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Omni Channel Product Manager

Company Overview

Lenskart is India’s fastest growing optical business. The company was co-founded in 2010 by Peyush
Bansal, Amit Chaudhary & Sumeet Kapahi to provide Vision to India. 1/3rd of India’s population
today needs vision correction and only 25% of those in need wear specs. Lenskart was founded in
2010 with a vision to solve this problem of eye wear and be the Numero Uno eyewear provider in

With technology integration into the eyewear vertical, and keeping a deep focus on consumer
happiness, Lenskart has grown more than 200% Year on Year in the last 2 years to be among the
top 3
Optical Retail businesses of India today.

With employee strength of over 1200 employees, the company is continuing to grow 15% month
on month, and changing the landscape of Indian Eyewear with its very unique services and products
such as:

 Buying specs online with “Virtual Try On”

 Home Eye Checkup service in 7 cities with over 300+ eye checkups every day at consumer’s
 60 Click & Mortar Stores pan India (including tier 2 and 3 cities) as centers for people to get
their eyes checked and book orders online as well as get their post-sale adjustments done
 Network of Affiliate Doctors who place orders for their consumers online on the
Lenskart platform

When in 2011, the company was selling 30 specs a day online Lenskart raised its first round of
funding of USD 3.3Million from IDG Ventures India (IDGVI). In 2013, when the company was
selling nearly 200 specs online per day, Ronnie Screwvala led Unilazer Ventures, along with IDG
again, invested around USD 8 Million in the company. Today, when Lenskart is making nearly
2000 specs a day- shipped pan India and, has so far shipped over 10 Lac specs across the
country. The company has recently raised Private equity investment from TPG Growth of 22
million USD to fulfill its vision to be India’s Number One eyewear provider by 2016.

A little bit about the team and culture:

 Young passionate team
 Very numerate and focused on Analytics
 80 people Tech team in Delhi
 Experimentative and Jet Speed Execution
 Freedom to execute and take risks
 Obsessed with Customer Happiness and Delight
About this role: Omni Channel Product Management

The person in this role is expected to be highly observant, thorough in understanding of process & details;
translating them into clear problem statement.
Post understanding the problem one is expected to use following tools to dissect and come to the right
 Understand user – and work backwards from user needs to drive conversions at store
 Work on innovative ways to drive user from Online to Store for trials and vice-versa for repeat
 Work on ensuring Franchise partners are on top of their business with simple easy to understand app
 Continuous observation & motion study (Where needed) to identify various steps in process
 Use of tools like Value stream mapping & Material flow diagram to identify process
 Redesigning of the process
 Designing specs for development team to implement the process and ensure adherence
 Working with development team to identify the fastest route to implementation
 Doing QA with QA team and using thoroughly laid out test cases
 POC for the process on shopfloor
 Scale up & change management
 Measurement of success
 Iteration till we reach success criterion

The person must be passionate for Omni Channel business & interested in building backbone for fast growing
startup where scale up happens as step change rather than gradual progression. Ability to comprehend complex
supply chains is a must, as Lenskart is fully vertically integrated and has Manufacturing, warehouse, lab and
logistics as part of its Supply Chain Operations.

This role involves travel (mostly within the city) to different stores – to identify the problems, strong
communication skills to coordinate with 100’s of stake holders who are representing Lenskart to customers on
stores and ability to drive change over a vast network of stores.
Person’s Specifications:
1. Passionate about building products in the internet and mobile space, demonstrated either
through your last job or outside of work as a hobby or part time activity
2. Strong sense of usability and information architecture
3. Exceptionally motivated about making a measurable impact on the end user
4. Experience in building products in the consumer internet or mobile space.

Competencies: -
 Entrepreneurial thinking mindset: Self‐motivated and self-directed with an ability to think
 People Management: Ability to lead, manage & develop large teams in a fast paced environment
 Passion for Results: High degree of commitment with bias for execution excellence
 Customer Focus: Ability to design processes, systems & create an environment for enabling
customer delight.
 Superior analytical, evaluative, and problem-‐solving abilities.
Product Management at Lenskart

The person will be managing the Lenskart 's products and primarily be responsible for ensuring that the
product is aligned with the short term tactical and long terms strategic goals of the company. You will be
working with an experienced team of engineers, content writers, animators and designers to take the product
through multiple successful releases.

The following crisply defines our philosophy of Product Management and describes our "Ideal Product

1. Your product strategy and vision are most effective when they are substantiated with real user
interactions and data analytics
2. A list of 10 items for the next release with a clear sense of priority will go a long way to ensure
that the release is both effective and on-time
3. While working closely with Engineering, Content developers and other product managers it is
crucial to identify dependencies early on for a smooth release
4. You know from the bottom of your heart that a PRD that speaks out the user’s needs and wants is
the best way to ensure internal buy-in and super high productivity levels
5. A simple annotated wireframe is much better than a 5 page PRD
6. A PRD that is more than 5 pages will not be read
7. A feature no matter how great it sounds, is a true success only when it can be measured
8. Not all your features will be a runaway success and will need constant fine-tuning on an iterative
9. In spirit, you are the CEO of your product
Pick up at store

Lenskart now has network of 600+ stores. Typical consumer behavior spans across online & offline, one such
user journey is described below as an example:

- User sees TV ad or Facebook ad

- Visits website to browse products
- Is intrigued and downloads app
- Shortlists few product ids
- If not purchased in few hours / days gets nudge to visit nearby store
- On visit user tries product for fitment
- Gets eye power tested
- And then places the order in store
- Receives order status updates via App
- Post delivery in case after sales service is needed – uses app for exchange / repair

Now we want to utilize this omnichannel presence and power to benefit online consumer. There are 2 kind of
products which are off the shelf (ie can be handed over the counter) – Sunglasses & Contact lenses. Whereas
eyeglasses are to be fitted with lenses of customer prescription.

Therefore, for eyeglasses – after order is received at any store it is supplied back to customer via 2 mechanism:
- In 95%+ orders lenses are fitted in customer’s chosen eyeglass and supplied from plant in Delhi. These
are delivered to store / customer’s house in 3-4 days.
- In few cases the store diverts the chosen frame from customer to a small plant within the city which
does the above job and delivers eyeglass with lenses to store next day.

Knowing the above supply chain capabilities – what benefit can we offer to consumers on the app for receiving
any of the following services:
- Expedited delivery
- Personalized service & fitment check before product is handed over to consumer at nearby store, etc

Questions to answer:
1. Use cases one can develop:
- How can online leverage this asset of 600+ stores and improve consumer experience for online
- Can we create some differentiated experience (vis-à-vis competition) by utilizing above
- Can we improve customer satisfaction via above
- What use cases can you provide for different categories: eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.
- Anyway we can improve conversions online by utilizing above
2. For use cases you propose in your solution, please provide:
- Thought behind choosing those particular use cases
- What metrics will you track to measure success / failure of the project
3. For use cases proposed, provide the appropriate solution:
- How will the workflow look like?
- Where all will you nudge customer to adopt your product
- How will UI / UX look like? For this you can submit anything from mockups to invision prototype to give
an idea of user journey.