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Sleeping In My Car Words and Music by Per Gessie Moderately fast BLT ered z Eo 1 fF 2 1B tell you what T'vedone, TU tell you what I'l do. Been | driv-ing all night Fim B 27 |F 5 — to get close to you | Ba- by, babe, I'm mov-ing so fast, Copyright © 1984 Jmmmy Fun Music International Copyright Secured All Fights Reserved 27 Fim Ee f ifs The || moon is al - right, the free- comeout to -, night, Til take] Fim D # 5 ale } wy Heung soa My ea go-ing boom! There'a stan tate ia ay mou vmphemtne gm M/S STS Meas [aa “oo ectng mad Fim B p 5 i By buh mainly rae eee Barby babs Fe eh ores Fim 28 Sleeping in my | car, Stay-ing in the back seat of my B Fim E, 29 ‘making love, Pint (raking love Sleep-ing in my FA ct B Tp Ate. Sleep- ing in my | car, cer- tain ly bless. To Coda Lay-ing in the | back ct A cet FHC covet Fic B Ctsusa Fim D DS. (take 2nd ending) al Coda Eye & Sleep-ing in my 31 Ft curt Dim B will un-dress| = sleeping in my