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“2019 GAD Essay Contest Entry: Cracking the Glass Ceiling”

Jannie Rose P. Carlos/Internal Auditor I/Internal Audit Division

Throughout the years, women all over the world from all walks of life has
been laddering up and down, taking great strides in the pursuit of breaking through
an invincible subtle surface, disguised in a term called, “culture or tradition”.
Women have been struggling to be socially and professionally recognized as
equivalent to men. Significant progress had already been achieved. However, the
issue on gender equality remains to be unearthed, primarily in the workforce.

Women of today are now a part of different societies. May it be education,

labor force, entertainment or politics. We could see female engineers, policewomen,
law enforcers, or businesswomen even in the biggest corporations. They even hold
job titles in the higher ranks of management or jobs that are traditionally male-
dominated, but figures speak at incomparable ratios. It could be said that the lucky
few may have probably been born with a silver spoon or pronounced influence due
to the infrequency of its occurrence.

Sexism still exists nowadays in various forms. Its volume may not be as loud
as before, but it has not been fully muted. Its impact stays the same and it affects
women of all ages. Worldwide, it is not uncommon to find cases of illogical pay or
workload gaps, denied promotion because the opposite gender is conventionally
viewed as more “suitable” leaders, and in extreme levels, it may foster sexual
harassment, rape and other forms of domestic or sexual violence. In some
countries in the South and East Asia, even the unborn female fetuses are being
intentionally aborted because their culture values male children over females.
Another established reason for this preference is that males are seen to be
generating more income. This trend has grown firmly over the previous decade and
may result to shortage of women in the future.
Many studies across the globe were done to provide evidence of having low
discrimination rates in females, but not all of it was proven. Research suggests that
mothers are less likely to be hired than fathers for the same position despite of
equal qualification. Chances of hiring might be there but the salaries would greatly
differ. Same as in other opportunities like promotion and career advancement.
There are many incidents in a woman’s life, where her abilities are subverted
opposed to a man’s. Therefore, having an adverse effect on her over all personality
and hindering her professional growth. Some researchers found one of root causes
of this popular notion is the historic absence of women on top positions, which
inhibits the achievement of powerful and male-dominated professional networks.

The presence of textual facts since ancient times to present that deliberately
states, women as the weaker gender, has not harmonized with my understanding.
In here, I would like to articulate the same customarily flaws that made my gender
inferior, is actually the strengths that we possess. The usual characteristics of
femininity are gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, sweet, compassionate,
tolerate, nurturing, and respectful. These are the same qualities that could make a
greater society. How? Women care for their families and communities, about
cultivating the young minds and hearts of their children, our future generation. She
provides a safe and healthy environment for the promotion of the well-being of the
whole family by managing all around the household. She is sensitive to the needs of
others and empathetic about helping out. She is compassionate with her craft and
patient in planning steps ahead. She can lift a burdened spirit with a sweet and
gentle smile. The society equally necessitates women and men to nurture and
robust progress.

As a member of this gender identity I speak, women should not be

discriminated or denied of any opportunities for growth and improvement. We are
equally capable and this has been internationally recognized throughout the
generations even if it is in isolated cases. Women are always challenged and put
into a limiter, as if we are only confined to household work. But ultimately, each
one of us has to prove what we are capable of and do the very best way we can to
grow into it. There might be a glass ceiling hindering us of every opportunity but let
us not be discouraged or get angry at the injustice. Instead, let us be aware of the
glass components, understand and identify the ways to break it. We could raise our
concerns and be assertive. Let us shatter the bigoted social norms that keeps us
from being the best that we can be and create one that empowers, safeguards and
celebrates womanhood as an established and significant part of society. Always
keep in mind that being a woman is something to be proud of, and not to be
treated as a disappointment. Celebrate your womanhood, drive yourself with self-
confidence and let it empower you to greater heights and soar towards your
dreams. The world may look down on our abilities and potentials, other people may
say we cannot. But in the end, what is important is we do not concede, no matter
how hard we are pushed around. Even if other people shouts, “Give up!, our answer
should be “I will try one more time.” And that is a woman empowered.

Change starts within ourselves. If we want to make a difference, we must first try
to improve and bring it from within ourselves. Be the catalyst of change you wish to
see in the world. We can lead the way for a better world by speaking out our
opinions, educating and investing on ourselves, exploring yet having clear
boundaries and thinking beyond the box. Little by little, this has some effect, some
impact. Just as only one spark is needed to start a fire, with a small deed, we can
create a chain reaction of change.

We, women can make change possible. If we believe in our abilities to do so, then
that is the time that we can. Take action and be a responsible role model of
unbiased treatment with the opposite sex. Raise your voice and break that glass
ceiling wide open!