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Sohail Jain

Address for Correspondence:

26, Rajpur Road,
Dehradun 248 001
E- mail:
Mobile: +91 99272 30000


Seeking a job with an organization, which will help me to enhance my management skills and
shape my future as a leader in the Energy sector

Year( Qualification – Board College/ Institute/ University % / CGPA
s) Degree /
Diploma /

2008- MBA Oil & Gas University of Petroleum College of Management &
3.44 (4)
2010 Management & Energy Studies Economics Studies
2002- B. Tech. Electronics College of Engineering
University of Rajasthan 82.2%
2006 and Communication Technology, Jaipur
All India Senior
D. A.V. Centenary Public School,
2002 Secondary School CBSE 78.6%
All India Secondary D.A.V. Centenary Public School,
2000 CBSE 70.2%
School Examination Jaipur


 Junior Manager (Control and instrumentation) JSW Energy Limited July

2006 – July 2008

Technical and commercial aspects of systems erecting, installing and commissioning of

following system:
1) DCS (Distributed Control System)-ABB symphony Harmony
2) TSI (Turbine Supervisory Instruments)-Bentley Navard
3) ETS (Emergency Trip System)-GE Fanuc


 10 weeks training on thermal power plant operation and maintenance at JSW Energy Limited

 Done the commissioning of Boiler fill pump (BFP), ID & FD Fans, DCS and other types of

 How to improve the livelihood of rickshaw pullers in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh

It is a marketing project aimed for social improvement which was accomplished with surveys, data
Analysis and strategy preparation but requires support and time for its proper implementation in ma
So, it will be carried further in next semesters also

 Demand forecasting for telecom subscribers in Bihar for year 2010. (Microeconomics project).

Developed the forecasting model based on logistic and gompertz curve in excel and based on
the data for last 10 years for telecom subscriber in Bihar we have forecasted the future demand
for year 2010 along with managerial implications

 1st rank in college in M.B.A. - 1st semester.

 1st rank in college in B.E. 1st year & 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th semester
 1st rank in RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY in B.E. 5th and 8th semester
 Awarded Rs. 5,000/- by college for 1st rank in RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY


 Worked as secretary in National Human Rights Council

 Organized various Technical and Non-Technical events as a coordinator in college


 Good knowledge of DCS and PLC software’s and also quite comfortable with windows operating
system packages like office, etc

 ABB Composer 5.3 (Symphony Harmony) programming skills and capable of designing logics
on other composers like symphony melody


Date of Birth : March 1, 1988

Gender : Male
Nationality : Indian
Permanent Address : 26, Raja Garden,
New Delhi 110 045
Telephone : +91 112 2750 0000
Languages Known : Hindi and English
Mobility : Willing to relocate anywhere in India and overseas

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