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The story was all about a lady named Carmela Isabella from 2015 and her journey

to the Philippine Spanish Time, 1892. The main characters of this story are Carmela
Isabella, Carmelita Montecarlos and Juanito Alfonso.
The characters were good that the readers will surely get affected if they will read this
story. The main character were gaven a mission and that is to change the epic fate of
Carmelita Montecarlos who is her 4 th generation grandmother in the mother side and
Juanito Alfonso who happened to be her grandma's lover. Carmela Isabella found a
diary with a note written in the cover "Ang pag-iibigan natin ay muling isusulat sa
araw ng ikaapat na pagkakataon", she was brought back in time. She struggled to act
like how women in 19th century behave and as Carmelita because she came from in
the modern world but as time passed by she eventually managed to act like one. Her
task was only to stop the death of her great grandmother's lover, but things happened
she fell in love with Juanito Alfonso and end up fighting a real Carmelita in the past.
She managed to stop Juanito Alfonso's death and even if it breaks her heart she need
to go back to the 21th Century where she really belongs.

My favorite character is Juanito Alfonso for some reason i fell in love with his
gentleness, i can't help but to adore how man in a 19 th century act, the way they speak
and the way they propose their love. Actually i could relate to Carmela Isabella, i will
also act like a hardheaded brat if i found out that something happened to me and i
don't want it. We failed to pleased our family everytime we are still humans we can't
help but to do something can really disappoint them. I really love the book you should
all try reading this surely you'll also feel the old fashion love in 1892. Every part of it
is my favorite, i really adore the concept of this story it's not cliché it is very unique
and classic, the scenes, the languages used, everything is incredible. If i could change
something in this story it would those times where they met at the

tree but interupted by their families, i want them to have more time to each other, i
want to give those moments to the both of them. The plot twist is very spectacular and
the theme of it, this story will give you informations about the history and tradition of
the Philippines when it was colonized by spaniards. I will recommend this book for it
is very nice historical love story, this book is amazing and not only for teenagers but
also for oldies, i'm sure that they can relate and love it. It tells about love and
sacrifices. Those persons who love reading books and those who are interested to
know things in 1892 you'll surely enjoy reading this story.

This story is really nice and perfect especially to those who love reading a history
based fictions. The historical concept and the little infos in the time of Philippine
Spanish Era will surely amazed you, their sacrifices for the sake of love, this story
will surely bring you in 19th century.