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Thank you for downloading the Yumina the Ethereal CG


This document is an appendix to the PC game ‘Yumina the

Ethereal’ released by JAST USA. It contains an English

translation of the Japanese CG gallery commentary found in the


WARNING: This document contains artwork intended

for mature audiences only. You must be at least 18 years

old to view this document.

CAUTION: This document contains spoilers for Yumina

the Ethereal. View at your own risk.

Enter Kirara

Yumina It feels weird having Kirara stare down at you.

Ai Weird? More like physically impossible unless

she was using stilts... pffft... Kirara on stilts...

Ayumu You do realize she’d kill you if she heard

Yumina Enters the Race

Kirara You can drive a minibus with a normal

license. True or false.

Yumina Um, well it’s a bus so a normal license

wouldn’t be valid! False!

Ayumu Calm down, Yumina! Don’t jump to conclus--


Ai ...And that’s how the dream ended.

Ayumu It’d be the end of the world if Yumina started

First Meeting with Maino

Ai Question. Which of the following is Maino’s

true form? 1. Her hat. 2. Her glasses.
3. Her hairpin.

Yumina What’s with those choices!?


Kirara Can you flip on a bar, Yumina?

Yumina Um... no...

Kirara You’re hopeless.

Yumina B-but I can do other things on a bar!

Ayumu Really, what can you do?

Yumina Roasted pig on a spit!

Ayumu That’s just hanging from a bar!

First Speech

Yumina This speech brings back memories...

There were even a few who came to listen
from the very beginning.

Yumina Makita, Izumi, Yuuki, Hashimoto,


Ayumu You remember their names!?

Yumina Of course! They’re my fans!

Kirara An unexpected talent.


Ai How could I lose to a girl like you... a main

heroine who doesn’t even understand the
charm of glasses... I have fans too... I wanted
to give them a sub-heroine route... If only you
didn’t exist!

Ai That’s what Maino was thinking.

Yumina I don’t believe you! Maino’s a good girl!

Kirara’s Sabotage

Ai Let’s cheer for the flat chest faction! Flat!

Chest! Flat! Chest! Come on!

Kirara Flat! Chest! Flat... What the hell are you

making me do!?
Yumina’s Training

Ayumu Just a thought, but...

Kirara What’s on your mind, Ayumu?

Ayumu I was just wondering how many points you

got from this. Not that I’m doubting you or
anything, it’s just, uh, out of curiosity, wait,
no, I didn’t say anything! No suspicions here,
not at all, so calm down, stop, wait, ah,
Veridadia Appears

Ai That’s the giant armored insect, Oberontail!

Ayumu You know what it is, Ai!?

Ai A vicious carnivore. Capturing it is difficult,

but the legs are delectable and taste like crab.
The eggs you can gather from the females are
also very delicious. They’re a delicacy in

Yumina Will those people eat anything?

Ai Joins

Ai My panties are not cheap. Too bad, men.

Yumina Hmm... wait, aren’t they showing a bit?

Ai !!!!!
The Princess and Her Butler

Ayumu It’s hard to believe that back then, I

wondered how such a small girl could
consume so much food. I’ve since learned that
some questions are better left unanswered.

Kirara What’s the matter, Ayumu?

Ayumu Why, Kirara!? Why can’t everyone be more

like you!? Waaaah!
The Emperor of Flame

Ai I want that sun badge!

Ayumu I hear you can get a numbered badge if you

join his fanclub.

Ai Rei! Rei! Hooray for Rei!!!

Ayumu Well, time to report this to Kirara...

Ayumu & Ai VS Hitmen

Ai What do you think would’ve happened to us if

we’d lost?

Ayumu I’d rather not think about it.

Ai .........I’m glad you don’t have an NTR fetish.

Ayumu What are you imagining!?

Injured Kirara

Ai (as Ayumu) When I saw Kirara’s face twisted in

pain, I felt lust rise within me, hot and
sweet. I wanted to hear her cries, taste
her tears... I needed more.

Kirara Wha... I didn’t know you had such a fetish!

Ayumu Can I quit this club yet?

Tomori’s Past

Yumina Tomori is so cute! She’s like a doll!! And Rei

is... completely different.

Kirara He must have been an active child

considering those shorts he’s wearing. I bet
older women couldn’t resist him.

Ayumu Let’s try to not look at him that way...

Tsukuyo on the Roof

Yumina Kimono look better on girls with flat chests! So I

win! I win, I’m telling you!!!

