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Looking back. Moving forward.


2018 - 2019

3 MD’s Statement

4 Principal’s Statement

5 School Management Board

6 Staff & Falcuty

17 SNA Classes

84 ASB + Student Council

86 Dormitory

88 Student Art Project

90 Clubs

95 Events

105 Alumni

109 NHG Education System

Welcome to
SNA Yearbook 2019

At SNA Highly trained Vietnamese

and foreign teachers work
together, guiding the students to become mature
thinkers, responsible global citizens and future

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is

to focus on leadership development. There is almost
no limit to the potential of an organization that
recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and
continually develops them.” - John Maxwell

We understand that this is a big promise with many

features. The foundation of becoming a leader first
begins with developing the proper skills, behavior
traits and motivation to want to lead. The world is
your oyster and each one of you has every ability to
achieve whatever you want in life.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more,

learn more, do more and become more, you are
“People who are truly strong lift others up. People
a leader.”
who are truly powerful bring others together.” -
- John Quincy Adams
Michelle Obama

So much of today’s education is focused on preparing

students to thrive in the real world digital age of the Leadership is a balance of both the mind and the
21st century. Therefore, it is our duty to help these heart. Being a leader encompasses persistence
learners transition into well rounded individuals and compassion, as well as being authoritative
that live the following characteristics on a daily and understanding. Accepting and appreciating all
basis: Knowledgeable, balanced, caring, principled, things around one’s self and always treating others
risk-takers, inquirers, reflective, communicators, the way one wants to be treated. Here at SNA we are
that are open minded thinkers. To achieve these constantly collaborating to help each other develop
goals, is it up to our entire school community to into open minded, well-rounded inquirers and
instill the importance of self-motivation, creativity innovators.
and a strong work ethic within each individual.

SNA 2018 - 2019

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

It is my honor to present the 2019 International Schools of North America year book to you all. It is a privilege
to serve as SNA’s Managing Director and I have had the best of time getting to know the students, teachers
and everyone involved in the SNA community. This yearbook documents our commitment to being a student
focused, unified, but diverse school. Together, we are capable of accomplishing our dreams.
In particular I want to thank parents, for your trust in choosing to send your children to SNA, teachers, for
your hard work, patience and dedication to education and finally, students, for working hard, having fun and
creating lifelong memories.
As you will know from our announcements over that last eighteen months we are pleased that we have gained
candidacy status from the International Baccalaureate to be a for the IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP),
the IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP), and the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) for our Grades 11 and
12. As a candidate school we are working towards authorization with the IB for all three programmes. In
addition, we have been given permission by the Ministry of Education and for the recognition and delivery of
this prestigious international curriculum.
I work with many staff every day who are not involved in the teaching or delivery of classes, but without them
I know SNA would not function. I want to say a special thank you to all those staff who work to make and
create a safe and healthy campus for all of us. From the guards who welcome us in the morning to the cleaning
staff who tidy up and keep the school clean and up to standard and I say a big thank you to you all.
Once again, thank you to everyone for such a successful year. Now join me in taking a walk down memory
lane through the year book.
Nguyễn Thị Thu Thủy
SNA Managing Director

