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Class: Nursery Subject: English Day: 1 Term: 2nd Topic: “Vowels“ Teacher’s name: Rameen Butt

Objectives Plan(Methodology) Resources Assessment
50 min.
By the end of the Previous Knowledge:  video Students will be
lesson students assessed to
First of all I will ask the students
should be able to:  What is the sound of Aa?
5 min.  recognize the
 recognize  What is the phonic of Ee?
the  What is the phonic of Ii? “vowels”
“vowels”  What is the sound of Oo?
 What is the sound of Uu?  tell the
phonic of
 tell the Announcement of the topic:
phonic of each “vowel”
 I will tell the students that today we will learn
each about “vowels’’. 2 min
 know atleast
“vowel” Recalling session:
two word of
 First of all I will show the video related to
 know each vowel
vowels to students to develope their interest.
atleast two  Students will sing the vowel song with me. 10 min
words of  Next I will write vowels A,E,I,O,U on the board
each vowel and tell students about them.
 I will tell the students that as all of you have a
family same like this there is a vowel family
which has five members.
Vocabulary:  Next students will repeat after me the phonic
tap,fan,mat of each vowel. 8 min
 I will write some words like apple,fan,tap,mat
on the board and ask the students to find
vowels in them.
 I will appreciate the students’effort.
 Next I will read the words related to “a” such 10 min
as tap,fan,mat with phonics and students will
repeat after me.
 I will repeat these words many time so that the
students could learn them properly.
 Next I will call some students and they will
read the words written on the board and
remaining students will repeat after them.
Book Work:
 After this I will ask the students to open their
English books. 10min
 Students will open the Pg#55 and do the
 I will guide them as well.
 Then I will write the date and day on Pg#55.
Wrap Up:
 Students will wrap up their lesson with the 5 min
vowels song.
Home Task:
 Students will do reading on pg#55