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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

Expression of Interest (EoI)

Web based Solar Monitoring

EOI No.C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

Dated: 22/04/2017

Central Electronics Limited

(A Government of India Enterprise)
4, Industrial Area,
Sahibabad - 201 010 (U.P.)
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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

Table of Contents

Sr. No Subject Page number

1 Introduction 3

2 Background 3

3 Applicant’s Eligibility Criteria 4

4 Scope of Work 4

5 Process before submission of EOI 4

6 Format and Signing of EOI 5

7 EOI Schedule and Address 6

8 Process after submission of EOI 7

9 Terms & Conditions 7

10 Disclaimer 9

11 Annexure A: Eligibility Criteria 10

12 Annexure B: Tentative scope of work 12

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

1. Introduction:

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) is a Govt. of India Enterprise under Department of

Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology. CEL is the
pioneer in the field of Solar Energy and the torch bearer of Indian solar Photovoltaic
industry for the last several decades. CEL has distinction of developing the India’s first
solar PV cell way back in 1977 and first solar PV module in 1978.

CEL is situated at Sahibabad Industrial area of Ghaziabad District in the state of Uttar
Pradesh & spread over 50 acres area with modern infrastructure, CEL is one of the few
companies with a solar cell and solar module production capability as well as systems
design, engineering manufacture and support capability, built and nurtured entirely
through in-house R&D efforts over the last 40 years.

CEL invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from companies/firms (Applicants) wishing to

be considered for short listing for participating in bidding process of the proposed web
based solar monitoring system., hereinafter referred to as the solution.

Please note, this is the first stage of a multi-stage procurement process. The objective
of this Request for EOI is to identify and pre-register eligible applicants who are
interested in providing the proposed solution and have suitable capacity, capability and

2. Background:

CEL is primarily working in the area of solar electrification and has various installations
across rural and urban India. The capacity of the solar power plants varies from 10 kWp
– 500 kWp.

We are interested to monitor the performance of these solar power plants remotely and
interested for a web based solution. The idea is to fetch the data from the
Inverters/Inverter manufacture directly without any extra hardware.

In view of these requirements CEL propose to procure web based solar monitoring
Expression of Interest (EOI) are invited in sealed envelope superscripted as
<Expression of Interest – Web based solar monitoring system>

a. From the applicants who meet the eligibility criteria as set out in Annexure-‘A’,
b. Who have solution broadly in line with the technical parameters as set out in
Annexure-‘B’ and
c. Agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Request for EOI
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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17


Sealed envelope containing complete set of hard copy of EOI should be submitted by
Speed Post/Registered Post or delivered in person at the below mentioned Office:-

Assistant General Manager (MMD)

Central Electronics Limited
(A Government of India Enterprise)
4, Industrial Area,
Sahibabad - 201 010 (U.P.)

3. Applicant’s Eligibility Criteria:

This process is open to all applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria as set out in
Annexure-‘A’ of this document. The applicants should furnish information on the lines
of Annexure-A in their EOI proposal.

4. Technical Parameters of the solution/Scope of Work:-

The applicant should describe how their solution will fulfill the requirements as desired in
Annexure ‘B’ of this document. The applicants should furnish information on the lines of
Annexure-B in their EOI proposal.

5. Process before submission of EOIs:-

a. Raising of queries/clarifications on Request for EOI document: The

applicants requiring any clarification on this document should submit their
written queries to email id:

b. Modification in Request for EOI document: At any time prior to the

deadline for submission of EOIs, CEL may modify any part of this
document. Such change(s) if any may be in the form of an
addendum/corrigendum and will be uploaded in CEL’s website All such change(s) will automatically become part of this
EOI and binding on all applicants. Interested applicants are advised to regularly
refer the CEL’s URLs referred above.

c. Extension of date of submission of EOIs: Request for extension of date

for submission of EOIs will not be entertained. However, CEL at its
discretion may extend the deadline in order to allow prospective applicants
a reasonable time to take the amendment/changes, if any into account.
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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

d. Pre submission Meeting: Applicant or its authorized representatives are

invited to attend the Pre-submission meeting for clarifications/feedback
regarding subject EOI as per the EoI schedule, detailed in section 7.
Companies interested to participate in the aforesaid pre- submission
meeting are requested to confirm their interest in writing to attend the
aforesaid meeting at least two days prior to the date of meeting.

e. Submission of EOI: The applicants may submit the EOI as per EOI
Schedule. The CEL may ask applicants for clarifications or additional
documents/ credentials at its discretion. Clarifications (if any) will be e-
mailed to the applicants.

