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Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activities guide and evaluation rubric
Task 1 – Literary Terms

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Escuela de Ciencias de la Educación

Academic Unit
Academic Level Profesional
Academic Field Formación disciplinar
Course Name English Literature
Course Code 551029
Course Type Teórico Retake yes ☐ No ☒
Number of Credits 2

2. Description of the activity

Type of Number of
Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ 2
activity: weeks
Initial ☒ Intermediate ☐ Final ☐
Environment for the submission
Total score of the activity: 25
of the activity: Monitoring and
Evaluation Environment
Starting date of the activity: Deadline of the activity:
February 1st, 2020 February 14th, 2020
Competences to develop:
- Practical Skills: Develop, maintain, promote and show
awareness of the vision, culture and strategic direction of
English Literature.
- Problem Solving, Thinking and Communication Skills: Provide a
framework to enable continuous improvement and evaluation of
Literature used to improve the qualities of reading.
- Personal Attitudes and Professional Ethics: Contribute to the
development, delivery and evaluation of English Literature, in
partnership and alone, to meet the needs of fellow professionals
and the community.
- Roles and Functions: Manage and evaluate systems and
resources to provide efficient and ongoing support to the
educational community.
Topics to develop:
Unit 1. History of English Literature
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop
Step 1: Glossary
Step 2: Crossword
Activities to develop
Step 1: Glossary
Go to the Knowledge Environment and carefully check the Glossary. In
the forum for Task 1 answer the following questions:
- Which Literary Terms did you know about? How did you know
about them?
- Which Literary Terms did you learn? How would you remember
Step 2: Crossword
Go to the Practical Learning Environment and after checking the Guide
for the use of educational resources – Crossword, solve the Literary
Terms Crossword.
for the Collaborative Learning Environment
development Practical Learning Environment
of the Monitoring and Evaluation Environment
Forum participation
Products to
Crossword solved (screenshot)
be delivered
by the Collaborative:

3. General guidelines for the development of collaborative work

Planning of
activities for
Roles to be
by the
student in N/A
Roles and
duties for
of products
by students
Use of All references considered for this activity must be
references cited using APA Style
Students must be aware of the risks and penalties in
case of plagiarism.

Under the Academic Code of Conduct, the actions that

infringe the academic order, among others, are the
following: paragraph e) "Plagiarism is to present as
your own work all or part of a written report, task or
document of invention carried out by another person.
It also implies the use of citations or lack of
references, or it includes citations where there is no
match between these and the reference" and
paragraph f) " To reproduce, or copy for profit,
educational resources or results of research products,
which have rights reserved for the University ".
(Acuerdo 029 - 13 De Diciembre de 2013, Artículo 99)

The academic penalties that the student will face are:

a) In case of academic fraud demonstrated in the

academic work or evaluation, the score obtained will
be zero (0.0) without any disciplinary measures being
b) In case of proven plagiarism in academic work of
any nature, the score obtained will be zero (0.0),
without any disciplinary measures being derived.
To learn how to properly cite all your tasks, see the

BibMe. (n.d.). APA Citation Guide. Retrieved from

4. Evaluation Rubric

Evaluation rubric
Task 1 - Literary Terms
Individual Collaborative
Activity type: ☒ ☐
Activity Activity
Evaluation Initial
☒ Intermediate ☐ Final ☐
moment Unit 1
Evaluated Performance level of the individual activity
items High score Average score Low score
Student answers
in a thoughtful Student partially
Student does not
manner all the answers the
answer the
questions in the questions in the
questions in the
Answers forum, using forum and uses 10 points
appropriate basic English.
(up to 10
(up to 5 points) (up to 0 points)
Few of the words
All the words used
Some of the used were words
were words from
words used were from the
the Glossary. The
words from the Glossary. Not all
Crossword answers were in
Glossary. The the answers were 5 Points
Content English.
answers were in in English. This
Everything was
English. work was not very
neatly done.
(up to 5 points) (up to 3 points) (up to 1 points)
At least 20 - 25 Less than or equal Less than or equal
Crossword answers in to 15 answers in to 10 answers in
Quantity of crossword. crossword. crossword. 5 Points
(up to 5 points) (up to 3 points) (up to 1 points)
Student solves Student solves
the crossword in half the crossword There’s no
the Practical in the Practical evidence through
Crossword Environment, and Environment, and screen shot of
5 points
Spelling it is evidenced it is evidenced student solving
through screen through screen the crossword.
shot. shot.
(up to 5 points) (up to 3 points) (up to 0 points)
Final score 25