Ayumu Not from the roof, Yumina! Even your thick

skull can’t take it!
Youko and Yumina

Ayumu Why is Yumina so good at making people


Yumina What do you mean!? I always think before

I talk!

Kirara What? Don’t tell me you’re serious.

Kirara E-Eep!! Did I say something wrong?

The Sisters’ Past

Ai (as Youko) Our sales have been dropping lately.

We’re losing regulars, too... what
should we do?

Ai (as Tsukuyo) I told you, we have to change with the

times. For shrine maidens, that means
short skirts and bare underarms.
Kirara’s Photo

Kirara Comments about me aside...

Ayumu Yumina’s mom’s pose is pretty embarrassing.

Ai And Yumina shares the same blood...

Yumina I know... you don’t have to say it...

Debate Club Meeting

Yumina A debate club meeting! We had lots of those!

Ayumu But they never went smoothly.

Ai Indeed. There was always someone who

didn’t take it seriously.

Kirara That was you!!

Nayuta’s Speech

Yumina I-I can’t do that... Having my face displayed a

on giant screen would be too much for me to

Ayumu You’d probably be able to pull it off if

someone praised you enough for you to forget
your shame.

Yumina No I wouldn’t!
Kirara’s Future

Yumina K-Kirara! Why did you get a scene that looks

like something out of a teen drama!

Ai The backyard was their secret meeting place.

Only Yumina didn’t know...

Ayumu What are you trying to do!?

Yumina Receives Support

Ayumu In the end you managed to befriend all your

opponents. Isn’t that nice?

Kirara I just hope it doesn’t go to her head.

Yumina Hey now, you’ll get my signature! No need to

rush, just form a straight line everyone!

Kirara Too late...

Ai Asleep at the Library

Ai Ayumu, did you read that book I lent you?

Ayumu Uh, well... I’m still a little hesitant to...

Ai Did you use it?

Ayumu Don’t ask me that!!


Yumina Hey, Yaemi, the receipt for this party totals up

to over 8 digits. That seems kind of odd, are
you sure that’s right?
Kirara’s Garden

Yumina Who bought that sprinkling can?

Kirara It... it’s not because I like it! I only chose it

because it’s easy to use! Otherwise I’d have
picked a plain design!

Yumina That’s not what I was asking...

Now, now, let’s calm down

Yumina Zieda seems like a pretty bold person. I can

picture him shouting “Objection!” during a

Kirara I agree with you there. I bet he’d be more useful

than Ayumu.

Ayumu R-really!? I can finally be laid off!?

Kirara Why do you sound so happy!?

Yumina’s Graduation

Kirara Where do you plan to go for your graduation


Yumina Italy! Rome! I want to see Buckingham Palace

and the Eiffel Tower!!

Kirara How far do you intend to go...

Honey-Covered Ai

Yumina Dandelion honey, huh. I’d like to try some if

it’s as delicious as everyone says.

Ai Yumina wants Ayumu’s honey, too? This

sounds like a setup for a threesome.

Ayumu I’m tired of dealing with Ai...

The Tome Awakens

Yumina C-Can it be!?

Kirara So this is the legendary...

Ai ...Yumina the Ethereal doujinshi!!

Ayumu It exists!?
Cat Life Saver

Yumina Oh, Nayuta is a cat lover. We could’ve gotten

along if she told us.

Kirara I prefer dogs. I hate it when others don’t

respect their master.

Ayumu Cats for me, I like how they’re not bound by

anything. What about you Ai?

Ai Between cows, pigs, and birds, I like birds.

Ayumu That’s not what I asked!

Yumina Gives ‘Em Hell

Yumina My signature pose! This was an awesome


Kirara Unfortunately, most of your speech was

complete nonsense.

Yumina Hey, Extra-Dimensionals... will she ever let

me shine?
Yumina Sings!

Ayumu This image is perfect for a CD cover.

Yumina Really? I-I mean they say that happiness

makes you beautiful… and I am pretty happy
now that we… wait, Ayumu! We’re moving too
fast! It’s too soon to talk about the next step!

Ayumu You’re the only one talking!

Small Yumina

Ai How could I have overlooked this!? Ayumu

is happiest when surrounded by flat chests; of
course this would be Ayumu’s dream girl! At
this rate, I’ll be cast out of Ayumu’s harem!

