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Background of the Study

The rise in the use of the internet has led to many changes in our daily life. In particular,

this rise has also led to the rise of online gaming. Online gaming can refer to any type of game

that someone can play through the internet or over a computer network. Most of the time,

online gaming refers to the video games played over the internet, where multiple players are

in different locations around the world. In most cases, online games are freeware programs

that can be used for an unlimited time and are available for free. Most percentage of web

games available nowadays is written in Flash, Shockwave and Java languages. Because of

that, they feature more primitive game play than downloadable games.

Having an online gaming experience typically requires a high-speed internet connection.

Proper hardware will also be required whether it’s a computer or a gaming console, such as

Xbox or Play station that’s connected to the internet. Some online games require a specific

piece of controlling hardware such as a joystick or a game controller, but these days, gaming

technology has progressed to an amazing extent. Things like streaming 3-D animation

graphics with superb surround sound stereo now have the ability to make all addicted to

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

gaming. In terms of video games, online gaming is growing in popularity for variety of

reasons. Gamers can easily find opponents of a similar skill level when playing a head-to-

head game over the internet. Players also can compete in massively multiplayer games, where

dozens of players play an ongoing game in a virtual world. Some online games change a

monthly fee for access to the video game software.

Today, one can see the impact of computer and video games in politics, television, popular

music and Hollywood. A lot of research is conducted to study its effect on lifestyle and

behavior of the wow power leveling gamer especially students. Online game is the most

sought leisure activity followed by students nowadays. Computers play a major role in

shaping the future of the students. Days are gone when students are like playing online games

rather than doing their assignments and projects. Online games surely have an impact on

minds of students. Taking into consideration, it is positively a great mind exercise and helps

students explore many new things. It includes improvement in recursive and proactive

thinking, increased sociability and improved interpretive skills. Some research shows that the

students who play online games are more active and have sharper minds than their other

counterparts. However, computers and video games also receive much more negative critics,

because games are often coined with issue such as mindless entertainment, enhanced social

recluse, sexism and consumerism. Research shows that students who play violent video

games showed on increased in emotional arousal and a corresponding decrease of activity in

brain areas involving self-control, inhabitation and attention.

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City


Foreign Literature

According to Williams & Woods (2007), the first recorded online casino to accept a wager

was, based and licensed in Antigua, which occurred in January 1996

(Business Wire, 2005). The online gaming industry then grew to roughly 15 casinos by the

end of 1996, 650 at the end of 1999, and 1,800 sites by the end of 2002 (Schwartz, 2006). The

first online poker room, PlanetPoker, opened in 1998 and was quickly followed by many


Online gaming continued to grow in the United States until October 2006, when the

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed as an addition to the

Security and Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006. This measure effectively made it

illegal for any financial transaction provider to transfer funds to online sites that take bets on

“outcomes of a contest, sports event or a game of chance” (Smith et al., 2007).

Although this act did not make the specific act of betting illegal for the consumer, the

increased difficulty of financial transactions, and increasing uncertainty over the legality of

online gaming in the average consumer’s eyes, had a negative effect on online gaming

demand, and caused some foreign operators to exit the U.S. market (Rose, 2010).The largest

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

operator at the time, Party Gaming, was among the companies that left the U.S. market. At the

time, the U.S. online gaming industry was estimated to produce roughly 6 billion in revenue

per year, while the commercial casino industry generated 32 billion in revenue (Christiansen

Capital Advisors, 2007; American Gaming Association, 2007).

Foreign Studies

According to Beavis (1998), Although the vast majority of studies undertaking the

examination of electronic games and the emergence of a gaming culture deny that games are

addictive, a stereotype of the game player as addicted continues to circulate in various strands

of ego-psychology and pedagogical study and, with greater force and political affect, in

popular culture, news media and governmental rhetoric. Frequently, the addicted gamers are

seen as low class, proto-violent addicted and dangerous kids.

Unlike writers such as Young who lump games and online use together and read interactivity

and immersion as addiction, there is clearly a strand in popular discourse that seeks to

celebrate one over the other, and to accuse games for their addictiveness. What is at stake is

how the various sets of knowledges that produce and affirm the stereotype of the addicted

game player are produced and circulated. Stereotypes link an image to an idea (Rosello,1998)

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

Local Literature

According to Philippine Communications today by Maslog C. of 1998, one social problem

that has been observed is the Internet cafe has become mainly game centers. About one-half

to m two-thirds of the computer in a typical internet cafe, according to one study, are devoted

to games (violent and gory games).

