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Research Proposal

1. How students choose the school they go to?

Everyone is making a decision every day, from the simple things to the more complex one. In
life, It’s not easy to make a decision and for the students, one of the things that matter in their long
list of decision-making is choosing a school. Many students are quite having a difficulty in
choosing where to enroll, as there’s a lot of reasons and situations to consider. The aim of this
study is to find out how a student decides in choosing the school they go to.

2. Why do Filipinos prefer Foreign Literature rather than Philippine Literature?

Through the years, Philippine Literature keeps on developing from the pre-colonial times and
up until now. It is used to determine our country’s history and how great Filipino writers are. Our
literature also served as a sword against foreign invaders like the famous eye-opener, “Noli Me
Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” that was written by Jose Rizal during the Spanish Colonization
Period. But the problem is, as we adapt to modernization the less number of people appreciates it.
Most Filipinos nowadays prefer foreign literatures like English poems and novels, Korean,
Japanese and Chinese characters. We are more fond of other country’s literary works and tend to
forget about our own. Why do Filipinos find foreign literature more enjoyable than our own?

3. Why do Filipinos prefer to go and buy on high end coffee shops?

Many people waltz in and out of coffee shops everyday. We cannot deny that most of us waste
much money for this stuff. Ever since its discovery, coffee has continued to spread its bitter-sweet
taste all over the world and you can usually see a lot of people holding a cup in their hands. Even
though there are many affordable coffee shops, people still want to go on those high-ends so the
researcher's objective is to know the real reasons why most people prefer to go on that kind of

4. What Do Nurses Feel When Rendering Care to Terminally-illed Patients Who Still Want to Live
A Longer Life?

A nurse/s is a person whose job is to care for people who are ill. The beginning of every
serious illness is a halt, normal life seems to be replaced by another kind of life. Death which us
inevitable, is not only distressing and overwhelming but is often acccompanied by the feeling of
loneliness both for dying and their caregivers. The purpose of this study is to describe nurses'
perspective/feeling who cope with loneliness.

5. Why do we need to modernized our jeepneys?

The jeepneys were famous for their colorful body designs, plenty of horses and mirrors. They
were the kings of the road. All what's left of the shining kings of the road of old are scraps of
rusted and dented metal lucky to still be pieced together, struggling to survive the city's hole.

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