow ample bypass for circulating
mud and cement major oil and gas locations and
• Ability to suspend multiple strings of casing or tubing within one wellhead
• Annular seal for surface casing hanger may be re-energized, if necessary
• Conductor hanger seals may be re-energized, if necessary
• Conductor hanger may be tested externally once landed
• Surface casing hangers may be landed prior to cementing, eliminating the
need to reciprocate
• All running/retrieving tools run on casing
• Emergency suspension systems are available for the hangers
• No welding required


13 5/8 inch 5,000 13 5/8 inch 10,000 11 inch 5,000 11 inch 10,000

3 Wellhead Technologies Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved.
Seaboard™ FAS-LOC™ Hybrid (FLH)
Save production time and get more value from the wellhead with the
comprehensive Seaboard™ FAS-LOC™ hybrid (FLH) wellhead system. Its Benefits
wellhead system is quick to connect and requires no API flanges in the casing • Wellhead systems have back
head, resulting in a significant time-saving advantage. The system is designed pressure valve (BPV) threaded
to enhance safety because cutting and welding operations normally associated profiles for installation of a safe,
with casing head installation are done prior to installation away from the well effective, low-cost surface well-
bore, which potentially minimizes work underneath a suspended BOP in a control barrier during nipple
confined space. down activities
• Easily adapts to accept
intermediate casing string/spool,
• Comprehensive system designed to save time and rig costs if needed
• Dedicated diverter adapter that transfers from well to well for BOP • Reduces the need for field cutting
quick-connect and welding operations during
• Metal-to-metal seal and elastomer back-up at the BOP connection casing head installation

• FAS-LOC™ casing head accepts mandrel or slip-type casing hangers • Makes up quickly with no special
• Designed to land the casing head
through the BOP and eliminate
the need to wait for cementing

Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved. Wellhead Technologies 4
Seaboard™ Frac Tree Rental Equipment
Program Delivers Cost-Effective Solutions and Service
Weir Seaboard offers rental of frac trees and support equipment to meet Benefits
high-performance drilling and production needs, while managing operators’ • Provides smooth operation
capital expenditures. The program includes a full complement of associated during stressed thermal cycles
equipment and services for per-day or campaign rentals. • Easily closed with minimal
force resulting in elimination of
Service Under Pressure® potential valve cavity pressure
Weir Seaboard built its reputation on providing excellent customer service lock
including field and office support, quotes and drawings–all available when you • Easy to maintain in-line without
need them. Field service includes installation, onsite testing, maintenance, the use of special tools
removal and refurbishment. To reduce set-up time, crane trucks with sufficient
• Stem packing can be replaced
reach and capacity are used to lift and assemble the frac trees. Torque and while the valve is under
testing services are also available. Everything needed to get the job done. 15,000 psi
Seaboard™ equipment undergoes a rigorous inspection and quality assurance
program so that operations can move forward with confidence. Customers can
reduce inventory in a way that is convenient and affordable without reducing
production potential.

• Cost-effective option for managing capital expenditures
• Minimal repairs
• Support services including crane trucks and torque units
• Full hydrostatic testing
• Flexibility with all standard sizes ranging from 2 1 ⁄16 inch 10,000 psi to 7 1 ⁄16
inch 15,000 psi

5 Wellhead Technologies Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved.
Seaboard™ Zip Pack
The efficiencies gained by pad drilling are multiplied when frac operations
utilize zipper manifold technologies. Zip PacSM takes zipper frac manifold Benefits
technology and pairs it with qualified technicians to create a package that • Enhances safety–trained
enhances safety, saves time and money. technicians connect pressure
control system and monitor
through each stage of the
• Equipped with both hydraulic and manually operated valves process. Single rig-up by trained
• Configured to allow for rapid rig-up on location technicians reduces likelihood of
related incidents
• Fully inspected and recertified after every job
• Saves time–significant
• Customizable equipment configurations to meet individual well/pad site completions cost savings;
requirements are configured to maximize output numerous wells can be
hydraulically fractured during the
same operation decreasing the
average time on the well site

Design Specifications 7 inch 5 inch 4 inch

Bore size 7 1 ⁄16 in 5 1 ⁄ 8 in 4 1 ⁄16 in

Maximum wellhead 10,000 psi 10,000 psi 10,000 psi
working pressure 15,000 psi 15,000 psi 15,000 psi
Maximum temperature
rating (API)
Product specification level PSL-3 PSL-3 PSL-3
Well configurations 2–4 2–4 2–4

Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved. Wellhead Technologies 6
Model WCS-10 Gate Valve
The Weir Model WCS-10 gate valve provides proven Weir features and low maintenance for drilling and production
application. The WCS-10 valve features a simple and reliable gate and seat assembly which minimizes inventory issue
and offers low maintenance costs. The high performance, bidirectional slab gate valve is ideal for high pressure, critical
service applications of 2,000 through 15,000 psi.

