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1. At what age can a man and a woman contract marriage in the Philippines?

a. 16 years of age
b. 14 years of age
c. Boy’s age-16; Girls age-14
d. 18 years of age

2. Whatever is less dense than water will float, because whatever is less dense
than water will float sounds stupid, but whatever is less dense than water will
float, because such objects won’t sink in water might pass. What logical fallacy
is being implied in this statement?

a. Personal Attacking
b. Circular thinking
c. Bandwagon
d. Rationalizing
3. Which provision in the 1987 Constitutions allows it to adapt to changing times?

a. The party list system

b. An amendment process
c. The separation of powers
d. The direct electoral system

4. Conflicts in society, according to some sociologist need not be violent and

can be resolved through what process?

a. Conference
b. Peace talks
c. Negotiation
d. Assembly
5. The Filipino belief in karma can be traced to the

a. Chinese
b. Americans
c. Hindus
d. Spaniards

6. What Egyptian mythical creature was embodied as a limestone statue with

body of a lion and the head of a human?

a. Sphinx
b. Zuma
c. Piza
d. Colossus
7. What does a professional code of conduct prescribe?

a. Professionals traditions and mores

b. Moral and ethical standards
c. Civic conduct for all
d. Stricter implementation of laws
8. Which was dubbed as the unusual deadly pandemic which killed over 1% of
the world’s population in 1918?

a. Spanish Flu
b. Meningitis
c. HIV
d. Tuberculosis
9. Which is/are feature/s of the inquiry method of teaching?

I. Students ask questions

II. Students gather information, and examine the background to important
societal ideas and events
III. Teachers explores and analyses values and perspectives relating to these
ideas and events pass these on students

a. III only
b. I, II and III
c. II and III
d. I and II

10. In which type of government do all voters in a community meet to make

laws and decide action?

a. Direct democracy
b. Republic
c. Dictatorship
d. Monarchy

11. Which count was conducted by an incoming Governor-General to examine

the conduct of an out-going Governor-General during the Spanish period?

a. Residencia
b. Royal Audiencia
c. Visitador
d. TeritoryalAudencia

12. When a student tries to monitor and assess the steps and the processes
he/she used to interpret a historical a historical map in a World History class,
he/she is actually using some

a. Socio-emotional learning strategies

b. Meta-cognitive strategies
c. Cognitive learning strategies
d. Effective learning strategies

13. You wish to know if there is a relationship between creativity and IQ. The best
methodology for this is

a. The experimental method

b. A longitudinal study
c. Correlational research
d. Cross-sectional study
14. How is the term “acculturation” defined?

a. Abandonment of social custom, behavior pattern, or belief that has long

been a part of a culture.
b. Ethnocentric grouping of traditions among diverse cultures
c. Occurrence of similarities between cultures that have had neither contact
nor history of ‘cultural borrowing’.
d. Cultural exchange that occurs when unlike cultures experience contact
over an extended period of time.
15. When does specialization begin in TLE?

a. Grade 10
b. Grade 8
c. Grade 7
d. Grade 9

16. For process of elaboration, teacher Sison asked her students to state a
quotable sentence in their own words. What was she trying to do?

a. Summarize
b. Paraphrase
c. Compare and contrast
d. Draw analogies

17. Which is the direct motivator among the following words affirmation given by
a teacher before an examination?

a. Don’t work too slow or you’ll be left behind

b. I will be happy if you try your best
c. It’s all right to guess
d. Play close attention to time
18. Which of the following travels fastest in air?