Yumina No way... is that true, Ayumu? Is that really

how you see me?

Ayumu Let’s stop with the slander, shall we!?

Ayumu Embraces Yumina

Kirara Hmph, talk about aggravating. It took long

enough for the two of you to realize your

Ai Said Kirara as she tried desperately to hide

her jealousy.

Kirara Stop making things up!

Memories with Takehito

Yumina Wow! Is that Ayumu?

Kirara He has the same lazy look in his eyes, but

here it’s rather charming.

Ai Ayumu as a little boy... I’d treat him right.

Ayumu W-What was that? I suddenly got the chills...

Yumina’s Kiss

Ai Look everyone, it’s a nymphomaniac!

Yumina Stop trying to ruin the moment!

Deele’s Battle

Ai My sister is so cool and gallant... Next to her,

Yumina is like a plunger next to the moon.

Yumina Don’t make fun of plungers! If they didn’t

exist the world would be flooded by now!
Kirara’s Revenge

Ai A cafe for masochists. Pay extra to have

Kirara point her umbrella at you with a cold
stare. How’s that for an idea?

Yumina Forget it, nobody would go except Ayumu.

Ayumu I wouldn’t either!

Acting Captain Kirara

Yumina I think “Little Kirara, Captain for a Day!”

would be a good caption for this.

Ayumu Shh! Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t say it!

Kirara Eating a Kids Meal

Ayumu An empty room, ransacked... bloodstains

everywhere... Ai’s broken hairclip... and a
photo of Kirara enjoying a kids meal left on
the desk. What the hell happened here?
Ayumu Embraces Kirara

Ai (as Ayumu) It’s pretty annoying how Kirara’s

ponytail gets into my face when I get
this close to her.

Kirara R-really? Sorry about that... I’ll let it

down if it’s in the way.

Ayumu Wait, I never said... whoa!! That’s what

your hair looks like when it’s down!?
Kirara and Ayumu Kiss

Yumina Do your clothes ever stay behind when you


Kirara My entire existence is erased from the

universe, so anything that is recognized as a
part of me also disappears.

Yumina Oh, so the opposite doesn’t happen either,

then. That’s too bad.

Kirara What were you expecting?

Kirara Route End

Ai I slip my hand under her blouse and slowly rub

her flat chest...

Yumina No, stop~ we’re in public~ we can’t do that here~

Ai If you want me to stop, all you have to do is move

away... but you want it, don’t you?

Yumina ...Hey, Ai. Isn’t this kind of depressing?

Ai I am highly entertained.
The Price of Recklessness

Kirara Veridadia’s reaction is normal, but it looks

like Yupcilla was hardly worried about

Yumina Well, it’s Ayumu after all.

Ai Yeah, it is Ayumu.

Ayumu Can I cry now?

Zieda’s Death

Yumina Zieda...

Kirara He was the bravest of men...

Ai Ayumu, pass the soy sauce.

Ayumu Could you not ruin the mood!?

Ethereal Ability Training

Yumina I wonder if Deele’s eyes turn red when she’s

embarrassed too.

Kirara Who knows? If someone can make her

embarrassed we could probably find out,

Yumina ...That’s definitely impossible.

Deele and Ai

Ayumu You know, I just noticed...

Ai What is it, Ayumu?

Ayumu You make fun of Rei by calling him a siscon

all the time, but come to think of it the
biggest siscon is... Wait, I didn’t say anything!
Yeah, you’re totally right, Rei is the hugest
siscon, I didn’t... AAH! NOO! STOOP!!!
Large Scale ED Battle

Ai My strongest attack, a large caliber ethereal

cannon! I call it...

Yumina Yeah?

Ai Ayumu Forever Cannon!!

Ayumu Don’t, Ai, you’re killing me.

The Ether Frame

Yumina Look at that smug grin. This is what happens

when you have an education system that
coddles children!!

Ayumu Calm down.

Talk with Ai

Ai I actually hate coffee, but I didn’t want to

spoil the mood.

Ayumu Really!? You should’ve just told me!!

Rescuing Ai

Yumina Ai’s outfit is different!

Kirara It’s probably a traditional Algodan garment.

There’s nothing to be surprised about.

Yumina That’s not fair! I never got a chance to change,

why does Ai get another outfit!?

Ai Heh.

Kirara Yet another meaningless quarrel begins...


Yumina Oh yeah, that Alice thing you mentioned.

That was that story about again?

