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Introducing Oneself Responding

1. Good morning. My name’s Nurlela. 1. Good morning,

CHAPTER 1 Talking about self Summary What’s your name? Mrs. Nurlela. I’m
3.1 Menerapkan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks Mapping 2. Hello I am Yudi. Yudi Perwira. May I Pratiwi.
know your name, please? 2. Hello Yudi. My
interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan
3. Please allow me to introduce myself. name Farah.
meminta informasi terkait jati diri dan hubungan keluarga, sesuai dengan My name is Hartati. You can call me 3. Hello Tati. I’m
konteks penggunaannya. (Perhatikan unsur kebahasaan pronoun: subjective, Tati. Bunga.
objective, possessive) 4. Hi, I’m Raymond. I’m of class XC. 4. Hi, Raymond. I am
4.1 Menyusun teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis pendek dan May I know you? Cessa. I’m class XD.
sederhana yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait
jati diri, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur Asking for and Giving Aunt, elder brother,
kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks. son-in law, niece,
Information about oneself and
Learning Purpose uncle, nephew,
family relationships
stepmother, half-
In the last learning the students are able:
sister, younger
1. Response to someone greeting; Salutation
2. Introducing one’s self and other people’; The body of E-mail/ a I, You, He, She, It,
3. Use Pronoun for subject, object, possessive adjective and possessive letters They, We
pronoun; Signature/Closing
4. Writing an email.
Vocabulary builder Elemen Me, you, him, her, it, them,
ts us
Match the word with their Indonesian equivalents.
Pen pal (noun) kereta komuter
Sounds (verb) sangat menyukai E-mails/Letters
Objective Pronoun
Run (transitive verb) jauh
(be) into (preposition) nampaknya
Attend (school, collage) (verb) sahabat pena Possessive adjective
Distant (adjective) bahasa pertama Words
My, your,
Commuter train (noun) bersekolah/ kuliah showing Pronoun his, her,
Magnificent (adjective) luar biasa ownership its, theirs,
Mother tongue (noun) mengelolah our
Half-sister/ brother (noun) saudara tiri Possessive
Have, has Mine, yours,
his, hers, its,
ours, theirs
Am, Is Are

Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019 Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019
Task 1 Vocabulary Exercises This march, I will be in my seventeen. I am a senior high school student
in Attaufiq Islamic School Jambi. Now, I am sitting in the oldest class at
my school. My favorite subject is English. I like English very much
Complete the following conversation with the correct because my teacher is very funny and adorable. Meanwhile, English is
expressions in the box. part of International language so I will be cool if I can speak English well.
Anyway, our mother tongue is Jambinese Language.
Hi, Retno. My name is Adib this is Retno I’m Arnys
As for hobbies, I have a lot. I like reading books, especially Qur’an- the
Situation: Adib, Arnys, and Retno are new students. They meet only book without any mistakes. At school I spend most of my rest time
at the students’ orientation course. memorizing Al-Qur’an.
Adib : Hi, Are you a new student? How about you? Please drop me a line, Alia! Can’t wait for other good
Arnys : Yes, I am. By the way, are you a new student, too? news from you.
Adib : I’m a new student too. 1) ______________________ With love
Arnys : 2) _________________ Well, Adib, 3) Hannah
She was my classmate in the Junior High School. Task 3 Writing
Adib : 4) ________________ Nice to meet you?
Retno : Nice to meet you too. Individual task
Adib : Anyway, we still have half an hour before the class starts.
Responding to an email
Shall we go to the canteen? Arnys?
Retno : Okay. Imagine that you’re Alia. Write an email responding to
the email you’ve read and discussed. Use the
following questions to guide you.
Task 2 Reading
1. What do you write to start you response to an
Work In pairs. Read the text carefully and discuss the text structure, email/ a letter?
and then share this with the class. Use the following prompts to help: 2. What details do you write in your email? (How old
Identify the structure of the organisation of the letter are you? Where do you attend senior high school?
What are you hobbies? How many siblings do you
a. What details can you find in the opening? have? Etc.)
b. What’s the purpose of telling the contents? 3. What do you write to end your email?
c. What details can you find in the contents? 4. Before you send your email, read through your
d. What’s purpose of writing the closing? email to find any content, grammar, vocabulary,
e. What details can you find in the closing? spelling, or punctuation errors and correct them if
An email from Hannah any.
Dear Alia, 5. Send to
It was very interesting to read your letter about yourself and your
hometown. I would like to be your pen friend.
Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019 Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019
4. a. The girl’s new classmate.
Task 3 Speaking b. The boy’s old friend.
c. The boy’s new friend.
d. The girl’s sister.
e. The girl’s neighbor.
Group task
Work in group of five to six students. Imagine you and
5. a. Varina looks familiar to her.
your friends are all invented to an international
b. Varina is a new student.
conference and became the participants. Think about
c. The boy knows varina very well..
and use new identities. For instance, you can pretend
d. Varina is sitting beside them.
to become scientist, an expert, doctor, public speaker,
e. They come from the same hometown.
etc. The new identities make you unfamiliar with each
other because that is the first time you meet. Talk to
Reading Section
each other and introduce yourself: tell about your
1. Cessa: Good morning, Mrs. Aletha. I’d like to introduce you to Diana who
family, your profession, and your hobbies.
helped our project last week.
Mr. Aletha: I’m very pleased to meet you, Diana.
What does Cessa express to introduce Diana?
Assessment A. Good morning, Mrs Aletha.
Choose A,B,C,D or E for the correct answer. B. I’d like to introduce you to Diana.
A. Listening Section C. Diana helps our project last week
1. a. what class are you from? D. Diana is my friend
b. Hello,I’ m Dudung, Dudung Darmawan. E. I am very pleased to meet you
c. What a nice name! Kunci Jawaban: B
d. Nice to meet you.
e. See you tommrow. 2. What profession does sisil’s sister have?
A. Elementary school student
2. a. Beautiful. B. Islamic student
b. Ridiculous. C. Medical doctor
c. Generous. D. Vocational student
d. Important. E. Education doctor
e. Humorous. Kunci jawaban: C