6. Format and Signing of EOI:

i. The applicant should prepare EOI in the format as desired in this Request for EOI
a. EOI should be typed and submitted on A4 size paper, spirally and securely
bound and with all pages therein in serial order.
b. All pages of the EOI should be signed by only the authorized person(s) of
the company/firm. Any interlineations, erases or overwriting shall be valid
only if the person(s) signing the EOI authenticates them. The EOI should
bear the rubber stamp of the applicant on each page except for the un-
amendable printed literature.
c. Contact detail of the authorized signatory and an authorized contact
person on behalf of the applicant is to be provided as under:-

Particulars Authorized signatory for Authorized contact

signing the EOI person.
Email id
Mobile No.
Fax No.

ii. The applicants should demonstrate in EOIs that they meet all parameters given
in Annexure-‘A’ and Annexure ‘B’ of EOI.

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

7. EOI Schedule:

1 Date of commencement of EOI Date: 22.04.2017

2 Last date and time for receipt of Date: 01.05.2017 Time: 4.30 pm
queries (through emails only) for
clarification from applicants

3 Pre-EOI response submission Date: 04.05.2017 Time: 3.30 pm

4 Last Date and Time for EOI Date: 10.05.2017 Time: 3.00 pm
In case the designated day happens
to be a holiday; the next working day
will be deemed as the last date for
submission of EOI
5 Date and time of opening EOI Date: 10.05.2017 Time: 4.00 pm
6 Date of presentations by bidder The actual date and time-slot for
each bidder will be finalized and
communicated in due course.
7 Address for EOI submission Assistant General Manager (MMD)
Central Electronics Limited
(A Government of India
4, Industrial Area,
Sahibabad - 201 010 (U.P.)

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

8. Process after submission of EOIs:

i. All EOIs received by the designated date and time will be examined by the
CEL to determine if they meet criteria/terms and conditions mentioned in this
document including its subsequent amendment(s), if any and whether EOIs
are complete in all respects.
ii. On scrutiny, the EOIs found NOT in desired format/illegible/incomplete/not
containing clear information, in view of CEL, to permit thorough analysis or
failing to fulfill the relevant requirement will be rejected for further evaluation
iii. CEL reserves the right, at any time, to waive any of the requirements of this
Request for EOI document if it is deemed in the interest of CEL.
iv. If deemed necessary, the CEL may seek clarifications on any aspect of EOI
from the applicant. If a written response is requested, it must be provided
within specified period beyond which if the response is received, will not be
considered. However, that would not entitle the applicant to change or cause
any change in the substances of their EOI document already submitted. CEL
may also make enquiries to establish the past performance of the applicants
in respect of similar work. All information submitted in the application or
obtained subsequently will be treated as confidential.
v. After examining the EOI, some or all of the applicants may be asked to make
presentation of the solution.
vi. CEL may shortlist the applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria, have
solution as per the requirement of the CEL and are agreeing to abide by the
terms and conditions of the CEL. CEL’s judgment in this regard will be final.
vii. The Concept Paper carries 60 marks and 40 marks is for presentation. Any
applicant scoring more than 60 marks will be treated as Qualified, provided
all the eligibility criteria as mentioned in Annexure ‘A’ is met completely.
viii. CEL may issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to shortlisted applicants for
inviting technical and indicative commercial bids for next process of
procurement. However, please note that short listing of applicants should not
be treated as a contract for the proposed work.
ix. Applicants will be advised about shortlisting of their EOIs or otherwise.
However, applicants will not be provided with information about comparative
position of their EOIs with that of others.
x. Nothing contained in this EOI shall impair the CEL’s Right to issue ‘Open
Tender’ for procurement of Web based solar monitoring system.
9. Terms & Conditions
i. Lodgement of an EOI is evidence of an applicant’s consent to comply with the
terms and condition of Request for EOI process and subsequent bidding
process. If an applicant fails to comply with any of the terms, its EOI may be
summarily rejected.
ii. Willful misrepresentation of any fact in the EOI will lead to the disqualification of
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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

the applicant without prejudice to other actions that the CEL may take. The EOI
and the accompanying documents will become property of CEL. The applicants
shall be deemed to license, and grant all rights to CEL, to reproduce the whole
or any portion of their product/solution for the purpose of evaluation, to disclose
the contents of submission to other applicants and to disclose and/ or use the
contents of submission as the basis for EOI process.
iii. CEL reserves the right to accept or reject any or all EOIs received without
assigning any reason therefore whatsoever and the CEL’s decision in this
regard will be final. No contractual obligation whatsoever shall arise from the
EOI process.
iv. Any effort on the part of applicant to influence evaluation process may result in
rejection of the EOI.
v. CEL is not responsible for non-receipt of EOIs within the specified date and
time due to any reason including postal delays or holidays in between.
vi. CEL reserves the right to verify the validity of information provided in the EOIs
and to reject any bid where the contents appear to be incorrect, inaccurate or
inappropriate at any time during the process of EOI or even after award of
vii. Applicants shall be deemed to have:
a. examined the Request for EOI document and its subsequent changes, if
any for the purpose of responding to it.
b. examined all circumstances and contingencies, having an effect on their
EOI application and which is obtainable by the making of reasonable
c. satisfied themselves as to the correctness and sufficiency of their EOI
applications and if any discrepancy, error or omission is noticed in the
EOI, the applicant shall notify the CEL in writing on or before the end
viii. The vendor shall bear all costs associated with submission of EOI,
presentation. CEL will not be responsible or liable for any cost thereof,
regardless of the conduct or outcome of the process.
ix. Applicants must advise the CEL immediately in writing of any material change
to the information contained in the EOI application, including any substantial
change in their ownership or their financial or technical capacity. Copies of
relevant documents must be submitted with their advices. For successful
applicants, this requirement applies until a contract is awarded as a result of
subsequent bidding process.

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

x. Shortlisted applicants must not advertise or publish the same in any form without
the prior written consent of CEL.
xi. Brief overview of the proposed procurement/scope of work given in this
document may be further elaborated, viz., more details may be included in the
Request for Proposal (RFP) document to be issued as a result of evaluation
process of EOIs.
xii. CEL may re-visit any of the conditions of this EOI.

xiii. We may choose from EOI respondents to bid for the consecutive RFP or may
float a totally new RFP.
xiv. CEL shall have the right to cancel the EOI process itself at any time, without
thereby incurring any liabilities to the affected Applicants. Reasons for
cancellation, as determined by CEL in its sole discretion include but are not limited
to, the following:
a. Services contemplated are no longer required.
b. Scope of work not adequately or clearly defined due to unforeseen
circumstance and/or factors and/or new developments.
c. The project is not in the best interest of CEL.
d. Any other reason.

10. Disclaimer:
CEL is not committed either contractually or in any other way to the applicants
whose applications are accepted. The issue of this Request for EOI does not
commit or otherwise oblige the CEL to proceed with any part or steps of the
Subject to any law to the contrary, and to the maximum extent permitted by law,
CEL and its directors/officers/employees/contractors/agents and advisors
disclaim all liabilities (including liability by reason of negligence) from any loss or
damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reasons of any person using the
information and whether caused by reasons of any error, omission or
misrepresentation in the information contained in this document or suffered by
any person acting or refraining from acting because of any information contained
in this EOI document or conduct ancillary to it whether or not the loss or damage
arises in connection with any omission, default, lack of care or
misrepresentation on the part of CEL or any of its officers, employees,
contractors, agents or advisors.

Please Note: Since this is not a Request for Proposal (RFP), commercials
are not required to be submitted at this stage.

