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Abstracts of Patents

Abstracts o f U S patents prepared by Dr R.J. Hand, University o f Sheffield, U K

A rubber matrix is reinforced with coated Aromatic polyetherketone resin compositions

COMPONENTS short fibres of m-phenylene isophthalamide. containing polyetherimide, polysulphone-
The fibre coating may be a rubber latex or a coated carbon fibres and mechanical com-
Sintered ceramic composite body and method rubber paste. ponent formed therefrom
of manufacturing same Gotoh, T., Tsutsumi, T., Takahashi, T. and
Furuse, Y. and Matsuhiro, K. (The Tokyo Sintered ceramic composite body and method Sagawa, T. (Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, Inc.,
Electric Power Company, Inc., Tokyo and of manufacturing same Tokyo and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd,
N G K Insulators, Ltd, Nagoya, both of Furuse, Y. and Matsuhiro, K. (The Tokyo Kanagawa, both of Japan) US Pat 5 223 536
Japan) US Pat 5 196 386 (23 March 1993) Electric Power Co., Ltd, Tokyo and N G K (29 June 1993)
A sintered oxide or non-oxide ceramic matrix Insulators Ltd, Nagoya, both of Japan) US A fibre-reinforced resin comprises 55 75 wt%
is reinforced with 10-50 vol% of two sizes of Pat 5 217 932 (8 June 1993) resin and 25-45 wt% carbon fibres. The resin
silicon carbide particles. One set of particles A ceramic composite with a matrix of alumi- contains 70-90 wt% of an aromatic
is < 1 /~m in size whereas the other is between na, mullite, magnesia or silicon nitride is poly(ether ketone) and 5-30 wt% of a
5 and 20/~m in size. reinforced with silicon carbide particles poly(ether imide). The fibres have a coating
which have a maximum diameter between 5 obtained by coating them with an aromatic
High strength composite ceramic structure and and 50 /~m and a thickness which is 1/3 or poly(sulfone) resin and then heating them at
process for producing the same between 300 and 400~ for between 3 and
less of this maximum diameter.
Yasutomi, Y., Watahiki, S., Sakai, J., Chiba, 20 h.
A., Miyoshi, T. and Sobue, M. (Hitachi, Ltd, Reinforced elastomer lining for pump casing
Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 5 200 373 (6 April Iron golf club head made of fibre-reinforced
and associated method of manufacture
1993) resin
Hyll, J., Turley, R.S., Purdy, S.G., Ostler,
A sintered ceramic composite comprises Okumoto, T., Ninomiya, T., Hiyashi, T. and
J.L. and Hood Jr., C.R. (Baker Hughes
grains or whiskers of titania, zirconia, chro- Kawada, K. (The Yokohama Rubber Co.,
Incorporated, Houston, TX, USA) US Pat 5
mia, alumina, BeO, Ta2Os, hafnia, Nb20~, Ltd, Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 5 228 694 (20
219 461 (15 June 1993)
WO3, V205 or magnesia, and epitaxially July 1993)
A replaceable lining for a centrifugal pump
grown silicon nitride particles with 5-40% The frame of the club has a stainless steel
comprises a substantially rigid shell and an
porosity. The grains or whiskers have surface sole and hosel portion. Above the sole there
elastomer layer. The shell is composed of a
layers of silicon carbide, silicon nitride, silica, is a moulded composite weight, comprising
glass fibre-reinforced thermoset plastic resin.
TiC, TiN, A1N, ZrC, Cr3C2, Cr2N, BeN, 92-98 wt% of tungsten powder and
WC, WN, VN, VC, Fe3C, Mo2N, M02C, polyamide resin, and above this there is a
ThC, HfN, HfC, TaN, TaC or MbN. The Weak frangible fibre coating with unfilled
pores for toughening ceramic fibre-matrix core portion. Around the core portion and
silicon nitride particles are < 0.2 p,m in size. the frame, apart from the sole portion, there
Carpenter, H.W., Bohlen, J.W. and Steffier, is a fibre-reinforced resin covering.
Moulding compositions comprising reinforced
filled wholly aromatic polyesters W.S. (Northrop Corporation, CA, USA) US
