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1st European Competition for 3D Design & Printing

Short Guide to Competition – Citizen science activity
Competition phase
The Faculty of Physics and Educational Technology 1. wealth, refugee flows, etc.) to get inspire and create
Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Patras, after a bottle holder for a bicycle.
approval of the Ministry of Research and Religious 2. Teachers design a “Teacher tool” that helps their
Education, announces a student competition for 3D work, compasses, lever, statue, cross, whistle
design and printing entitled ST3dM. It is addressed anything useful in teaching your specialty.
to teachers of all specialties and students of all
levels. Deliverables consist of:
 Water research (3 pages max).
The main objective of the Competition is the  Presentation of the work of students 15
entry of new technologies into the educational slides (5 research- 5 actions-5 design) .
process and the simultaneous development of an  3D design file (stl).
interdisciplinary framework for their integration.
The evaluation of the dossier concerns:
The aim of the contestants is to design 3D after 3. 25% Artistic
research in a specific field. 4. 25% Research
5. 25% Teaching
1. Elementary (Earth) teams should study the 6. 25% Presentation
fresh water of their area, rivers, lakes,
springs, etc. to be inspired and create a Important dates
Participation Statement : 14 February
school water bottle.
2. Junior High School teams (Aliens) should Webinars on 3D design : 17 February
study the origin of water, water in Space,
Send Participation File : April 12
Asteroids, comets, satellites, planets, etc. to
inspire and design a sextant. Awards:
3. High school teams should study
saltwater(Continental Shelf, economic The winners' schools of all categories will be awarded
with a 3D printer at a scheduled conference.
zone, pollution,

Cooperation phase


CSA 1. Earthlings - Underwater
1. Primary students after webinar training will create the landscape of their area.
2. High Schools after webinar training will create the seabed.
3. Together we gather the nominal pieces of each school and create the relief of Europe. We
exhibit our work in an appropriate space.

CSA 2. Aliens
1. Night in School: In collaboration with the Laboratory of Teaching of Physics and
Educational Technology and local astronomy groups we organize the common "An
Evening at School".

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες www. st3dm. web. auth. gr

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