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Ecommerce Website Live Visitor Tracking System


Ecommerce is known as electronic commerce, which refers to buying and selling

goods through internet. Ecommerce is often used to sell or buy physical products
online. You can buy almost anything you could imagine without leaving your
house. Online stores are open 24 hours a day and are accessible from any location
with an Internet connection. In the era of internet, Ecommerce business is
growing to a great extent. But there are many problems faced by ecommerce
industries. Some of the problems faced are online identity verification, competitor
analysis, maintaining customer’s loyalty, competing against retailers and
manufacturers and much more. Visitor tracking system helps us to track all the
visitors visiting the site, which products they are more interested in and much
more. Ecommerce requires a visitor tracking software which will help the retailers
to know more about the user’s behavior on their site, their interests and more.
The live visitor tracking system will help retailers to manage pricing and sell more
products. We propose an ecommerce website for selling watch. In this
ecommerce watch store, admin can get to know the live visitors visiting to the
site. It also cleans-up the old visitors records automatically. There are two
modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can add products, view the products,
live visitors, live feed and it also clean ups old visitors’ records. Users can view the
products, add product to cart, users can track the order and also users can view
order history.
 Modules:

The system comprises of 3 major modules with their sub-modules as follows:

1. Admin:

 Login: Admin can login in his personal account using id and

 Add Product: Admin can add products.
 View Product: Admin can view the added products.
 View User: Admin can view all information about the user.
 View Live User: System allows admin to view live number of users on
page and on entire website.
Project Lifecycle:

The waterfall Model is a linear sequential flow. In which progress is seen as
flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of software
implementation. This means that any phase in the development process begins
only if the previous phase is complete. The waterfall approach does not define the
process to go back to the previous phase to handle changes in requirement. The
waterfall approach is the earliest approach that was used for software
 Hardware Requirement:

 Processor –Core i3
 Hard Disk – 160 GB
 Memory – 1GB RAM
 Monitor

 Software Requirement:

 Windows 7 or higher
 Python
 Django framework
 MySQL database
 Advantages

 Saves time
 Easy to access the system anywhere and anytime.

 Limitation
 Requires an active internet connection

 Application
 This system can be used by the multiple peoples to get the
counselling sessions online.

 Reference