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“Learning can only be done if there is a change of behavior as a result of teaching

and learning experiences” – Dr. Labutap

This statement really reverberates in the mind from the moment I actually

perceived it. Somehow when I come to school or in class, I always think of everything

especially the theories I’ve learned on the appropriate measures to get this statement

applicable to my modes of teaching.

Before I dig deeper to what I should actually be narrating, I would like to reiterate

the role and application of psychology in Education which is actually the module 1 in

taking up this subject. Education concerns on facts, knowledge and skills that students

should be assimilated to realize the potentials they actually had and teachers should ignite

the sleeping innate skills. Psychology concerns on behavior. Why are you acting like that

and not like this? The question whose scientific researches and explanation can totally

exposed. A teacher should study the behaviors of the students for him/her to grasp the

appropriate teaching approach that suits the learning styles of the students. According to

my professor, “when we teach, we want to influence the behavior of the students”,

therefore even if there are many factors that affect the behavior of the child in the

external environment, the role of influencing the child should have become a lot of impact

on how the child behaves inside the class. For my own point of view, both external and

internal environment should have to be influential and forceful so as to achieve the

changing of behaviors. Even if the parents can give primary supplemental needs needed

for them to survive, the role of the teachers have been more critical for we shape minds

and minds control the overall perspective of a child especially on how they would react

to the external stimulus.

When I think of teaching and learning the child with thorough study, it makes the

job more stressful and challenging as well. Stressful in the sense that in a 35-40 students

inside the class with different attitudes, personalities and behaviors versus the teacher

who has also personality, attitude and behavior shaped with the ethics in the profession.

It makes it more repressing to study each one with different perception and point of view

about life. However, once a teacher has discovered the unique attitudes and personality

jived unto their unique skills and capability, no doubt changing of behaviors is never

impossible. Challenging job as well because the mind of the teacher can be honed and

his/her critical thinking ability will be shaped through studying diverse learners. The

teacher can also be challenged to think of appropriate and challenging diverse activities

to cater their learning needs. In Dep.Ed, we have lots of seminars on how to facilitate

and the deliver the lesson in a purposeful way. Sad to note, seminars may give a lot of

insight in handling the child but with so many paper works and errands outside of the

work can lessen the focus on tracking the child’s level of learning and difficulty. Errands

outside of the work for example is the ancillaries. This opinion is not to totally addressed

issues in argumentative way but to address the issue in a way that the authority can still

know the status of the lower class. Those who belong to the lower ground of the

department whose jobs are far more difficult and stressful. I really appreciated the efforts

of the heads to conduct seminars in fact I’m excited on the proposed seminar to be

conducted later November deliberating the issue of alignment of the objectives to the


Last week of September, we had a seminar on Junior High School and Senior High

School English Coordinators. Dr. Asan had enumerated the grounds to which students

had lacked of and subject to assessment and enrichment to fully grasp the skill needed

in the 21st Century. Problems were discussed and had been given appropriate measure

to address the issue so that given recommendation will be fully realized. It was good to

collaborate with the other English teachers in different respective schools and found out
that the problems really existed same with the problem we are facing until the present


We should have to make the learning more effective in such a way that the

parents, stakeholders, administrators and students will probably benefit. They should also

give their contribution to the betterment of the learning of the students. Their moral

support could entirely help the students to be motivated enough to go to school.

Motivation becomes the important element in a child to go to school. A child should

have enough motivation whether extrinsic or intrinsic motivation in order for them to be

successful and of course can give the teachers opportunity to make a difference out of

their own pedagogical approach.

This comparative analysis will tackle more on the three theories in the holistic view

of a child. First, Behavioristic theory of classical conditioning by Ivan Pavlov; Second,

Sigmund Freud’s ; Third, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

The problem of this generation of children is the lack of inculcation of values and

morality. These fibers of morality will govern their behavior according to what is right and

appropriate. Lack of values can make a child detrimental to the society because it can

influence to the others their erratic behaviors and can cause a lot of trouble in a group.

Once clashes would become prevalent, chaos might prevail. What will happen to the

future if young ones cannot cope up with the appropriate standard norms?

Let us look closely to these children who perceived to be problematic in the society

who caused a lot of trouble. Most of them are withdrawn and unwanted. It maybe

because of bad parenting. Narcissistic way of parenting can cause a child to be tolerable

even if the child behaves inappropriate