The use of remaining computers was roughly split between browsing, email ,online chat,

word processing and research. The internet cafe have become not just game centers. They are

becoming the centers of addiction among the youth, mostly boys, including elementary school

pupils. According to one concerned internet cafe entrepreneur, “Internet cafes are seducing

youths to a new form of addiction, one which may not destroy their bodies as drugs do, but ,

which is certainly twisting their minds. To young, play is reality and reality is play”.

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

Purpose of the study

To determine the effects of online gaming to students academic performance and their

social behavior.

Scope and delimitation

This study was mainly concerned and limited only with the effects of online gaming among

the students. This study will be conducted at Nueva Ecija Senior High School Year 2019-

2020 with Grade 12 students as respondents.It will be conducted from June –September

2019.The respondents will be selected.

Significance of the study

This study will be valuable and significant to students, parents, readers and future


Students- This study is primarily important to students, for it will give them information

about the effects they may get from online gaming.

Parent- This study will help the parents to have enough knowledge about the effects of online

gaming among their children.

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

Readers- This study will help the readers to have the understanding about the effects of

online gaming.

Future Researchers- This may serve as a basis for future research that they will conduct.

Statement of the problem

This study aimed to know the effects of online gaming among the students in Nueva Ecija

Senior High School Year 2019-2020.

1.) What is the profile of the respondents in terms of

1.1. Sex

1.2. age and;

1.3. General Average

2.) How playing online games affects the academic performance of the students?

3.) Is there any significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and playing

online games?

4.) Is there any significant relationship between playing online games and academic


N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

Theoretical Framework

According to Molcho (1988), gaming has provided evidence that instructional games can

promote retention and the ability to transfer knowledge to new domains. Instructional games

are attractive to learners because they offer a simple and creative means of providing high-

level motivation, clear and consistent goals, and sustained interactivity.

Gaming as an instructional variable may be analyzed as methods of rehearsal by facilitating

the organization and retention of content (Dwyer & Dwyer, 1985).

The theory of intrinsic motivation is by far the dominant source of support for instructional

gaming. Research has provided evidence that instructional gaming has the intrinsic ability to

develop the learners' confidence in determining their own destiny. This theory suggests that

intrinsic motivation in an instructional gaming context is comprised of an optimal relationship

between fantasy, challenge, curiosity, and control. (Malone, 1981).

Conceptual Framework

Research indicates that there are many effects of online gaming among the students of

Nueva Ecija Senior High School. Studies have been conducted assessing the effects of online

gaming. As an input, the researchers will gather all the information about the effects of online

gaming among the students. To carry out the study, the researchers conducted a survey among

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

the students of Nueva Ecija Senior High School. As a result, the researchers discovered the

effects of online gaming among the students.

Research Paradigm

Identified the Discovery of the

effect of online effects that

Analysis and
gaming towards students obtain
the academic from online
performance. gaming.

Data Organization

Data Gathering

Figure 1. Research Paradigm

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

Definition of terms

Critic- Is a professional who communicates an assessment and an opinion of various forms of

creative works such as art, literature, music, cinema, theatre, fashion, architecture, and food.

Critics may also take as their subject social or government policy.(Wikipedia)

Corresponding-Having the same characteristics as something, else matching something


Conduct-The way that a person behaves in a particular place or situation.(Wikipedia)

Counterpart-Someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another.(Wikipedia)

Consumerism-The belief that it is good for people to spend a lot of money on goods and


Decrease- A decrease in knitting is a reduction in the number of stitches, usually

accomplished by suspending the stitch to be decreased from another existing stitch or by

knitting it together with another stitch.(Wikipedia)

Experience-Is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement

in or exposure to it.Terms in philosophy such as "empirical knowledge" or "a posteriori

knowledge" are used to refer to knowledge based on experience. A person with considerable

experience in a specific field can gain a reputation as an expert. The concept of experience

generally refers to know-how or procedural knowledge, rather than propositional knowledge:

on-the-job training rather than book-learning.(Wikipedia)

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City

Explore-To think about (something) in a thoughtful and detailed way.(Wikipedia)

Improvement-The quality of being better than before.(Wikipedia)

Interpetation-A particular way of performing something.(Wikipedia)

Increase-Anything that can add on can increase your knowledge faster, increase your strength

by working out, increase your knowledge by studying and increase your circle of friends by

meeting more people.(Wikipedia)

Inhabitation-Countable and uncountable ,plural inhabitation.The act of inhabiting or the state

of being inhabited;indwelling.(Wikipedia)

Variety-A number or collection of different things or people.(Wikipedia)

N E H S Senior High School
Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City