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Klaus (
1. What kind of drink does Jesper Johansen give to his drill sergeant?

2. What is Jesper supposed to do to start the reception?

3. What kind of fish is on sale in the school?

4. What building is at the top of the map of Smeerensburg?

5. What blocks the door shut and traps Jesper in the woodsman’s cabin?

6. What is the woodsman making when Jesper first visits him?

7. What kind of toy does the woodsman deliver to the little boy who drew the picture?

8. How much does it cost to mail a letter in Smeerensburg?

9. How long was the brawl in ’45?

10. Which child writes their name on the chalkboard?

11. How much has arson been reduced by Jesper and Mr. Klaus?

12. What does Mr. Klaus’ laugh sound like?

13. What gift does Margu receive from Klaus and Jesper?

14. What was Klaus’ wife’s name?

15. What does a true act of goodwill always spark?

16. Who appears in Smeerensburg unexpectedly on Christmas Eve?

17. How many letters from Smeerensburg made Jesper’s father go to Smeerensburg to find out
what was happening?

18. What do the clans ride on to chase Klaus and Jesper?

19. What did Klaus hide in the decoy presents?

20. How many children do Jesper and Alva have?

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