a. Moonbeam
b. Light
c. thunder
d. current

19. The closest planetary neighbor on Earth at a distance of about 42 million

kilometers is

a. Jupiter
b. Venus
c. Mars
d. Mercury

20. Which type of reaction does the general equation (AB + energy A + B)

a. Exothermic decomposition
b. Endothermic synthesis
c. Exothermic synthesis
d. Endothermic decomposition
21. Carbon dioxide is produced by plants in the

a. Morning
b. Noon
c. Evening
d. Afternoon
22. Chlorophyll allows plants to capture energy from

a. Sunlight
b. Coal
c. Biomass
d. Rain
23. The greatest number of storm casualties is caused by

a. Flying debris
b. Storm surge
c. High winds
d. Low pressure

24. The “red tide” phenomenon causes what particular marine organism to be
poisonous for human consumption?

a. Earthworm
b. Arthropods
c. Mollusks
d. Algae
25. The laws of heredity were the results of the study of
a. Darwin
b. Fleming
c. Mendel
26. An orchid attached to a coconut tree is example of

a. Osmosis
b. Parasitism
c. Predation
d. Commensalism
27. If higher education is concerned with outcomes, DepEd is concerned with

a. Performance test results

b. Subject content results
c. Standard and competencies
d. Achievement test results

28. For integration of ASEAN member-states each have their own respective
national qualifications framework. What does the Philippines have?

a. The National Competency-Based Teacher

b. The Developmental National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
c. National Qualifications Framework
d. Philippine Qualifications Framework

29. People today think much about Climate Change and the need to protect
life on the planet.More than in past centuries mankind today has the right
aptitude for _____________ thinking.

a. Assessment for and as learning

b. Assessment for learning
c. Assessment as learning
d. Assessment of learning
30. This is a tool for assessment for spatially intelligent learners.
a. Written report
b. Writing inner thoughts
c. Oral demonstration enacting a movie scenes
d. Landscape drawing
31. I believe this responsibility belongs to Marie and _________

a. I
b. Mine
c. Me
d. Her
32. Which is the least developed continent?

a. Australia
b. Asia
c. South America
d. Africa

33. How did the French Revolution influence the spread nationalism to other
countries in Europe?

a. The overthrow of Louise Philippe in France led to the rise of revolutionary

movements in other countries in Europe.
b. The French revolutionary movements helped other countries to stage their
own rebellion in their countries.
c. The revolutionary movements were suppressed by military strength, hence
people became more nationalistic.
d. The desire for unified states among countries in Europe precipitated the
rise of nationalism in Europe.
34. Which habitats dominates the land of the Philippines?

a. Tropical rainforest
b. Grassland
c. Tundra
d. Taiga

35. While ancient Egypt maintained medical shoots for practice of medicine,
surgery treatment was not always scientific because these used __________ and
magical arts.
a. Herbs
b. Drugs
c. Ointments
d. Charms

36. What is manifested by the practice of a group of people with different

lifestyles, ways of living together, value system, traditions and beliefs?

a. Cultural diversity
b. Problems in cultural experiences
c. confusions in mores
d. condition of culture shocks

37. If you wish to see the waterfalls that straddle the international border
between Canada and New York, where will you go?

a. Niagara Falls
b. Pagsanjan Falls
c. Yosemite Falls
d. Victoria Falls

38. To effective combine objectives and precise assessment of learning,

the________ techniques can be employed

a. Observational performance-based
b. Generalized assignment
c. Oral recitation
d. Subjective evaluation

39. Among programs of the government, which is seen by many economists as

uncertain rather than a time-tested approach to economic development?

a. Technological advancement
b. Population control
c. Technical-vocational training
d. Industrial zone development
40. Light travel fastest in __________

a. Water
b. Air
c. Liquid
d. vacuum
41. The protein shell of a virus is called___________

a. nucleic acid
b. nucleolus
c. capsid
d. amoeba
42. The following situations illustrates acceleration except ______________

a. A drum rolls down on an inclined plane

b. A truck travels around the curved road with a constant speed of 20m/s
c. A car travels at constant speed along the highway
d. A bus increases from 70 kph to 120 kph

43. Which method did Teacher C use when he started his lesson by making
students study the economic map of the Philippines then ask to state a
generalization regarding the effect of geography on people’s way of life?

a. Demonstration method
b. Deductive method
c. Lecture method
d. Inductive method
44. Which is the least developed continent?
a. Australia
b. Asia
c. South America
d. Africa

45. Vygotsky Zone of Actual Development refers to the level of competency in

which the child can proficiency perform a skill____________

a. Assisted by teachers
b. Alone
c. Assisted by adults
d. Self and peers

46. in matching type questions. What are “distracters” that ensures only one
correct responses among choices or alternatives?

