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Sahinur Alam
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To work with sincerity and integrity in a challenging atmosphere where my

talent and knowledge will significantly contribute to the organization target
achievement and to become a successful personality with excellent carrier
where hard work, strict discipline and creative problem solving are the
cornerstone of success


Contact Information
➢ Sales Executive at SS Tradecom International

(to Till Now) [Modern Trade]

House #1044
➢ I worked as a Marketing Officer ATR Food Processing
Block : A Limited (01-12-2015 to 31-12-2017) [Modern Trade]

Rayerbag Kadomtoli ➢ I worked as a Sales Promotion Officer {S.P.O)
Dhaka Emami Bangladesh Limited (05-09-2014 to

31-10-2015) for Increase Sales [Modern Trade]

01515260612 ➢ I worked ACI Logistic Limited {Shwapno} (1-09-

2013-31 to 08-2014) [Modern Trade]


➢ Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

Sahinur Alam
Institute : Kabi Nazrul Islam Govt. College

Department : Management Result : 3.11 C.GPA

Personal Skills Passing Year : 2014

University : (Affiliated University of Dhaka)

CREATIVITY ➢ Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)

Institute : Kabi Nazrul Islam Govt. College

Department : Management Result : 3.01 C.GPA

Passing Year : 2013 University : National University

➢ Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C)
Institute : Govt. Shahid Sohrawardy College
Group : Business Studies Result : G.P.A-3.50

➢ Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)

Institute : R K Chowdhury High School

Computer Skills
Group : Business Studies Result : G.P.A-3.63

Passing Year : 2007 Board : Dhaka

MS WORD Personal Details

Name : Sahinur Alam

Father’s Name : Md. Nasir

Mother’s Name : Selina Begum

Permanent Address : Vill: Baliardi Post: Baliardi

P.S: Bajitpur Dist: Kishorganj

Date of Birth : 13-11-1992

C PANEL Sex : Male

Marital Status : Unmarried

BROWSING SKILL Blood Group : (O+)

Nationality : Bangladeshi

Religion : Islam (Sunni)


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