• Available in 1 13/16” through 7 1/16” nominal sizes
• Slab gate with floating seats
• Non-rising stem
• Self-energized stem seal
• Bi-directional sealing
• Metal to metal sealing
• Gate to seat
• Stem backseat seal
• Body to bonnet seal
• Positive bearing

Available Configurations
The WCS-10 is available with the following preparations:
• API 6A material class AA though HH

• Flanged or threaded end design

• Available in both hydraulic/pneumatic actuated configuration

• Ability to coupled up with a torque reducer for larger size, high pressure gate valve

Standard Operating and Dimensional Data

Nominal Size Working Pressure A B Weight

(inches) (psi) (inches) (inches) (pounds)
3,000 / 5,000 14.63 24.3 235

2 1 ⁄16 in 10,000 20.50 26.3 393

15,000 19.00 26.37 346
3,000 / 5,000 16.62 25.19 305
2 9 ⁄16 in B
10,000 22.25 26.11 470

3 1 ⁄ 8 in 5,000 18.62 29.79 406

3 1 ⁄16 in 10,000 24.40 26.39 613

5,000 21.62 34.65 708
4 ⁄16 in
10,000 26.38 36.64 1236
15,000 29.00 40.47 1331
5 1 ⁄ 8 in 5,000 28.62 39.90 1407

7 Wellhead Technologies Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved.
Seaboard™ Model 1640RS Gate Valve
The Seaboard™ Model 1640RS gate valve's design has been rigorously field-
tested to maintain high standards of quality and has a one-piece slab gate's
floating seats use line pressure to supply the sealing force. Stem packing • Provides smooth operation during
is chemically inert, using spring energizing rings that requires no plastic extreme thermal cycles
injection or reenergizing. • Easily closed with minimal
The ball-screw is a low torque design with a maximum of 17 turns for full force resulting in elimination of
actuation. potential valve cavity pressure
Features • Easy to maintain in-line without
Metal-to-Metal Seals the use of special tools
• Utilized in the gate/seat, body/bonnet and stem/bonnet backseat • Stem packing can be replaced
Selective Backseat while the valve is under pressure
• Provides proven safety during venting, lubrication and stem packing
• Backseat can be employed without shifting gate position
Floating Seats
• Allows bi-directional use
• Requires no lubrication to seal
Threaded Packing Gland
• Accommodates replacement of bearings and shear pin at full pressure
No Body Penetrations
• A single lubrication injection port is located outboard of the backseat in
each bonnet allowing cavity lubrication or venting of trapped pressure
after backseat operation

Size (inches) Pressure Turns to Operate

4 1 ⁄16 in 15,000 psi 11 turns

5 1 ⁄ 8 in 10,000 and 15,000 psi 14 turns

7 ⁄16 in
10,000 and 15,000 psi 17 turns

Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved. Wellhead Technologies 8
Seaboard™ NWC-H Overshot Connector
Developed for offshore use, the SeaboardTM NWC-H overshot connector has
been specifically designed to decrease critical failures using a safe and reliable Benefits
method. The NWC-H overshot connector provides a quick response solution • Provides an emergency well
where existing well infrastructure no longer offers a conventional point of containment connection for
connection because it is attached to the bottom of a capping stack and enables various casing and pressure
it to be installed directly over a producing well. ranges
• Creates a point of connection for
capping stacks
• Enables the capping stack to connect directly to a wild well’s casing
• Provides a safe reliable method
• Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of casing to remediate critical failures and
size needs and pressures reduces the environmental impact
of a wild well
• Increases efficiency, the system
can be placed on a barge and
ready to go at a moment's notice
• Proprietary patent pending
technology protects sealing
elements during installation

9 Wellhead Technologies Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved.
Seaboard™ Rotating Torque Tool (RTT)
The patent pending rotating torque tool design helps to eliminate excessive
breakout issues by decoupling the mandrel hanger/landing string from the Benefits
torsional loads created by casing string rotation. Its design and development • Helps threads on mandrel hanger
helps increase safety and reduces cost.
• Limits risk of increased cost and
Features installation delay

• The landing string and mandrel hanger are pre-assembled in shop, • Reduces costs associated with
reducing handling time on the rig floor stuck pipe

• Designed to allow for assembly onto the casing string using top drives or • Allows for casing rotation and low
CRT’s, reducing handling time on the rig floor torque release

• Full bore access of the casing string during all stages of casing • Minimizes non-productive rig
installation and cementing operations floor handling time

