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“List of Brand Elements meeting the choice Criteria”


Mr. Hassan Ali



Shahroze Khan 836-MBA-17

Ahmad Kamal 1214-MBA-18
Imran Farooq 809-MBA-17
1. Segmentation
Sr. Age 6 Years to 13 Years
1 Gender Male and Female
2 Occupation School going Kids
3 Income Range (Parents) 50,000 or above
4 Race & Ethnicity All Races
5 Geographic Location Urban Areas
Sr. Perception Consumers who concern about their children oral
health and hygiene
1 Learning Doctors, Internet, Friends and family, TV
2 Motivation & Needs Products that helps to prevents cavities in
3 Attitude & Personality Brand, Safety conscious
4 Lifestyle Modern, busy
Children going to private schools in Urban areas and spend more money on sweets
and junk food.
2. Focus Group Activity to shorten down the Brand Elements for
Sensodyne Kidpro:
The purpose of this focus group was to identify the main Brand elements in our product that
would meet the requirements of choice criteria that is:

 Memorable
 Meaningful
 Likeable
 Transferable
 Adaptable
 Protectable

Our focus group consists of 5 people, 2 women and five men. In our focus group we have
asked multiple related questions from our respondents regarding people’s interest, their ideas.
Thinking about their daily routine items and direct questions related to our offering to
identify the most related brand elements for our offering.

Few examples of questions we asked in focus group:

1. What do you prefer when your pick any FMCG product for yourself or for your
2. Does name, logo, slogan or color impacts on your buying decision?
3. How you determine the quality of product?
4. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “sensitivity”?

Brand Elements of Sensodyne KidPro

Sr. List of Brand KidPro
no Elements
1 Logo

2 Symbol A happy tooth Symbol holding toothbrush is used.

3 Color Light Blue and white Colors are mainly used having a strawberry
image in red and green.
4 Size Packaging size is 6.5 inches x 1.8 inches and inside tube weight is
5 Name KidPro
6 Fonts For name (Exotc 350 Dmbd BT), For logo (Estrangelo Edessa),
Curlz MT, Elephant, and Arial
7 Font Size For name (24 pts) and Horizontal on packaging and vertical on tube,
For Ingredients (11.8 pts) for other writings (21.4 pts and 14 pts)
8 Slogan 100% safe and natural , Fun to use
9 Fragrance Strawberry gum fragrance
10 Shape Shape is like a tube having a big cap on one side which is easy to use
for kids.
11 Taste Strawberry Flavour
12 Certifications Hilal certification
13 Form Non-Transparent light pink color gel
14 6th sense Safe to use
created by
15 Price High pricing (Rs. 200)
16 Ingredients Flouride free and Natural Ingredients

Consolidated list of brand elements

Sr. Brand Criteria
no Elements
1 Logo 1. It’s memorable as more than 23% specialize and consumer
able goods in pharmacy are related to GSK and sensodyne
had already created the monopoly in sensitivity category.
2. Its meaningful as “senso” is taken from word sensitivity
and “dyne” is taken from anodyne i.e. used for painkilling
3. Logo is transferable and adaptable easily.
4. It is registered as trade mark in consumer’s mind.
5. It is likeable as it is written in between the 4 crossing rings
which represent the feel of sensitivity as signals, and
sensodyne text is actually separating and crossing those
rings of feeling pain.

2 Flavour 1. Having a feel of fruit flavour would urge customers to buy

it again and again. It’s memorable as it has flavour of fruit
which has certain flavour and feel.
2. The flavour can be easily transferred if they want to extend
their products line. Fruit flavours can be used in multiple
syrups for kids.
3. It is likeable because no one hesitates to enjoy the little
moments of their life as their slogan also says “fun to use”
it means having fruitful flavour during cleaning teeth is
4. It can be registered as trade mark in consumer’s mind,
which urges them to brush their teeth regularly.
5. It’s meaningful as strawberry flavour is most likeable
flavour among children (According to a research by, 58% children from age 7 to 11 years like
strawberry flavour for their medications.)
3) Source: Kantar TGI **Source: Spleith & Tachou, Epidemiology of dentin hypersensitivity,
Clinical Oral Investigations (2013) methodology, asked if people experienced the symptoms
of hypersensitivity.