a. Items economy
b. Inclusive
c. Item additions
d. Test focus
47. Gender and development is a move towards __________ education.

a. Gender-biased
b. Inclusive
c. Exclusive
d. Feminist

48. In order to cover all topics in the curriculum unit, teacher Lulu lectures while
students listen to required lessons. What principle of learning is violated y teacher

a. Learning is a collaborative process

b. Learning begins with setting of outcomes
c. Learning is an active process
d. Learning is a discovery of ideas
49. In Bandura’s theory, the teacher who can observed in school is a _________.

a. Substitute model
b. Live model
c. Symbolic model
d. Virtual mode
50. Owing to issues in friendship, family ties, gender rights, etc. __________ is a
value-rich subject that provides a wide opportunity for value formation of

a. Filipino
b. Social Science
c. Islamic Studies
d. English

51. What is DepEd’s version of modern “bayanihan” by all sectors in ensuring

conductive schools?

a. 4P’s
b. PPP
d. BrigadaEskwela

52. This are the components of skills of defining and clarifying for critical thinking,
but NOT to include_________.

a. Identifying stated and unstated reasons

b. Seeing similarities and differences
c. Identifying conclusions
d. Using established procdures

53. At the end of each modular learning workbooks, the Synapses Strengtheners
provide excellent ___________ for further study of the topics.

a. Boundaries
b. Concerns
c. Opportunities
d. Problems
54. Which practice doesn’t promote interaction?

a. Soliciting student questions

b. Rejecting students answer outright
c. Rephrasing the question
d. Repeating and expanding on a student’s answer

55. What tool will you used to know the estimated measurement of the intensity
of sounds?

a. Barometer
b. Thermometer
c. Richter
d. Decibel

56. Which law is used when the military arm does not supersede civil authority
but is called upon to aid in the execution of its vital functions?

a. National Defense Act

b. Civil Law
c. Martial Law
d. Implied Powers
57. They are powers which every government possesses and can exercise
because they exist as an attribute of sovereignty.

a. General legislative power

b. Inherent powers
c. Specific powers
d. Implied powers

58. How do things that are passed on by culture differ from those given by

a. Those passed on by culture are created and learned behaviors while

those from nature are merely given
b. Those passed on by culture are given while those from nature are man’s
c. No difference
d. Those passed on by culture are more lasting than those from nature

59. School behaviors are highly social experiences, which become encoded
through our sense of reward, acceptance, pain, pleasure, coherence, affinity
and stress. What is an educational implication of this?

a. Teach students better coping skills, increase students perception of

b. Make boys compete with boys and girls with girls, and not boys against
c. Reduce physical activity to avoid unnecessary noise
d. Come up with competitive activities
60. Why was Palawan declared as a nature sanctuary?
a. It has abundant indigenous animal species
b. Its irregular coastline make excellent harbors
c. It is a popular destination among tourists
d. It is surrounded by coral shelf that abounds with varied colorful marine life.

61. Newlywed couple begin to accept each other’s attitudes and sentiments to
settle their differences after being together for several months. This blending and
merging of cultural trait is called ________

a. Arbitration
b. Assimilation
c. Accommodation
d. Acculturation

62. What electoral process may be used by the constituents of the local
government units to remove their locally elected officials before their form
expires without filing an administrative or criminal cases?

a. Plebiscite
b. Impeachment
c. Recall
d. Initiative
63. Based on landmass, what is considered as the smallest country in the world?

a. Philippines
b. Guam
c. Vatican City
d. Spain

64. About 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 15% of the world’s largest
earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire. What is the main reason for this
geological facts?

a. It is cool to call the area ‘Pacific Ring of Fire since branding is in’
b. This area is a tropical area where it is prone to fires
c. The Pacific Ring of Fire is an arc around the Pacific Ocean where many
volcanoes and earthquakes are formed
d. Most of the forest fires and accidental fires occurs in this area

