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Instructor Quick Start Guide


This Quick Start Guide provides information to help you start using WebAssign.

SIGN IN Create your own assignments SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

1 . From the toolbar, click Create > Assignment.
2 . Under Assignment Settings, select the template ® Windows
you want to use. ™
1 . Go to • Chrome 74 or later
3 . Type an Assignment Name, Description, and ®
2 . Enter your Cengage username and password. Instructions. • Firefox 60 or later
• Edge 17 or later
3 . Click Sign In. 4 . Click Question Browser and add questions to ®
your assignment. • Internet Explorer 11
Your Cengage Dashboard displays. ™
a. List questions by navigating to a textbook macOS
4 . Click your WebAssign course.
chapter or section, by browsing your folders or • Chrome 74 or later
You are now in your WebAssign course. collections, or by searching. • Firefox 60 or later
Reset Your Password b. Click a question name to add it. ®
• Safari 11 or later
You can reset your Cengage password using the Forgot c. Click Update Assignment at the bottom of the ®
list of assignment questions.
link on the sign-in page.
• Firefox 59 or later
5 . Click Save.
1 . Go to iOS
2 . On the sign-in page, click Forgot.
3 . Type your email address and click Continue. SCHEDULE ASSIGNMENTS • Safari 11 or later (iPad only)

® ™
4 . Answer your security question. 1 . Click Class Schedule under Class Tools on the My NOTE Flash and Java content
Classes page. does not work on iOS.
5 . Click Submit.
If the information matches your account, you 2 . Drag an assignment from the Assignments list to Features and content are not
should receive a password reset email. the week you want to schedule it for. optimized for a small screen size
6 . Open the password reset email and click the reset 3 . Set the Due date and time for the assignment. and might be difficult to use.
link. a. Select On a specific day of the week.
7 . Enter your new password in both fields. b. Select the day of the week. Other browsers and versions
8 . Click Reset Password. c. Enter the time. than those listed might also
4 . Click Schedule. work, but are not supported.

CREATE OR COPY A COURSE If you have problems when

1 . From the toolbar, click Create > Course. ADD STUDENTS TO YOUR COURSE using an unsupported browser
version, try using a supported
2 . Either create a new course or copy one of your You can look up a class key or upload a roster from the browser version before contacting
existing courses: My Classes page. Customer Support.
• Select Create a new course with no Students self-enroll with a class key
assignments and click Continue. WORKSTATION RECOMMENDATIONS
• Select Copy assignments and settings from an 1 . Click Class Key Settings under Class Tools.
• Download bandwidth: 5+ Mbps
existing course and select the course. 2 . Give the class key to your students and they can • RAM: 2+ GB
3 . Enter a Course Number and Section. enroll themselves.
• CPU: 1.8+ GHz / multi-core
4 . Select the primary Instructor. Instructors enroll students from a roster • Display: 1366 × 768, color
5 . Select how to manage the course roster. 1 . Click Upload Roster under Class Tools. • Graphics: DirectX, 64+ MB
6 . Select the Term, Start Date, and End Date. 2 . Follow the instructions on the Upload Roster page. • Sound (for some content)
7 . Specify when the Class Meets. 3 . Give your students their new usernames and
8 . CREATING A NEW COURSE: Select the primary passwords. CUSTOMER SUPPORT
Textbook for the course. ONLINE:
9 . COPYING A COURSE: If Edition Update Available instructor_guide
is displayed next to your textbook, click it to use
CALL: 800.354.9706
the newer edition.
You can also request a question or
10 . Select the check box certifying your use of the
selected textbook in your class. textbook to be added.
11 . Click Create Course.
NOTE To report a problem
with a question, go to
Add Course Pack assignments (selected textbooks) report_wa_question_error.
1 . Click Class Schedule under Class Tools on the My
Classes page.
2 . At the top of the Assignments list, click  > Course MORE INFORMATION
Search the online help for
3 . Navigate to the Course Pack you want to use. answers to most questions:
4 . Click Add Course Pack to My Assignments.

Revised January 2020