• User is able to disengage from the mandrel hanger manually once the
mandrel hanger has been landed
• Rotation of the casing string assembly, reducing time associated with
stuck pipe
• Design allows for sufficient annular flow by for cementing operations

Interior view

Copyright © 2016, Weir Engineering Services Limited. All rights reserved. Wellhead Technologies 10
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Pressure Control
Service & Equipment
Introduction_________________________________________________ 4

Conventional Wellhead Systems_______________________________ 6

Conventional Wellhead______________________________________ 7
Gas Storage Wellhead_______________________________________ 7

Onshore Shale Wellhead Solutions_____________________________ 8

UnitizedTM Lock-Ring (ULR) Wellhead__________________________ 9
S-29 Lock-Ring Wellhead____________________________________ 10
Rotating Torque Tool________________________________________ 11
Eco-Tension Tubing Hanger__________________________________ 11

Offshore Wellhead Systems__________________________________ 12

UnitizedTM Wellhead System_________________________________ 13
SplitterTM Wellhead System__________________________________ 13
Mudline Suspension System ________________________________ 14
Block Trees_______________________________________________ 14
Drivelock Connector_______________________________________ 15
Overshot Connector________________________________________ 15

Valves_____________________________________________________ 16
Slab Gate Valves___________________________________________ 17
Expanding Gate Valves_____________________________________ 17

Locations__________________________________________________ 18

150 years of engineering intelligence
Weir has the products, services, expertise and engineering
focus to design solutions precisely to your needs.
Across North America and around the world, we are known for our
state-of-the-art wellhead portfolio, our simplified frac iron system that
reduces potential leak paths by 88%, and our industry-leading intelligent
systems for drilling and flowback operations that eliminate human error
to improve safety.
In addition to the strongest technology, we know that precisely designed
and targeted services are key to keeping you up and running. With Weir
EdgeTM, you’re fully covered. Our services platform is far from off-the-shelf.
At the core of Weir EdgeTM services is a mind trust of engineering experts
who seek out the root cause of your equipment challenges so they can offer
you custom solutions that work.
Those solutions are executed to perfection by our Weir EdgeTM service
teams. Our engineers and technicians undergo the industry’s most rigorous
pressure-control instruction in our advanced training facility. When they
arrive at your site, you can be sure they have the engineering mindset and
right equipment to do the job right, right away.

A global pressure control leader
When it comes to pressure control solutions, Weir delivers on all fronts. Our
product portfolio is on par with the biggest players in the industry and includes
wellheads, API valves and frac trees, mud-gas separation equipment, chokes,
separators, and environmental containment equipment.
With an optimized supply chain, we make sure our customers get the solutions
they need fast. That includes not just products, but day-to-day support, deep
engineering prowess, and extensive service capabilities—from installation to
ongoing field support.
We are also committed to in-country development and have hired and developed
local talent in our centers of engineering and manufacturing excellence, offering
access to skilled local resources.

Tailored Engineered Solutions

As engineers, we solve problems. It’s in
our DNA. Together we will meticulously
design solutions to meet your specific

Installation and Field Service

Our customers can rely on the same level of
engineering-backed support and responsive
customer service—including thorough job
safety analyses—from our highly trained
field service teams.

Valve Repair and

We go beyond parts and labor. With an
engineering perspective, Weir can address
the initial problem, along with issues that
would otherwise be encountered down the
road. The result is improved safety, reliable
equipment, and a healthier bottom line.

Weir Conventional Wellhead Systems

Conventional Wellhead Systems

Designed for all drilling and completion applications, Weir® conventional
wellhead systems are cost-effective and field-proven. With internal
straight-bore profiles for casing heads, casing spools, and tubing
spools, these systems combine flexibility with ease of use. A wide range
of standard sizes and pressure ratings are designed to accommodate
any application cost-effectively.

Weir Conventional Wellhead Systems

Conventional Wellhead
Designed for all drilling and completion
applications, Weir® conventional wellhead Applications • Standard API Flange connection
systems are cost-effective and field-proven.
• Drilling • Wear bushings can enhance the
With internal straight-bore profiles for
casing heads, casing spools, and tubing • Completions protection of important sealing
spools, these systems combine flexibility surfaces
• Tieback
with ease of use. A wide range of standard • Optional electronic monitoring
sizes and pressure ratings are designed to • Casing and tubing programs capabilities and instrumentation
accommodate any application cost-effectively. to measure methane, volume and
Benefits & Features
pressure (in compliance with API RP
• Field-proven internal straight-bore 1170 8.4, 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7)
• Large-bore ANSI ball valves
• Maximum flexibility and user convenience
• PSL-1 to PSL- 3G available
• Wide range of cost-effective sizes and
pressure ratings • Available for 2,000 psi – 15,000 psi

