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7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood CA 90029 Telephone (323) 851-3313 : Fax (323 851-4899

Please Print Clearly.

First Name ________________________________________________________________________ Last Name _______________________________________________________________________

Birthdate __________________________________________________________________________ □ Gentleman □ Lady
Business/Employer _________________________________________________________________________________ Occupation ______________________________________________________
Residence Street Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Suite _______________
City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Country ________________________________
Mailing Address □ Home □ Business
G Contact Information
Email _________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________
Work Phone _______________________________________________________________________ Other Phone _________________________________________________________________

G Academy of Magical Arts Sponsor Information (Required)

Member First Name ___________________________________________________________ Member Last Name ________________________________________________________
Member Number ___________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________________

G Sponsor Reference (required for Non-Resident Magician Applicants only if no AMA sponsor is known)
Club Official ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Magic Club _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Club Office Held ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone ______________________________________________________
If you are transferring from an Associate to Magician member, please list your Member number: __________________________________________

Years Interested in Magic ____________ Other Magic Organizations to which You Belong ________________________________________________
Please give a brief synopsis of your history and interests in magic. For additional space, please attach your magic resumé or
other documents to this application. k (Non-Residents: Please attach at least one page with as much information on your
background as possible.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Secondary Applicant (who must be a spouse or domestic partner; other relationships are not permitted)
First Name ________________________________________________________________________ Last Name _______________________________________________________________________
Birthdate ______________________ Anniversary ______________________ Email _________________________________________________________________________________________

What is the most important reason you want to become a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.?



How did you hear about Membership options with the Academy of Magical Arts?
□ Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media □ Member of the AMA □ News via TV, Internet, Radio, Newspaper, etc.
□ Friend □ Call or Walk-In □ Other
Resident Magician Membership Requirements and Fees
Magician Membership applicants will be interviewed by the Membership Committee. During this in-person
meeting, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your level of knowledge and interest in magic. If,
as most, you are actively practicing magic as a career or as a hobby, you will be asked to demonstrate some magic
effects before the Committee. You should be ready to provide a ten-minute performance. At the discretion of
the Committee, performers in magic’s Allied Arts (such as juggling or ventriloquism) may also be considered for
membership, again via an interview and a short performance.Magic assistants with legitimate experience should
be prepared to discuss that background, demonstrate a viable understanding of magic they have performed, and
provide video and/or other records of prior work for review by the Committee. If you wish to apply for Magician
Membership as a non-performer, the interview will expand to include area(s) of specialization. Magic historians
and/or collectors should be prepared to talk about their studies, and provide examples. Magic inventors or prop
builders should be able to explain the nature of their expertise, and bring samples of such work. 
Auditions are typically held on the first Monday of each month at the Magic Castle usually beginning at 7:00pm.
If you wish to audition, you must RSVP with the Membership Department beforehand. With you to the audition,
you will be required to bring a Magician membership application, completely filled out, along with your payment
of dues. Both of which will be taken upon your acceptance as a Magician Member. Annual dues after first year of
activation are presently $510. Prices listed below are for the first year of membership only, which includes the one-
time initiation fee of $220 and the pro-rated amount of dues, depending on which month you are approved. Please
check one:
□ January—$730 □ February—$685 □ March—$640 □ April—$595 □ May—$550 □ June—$505 □ July—$460
□ August—$415 □ September—$370 □ October—$325 □ November—$280 □ December—$235

Non-Resident Magician Membership Requirements and Fees

Non-Resident Magician applicants must reside outside of a 60 mile radius of our location. Non-Resident Magi-
cian applicants must have a background in magic. To be considered for Non-Resident Magician membership with
the AMA, the applicant is required to provide the Membership Committee with a separate one page biography
listing as much background information as possible regarding their life in magic. Any videos (online video links,
DVDs, etc.) included may expedite the approval process. You may submit a Magician membership application
along with the required information via mail, fax, or email to Please note that
this approval process may take as long as a month to complete. If you are accepted as a Non-Resident Magi-
cian member of the AMA, you will be notified by our Membership Department promptly. Annual dues after first
year of activation are presently $175. Prices listed below are for the first year of membership only, which includes
the one-time initiation fee of $165 and the pro-rated amount of dues, depending on which month you are ap-
proved. Please note: Non-Resident check payments will not be accepted until application is approved by Mem-
bership Committee (approval can take as long as one month). Please check one:
□ January—$340 □ February—$325 □ March—$310 □ April—$295 □ May—$280 □ June—$265
□ July—$250 □ August—$235 □ September—$220 □ October—$205 □ November—$190 □ December—$175

Membership Dues
Please enclose/attach the appropriate amount for the month in which you apply. These amounts activate the
membership from the month applied for through December 31st of the same year. Annual renewals will become
due each January 1st. Prices above are prorated for the first year only and include the one-time initiation fee.
□ Visa □ Mastercard □ American Express □ Discover

Name on Card_______________________________________________________ _ Card Number___________________________

Exp Date ___________________________ CVV Code ___________ Billing Zip Code _______________________________
Membership Agreement
understand that membership, if granted, entitles me the privilege of using any and all facilities and services available

to me under the guidelines of my particular membership for as long as I am a current member in good standing with
The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.. My membership is subject to the rules and regulations set forth in the current
bylaws and Standing Rules of the Academy of Magical Arts. I understand membership in the Academy constitutes a
personal privilege extended only to the primary member and the secondary member listed on the membership. Mem-
bership cards may not be transferred or used by any person other than the person whose name appears on the card. I will notify
the Academy in the event that any information listed on this application changes or is no longer valid.
I understand that this membership does not entitle me to any rights, shares or securities of any person or corporation, which
may now or hereafter own, operate, maintain or manage the Academy of Magical Arts. If this application is disapproved by the
Academy, all funds deposited herewith shall be immediately refunded, this agreement shall be cancelled and will be null and
void. I may resign from the Academy at any time by giving written notice to the Academy. However, I agree to pay any dues or
other charges for which I am liable and/or may have incurred prior to or upon such resignation. I shall not thereafter be subject
to any further dues or additional charges. If legal action is necessary or any attorney employed to collect any of the payments
due on this agreement or any obligations to the Academy of Magical Arts, reasonable attorney fees and costs shall be added to
the amounts due.
I hereby submit my application to become a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.. If accepted, I agree to abide by
the Academy rules as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended, with our without notice. My permission is hereby
granted. The Academy of Magical Arts is welcome to use my name and picture for publication in the Academy’s monthly news-
letter, magazines or other Academy publicity materials.

Signature of Applicant __________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________________________


Approved By ____________________________________________________________________ Date _________________________ New Member Number _________________________

7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood CA 90028 • (323) 851-3313 • info@magiccastlecom