Ai It’s a romantic fairy tale about a queen named

Alice who has magical puppeteer powers and
a young male puppet.

Yumina What do you mean fairy tale!? It was full of

adult content!!
Returning Home

Ai Catch me if you can, Ayumu!

Ayumu A-Ai?

Ai I always wanted to say that.

Liberation of Souls

Kirara We did it, Ayumu. We won.

Ayumu Yes, we finally beat the Ether Frame and put

an end to Rishane’s plot. Now the only thing
left is...

Ai To throw the bouquet at Kirara.

Ayumu When did this become a wedding ceremony!?

Takehito’s Assault

Ayumu He defeated an ED with his bare hands?

That’s nothing. Back then, I took that kick of
his every single day...
Suddenly, Yumika

Ai If Yumina is Yumika’s daughter, then

Yumina’s daughter...

Kirara Will be a complete airhead, fail at academics,

and be really bad at singing?

Yumina Why are you assuming she’ll be worse!?

The Sword

Yumina Looks like the kind of sword you’d have to pay

real money for.

Ayumu What’s with your MMO mindset!?

The Shield

Yumina If you use it as an item it can deflect magic!

Kirara Don’t make things up!

The Scabbard

Yumina I kind of want to use the ultimate sword.

Kirara I suggest not, you know what they say about

Yumina and bladed objects.

Yumina Oh, yeah, you’re right... wait, what does that

even mean!?
Yupcilla and the Infant Dragon

Yumina It’s so cute! I understand how she feels.

I’d like to hug it too!

Ai Indeed. Its meat looks like it would have a

tender and pleasant texture.

Yumina Run, little dragon, and don’t look back!

Soldier-Class ED

Yumina These make up main fighting force of the

EDs! They look weak, but they’re surprisingly
strong! Take it down, Ayumu!
Covert-Class ED

Kirara Skilled at covert operations and surprise

attacks. If you let your guard down, you risk
death. Be careful!
Assault-Class ED

Ayumu This type takes advantage of its speed to

attack. It’s a tough enemy that’s difficult to hit.
Carrier-Class ED

Ai A carrier type that spits out a large force of

EDs. It looks kind of like cabbage... it may be
a good hot-pot ingredient.
The Command Unit Appears

Yumina If EDs were just a little more cute, they might

have made good dolls.

Ayumu A bottlecap figurine series, the secret figurine

being a giant ED! ...Would you buy one?

Ai Absolutely!
The Hostile Universe Appears

Yumina Feels very final boss-like! It’s enemies like

these that make the final battle climactic!
You get all excited and feel like you can win
against anything!!
It Doesn’t Count When It’s in Your Head 1

Ai Who would’ve imagined that Yumina could be

this timid when she’s normally so noisy?

Kirara Haha, well, that’s what love does to you.

Ai D-Did you just say... l-love... that’s what love

does to you... pf, pff.

Kirara What the hell is so funny!? Hey, wait, get back

It Doesn’t Count When It’s in Your Head 2

Ai You could say she’s... slender.

Yumina If Ayumu doesn’t mind then neither do I!!

Playful H 1

Kirara Was this really an accident? Are you sure you

didn’t push her into that thing?

Ayumu No, it really was. She fell in from the perfect


Kirara Well, I guess that’s possible with Yumina.

Yumina Why does that convince you!?

Playful H 2

Yumina Ayumu turns sadistic when he knows he has

the upper hand.

Ayumu T-That’s not true! I have no such fetish!

Ai Then are you a masochist!? Do you derive

pleasure from being tied up and spanked?

Ayumu Does everything have to be S&M!?

Kirara’s Handjob

Yumina Wait... Ayumu has a pantyhose fetish!? I don’t

believe it!

Kirara Don’t let him hear you say that. He hasn’t

come to terms with it yet either.
First Time with Kirara

Yumina Ayumu really can’t defy Kirara, can he?

Ai He will never get the upper hand, much less

the upper position on her.

Yumina That’s all folks, see you again next week!

In the Clubroom

Yumina I’ve heard some rumors at school lately.

Ai Rumors? What kind?

Yumina Someone said that they heard stifled cries of a

girl from the supposedly empty debate club

Ai ...!! *faint*...
Position for Shorter Girls

Yumina Ai fainted... do you know what happened,


Ayumu N-No idea! I wasn’t involved in anything!!

Yumina Why are you sweating so much?