Fibre reinforced ceramic glass composites hav-
Frayer, P.D. (Amoco Corporation, Chicago, Pat 5 221 578 (22 June 1993)
ing tailored coefficient of thermal expansion
IL, USA) US Pat 5 206 282 (27 April 1993) A ceramic matrix composite is reinforced
Seibold, R.W., Buller, B.W. and Gibson,
The composition comprises 60 80 vol% of a with ceramic fibres in which the fibre-matrix
J.O. (Hughes Aircraft Company, Los
wholly aromatic oxybenzoyl polyester, 10-20 interface consists of a frangible, porous
Angeles, CA, USA) US Pat 5 229 196 (20
vol% of glass fibre and about 10-30 vol% of ceramic coating.
July 1993)
a filler. An article moulded from the com- The composite material is composed of
position has a tensile strength of at least 70 High speed composite turbine wheel
oriented fibres in a glass ceramic matrix
MPa. LaBrouche, J.-P., Broquere, B., Parenteau,
together with a sufficient amount of bonding
J.-M., Ettiene, J. and Lacombe, A. (Societe agent in the gaps between the fibres and the
Resin composite material containing graphite Europeene de Propulsion, Suresnes, France) matrix.
fibre US Pat 5 222 866 (29 June 1993)
Hashimoto, S., Yagi, K. and Kanda, M. The blades and rim of the wheel are formed Chain of fibre-reinforced resin composite
(Yazaki Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) US Pat from a single piece of fibre-reinforced com- material
5 210 116 (11 May 1993) posite. The reinforcement comprises a helical Lundy, B.T. (Aluminum Company of
A synthetic resin matrix is reinforced with fabric with both radially and circumferential- America, Pittsburgh, PA, USA) US Pat 5
fibres of an intercalated compound of ly oriented fibres, the densities of the two 269 129 (14 December 1993)
graphite fibre and bromine. The planes in the types of fibre varying along the radius of the The design of a chain with links made of a
graphite fibre are oriented parallel to the axis wheel according to the variation of the radi- fibre-reinforced resin is given. The fibres are
of the fibres like annual rings. al and circumferential stress. The circumfer- oriented so that they run parallel to the
ential fibres in the rim have good mechanical length of the chain. The fibres may be glass,
Hockey stick formed of composite materials properties whereas the radial fibres in the rim carbon or graphite.
Baum, C.S. (The Baum Research & and the blades have a high resistance to both
Development Company, Inc., Traverse City, temperature and chemicals. Flexible pipe comprising an aluminium ahoy
MI, USA) US Pat 5 217 221 (8 June 1993) matrix composite material
The handle of the stick has a fibre-reinforced Method of making laminated hybrid ceramic (Sugier, A. and Herrero, J.M. of Rueil
resin core covered on at least three sides with matrix composites Maimaison and Paris, both of France) US
a sheet of wood veneer. The sheet is impreg- Gadkaree, K.P. (Corning Incorporated, Pat 5 269 349 (14 December 1993)
nated with the resin and is thereby bonded to Coming, NY, USA) US Pat 5 223 064 (29 A reinforced flexible pipe is described, of
the fibre-reinforced core. June 1993) which at least one layer is formed from an
A ceramic matrix composite material with aluminium alloy reinforced with particles or
Rubber composite material mixed with short improved transverse and interlaminar shear whiskers of alumina or silicon carbide. The
staple reinforcing fibres and method of manu- strengths is described. The ceramic is rein- particles are between 4 and 400 jzm in size,
facturing the same forced with layers of aligned fibre reinforce- whereas the whiskers are between 0.01 and 10
Hamada, T. (Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd, Kobe, ments interspersed with layers of randomly /zm in diameter and between 10 and 600/xm
Japan) US Pat 5 217 801 (8 June 1993) oriented chooped fibres or whiskers. long.

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