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reported the spread of a dangerous virus As reported by the Associated Press

(AP), Sunday (January/26), a new virus called 2019-nCoV continues to accelerate its spread. The latest
data shows that the total death toll from this virus has reached 56 people.

The Chinese government calls this situation so urgent and limits all travel. Besides China, this virus has
also spread to 13 countries. From Malaysia to Nepal. Indonesia is not included.

However, the Indonesian government did not remain silent. Indonesia has taken a cautious step. Various
strict checks at the airport were carried out to banish the virus from spreading in Indonesia.

In addition, the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing continues to monitor developments in the Corona virus
case. They continue to monitor information related to research and close supervision of this case.

"As is well known, that recently in Wuhan, Hubei Province, there has been a case of severe pneumonia
(pneumonia) with no known cause. The Wuhan City Health Committee is currently conducting research
and close supervision of the outbreak of pneumonia, and has made efforts to prevent and control
disease, "the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing wrote in its official statement attached to the official
website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wednesday (January/22).

The following are progress reports from several regions in Indonesia

West Sumatra

A total of 174 tourists from Kunming, China, arrived at the Minangkabau International Airport in Padang
Pariaman, Sunday morning (January/26/2020), at 06:36 WIB which will be traveling for five days in West

Arrived at the airport after passing an immigration and body temperature check using a thermal
scanner. PT Marawa Coporate in collaboration with Cocos Tour as a travel agency that brings Chinese
tourists to West Sumatra ensures that those who will visit are not infected with the corona virus that is
currently endemic in the Bamboo Curtain country.

PT Marawa Corporate CEO Darmawi said all Chinese foreigners departed from Kunming Airport in Yunan
Province in the mountainous region of China via direct flights within four hours of travel. According to
him, the location is far from the Wuhan area which is about 19 hours away and those who will leave for
West Sumatra must go through inspection at Kunming Airport.

Meanwhile, West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno said his office had made various efforts to bring
foreign tourists to West Sumatra. Related to the Corona virus concern that is plaguing it said all the
entourages had received a visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"So it is not permissible to refuse people to come if the conditions are complete, in addition it has also
been anticipated by conducting a strict inspection," said Irwan, as reported by Antara on Sunday

Students and Acehnese who live in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, have been confirmed safe from
the Corona virus. The Aceh government asks residents in Tanah Rencong to check any information
related to the deadly virus.

"All Acehnese students are free from the Corona virus. Acehnese people who have relatives in Wuhan to
stay calm and follow the development of information from the government," Head of the Aceh Social
Service Alhudri told reporters on Sunday (January/26/2020).

Based on data released by Dinsos, there are currently 12 Aceh students in Wuhan. While others have
returned to Tanah Rencong before the city was isolated.

According to Alhudri, in accordance with the direction of the Acting Governor of Aceh Nova Iriansyah,
the Aceh Provincial Government will continue to monitor developments and conditions of Acehnese
citizens in Wuhan City.

In addition, the Aceh Provincial Government improved communication and coordination with the
Indonesian Embassy in Beijing and the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta. Alhudri said it
was still building communication with various parties related to student requests that they be evacuated
from Wuhan.

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