65. When a few privilege class rules us as a people, which type of government
do we have?

a. Parliamentary
b. Oligarchy
c. Democracy
d. Monarchy

66. Last August 2007, this island was recognized by the Forbes Traveler
magazines as one of the top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world. Which tourist
hotspot is this?
a. Coron, Palawan
b. Romblon, Romblon
c. Babuyan Islands
d. Vigan, Ilocos Sur

67. Materials on a programmed instruction should be up-to-date and should

ensure the student’s need for _________

a. Social contacts with friends

b. Behavior as learners
c. Leadership ability
d. Personal and future experiences

68. In the history of the United States of America, which event took place on
September 11, 2001?

a. US Supreme Court sealed bush electron victory

b. President Clinton accused in the Whitehouse scandal
c. Anthrax scare and death of victims
d. Terrorist attacks that hit the World Trade Center

69. By which process do children become participating and functioning

member s of society by making into an organized way of life?
a. Assimilation
b. Acculturation
c. Accommodation
d. Socialization

70. Skinner’s ___________ which states that change in overt behavior like events
can result in learning and this can occur in school as well.

a. Shaping of behavior
b. Operant Conditioning
c. Behavioral Chaining
d. Reinforcement Schedules

71. According to Piaget, during the great periods of moral development, justice
is subordinated to adult authority during the period ______________.

a. Ages 11 to 12
b. Ages 5 up to 7-8
c. Age 9 to 11
d. Infancy to age 5
72. The teaching cycle is not complete without _________ of learning.

a. Planning
b. Reviewing
c. Recycling
d. Assessment
73. Why is philosophy a deductive, rather than an inductive science?

a. It starts from the real to mental

b. It relates external reality to mental reality
c. It starts with the real outside the mind
d. It starts from prior ideas in the mind

74. When you begin teaching with the generalization then bring in details, which
method do you empathy?

a. Inductive
b. It depends on your type of generalization
c. Deductive
d. It depends on the quantity of details you bring in

75. Religious and moral education is to the Spanish period as ________ is to the
Japanese period

a. Love for country

b. Love for vocational work
c. Loyal citizenship
d. Love for work and dignity for labor

76. At what level of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development is Little Richard who
behaves well to get a star stamped from her teacher?

a. Post-conventional for social contract at the common good

b. Conventional for social approval
c. Pre-conventional out of fear of the teacher
d. Pre-conventional for mutual benefits

77. Based on Blooms taxonomy, which of the following activities can be most
effective for making a synthesis of learning?

a. A definition
b. A text reading
c. A comparison of standards
d. A plan

78. among important characteristics for successful teaching which connotes

fairness, impartially, open-mindedness freedom from prejudice and sense of

a. Emotional stability
b. Considerateness
c. Buoyance
d. Objectivity

79. Which of the following is an example of active learning in a student centered


a. Lecture
b. Drills
c. Project-making
d. Demonstration

80. What conditions must be present for a group activity to be called

cooperative learning?

I. Positive interdependence
II. Individual and group accountability
III. Interpersonal and small group skills
IV. Face-to-face promotional interaction
V. Group processing

a. All element except the group accountability

b. An element except individual accountability
c. II, III, IV, V
d. I, II, III, IV and V

81. Each member of the group is sent to different resource persons for different
topics of the lesson then each goes back to his/her own respective original
group to share what each learned to complete the whole puzzle or output.
Which is being describe in the statement?

a. Round Robin
b. Group discussion
c. Jigsaw puzzle
d. Think-Pair-Share

82. On what date did President Rodrigo Duterte sign Proclamation No. 216
declaring a 60 day Martial Law in Mindanao following the clashes between
government forces and the Maute group in Marawi?
a. May 23, 2017
b. December 25, 2014
c. July 6, 2016
d. February 13, 2015
83. In which instance is the independence of judiciary shown?

a. The Supreme Court is given authority to appoint all officials and

employees of the judiciary
b. The salaries of the members of the Supreme Court and the lower courts
can be decreased during their continuance in the office
c. The Supreme Court is beyond criticism
d. The qualifications of the Justices of the Supreme Court can be changed
by Congress

84. In annexing the Philippines, the Americans adopted the expressed colonial
policy ___________.

a. “Philippines for the Filipinos”

b. “God Glory and Gold”
c. “Colonial expansionism and Imperialism”
d. “Divide and Conquer”