• Single-bowl designs universally accept

slip-type or mandrel casing hangers
• Custom-designed large-bore wellheads
with extended-flange outlets
• Material for H2S and CO2 service in
accordance with NACE MR-01-175
latest additioin

Conventional Wellhead

Gas Storage Wellhead

Meeting or exceeding all API 6A specifications, including provisions RP 1170/RP 1171,
Weir® gas storage wellheads are exclusively designed to enhance safety and efficiency,
while reducing costs for gas storage. Components are designed for brine and sour service,
delivering maximum protection.
Our wellheads are backed by comprehensive guidance and consultative support, including
in-house engineering, project management, and third-party auditing.

Applications • Protection from the inside out—all

• Drilling components designed for brine and
sour service
• Completions
• Optional electronic monitoring
Benefits & Features capabilities and instrumentation
• Wellhead and accessories to measure methane, volume and
manufactured to API 6A specifications pressure (in compliance with API RP
1170 8.4, 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7)
• Custom-designed large-bore wellhead
with extended-flange outlets • Large-bore ANSI ball valves

• Casing strings suspended and sealed • PSL -1 to PSL -3G available

Gas Storage Wellhead
with mandrel hangers

Weir Onshore Wellhead Systems

Onshore Shale Wellhead Solutions

Working closely with onshore shale operators, Weir manufactures
a range of wellhead solutions designed to meet the challenges
associated with some of the industry’s harshest applications. A
smaller footprint, innovative engineering, and simplified installation
procedures to improve safety and reduce non-productive time are just
a few of the ways we have helped our customers improve productivity
and lower total costs.

Weir Onshore Wellhead Systems

Unitized Lock-Ring (ULR) Wellhead


Engineered specifically for shale-play

applications, the UnitizedTM lock-ring (ULR) Applications Sizes/Pressure/Specifications
wellhead further enhances safety and Pad and shale drilling • 11-inch and 13 5/8-inch size and 5,000 or
efficiency on the pad site. Featuring a 10,000-psi working pressure rating and
straight-bore design, lock-ring technology Benefits & Features temperature P-U (-20°F to +250°F)
in a multi-bowl UnitizedTM wellhead, Safety • Frac pressure: 15,000 psi
this compact wellhead assembly can
accommodate 95% of casing configurations • Unitized™ casing head with internal
• Diverter size compatibility:
and can save up to 35 hours of rig time lock down hangers with positive
engagement, eliminating leak path o 20 inch for 5,000 psi
compared to traditional systems.
risk due lock screws penetration
o 22 inch for 10,000 psi
Time and cost-savings are made possible
thanks to the installation of the wellhead and Efficiency
• Casing program for 13 5/8” system:
all subsequent strings through the diverter • Make and break connections faster
with Weir® quick connector from o Conductor: 20”
riser or BOP. Time spent on workovers and
waiting for cement are minimized, along 2 hours to 15 minutes o Surface casing: 13 3/8”, 11 3/4”
with exposure to risk.
• Improved packoff configuration for o Intermediate casing: 7 5/8” to 10 3/4”
reduced overall system height
o Production casing: 4 1/2” to 7”
• Casing program for 11” system:
• Four-string ULR option available for
longer laterals and more intense frac o Conductor: 16”+
o Surface casing: 9 5/8”, 10 3/4”
• Retrievable packoffs seal each contained
annulus and meet NACE requirements o Intermediate casing: 7”, 7 5/8”

• Ability to rotate intermediate and o Production casing: 4 1/2”, 5 1/2”

production strings at 20,000 ft-lbf
• Casing rotating tool top drive makeup
capabilities on casing head
• Offline cementing compatibility during
pad drilling operations
• Common internal components and
running tools
• Detachable base plate and landing
ring options for casing head

Unitized™ Lock-Ring Wellhead

Weir Onshore Wellhead Systems

S-29 Lock-Ring Wellhead

Featuring a compact 11-inch system, the S-29 lock-ring wellhead

significantly reduces rig time—approximately 20 hours savings over Applications
conventional wellheads. Ideal for land application with multiple wells,
it features a compact stack-up design for a single stage, studded • Land application, multiple wells with close centerlines
outlet configuration standard, and valve removal (VR) capabilities. on a pad
Mandrel casing hangers eliminate the need to cut casing or waiting • Speed head applications
on cement to set, while casing and tubing can be run, landed and
sealed through the BOP without nipple down. Benefits & Features
• Back pressure valve (BPV) prep in production mandrel
provides barrier while tubing head is installed
• Casing head with internal lock down hangers with
positive engagement, eliminating leak path risk due
lock screws penetration
• Make and break connections faster with Weir® quick
connector from 2 hours to 15 minutes
• Packoff can be installed through the BOP
• Debris resistant inward biased lock ring design
• Ability to rotate production string at 20,000 ft-lbf
• Optional flutes allow returns to be taken through
the BOP stack
• Premium or API-threaded mandrel hangers
• Common internal components and running tools
• Casing rotating tool top drive makeup capabilities on
casing head
S-29 Lock-Ring Wellhead • Detachable base plate and landing ring options for
the casing head

