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the UnFranchise™
business development system
Market Hong Kong’s mission is to provide a system for
entrepreneurs to create an ongoing income, while
providing consumers worldwide with a better way to
shop. Through revolutionary technology and the power
of people, we are creating the economy of the future.

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Founded in 1992, ma is a Product Brokerage and
Internet Marketing company that specializes in
One-to-One Marketing.
The company employs over 500 people globally with
international operations in Hong Kong, the United
States, Australia, Canada and Taiwan.
With more than 3 million customers and 180,000
Distributors and UnFranchise™ Owners worldwide,
Market America has generated over $3.4 billion
(HK$26.8 billion) in accumulated retail sales.
Since the company’s inception, individuals have
earned over $2.0 billion (HK$15.5 billion) in
commissions and retail profits.
Through One-to-One Marketing, Market Hong Kong
combines the Internet with the power of people —
creating the ultimate online destination.
We have revolutionized a brand-new industry,
setting a standard by which all other businesses are
measured — Built on Product. Powered by People.
The 45-Year Plan
For every 100 people who reach the age of 65...

1% Wealthy
4% Financially Fit
5% Still Working

28% Dead

62% Flat Broke

The 45-Year Plan
Your options to earn additional income:
• Working more hours
• Get a second job
• Own your own business
• Franchise
• Investments
• Inheritance
• Going back to school
• Lottery
The 45-Year Plan

95 percent of people spend up to 45

years of their lives making the other 5
percent successful.

They work a plan for someone

else’s financial success — not
their own!
The 2- to 3-Year Plan
A Plan For Your Financial Success
The 2- to 3-Year Plan
The UnFranchise™ Business Development System

Like a franchise:
• Systemization, standardization and
• State-of-the-art management systems
• Merchandising and marketing tools
• Growing visibility
• Own multiple business locations
• Standardized training systems
The 2- to 3-Year Plan
The UnFranchise™ Business Development System

Unlike a franchise:
• No franchise fees
• No monthly royalties
• No territorial restrictions
• Start part time with flexible hours
• Minimal startup expenses plus
potential tax advantages
• Little risk
The 2- to 3-Year Plan
The UnFranchise™ Business Development System

Two ways to earn income:

1) Provide products
Service 10-15 Preferred Customers
Earn 30-1,000% gross retail profit

2) Time leveraging
Duplicate efforts
Develops & manages only 2 sales
and distribution organizations
Which would you prefer?
The 45-Year Plan The 2- to 3-Year Plan
A Product Brokerage Company
• Identifies the latest market-driven products
• Eliminates the burden of manufacturing
• Moves with the marketplace
• Does not rely solely on the sales of any one
product or service

Market Hong Kong’s Mall Without Walls

• Hundreds of exclusive products and services
• Access to multibillion-dollar markets
Multibillion-Dollar Markets
Health & Nutrition Home Health
Anti-Aging Telecommunications
Personal Care Internet
Exclusive mhk Brands
mhk Health & Nutrition
mhk Health & Nutrition
mhk Health & Nutrition
mhk Health & Nutrition
mhk Health & Nutrition
mhk Health & Nutrition
mhk Anti-Aging
mhk Anti-Aging
mhk Anti-Aging
mhk Personal Care
mhk Personal Care
mhk Home Health
mhk Home Health
mhk Home Health
mhk WebCenters™

An Internet Marketing Company
The Web Portal combined with Market Hong Kong’s
people power provides the most efficient and
friendliest experience found anywhere on the Internet.
The Web Portal
• Unlimited Shopping
• Exclusive mhk Brands
and Products

• Program
• Live Chat, Blogs, Video
• Hundreds of Partner Stores
- Travel
- Gifts
- Books and magazines
- Apparel & Jewelry
- Personal Care
- Music & Movies
Get Paid to Shop

• Earn up to 25 percent cash back for purchasing

Market America branded products and those from our
Partner Stores where you see the ma Cashback logo.

• Earn .5 percent on referral purchases forever

Approximately every 10-20
years, a new marketing system
emerges as a better way of
distributing products to the
end consumer.
One-to-One Marketing
Creating the Economy of the Future
• New paradigm
• People hate to be sold, but love to buy
• Building share of customer: providing a greater
variety of products to a small portfolio of customers
• Match people to products and products to people
• High-tech & high-touch
• Giving customers exactly what they want

markethongkong™ will be to One-to-One Marketing what

McDonalds is to franchising and what Microsoft is to
Five steps to building a successful
UnFranchise™ Business
The UnFranchise Business Development System
is a proven plan for qualified individuals to
successfully attain financial independence.

1. Apply
2. Create
3. Qualify
4. Activate
5. Teach, Manage
& Support Others
Complete the Independent Distributor
Application and Agreement

Sales Representative UnFranchise Owner

• No cost (Independent Distributor)
• Buy product at Distributor • Subscription fee
Cost and earn gross retail • Buy product at Distributor Cost and
profit earn gross retail profit
• Participate in the management
Performance Compensation Plan
(MPCP) and earn commissions

Your Subscription includes:

• Custom Web Portal • Powerline Magazine
• Online UnFranchise™ Business • Training and Seminar System
Account • Coaching and mentoring by
• Career Manual experienced UnFranchise™
• Getting Started Guide Owners
Business Volume (BV) and
Incentive Business Volume (IBV)

• Business Volume (BV) is the unit value (points) assigned

to exclusive markethongkong™-branded products
• Incentive Business Volume (IBV) is the unit value
(points) assigned to any of our Partner Store brands
• BV and IBV are used to calculate commissions

Ways to create BV and IBV:

• Personal Use • Transfer Buying
• Retail Sales • One-to-One Marketing
• Merchandising Systems – Building Share of Customer
– Web Portal
– Catalogs
– Product Cards
Building Share of Customer
10-15 Customers shopping regularly -
Building Share of Customer
10-15 Customers shopping regularly

• Offer existing customers more products/services

through the Mall Without Walls® and Web Portal

• Match products to people, and people to products

• program allows customers to get paid

for shopping
Accumulate 200 BV to qualify your Business
Development Center (BDC) which opens both
your left and right BV and IBV banks
Accumulate 200 BV to qualify your Business
Development Center (BDC) which opens both
your left and right BV and IBV banks

• Once your Business Development Center has been

qualified it will begin to accrue Business Volume (BV)
and Incentive Business Volume (IBV)
• The sooner you qualify, the sooner you will be eligible to
earn commissions and bonuses!
Personally sponsor and place one qualified
Independent Distributor in your left organization
and one qualified Independent Distributor in your
right organization

Q: Why just two sales and distribution


A: The number 2 is the smallest multiplier

for the highest profit. Statistics show that
the average person successfully develops
2.8 organizations
Teach, Manage
& Support Others
Teach others how to Apply, Create, Qualify and Activate
People lead to people
People lead to more people
BV & IBV are generated as your organization expands
The system searches for BV & IBV to infinity

System Search System Search

BV & IBV grow exponentially... •Expanding customer base

•Retail sales •Word-of-mouth advertising
•Expanding distribution –Internet
•Preferred Customers ordering through your Web Portal –Viral marketing
•Personal use –Digital marketing
Horizontal Marketing
Horizontal Marketing is an organizational structure that
most businesses use. With a horizontal structure, an
economic incentive to help others succeed does not exist.

Examples of Horizontal Marketing:

• Real Estate Agencies (e.g., Century 21 ®)
• Insurance Companies (e.g., AllState ®)
• Chain Stores (e.g., Ace Hardware ®)
• Franchises (e.g., McDonalds®)
• MLM/Network Marketing or Direct Sales (e.g., Avon ®)
Horizontal Marketing Organizational Structure

Insurance Company
Franchise Corporation
Regional Sales Manager

Master Franchisers
District Sales Manager

Sales Representative
Local Franchise
Local Sales Territory

Disadvantages of Horizontal Marketing

• Additional locations multiply costs

• Creates competition
• Territorial restrictions
• Time/resources spread too thin
• No cooperation/collaboration
• MLM — system to duplicate
horizontal marketing

Vertical Marketing
Vertical Marketing is an organizational structure that
provides an environment in which there is an economic
synergy between the people participating throughout
the entire enterprise.
Advantages of Vertical Marketing
• The UnFranchise™ System eliminates the pitfalls
of horizontal marketing
• Compounding efforts
• Encourages teamwork/support
• No territorial restrictions
• When one succeeds, everyone benefits
• Minimal costs to expand
• Leverages duplication and standardization
• Everyone receives 100 percent credit for sales
and volume generated
• Maximizes the probability of individual success
• Synergistic
• Gain from other’s work, volume and sales
The income levels mentioned in the following
presentation are for illustration purposes
only. They are not intended to represent the
income of a typical Market Hong Kong
Distributor, nor are they intended to
represent that any given Independent
Distributor will earn income in that amount.

The success of any Market Hong Kong

Independent Distributor will depend upon the
amount of hard work, talent, and dedication
which he or she devotes to building his or her
Market Hong Kong Business.
How Commissions are earned
BV & IBV commissions are paid weekly
How Commissions are earned
5,000 5,000
System Search
3,600 System Search
2,400 2,400
1,200 1,200

1,200 total BV from your left and right = HK$2,300 | 1,200 total IBV from your left and right = HK$2,300
2,400 total BV from your left and right = HK$2,300 | 2,400 total IBV from your left and right = HK$2,300
3,600 total BV from your left and right = HK$2,300 | 3,600 total IBV from your left and right = HK$2,300
5,000 total BV from your left and right = HK$4,600 | 5,000 total IBV from your left and right = HK$4,600
How Commissions are earned
5,000 5,000
System Search
3,600 3,600
System Search
2,400 2,400
1,200 1,200

As your business organization grows, the frequency of

commissions earned increases until it occurs weekly
How Bonuses are earned

Every time you and any BDC in your left sales organization plus any BDC
in your right sales organization completes the BV commission cycle
in the same week, you receive a management bonus of HK$4,600!
Earn More Income
Open additional Business Development Centers
to increase your commissions

Weekly earnings
potential: HK$82,800
Master UnFranchise™ Owner
Enables you to leverage your efforts by opening
multiple BDCs from the beginning

Put in twice the work for three times the pay!

Annual earnings potential: HK$4,305,600
You’re probably thinking,

“Can Market Hong Kong work for me?”

I’m thinking,

“Are you right for Market Hong Kong?”

One thing is certain —
If you don’t try anything, then everything will
stay the same

Before you decide, ask yourself:

1) Am I happy in my current financial situation?
2) Do I have enough free time to spend with family or
do the things I enjoy?
3) How prepared am I for retirement?

Once you choose, the rest is easy...

• Get your questions answered
• Try markethongkong™-branded products
• Visit my Web Portal
• Give it a Trial Run — we will work together
• Get started on the 2- to 3-Year Plan
A Web Portal, an Opportunity and the Power of People

Independent Distributors and UnFranchise™ Owners have earned

the following since the company’s inception:
Total retail profits earned: Total commissions earned: Total Distributor earnings:
HK$7,662,600,419 + HK$7,881,887,395 = HK$15,544,487,814*
Estimated accumulated retail sales:
HK$26,819,101,465 *As of December 31, 2009