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Zelita Zacherina, SMA 28 Jakarta

My name is Zelita, a student of Social Science major. I am interested in economics, especially accounting
and mathematics. Why do I like accounting so much? Accounting is an art in the process of producing
financial information. Why is it called art?, because the financial statements created are intended for
users to more easily read and understand the report. Therefore, the definition of art in accounting is not
beauty, but is the reliability of the financial information produced, so that users can make the best

From elementary school through junior high school, I often sold jewelry accessories such as necklaces,
hair clips, bracelets, rings and the like. Many of my friends bought my merchandise.initially only dozens
of items were sold and continued to increase to hundreds of items. My mother is a Chief of Human
Resource Development. She has been teaching me financial recording in the form of a simple excel with
columns of date, type of goods, quantity, purchase price, sales price, value of profits and so forth . That
was one of the experiences that made me like accounting. Selling activities were not often done when I
was in high school because of the many extracurricular activities that I participated in, one of which was
modern dance. Once we took part in an All Jakarta modern dance contest and became the first winner!

Studying at UI has been my dream since I was a Junior high school student. My eldest brother, an
alumnus of UI whom our family proud of, has a leadership and entrepreneurial spirit although he was
from the Psychology major. Aside from working in a multinational company, he has a coffee shop
business with his friends, and is going to continue his Master’s degree in the UK this year. UI is a campus
that produces many leaders both national and international levels, one of them is Sri Mulyani, who
currently serves as Minister of Finance and previously was Director of the World Bank. I choose the
International Class as a top priority because according to the McKinsey Global Institute (2012), in 2030
Indonesia will be included in the top 10 developed countries in the world. I must be a part of those being
able to make a positive contribution to Indonesian people. The UI international class program will
provide experience in order to compete in the globalization and VUCA (volatility, uncertainty,
complexity, ambiguity) era.

I am sure that studying at UI will provide a good life experience and learning process because it teaches
honesty, leadership, independence, creativity and globalization. If accepted at UI, I will create a different
entrepreneurship program in the accounting department, which is usually seen as a less flexible
department and only plays its role behind the scenes. The entrepreneurship program will be place of
learning and practice to apply the course materials to the needs of the organization at work later. In the
International class, I will choose batik products for the entrepreneurship program.