• Nominal size: 11 inch
• Working pressure: 5,000 to 10,000 psi
• Frac pressure: 15,000 psi
• Minimum rotary table: 20 inches
• Casing program system:
o Conductor: 16”+
o Surface casing: 8 5/8” to 10 3/4”
o Production casing: 4 1/2” to 7 5/8”


Rotating Torque Tool Applications

By decoupling the mandrel hanger and • Drilling
landing string from the torque loads created
Benefits & Features
by casing string rotation, the Weir® rotating
torque tool eliminates excessive breakouts. • Design allows for casing rotation and low-torque release
Ideal for extended horizontal wellbore • Landing string and mandrel hanger pre-assembled in shop,
drilling, it allows for casing rotation and reducing non-productive handling time on rig floor
low-torque release, thus reducing downtime
associated with stuck pipe. • Casing string assembly can be done via top drives or CRTs, further
reducing handling time on the rig floor
Landing strings and mandrel hangers also
come pre-assembled, reducing handling • Casing string can be rotated, reducing downtime of stuck pipe
time on the rig floor. Casing strings can • Design allows for full-bore access of casing string during all stages
be assembled using top drives or CRTs of casing installation and cementing operations
while providing sufficient annular flow for
cementing operations. Full bore access • User may disengage from the mandrel hanger manually once it
Rotating Torque Tool
of the casing string is possible during all has been landed
stages of casing installation and cementing
• Design allows for sufficient annular flow for cementing operations
operations. The mandrel hanger can be
unlocked manually once in place permitting • Threads on mandrel hanger are protected
simple extract.
• Limits risk of increased cost and installation delay
• Reduces costs associated with stuck pipe
• Operating temperatures: -18°C-121°C (0°F-250°F) with other
specifications available upon request
• Achieves rotational torque of 20,000 ft-lbf. on intermediate or
production casing strings
• Robust design lacks springs or small components
• Vertical sliding sleeve and Stub-ACME threads provide low break-
out torque requirements
• Left-hand Stub-ACME threads
• Vertical sliding sleeve engages flow-by slots

Eco-Tension Tubing Hanger Applications

To prevent buckling, the Weir wellhead mandrel eco-tension tubing • Artificial lift
hanger can be lowered into the production casing below the tubing • Onshore production
head, latched downhole, then tensioned back up prior to final landing
and engagement of the lock pins. This not only compensates for • Offshore production
elongation due to temperature variations during well completion. It • Unconventional wells
ensures the tubing string is not exposed to buckling that can occur
with conventional tubing hanger applications. • Conventional wells

A robust through-BOP solution to set strings in tension and assist in

setting the packer and locking the tubing string in action, the Weir®
eco-tension tubing hanger is rated for 10K and ten capacity up to
80 percent of joint yield. To isolate flow, the Weir® eco-tension tubing
hanger uses an MRS metal seal between the hanger neck and
adapter. A continuous control line feature is standard, allowing the
Tension Tubing Hanger control line to exit through the adapter and be sealed in a specially
designed exit block. It is suitable in applications up to 20,000 psi and
available in all API trim levels.

Weir Offshore Wellhead Systems

Offshore Wellhead Systems

For offshore operations, costs and risks are magnified. Achieving
efficiencies of time, money, and labor are crucial to success. Field-
proven Weir offshore wellhead systems are engineered to minimize
material costs, along with rig-up and non-productive time, while
improving safety and operational efficiency.

Weir Offshore Wellhead Systems

Unitized™ Wellhead System

Optimizing height and material usage, Weir®
UnitizedTM wellhead systems help operators Applications
save valuable rig-up time over traditional • Offshore and land-based
solutions. Engineered to streamline
installation and extend equipment life, Benefits & Features
these systems are useful for both offshore • SMS System offers metal-to-metal
platform or land-based applications. sealing
Weir offers two offshore systems, both • SES System uses elastomer
of which reduce the number of BOP sealing elements for comparable
connections required. The BOP can also performance
be tested with bore protectors in place.
To further simplify installation and extend • SMS System Pressure Range:
equipment life, we have incorporated up to 15,000 psi
into the design tools to manage running, • SES System Pressure Range:
retrieving, and testing the system—with up to 10,000 psi
little or no rotation required.

