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Male Organ Irritation: The Male Urinary

Tract Infection
Break out the cranberry juice, boys, and gather ’round to learn about an
infection most men think is only for the ladies – the urinary tract infection
(UTI). But guess what? You, too, have a urinary tract, so it can get infected
as well, causing you a lot of male organ irritation. Althoughonly a small
percentage of men have to deal with this member problem, it’s still worth
talking about because it can lead to more-severe issues, like a kidney
infection, or tip you off about an underlying issue, like an enlarged prostate.
Let’s learn a little about how men experience UTIs, how to deal with them,
and, most importantly, how to prevent them from coming in the first place.

Symptoms of a UTI

Talk about male organ irritation – UTI symptoms are no joke. They are
definitely things you can’t ignore and include:

o A frequent, intense urge to urinate,although very little actually comes

o A burning sensation when you pee
o Cloudy, dark, bloody, or strange-smelling urine
o Fever or chills
o Fatigue and drowsiness
o Pain or pressure in the back or lower abdomen
o Vomiting and nausea

Once you start feeling the pain in the back and lower abdomen or start
vomiting, head to the emergency room, as your minor member problem may
have developed into a full-blown kidney infection.

Dealing with UTIs

So, you get a UTI – what now? Unfortunately, there is a real gendered
approach to OTC remedies for urinary tract infections. All of the packaging
is female-focused, not only in branding but also in remedy type and
instructions. This leaves men wondering how they can get rid of this male
organ irritation without having to head into the doctor. Well, sorry, bud, but
you can’t avoid it.

Nearly every UTI caught by a man will require a trip to the doctor – this is
not the sort of thing you can “walk off.” Expect to be asked for a urine
sample and to get a midsection exam. Be sure to mention if you think you
contracted this member problem from fastidious or oral relations since they
require different medications than other types of UTIs.

Since it’s more difficult for a man to get bacteria into his bladder, it is just as
hard getting it out. Waiting for a UTI to clear up on its own will only make it
worse. Unlike women, who will often receive either a single dose of
antibiotics or, at most, 5 days’ worth, men will be on a prolonged treatment
schedule of around 7 to 14 days. Sorry, but dems the breaks!

When Should Men Start Worrying About UTIs?

While a man can get a UTI at any age, the majority of UTIs happen to men
age 50 or older, and it is usually due to an enlarged prostate. What happens,
in this case, is that the prostate stops the bladder’s ability to drain
completely, inviting bacteria.

Younger men usually get them from some sort of sensual activity, and men
should be aware that UTIs caught by way of oral or fastidious relations can
be hard to budge since they don’t respond to the typical antibiotics most
prescribed for UTIs.

How to Prevent UTIs

Here’s the good news: only 12 percent of men will ever get a UTI in their
lifetime. But to further prevent you from being one of the 12 percent, take
some of the precautions below to keep your risk of contracting a UTI as low
as possible:

o Always practice safe intimacy

o Always urinate after intimacy or release
o Never follow fastidious relations with vaginal relations without a
major cleanup on Aisle You
o Don’t have relations with a partner who has a UTI since those
infectionsare communicable
o Use a specially formulated male organ health oil(health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven
safe and mild for skin)to protect the skin from bacteria, infection,
and general male organ irritation.