3. a. The boy is the girl’s old friend. 3. Hanif : “hello amanda… Taufiq”
b. The boy is the girl’s classmate. Taufiq :” hi, Taufiq. I am Fajri
c. The boy already knows the girl. Fajri : “Hi, Taufiq. Nice to see you.
d. The girl already know the boy. The correct expression to continue Hanif’s sentences is…
e. The boy is the girl’s schoolmate. A. How are you?
B. What is your name?

Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019 Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019
C. Hi, my name is Hanif Kunci Jawaban: A
D. May I introduce myself?
E. I would like to introduce my new classmate, 6. Cecil and their sister learn how to manage … store every day. Later
Kunci Jawaban: E they want to run their own business. The appropriate pronoun to
complete the sentences is….
4. Eka : lia, this is my aunt. Mrs karin A. Their
Karin : how do you do? B. Them
Lia : … C. Our
A. Are you new? D. Their selves
B. How are you? E. Our selves
C. How do you do? Kunci Jawaban: A
D. Nice to meet you
E. I’m fine. Thank you 8 . Alia in her letter wrote that her …is Javanese, but she can also speak
Kunci Jawaban: C other languages, like Indonesian and English
A. Attend
5. Alia want to have many pan pals because she likes making friend. Her B. Sound
pan pals come from many parts of the world. Caroline introduce C. Magnificent
her to Hannah. Now, Hannah becomes Alia’s pen pals. Hannah likes D. Slip back
her a lot. E. Mother tongue
Word “her” on the second sentences refers to… Kunci Jawaban: E
A. Alia
B. Hannah 9. Alia likes to try to speak English with her classmates, but just like
C. Caroline saidah, she also sometimes …Indonesian.
D. Alia and Hannah A. Attend
E. Alia and caroline B. Sound
Kunci Jawaban: A C. Magnificent
D. Slip back
5. Alia has many friends, those with whom she makes friends by writing E. Mother tongue
their emails. They live in another countries, so she never meets them. Kunci Jawaban: D
She likes scuba diving. So, if some day they visit Indonesia, She will
take them to go scuba diving in Bunaken National Marine Park. The 10. Mr. Dadang is a famous mechanic. He . . . a workshop at home. Many
amazing place. people come to his workshop to repair their vehicles.
Who will Alia take to go to Bunaken National Marine? A. Is
A. Alia’s friends B. Are
B. Alia’s family C. Will
C. Scuba diving D. Have
D. Amazing place E. Has
E. Indonesia Kunci Jawaban: E

Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019 Modul no: 01/ ENG/ DK /S1/ X/ 2019