SNA 2018 - 2019

4 Yearbook

is with sincere and great pleasure that we at students grow as individuals and gain more confidence
SNA present to you our yearbook for academic in their abilities as young people. This is something that
year 2018-19; what a very fast year! A yearbook at SNA, we pride ourselves in, that is, providing a diverse
is a fantastic keepsake of memories from our school range of opportunities for students to be expressive and
year, that, if it were not for this yearbook, some of these self-assured. Also, perhaps one of the most warming and
cherished memories would be lost forever, so it is with memorable moments for me this year, has been the amount
much happiness that I found myself looking back at the of charity work that our students have participated in
many happy and rewarding events that have taken place this year! Our students displayed great compassion
this year. and kindness in that they organized many events that
raised considerable sums of money and they also gave
This year has been a very busy year at SNA, much busier
up their valuable study time to visit many disadvantaged
than previous years due to the fact that SNA has embarked
individuals to lend support and give aid. So, to all of our
on a new and exciting journey with the International
wonderful students all the way from kinder through to
Baccalaureate Organization to become an IB World school
12th grade, a sincere and heart-felt thank you from SNA,
that delivers the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years
we are so proud of you!
Programme and Diploma Program in the coming years. This
has therefore meant that our teachers have been working Lastly, a message to our departing and graduating 12th
harder than ever before to make our school realize its grade students; you are about to embark on a voyage
dream to achieve authorization in these programs. When of discovery as you leave SNA. Some of you may leave
we achieve our authorization, this will further enhance Vietnam, some of you may stay in Vietnam. However,
teaching and learning at SNA and provide students with wherever you may be, we hope that the life skills, personal
opportunities to become independent inquirers, critical attributes and beliefs that you have acquired with your
thinkers and more effective communicators, to name but a time at SNA will make the rough journey smoother for
few of the many areas in which we wish to develop for our you. And most importantly, you strive to do the right thing
students. So, to all our teachers and support staff, I wish to in life and continue to help others less fortunate than
personally thank you for your commitment and hard work yourselves. Your parents have invested in your education,
in helping us realize our IB dream, well done, without you, use your education to make the world a better place. To
it would not be possible! quote Nelson Mandela, “No country can really develop unless
its citizens are educated. Education is the most powerful
What an amazing year of events, shows and performances
weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is
our students have participated in this year! We have had so
the great engine of personal development” (Mandela, 2013)
many colourful and lively events that allowed our students
to express themselves, ranging from local in-school events,
to out of school field trips to fund raising charity events,
Mike Miller
art projects and eloquence contests to name but a few!
Looking back over the year, I felt particularly proud to see


Managing Director


Acting Principal

Vice Managing Director Head of Primary School IB MYP Coordinator Admission Manager
IB PYP Coordinator

SNA 2018 - 2019

6 Yearbook
SNA staff and
“ A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way, and shows the way. “
John C. Maxwell

Our teachers are chosen for their strong leadership

skills. They lead themselves and they know how to
lead others. They possess empathy, they respect
individuality, and act in accordance with character
traits SNA values most. They show the way by
consistently showing examples of leadership
behavior and helping develop our student’s highest
potential. Our caring and dedicated staff, from our
baby sitters, bus drivers, kitchen staff, and to all the
Academic Advisors, and Teachers, are our greatest
strength and the backbone of support for the success
of our students. We congratulate and express our
gratitude to them for all they do.
International Staff
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Mia Cha Morley ●● Jason Levi Albalos

●● Rebecca Kidley ●● Robert Burke
●● Veronica Luu ●● Arthur Bernard Brocas
●● Susan Ames ●● Caroline Fogiel
●● Maegan Fontyn ●● AC Lyhn Ricafort Cagas
●● Kate Louise Bittle ●● Bryan Rudd
●● Marissa De Greef ●● Krysta Sullivan
●● Aoife Mary O’Carroll ●● John Doan
●● David Frederick John Remenda

SNA 2018 - 2019

8 Yearbook
International Staff
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Kelsey Rose Irish ●● Mark Simcoe

●● Ciara Lucey ●● Tim Nelson
●● Meagan Fontyn ●● Matthew Stevens
●● Hannah Nguyen ●● Guy Wallbank
●● Jessica Phan ●● Henry Dustin Leng
●● Wallen Argueles ●● Garrett Ward
●● Michelle Chau ●● Peter Smith
●● Sarah Maguire
●● Marjan Kasraei
Third row from left to right:

●● Kim Abraham
●● James Uvally
●● Luke Nguyen
●● Leslie Tran
●● Derek Havelock
●● Ben Tran

SNA 2018 - 2019

Vietnamese Teachers
First row, from left to right

●● Nguyen Thanh Hung

●● