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Full marketing service Table of Contents:
Great Crew is a full service digital design and marketing Brand Development
communication agency with strong expertise in Brand Identity and & Improvement.............................5
Strategy, Web Design and Development, UX/UI Design, Mobile
Website Design
Apps and Print Design. & Development............................13
Established in 2011 in Moscow, Russia we succeed to work with
67 (and counting) clients & partners. Thanks to the results we provide
Purposeful Print
& Outdoor Design.....................23
we launch in average 2 to 3 turnkey projects for each of our clients
or doing long-term complete marketing support. Special Projects
We are focused on developing efficient solutions with thorough & Startups...................................27
analysis of target audience, market and client's business combined Mobile Applications.................33
with extensive knowledge in technology, psychology and marketing.
Our credo is: “Good design is a way to solve a problem and make it
simple, in a beautiful way”, because we are making instruments that
can help businesses to stand out from competitors and to acquire
more customers.
Long-term relationships: Different industries and Holistic approach:
for each client we create countries: we create successful products and
2 to 3 projects in average we already work with companies performing solutions applying our
and work together for a few years. from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, diverse knowledge and thorough
Switzerland, Hong Kong and USA. expertise in digital design and
marketing communications.

Strong expertise
in branding, marketing,
customer psychology
digital design and technologies. Executive
Primarily we are focused
on the efficiency of your
Dozens of success cases: business, including: customer
we are proud to bring new orders acquisition, increase of brand
to our clients, increase average bill 67 (and counting) awareness, growth of clientele and
by successfully selling the products clients & partners since 2011: revenue, building customer loyalty,
developed by us. governmental entities, enterprise altering positioning, building
Have you ever thought about companies, small and medium the brand from scratch and
changing single image on the businesses, entrepreneurs & increasing the efficiency of business
website to increase sales for 50%? startups. processes.
Brand Development
& Improvement
Developing brands from scratch We do precisely analyse your
When we work with a new brand or business we always find out target audience to know exactly
and enforce strengths and defuse weaknesses by in-depth analysis of how they think, how they live and
market, competitors and the business itself. act and this helps us to understand
We figure out all the values of the brand and develop brand how to communicate with each
communication platform: mission statement, brand descriptor, slogans psychotype effectively.
and things that can be said to the target audience and that can not be
said at any circumstances.

Existing brand support & improvements

We help to develop and improve existing brands at any point as any
brand may require the expert’s outside-in view and advisory about
improvements of certain points of contact with their customers. We solve
all the following business needs: deeper target audience understanding,
competitive environment research, rebranding and refinement of brand
identity, improvements of all medias, designs and communication
n’Ice Park
n’Ice Park is the exclusive project, will be first in Europe rink with Completed Works
such faux-ice coating and frozen Ice Bar on the famous Marina Brand Identity
Vilamoura in Portugal.
Print Design
As we do, we have approached to the project with great Billboards Design
attention to details: we have choosen the colour to be stylish
Merchandise Design
and visible on the bright clear sky of Portugal, worked over shape
of the logo to suit all targets–who comes to the ice bar, who
watch over skating children and who wants to skate by
n’Ice Park will also have kid area and smaller rink for children
which can be used as multipurpose sport or yoga activity area.
Here we are doing full range of works: brand identity, smart
design for cards, leaflets and billboards, website development,
souvenirs design and internet marketing complex.
ProCamper brand philosophy is “outdoor as a lifestyle”. We Completed Works
developed everything from scratch for them: company name, Brand Name Development
brand colours and identity, design of everything and
Brand Identity
e-commerce website as well.
The name reflects approach of the company to quality control of Print Design
goods which they sell and easily recognisable by their target Merchandise Design
audience. Commerce Website Design
ProCamper logo in a shape of full sail represent freedom of & Development
travellers, their choice of extraordinary life and elements that
accompany brave ones–blue sky, earth, sand and water.
On the basis of developed brand platform we carefully created
every communication element for company, saving this impression
on everything—from business cards to the website.
Studio Anthurium
Studio Anthurium is (more than) yoga studio located in Foster City Completed Works
of San Francisco Bay Area. Brand Identity Adoption
We have adapted philosophy and brand platform of OJ – the
Print Design
self-consciousness and self-development brand from Russia to
specificity of the American market and combined it with existing Ad Design
name of Anthurium.
(OJ is our longtime client for which we have done consultancy
work during several months earlier).
Studio Anthurium unites people based on love for yoga and
willingness to live a conscious life. The following activities were
scheduled in the Studio: yoga classes and also tea club, movie
club with developmental films, children room and some others.
Based on the completed analysis we have developed a
descriptor ‘more than yoga’ which reflects the breadth of
activities and have adapted a logo to the name
of Anthurium combining catching visual for target audience and
saving elements from the parent brand OJ.
We are taking care of futher brand support for Studio Anthurium:
business cards, leaflets, outdoor signage, bus advertisement,
upcoming website and more.
Website Design
& Development
Designing sales, not picture
We work over user scenarios and wireframes to precisely analyse use cases,
always before creating any graphic design. This helps us to create designs which will
impress your customers and solve your business objectives.

‘Black Box’ development process

Since design is approved we do a lot of technical work, but we try to keep it as simple as
possible, so our clients will receive an easy to handle system without necessity to immerse into
technical stuff. We take care of the whole process including HTML+CSS markup, Java Script
development, CMS integration and production deployment for websites and services.

Responsive design as it should be

Nowadays there should not be any doubts about responsive design.
It is not an option because mobile-friendly website affects not only user experience
but also a search engines positions.
We are often asked what does it costs to make a responsive design with us.
Clearly, we already include mobile adaptation for every website that we create,
so we do not extra-charge our clients.
Impressively designed promotional website targets demanding Art People to tell them about the
Gallerist collection management software and its unique benefits.
Promotional website with impressive design and unique
navigation layout for the art collection management application.
(By the way UX/UI design for this application was also created
by the Great Crew).
The website was nominated to the prestigious Awwwards digital
award and CSS Design Award.
This project is fourth project for the Art Project company
based in Tallinn, Estonia.
As the target audience of this application are the people of
Art—who perceives world through the sense of beauty—we
carefully extended the idea and dynamism of logo to the design
of website. How users can interact with elements and how colours
are used throughout the sections: everything is focused on
providing complete image and serves the purpose
of strengthening of brand presence and recognition.
United Décor
Very clean and stylish website for interior designers from Moscow focused on standing out from
boring line of fullscreen slideshow portfolios.
United Décor
United Décor is a collaboration of two young talented interior
designers who share single credo:
‘Everything is in details’.
For them interior design is not a realisation of proper artistic
ambitions but the way to create stylish spaces in which everyday
life of their client is convenient and comfortable.
We carefully analysed competitive environment in this industry,
invented and implemented tricks and details which highlight United
Décor from competitors and certainly will be remembered as
By doing it we targeted to design the image that will be standing
out from the uniformity of most of the websites in this industry.
And the unique project calculator with the extensive information
about the scope of works and approximate price range for any
apartment area is a great way to help customers feel confident.
Best Homes of Portugal
High class service in real estate management is the distinct advantage of company approach which
we have reflected in design improvements of the website.
Best Homes of Portugal
A real estate agent in Albufeira, Portugal whose personal approach
to each client is truly remarkable. For this website
we have been taking care of since July 2015 and we have changed
a lot since this time. Client came to us with existing website which
had performed badly, so we have improved design, usability and
technical search engine optimisation alongside with the business
advisory in various design and digital matters.
For today website is fundamentally changed in both front and
back-office parts: we have added new sections, reviewed the
structure, advised on texts rewrite, implemented map with objects
and much more.
Art Rules
Inspired by the works of classical Masters this website provides feeling of being ‘inside’ artworks by
utilising modern and sophisticated technologies to bring it to live.
Art Rules Exhibition
Website was created to promote a unique exhibition in Tallinn which
gathered together rare masterpieces from private collections. We
took the initial design provided by client and make it life with a lot of
improvements and our high skills in frontend and backend
The website contains humongous amount of quality graphics and
information about pictures from experts, we have also implemented
an online representation
of the printed catalogue that was issued to complement exhibition
The audience who potentially could be interested in the exhibition
should be impressed by the website and convinced to visit it in
person by the reconstructed atmosphere and unique design solutions.
Purposeful Print
& Outdoor Design
Smart approach
What stands behind efficient print design is a clear plan about exact usage of this medium.
We carefully work over user scenarios: where people would see your advertisement
or get your leaflet, how your business card is perceived on touch,
how visible your sign will be at night and from different angles.

To emboss or not to emboss?

We are well aware about best practices in print production — how thick magazine’s pages
should be and where to apply finishing techniques. If any things might look better
for company style we advise to use it.