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

Annexure -‘A’

Eligibility Criteria

Sr. Eligibility Criteria Compliance Supporting documents to be

No (Yes/No) Submitted
1 The Bidder must be a firm/ Copy of the Certificate of
company / organization registered Incorporation issued by Registrar of
under Companies Act/Partnership Companies and full address of the
Act/LLP Act etc. registered office
2 The company/firm should be profit Audited Balance Sheet for the last 2
making organization for last 2 years should be enclosed.
years and should have minimum
turnover of 25 lakhs in each of the
last two years.
3 The company/firm should be in the Declaration to be provided
area of software development
since last 3 years.
4 The company/firm should have Brief Details of the Project along
developed at least one similar type with the following should be
of solution submitted :
1. Purchase Order
(Similar means any Web based 2. Completion Certificate (if
centralized monitoring solution/ IoT completed)
Solutions. 3. URL
Experience in web based solar 4. Contact details of the
monitoring system would be added concerned Official.
advantage.) 5. Technical details of the
5 Human resources available for the CVs to be provided
(Minimum two person with 2 years
of similar experience and one
senior person with software project
management experience of
minimum one similar project)
6 Concept paper on Technical Concept Paper to be submitted.
Approach, Methodology and work

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

7 The company/firm should not have Declaration

been declared ineligible for corrupt
and fraudulent practices by the
Govt. of India / State Governments
/ Regulatory Agencies/ PSU/
Private Company.

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

Annexure – ‘B’

Technical Criteria/Scope of Work

1. The web based solar monitoring system should enable tracking of the status/
technical parameters of individual solar power plant.
2. The web based solar monitoring system should enable remote data fetching from
servers/applications of various inverters manufactures through Application
Programming Interface (API) / File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Email without
compromising security.
3. The web based solar monitoring system should have minimum of following tabs,
• Dashboard - To evaluate the system's production at a glance with weekly,
monthly, or yearly energy data.
• Layout - Diagram of the solar system that mirrors the specific panel layout.
• Chart - Personalized graphs based on data from multiple sources such as
inverter and local weather databases.
• Reports - Exports data over a custom time interval to Word, Excel, HTML, or
PDF formats.
• Alerts – Issues or system update that the monitoring system has detected,
as well as track and update the status of these issues as they get resolved.
• Settings - To view and change the metadata related to the system, such as
the site name and installation date, etc.

4. Portal should have user identity management facility.

5. It should be able to integrate with email server to send the alerts/reminders by
6. Identified stakeholders to have role based access rights. Detailed project-specific
information should be available only to authorized users.
7. It should be capable of generating general and customized reports in multiple
8. Development of aesthetic user interface to ensure professional look and feel for the
Application as per the relevant guidelines.
9. Role Base Access & Management This module will help CEL in creating different
types of roles and assign the permission based on their roles.
10. Content Structure: The website should have level content structure (for both Hindi
and English).Visitors would be able to view the content with ease without any
requirement of font download.
11. Security of website. Work should be done based on cyber security guidelines of
Govt of India with Security Audit from CERTI-IN empanelled vendor. Portal should
be designed in line with GIGW guidelines
12. Passwords should be stored in encrypted format. After 5 consecutive wrong
attempts the password should be reset and new password would be sent to CEL
Administrator through email.

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EOI NO-C-2(b)/EOI/704/179/17

13. Website should be accessible on all platforms and be compatible with popular
browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.
14. Online Administration: All administration is handled online via a current web
15. Audit Trail: Administrators have access to logs in the backend where they can view
changes that have been made to the database.
16. Scheduler for auto archival and backup of application and database to a different
machine which should be capable of coming online by simply firing a script button in
event of downtime of primary server.
17. Secure password protected administration console for system administration.
18. It should be user-friendly and easy-to-operate.
19. Training and support of the system to the CEL users and administrators.
20. The Application should be compatible with the existing systems/server installed at
21. Onsite Training: Onsite training of 3 days to team officials to train them on the
overall workflow of the developed solution and backend administration module.
22. One resident Software engineer will be placed at CEL office for six months after Go-
Live for support and hand-holding.
23. One year technical maintenance support: One-year technical support post Go-Live
to address and fix any technical problems within the existing system.
24. Perpetual AMC after 1st year technical maintenance support: Support to address
and fix any technical problems within the running system.
25. Support will be provided through email, telephone, remote login or visit to CEL
office if the situation so demands. The scope of technical support includes
rectification of errors within the already developed solution and/or transferring
solution from one server to another server.


1. Software Requirement Specification Document and Design Document.

2. Prototype of the solution
3. Source code in CD/DVD
4. Testing report with security audit report
5. Onsite Training
6. User Manual

Note: The applicants may please note that the above parameters may be further
elaborated, viz., more details may be included in the Request for Proposal (RFP)
document to be issued as a result of evaluation process of EOI.
Disclaimer: CEL will have the right to change the scope of work in the RFP.

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