85. While protecting the rights of workers, are the rights of employers or owners
of enterprises also protected?

a. Yes, employers and owners of enterprises have the right to reasonable

returns on investments
b. It depends on the nature of business they are engaged in
c. No, they are most powerful and so they already have a lot of right
d. It depends on whether they are good or no good employers

86. A country does not need to specialize in everything. She needs to

concentrate on that thing which she is good at. This thought is in line with the
economic principle of __________.

a. Supply and demand

b. Comparative advantage
c. Profit and Loss
d. Opportunity Cost

87. What is the strain in geography which uses ideas from feminism in
geographic context?

a. Asexual geography
b. Gender Equality Geography
c. Sex Liberation Geography
d. Feminist Geography

88. As it engages in kidnapping for ransom, the Abu Sayyaf shows _________
more than a fight for a cause?

a. Mafia activities
b. Rebellion
c. Banditry
d. Anarchism
89. During which war did Florence Nightingale attend to wounded soldiers?

a. Civil War
b. Star Wars
c. Crimean War
d. Korean War

90. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons for learning about people
and place through Geography?

a. Emotional attachment
b. Knowledgeable impressions
c. Conclusive impressions
d. Better understanding
91. Which of the following can increase investment?

a. Increase in savings
b. Increase foreign borrowings
c. Increase foreign investments
d. All items below

92. Indonesia is occasionally rocked by strong earthquakes. What can you

conclude of its geographical location?

a. It is within the typhoon belt.

b. It is near the equator
c. It is in the tropics
d. It is within the Pacific Ring of Fire
93. Complete the analogy Egypt: Nile Valley, India: ____________

a. Tigris Valley
b. Euphrates Valley
c. Jordan
d. Indus Valley

94. How do you arrange the logical ordering of pivotal questions that lead to
valuing on the issue of drug use among youths?

I. What are the illegal drugs

II. Will you try illegal drugs as a student
III. How can illegal drugs reach and attract you?
IV. What would be the effects of illegal drugs on you?

95. There are eight levels in the hierarchy of ______________

a. Sea anemones
b. Plant order
c. Biology taxonomy
d. Animal kingdom

96. Decomposition is an important process in which a substance is broken down

into a product that can be useful. Organism capable of decomposing are
called ______________

a. Producers
b. Saprotrophs
c. Autotrophs
d. Primary consumers
97. The following are homologous organs except __________

a. Sea’s flipper
b. Baby’s feet
c. Bat’s wing
d. Human arm

98. Karylle is the carrier of systic fibrosis an autosomal recessive disorder. This
means that she ___________

a. Has 2 normal genes

b. Has 2 defective genes
c. Manifests all the signs and symptoms of the disease
d. Has 1 defective gene only

99. A possible energy source, caused by the concentration of heat in some

places of the earth’s crust is _________ energy.

a. Solar
b. Fossil
c. Hydrologic
d. Geothermal
100. Very hot gas of nuclei and electrons is called ____________

a. Tokamak
b. Laser
c. Plasma
d. Gas
101. Sounds travels fastest in ___________
a. Vacuum
b. Solids
c. Liquid
d. Air

102. These are pedagogical or instructional aids as supplement to textbooks

EXCEPT _____________

a. Audio-video disks
b. Discussion questions
c. Supplementary tables, charts and maps
d. Computer software
103. This is a tool for assessment of linguistically intelligent learners.

a. Music listening
b. Oral field observation
c. Building a model
d. Book report

104. Teacher Roger wanted his students to rate their own work using the scoring
rubric which he explained to the class before the students began with their task.
Based on revised Bloom’s taxonomy, in which level of cognitive processing are
the students?

a. Applying
b. Synthesizing
c. Analyzing
d. Evaluating
105. Who is a global teacher?

a. A graduate of a degree in a university outside the country

b. Competent in the used of information and communication technology
c. Able to teach learners from diverse groups and cultures
d. Know how to speak local and different foreign language

106. What is the main reason why the Christin Religion is taught as a principal
subject in schools during the Hispanic era in the Philippines?