Production management
When beautiful design is ready, materials and techniques are chosen,
it comes to the production. And here we always work for the name of our client:
we will search the best price if needed, we will control production quality
and check all the weak spots and caveats of production, so you will receive
the best final product without headache.
Vehicle design
Client have requested to improve variant of branding
for his car Porsche Panamera which can be easily corrupted
with unreasoned design. We carefully fitted the logo
into Panamera shape and strongly warned client about
necessity to keep car clean in Moscow weather conditions.

Entrance signage
We worked with previously created by us Brand Platform for
OJ the territory of conscious life, and have decided
to implement visual support for the ideas behind the brand.
As this space was previously owned by yoga studio we have
decided to show all variety of activities and to combine
impressive images, dynamic ОЖ slogans (that are formed to
start from the same letters О and Ж in Cyrillic)
and the ‘tag cloud’ of activities.
Calendars concepts
Audi New Year Calendars are intended to be sent
from Moscow Audi office to distributors’ offices
along whole country. These calendars have one
main objective–to enforce Audi brand by being
kept on the distributor manager’s table. We solved
the problem of standing out from the line
of all-the-same calendars of other brands by
combining psychological tricks with non-standard
printing technologies to create two stunning
The First calendar looks like vinyl disk
in a case and have different Audi cars images for
each month around the circle. The slogan there was
‘toys for adults’ (playing with double meaning) in
The Second one may seem like a regular pocket
calendar until you read the box and see the
calendar itself: each calendar contains only one
week schedule (leaving space for some writings)
and has different Audi cars images on the top face,
the most important here is the combination with the
slogan ‘New Audi each week’ which strongly calls
to a user’s ego.
Special Projects
& Startups
Extended vision
Awareness of many different trends in the areas related to marketing directly
and indirectly gives us an ability to see and think outside of the box and to combine
different things into unexpected solutions.

Focus on solution
Our habit to create useful and convenient products and Systems Thinking mindset
enables us to reveal the vital objectives
of business and focus on them. By this created solutions that
we create are both viable and efficient. And we surely can advise on further
development from the perspective of our diverse experience.
Veter Magazine
Unique presentational solution for the online part of the
Veter Project is spectacular and it immerses a reader
into on-screen experience as if it was a physical glossy
issue. Carefully crafted visuals of the online viewer
emphasize the style of the Veter Magazine and
complete the sense of integrity.
And the second but not less important is that the solution
is super easy for the client’s use as cutting-edge web
technologies were applied allowing
to create this impressing visual from the regular
PDF files of the magazine’s issues just right on the user’s
computer with no additional actions from any side.
“Our magazine has become favourite edition for
dozens of thousands of readers within 2.5 years of its
existence, and our motto is: Live a life you will
Travelhunt offers a choice of high-class hotels and
resorts from all over the world with focus on a beach
and showplace vacation. The USP of service are:
thoughtful reviews of hotels with idea to distinguish
hotels not only by location and vacation type but by a
number of parameters so important in real life like a
child care, food and service specificity (assuming
always only high quality in chosen hotels); detailed
articles about countries and places which show up
every hidden secret and other aspects of each location
help visitors to choose their dream destination for
current year.
We developed this Touristic Platform from scratch,
beginning from System Architecture and program
solution choice to the flexible and powerful admin
system. Custom modular solution was developed on the
base of Wordpress CMS to accelerate the initial launch
of Minimal Viable Product.
Complex website development for the US based
Startup: MightyCall – Call Center App for Small
We were challenged to develop a new website and
migrate all data from the old one within a single month
only. Surely making everything responsive and adapted
for mobile devices.
“Using the power of mobile Apps and the Cloud,
MightyCall has made difficult things to be easy by
creating a unified platform to help entrepreneurs, fast
growing startups and well-established companies
build a professional presence to never let another
customer call, mail, post or tweet fall between the
Mobile Applications
Native Experience
We have been working with mobile applications since the birth of modern
smartphones era with the first generation iPhone introduction,
and we have participated in design and development of wide range
of different games and applications.

Business Applications Development

Applying our deep knowledge of web technologies we are able to produce
business application in short time by using hybrid development approach,
this allows to launch and maintain applications in reasonable time terms.
For more complex and Enterprise systems we have great partner which is in TOP3
European mobile developers ranking.

User-centered interfaces approach

Mobile applications are especially sensitive to carefully planned and crafted UI
that bring the best user experience, increase engagement and retention for games
and ease of everyday use of business apps.
Full service agency
digital design & marketing communication
Located in Europe, working Worldwide
+351 935.870.986