The Surface Metal Seal (SMS) UnitizedTM The Surface Elastomer Seal (SES)
Wellhead System features metal-to-metal Wellhead System delivers comparable
sealing and can accommodate pressures of performance to the SMS. Instead of the
up to 15,000 psi. A split-ring design allows metal-to-metal design, it features elastomer
for high-load capacities, distributing the load sealing elements.
Unitized™ Wellhead System
directly into the wellhead housing, while
sealing it securely to withstand all wellbore
fluids and gases.

Splitter Wellhead System


Featuring a multi-bore design allowing two

or more wells from the same conductor, Applications
Weir® SplitterTM wellhead systems can • Offshore: new and existing slots
reduce the size and quantity of platforms and platforms, minimum-concept
required by 50 percent or more. This delivers platforms, multi-branch horizontals,
dramatic savings for offshore applications. environmentally sensitive areas
Featuring a flexible design, the Weir®
SplitterTM wellhead system can be configured Benefits & Features
for a wide range of situations, including • Multi-bore wellhead design, allowing
new and existing slots and platforms, as the drilling of two or more wells from
well as minimum-concept platforms, multi- the same conductor
branch horizontal wells, and environmentally
• Configurable to new or existing slots
sensitive areas.
and platforms
Available in two models—the Lateral Slim
• Improves cost efficiency
Twin (LST) and the Ultra Slim Wellhead
(USW)—the Weir® SplitterTM wellhead system • Available in two models: Lateral Slim Twin
has been proven in more than 3,000 field (LST) and Ultra Slim Wellhead (USW)
installations worldwide.
• LST double SplitterTM system pressure
SMS/SES (straight-bore identical pack-offs) range: up to 6,500 psi

• Double SplitterTM MB – 13” only, • USW triple SplitterTM system pressure

6.5k MWP limited by D flange capacity range: up to 6,500 psi

SplitterTM Wellhead System MK-II (tubing and casing pack-offs different)

• Double SplitterTM MB – 9” & 13” only,
6.5k MWP limited by D flange capacity
• Triple SplitterTM MB – 9” only, 6.5k MW

Mudline Suspension System Applications

Transferring the weight of the well to the • Shallow water
seabed, the Weir® mudline suspension • Exploratory wells
system allows for complete disconnection
without having to cut casings. This saves • High-pressure STD and H2S wells
time while minimizing risk in offshore
Benefits & Features
operations. Casing strings can be
subsequently reconnected for surface • Stack-down system configuration provides washout point below
completion on the production platform previous sealing area
wellhead deck. • Metal-to-metal sealing on both running and tieback tools to maintain
Ideally configured for exploratory wells, high-pressure seal integrity and corrosion protection
the system can also be tied back to wells • Separate running and tieback threads in hangers protected during
Mudline Suspension under development. It is designed for drilling and temporary abandonment
System high-pressure STD and H2S wells, and can
accommodate high-capacity casing hang- • Large flow-by areas for maximum cementing circulation
off loads, allowing for deeper depths. A
• Generous washout ports in the running tool, eliminating tool
stack-down system eliminates debris traps,
improving reliability and efficiency of tieback
operations. • Long lead-in stab guidance

Featuring fluted or drilled load rings on the • Design allows for self-alignment and easy stabbing
initial casing strings with expanding load
• High casing hang-off load capacity, allowing operators to run casings
rings on the smaller-diameter casing strings,
to deeper depths
the WMSS10 simplifies operations and
enhances efficiency. • Working pressure up to 10,000 psi for STD and H2S applications
• Standard casing configuration: 30” x 20” x 13 3/8” x 9 5/8”

Block Trees Applications

Weir composite production trees are
® • Special operations
used for controlling the wellhead pressure • Acidification
and adjusting output of oil and gas wells.
Offering reliable sealing and safety • Fracturing
operation, the Christmas tree can meet • Water injection
different working conditions.
• High-temperature steam injection
• Testing

Benefits & Features

Block Trees
• Fewer leak paths
• Shorter overall height
• Design, manufacturing, qualification, and
quality control are all in accordance with
the requirement of API 6A
• I and Y configurations are offered

Drivelock Connector Applications
To improve handling safety and reduce • Drilling and production
makeup time, Weir offers a line of drivelock • Surface and platform
quick wellhead connectors for drilling and
production. Designed to address many Benefits & Features
of the disadvantages that come with the • No hub-face separation up to test pressure, improving safety
flanged or clamped connectors found on
most surface and platform equipment, • Simple design: no loose parts to be installed while running
drivelock connectors use field-proven • All operating components subject to wear are field-replaceable
Weir concepts and technology and include and easily repaired
Drivelock Connector numerous performance advantages.
• Low-friction coating applied to sliding surfaces lowers makeup
• A secondary safety release mechanism can retract drive screws in
the event of thread issues
• Connector is manufactured to higher standards, accommodating
sour service
• Quick makeup: the 13 5/8 inch, 15,000-psi drivelock connector
takes approximately 15 minutes

