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CEB 1043 Principles of Chemical Engineering

Tutorial 3 (CLO1, C1:PO1)

Objective: To gauge students’ understanding on the flow chart and mass balance
for non-reactive systems conversion.

1. Draw the block diagram indicating the input and output for the following process unit.
a. A simple distillation
b. A distillation column with a re-boiler at the bottom product and a condenser at the top
c. An absorption column
d. A tray dryer

2. A liquid mixture of benzene (B) and toluene (T) containing 60% B by mass is fed
continuously to a distillation column. A product stream leaving the top of the column
(overhead product) contains 95% B and a bottom product stream contains 10% B by mass.
By taking an appropriate basis of calculation, determine the mass flow rate of the overhead
product stream and the mass flow rate of the bottom product stream.

3. A stream of humid air containing 1.00 mole% H2O(v) and the balance dry air is to be
humidified to a water content of 10.0 mole% H2O. For this purpose, liquid water is fed
through a flowmeter and evaporated into the air stream. The flowmeter reading, R is 95.
The only available calibration data for the flowmeter are two points scribbled on a sheet
paper, indicating that readings R=15 and R=50 correspond to flowrate V=40.0 ft3/h and
V=96.9 ft3/h, respectively. Draw and label the flowchart do the DoF and estimate the molar
flowrate (lb-mole/h) of the humidified outlet air.

4. A paint mixture containing 25% of a pigment and the balance water sells for $18.00/kg, and
a mixture containing 12.0% pigment sells for $10.00/kg. If a paint retailer produces a blend
containing 17.0% pigment, how much ($/kg) should it be sold to yield a 10% profit?

5. Wet sugar that contains one-fifth water by mass is conveyed through an evaporator in which
85.0% of the entering water is vaporized.
a. Taking a basis of 100 kg feed, calculate the mass fraction of water in the wet sugar
leaving the evaporator, and the ratio (kg H2O vaporized/kg wet sugar leaving the
b. If 1000 tons/day of wet sugar is fed to the evaporator, how much additional water must
be removed from the outlet sugar to dry it completely, and what annual revenue can
be expected if dry sugar sells for $0.15/lbm.

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