Innocent Ai

Ayumu When I stopped caressing her, Alice stared at

me wistfully. I showed her my moist fingers,
slowly mixing the honey between them.

Ayumu Look, Alice... you’re very lewd for a princess.

Ai Once more from the top. And put some

emotion into it this time. The protagonist
harbors complicated feelings for Alice that go
beyond the master-servant bond.

Ayumu Give me a break...

Next, Using her Breasts

Yumina I’m sure some of the other girls could do this

too... but she’s the only one he made do it.

Kirara Hm, a rare protagonist.

Ayumu Can you guys not talk about me like that?

Finally, Insertion

Ai (as Ayumu) W-What are you talking about!?

I would never...!

Ai You’re not getting away. I won’t let you. You’ll

always be mine. This is a bird cage. You
belong here and only here.

Ayumu What are you doing, Ai?

Ai Practicing how to be a yandere.

Grilled Corn at Sea in the Spring

Ai *laugh*... You can’t run anymore, little duck.

You’re dancing on the palm of my hand. You
will never be able to escape from my world...

Ayumu Earth to Ai! Come back!

In other words, ‘Yes, you can...’

Yumina It’s hard to tell from your usual outfit, but...

Ai Yumina? What are you staring at?

Yumina You have pretty large breasts, don’t you?

Ai !!?
Someone Might See

Kirara Sorry, Okitsu, but you have no right to claim

that you have small breasts anymore. You’re

Ai N-No! Don’t forsake me, please!! Mercy!!

Ayumu You guys...

Ai’s Fellatio

Ai Ayumu... it tastes so good...

Ayumu Ahaha... what are you starting now, Ai?

Ai It’s so hot... it feels like it’s dancing on my


Ayumu Huh... A-Ai? What are you...

Ai Meaty juices flow out if I bite into it... Rip!

Shhhh.... slurp.

Ayumu S-Stop that! No juice will flow! Nothing will

H with Maino 1

Yumina If there were a function to take her glasses off,

she might gain more popularity.

Ayumu What are you thinking, Yumina!! Are you

trying to turn the world’s glasses lovers
against us!?

Yumina Huh, wha... what? Why are you getting angry?

H with Maino 2

Yumina Wasn’t there a cliche where girls who wear

glasses suddenly look really pretty when they
take them off?

Ayumu No, Yumina! That’s just wrong! Glasses are

part of the face!

Yumina Really, why are you getting angry at me!?

H with Tomori 1

Ai Now then, Akashima Ayumu. If you don’t

want Hinomiya Rei to see this photo, you’ll do
as I say.

Ayumu Dammit! What do you want!?

Ai First, take off all your clothes and lie down on

that bed.

Yumina What are you two doing?

H with Tomori 2

Yumina Large breasts, large breasts in sight!

Ai Very large!

Ayumu Hey, let’s not make such a fuss. She may be a

close friend, but that’s still sexual harassment.

Ai Are you switching over to the large chest

faction? You traitor!

Ayumu Hey, wait! Why are you getting angry for

H with Sakaue Sisters 1

Yumina Big news! Ayumu was captured by the Shrine

Maiden Committee and is being tortured!

Kirara I assume he’ll be pushed down and trampled

on without being able to resist at all.


H with Sakaue Sisters 2

Ai If they publicized their lack of underwear, the

Shrine Maiden Committee may have won the

Ayumu N-No way. Jinbu Academy isn’t that messed

up... is it?
H with Nayuta 1

Yumina T-That’s some... very erotic underwear...

Ai I believe this is normal for any Student

Council President.

Yumina M-Maybe that’s what I need - to be more


Ai Yumina in black lace underwear.... pf, pfft...

Yumina Stop laughing!

H with Nayuta 2

Yumina How cruel... I thought you were our friend!

Kirara You disappoint me, Ayumu. And here I

thought you weren’t like other men.

Ayumu These two are really scaring me!!

Bad End H-Scene 1

Kirara Be careful. You might be on the fourth floor,

but the windows are wide open

Ai There’s a crowd gathering on the 4th floor of

the girl’s dorm... wow, how very daring of
you, president!


Bad End H-Scene 2

Ai When going through all these scenes, I can’t

help but notice...

Kirara Quite. Most of the time his partner is clothed.

He rarely takes all their clothes off.

Yumina Well, it’s Ayumu. No surprise if he has a fetish

or two.

Ayumu You guys just can’t resist, can you!?