Overshot Connector
Developed for offshore subsea use, the Featuring a unique technology, the NWC-H
Weir® wellhead NWC-H overshot connector overshot connector ensures protection of
remediates critical failures reliably and safely, sealing mechanisms during installation.
reducing the environmental impact of a Available in a variety of sizes for a wide
wild well. It provides a responsive solution range of casing sizes and pressures, it
where existing offshore well infrastructure no maximizes efficiency and can be placed on a
longer offers a conventional connection point. barge and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Providing a connection point for capping
stacks, it can be installed directly to the
casing of a wild well.

Applications • Well production rate: 100,000 bbl/day

Overshot Connector
• Subsea oil and gas • Installed over API Spec. 5CT casing stub
that has been cut and prepped
Benefits & Features
• Enables the capping stack to connect • In addition to FEA analysis, each connector
directly to a wild well’s casing undergoes a pass seal and slip validation
• Accommodates a variety of sizes for a wide
range of casing-size needs and pressures • Remote attachment method capable of
withstanding full shut-in pressure
• Protects sealing elements during
installation with patent-pending technology • Attachment mechanism capable of sealing on
the outside of varying production casing sizes
• Provides an emergency well containment
connection for various casing and pressure • ROV interface compatible
ranges • API 6D, ISO 9001-2000
• Creates a point of connection for capping • Size/dimensions: 6.626 inches to 14 inches
stacks (6 5/8 inches to 14 inches)
• Provides a safe, reliable method to • Pressure class: 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi
remediate critical failures and reduces the
environmental impact of a wild well • Operating temperatures: -18°C-121°C
(0°F-250°F); other specifications available
• Operating Water Depth Capacity: 10,000 ft. upon request
Weir Valves

Weir is a tier-1 supplier of valves for drilling and production
operations. These products include a commercial line of both
manual and hydraulically actuated OEM solutions.

Weir Slab Gate Valves Weir Expanding Gate Valves

1640 RS

Applications Applications
• Drilling • High temperature
• Completions
Benefits & Features
• Christmas trees • Bi-directional design with preferred direction of installation
• Oil and gas service indicated for minimal operating torque.

• Severe service • Metal-to-metal sealing—gate to seat and seat to body

• Drilling platform production • Gate skirts to reduce loss of body lubricantsRoller thrust
bearings isolated from well fluid, minimizing torque
• Fracking
• Positive mechanical seal across the seals with or without
Benefits & Features line pressure
• Bi-directional slab gate, metal-to-metal sealing technology • Bonnet with a packing injection fitting allows re-energizing
and stem back-seating capability of stem packing with valve under pressure
• Simple in-line field replacement of internal components • Field-replaceable seats, gates, stem and other working parts
• Positive metal-to-metal sealing (gate-to-seat and seat-to-body) • Seat and gate surfaces are machined to exceptional
• Stem packing is chemically inert, using spring energizing standards—ground and lapped—to achieve metal-to-metal seal
rings which require no adjustment or plastic injection • Gate valve is offered with cast body
• Stem packing can be replaced while the valve is under pressure • Graphite stem packing accommodates high temperatures
• Available in API Material Classes AA through HH • Floating metal-to-metal seat with secondary graphite high-
• Material for H2S and CO2 service is in accordance with temperature back seal
NACE MR-01-175 latest edition
• Performance tested to PR2, temperature ratings K through
X up to 350°F (177°C)
• Offers smooth operation during extreme thermal cycles
• Easily closed with minimal force, eliminating potential
valve-cavity pressure lock
• Easy to maintain in-line without special tools
• Stem packing can be replaced while valve is under pressure
• Metal-to-metal seals in the gate/seat, body/bonnet, and
stem/bonnet backseat
• Selective backseats provide safety during venting,
lubrication, and stem-packing replacement and can be
employed without shifting gate position WM-HT

• Bi-directional floating seats require no lubrication to seal

• Threaded packing glands accommodate bearing and
shear-pin replacement at full-pressure differential
• No body penetrations; single lubrication injection port
on backseat outboard in each bonnet, allowing cavity
lubrication or venting of trapped pressure after backseat
Pressure Control Locations