a. Religion is good for pagans

b. Natives are non-believers
c. Religion prevents war
d. Hispanic culture is Christian

107. Among major schools of learning theories, which see how learners thinks,
reasons and transfers information to new learning situations?

a. Social theories
b. Field and Gestalt theories
c. Behavioral theories
d. Cognitive theories

108. These are the general ways progressivists seek to advance relevance in
modern education but NOT to include ____________

a. Higher order skills

b. Experiential learning
c. Teamwork
d. Classical studies

109. Which learning episode involves documentation that is clear, well

organized and creative?

a. Reflection
b. Field study report
c. Essay
d. Portfolio
110. The way for values clarification by trying and testing values in real life
situation is ___________.

a. Inculcation
b. Action learning
c. Progressivism
d. Positivism

111. For those who successfully pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers
the_________ signed by the Chairman of the Philippine Regulation Commission
serves as evidence for lawful practice of the profession.

a. Professional Oath copy

b. Merit examination certificate
c. Professional registration fee receipt
d. Professional license
112. Which is new in the teaching of TLE in the K to 12 Curriculum

a. NC I is expected of the grade 7 completer

b. Grade 7 is exploratory
c. NC II is expected of the grade 8 completer
d. Grade 7 and 8 TLE is exploratory

113. In making a judgment on the choices of Outstanding Teacher of the school

the committee set up several criteria as basis to give points to nominees. What
attribute of critical thinking did the committee adopt in this situation?

a. Keeping the original problem in mind

b. Seeking a clear statement of the issue
c. Being open-minded
d. Take into account the entire situation
114. Effective questioning techniques facilitate ____________

a. Flow of drills and routines

b. Improved memory
c. Students trust
d. Mastery in learning

115. What is learning situation in which two or more people learn or try to learn
something together unlike individuals learning?

a. Conceptual
b. Constructive
c. Experiential
d. Collaborative

116. There is a “barkada” in class that makes fun of diligent classmates who
recite, do assignments and top exams which are promoted by the school.
Which sociological concept is illustrated?

a. Cultural diversity
b. Counterculture
c. Xenocentrism
d. Noble savage mentality
117. What is an act of postponement of a sentence for an indefinite time?

a. Suspension of sentence
b. Reprieve
c. Commutation
d. Pardon

118. Which region is dubbed “The land of the Promise” because of its spacious
and rich agricultural lands?

a. Central Plain of Luzon

b. Visayan
c. Mindanao
d. Luzon

119. What idea is applied in the situation where your friends thinks that what is
foreign is best, such as imported items are better than our products?

a. Xenocentrism
b. Counter culture
c. Ethnocentrism
d. Temprocentrism

120. The first step in social research is to define your purpose and come up with
an assumed position or ____________, e.g. majority of lay Catholic mothers agree
with their priest on objections to the RH bill.

a. Rationale
b. Outline
c. Hypothesis
d. Question

121. The world’s economy which was greatly affected by the transition of
industries from human power to machine power was the ______________

a. Industrial revolution
b. Information revolution
c. Nuclear revolution
d. Agricultural revolution

122. The maritime dispute between Philippines and China has made significant
impact on the relations of the two states. The Philippines maintains its position
that Spratly Islands is within the exclusive Economic Zone Of the country while
China invokes its ______________

a. Nine-dashed line rule

b. Seven-dashed line rule
c. Eight-dashed line rule
d. Six-dashed line rule
123. The information highway is called _____________

a. Internet
b. Interchange
c. Information technology
d. ICT
124. Some Filipino traits may be used for good or for bad because they

a. Obscure
b. Neutral
c. Ambivalent
d. Passive
125. The proponents of the experience theater in the Philippines was

a. Severino Montano
b. Rolando Tinia
c. Nick Lizaso
d. NicanorAguada
126. The Philippines, which is made up of thousands of islands, is called__________

a. Cape
b. Archipelago
c. Gulf
d. Peninsula

127. A great body of salty water smaller than an ocean, more or less landlocked
is ________________
a. Gulf
b. Lake
c. River
d. Sea

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