• Pressure Control Locations

Eastern Hemisphere
AZERBAIJAN OMAN Weir Arabian Metals Company
Baku Muscat Makkah Street, Dammam 2nd Industrial City
PO Box 168, PC 102 P.O. Box 2724, Al-khobar 31952
Salyan Highway
Basement Office 4750/1 T: +966 3812 1084 / 1104
31km Supply Base
Garadah District Al Araimi Complex, Opp. SABCO Centre
Baku, AZ1083 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
T: +994 12 446 6511 T: +968 24657 101 Abu Dhabi
Mussaffah Industrial Zone
IRAQ QATAR Plot No D4, Sector MN4
Doha Street No 6
Basra P.O. Box 4752 Corniche Road
Near BOC Civil Engineering Building Office 736, 7th Floor, Tower 2
The Gate Mall, Maysaloun St., Westbay Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Pumping Station (PS-1) T: +971 2 5554 108 / 5 5554 436
P.O. Box No. 14023
Grid location: 38QU 22364 85612
Doha, Qatar
North Rumaila District Dubai
Basra, Republic of Iraq Near Roundabout 12, Munawalla
T: +964 7800 510 510 Street No 1209
Al-Khobar Jebel Ali Free Zone - South
P.O.Box 31165 Al-Khobar 31952 PO Box 11419, Dubai
First Floor Pan Gulf building United Arab Emirates
Al-Khobar Corniche Road, Saudi Arabia T: +971 4 8080 000
T: +966 13 8820019 Ext 100
Western Hemisphere

New Mexico Western Hemisphere Headquarters – Alberta

Houston Edmonton
13822 Furman Road, Suite J 4737-97 Street NW
903-B Airport Drive
Houston, TX 77047 Edmonton, AB T6E 5W2
Carlsbad, NM 88220
T: +1 713 644 3535 T: +1 780 439 4833
T: +1 800 442 1307 Ext. 5
Kilgore Grande Prairie
North Dakota 1102 TX-31 8104A – 105th Street
Williston Kilgore, TX 75662 Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0
5073 Owans Industrial Park Drive T: +1 903 984 8153 T: +1 780 513 1102
Williston, ND 58801 Midland
T: +1 800 422 1307 Ext. 4 7010 West Interstate 20 British Columbia
Midland, TX  79703 Fort St. John
T: +1 432 582 2807 10508 89th Avenue
Elk City Pleasanton Fort St. John, BC V1J 5P9
1611 Enterprise Road 772 US 281 South T: +1 250 262 1002
Elk City, OK 73644 Pleasanton, TX 78064
T: +1 800 422 1307 Ext. 2 Saskatchewan
T: +1 800 442 1307 Ext. 7
El Reno Estevan
3900 Hwy 81 Service Road West Virginia 116 Supreme Street
El Reno, OK 73036 Buckhannon Estevan, SK S4A 1C8
T: +1 405 422 3600 52 Norwins Drive T: +1 306 634 6325
Buckhannon, WV 26201
T: +1 304 472 9701
Burgettstown Wheeling
20 Miller Business Park Drive 2125 Dallas Pike
Burgettstown, PA 15021 Triadelphia, WV 26059
T: +1 800 442 1307 Ext. 3 T: +1 304 363 1646
36 Progress Lane Wyoming
Sayre, PA 18840 Cheyenne
T: +1 570 888 1628 307 Murray Road
Cheyenne, WY 83007
T: +1 800 442 1307 Ext. 4
Corpus Christi
1118 Southern Minerals Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78409
T: +1 361 289 6853


Mumbai Eastern Hemisphere Headquarters Vung Tau
A-Wing 609, Balaji Bhavan 77 Science Park Drive #04-01/08 Cintech III PTSC Supply Base
Sector-11, CBD-Belapur Singapore Science Park Thang Nhat Ward
Navi Mumbai 400614 Singapore 118256 Vung Tau, Downstream Port 65A
India T: +65 6880 9740 30/4 Street
T: +91 22 27562670/671 Vietnam
THAILAND T: +84 64 3591605
Batam Island c/o Port of Sattahip, Royal Thai Navy
Jalan Bukit Girang TT-II Warehouse No. 9, Tambol
Batu Ampar, Batam Island Plutaluang Sattahip, Chonburi
Indonesia 29432 20180, Thailand
T: +62 778 411 358/359 T: +66 38 431 264
MALAYSIA 120/8 Moo1, Tambol Shingko
Kuala Lumpur Ampur Singhanakorn, Songkhla
Level 16, Integra Tower, The Intermark 90280, Thailand
348 Jalan Tun Razak 50400 T: +66 74 302 623
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +60 3 2300 5210
Oil & Gas

13822 Furman Road, Suite J

Houston, TX 77047
T +1 713 644 3535
F +1 713 644 3737

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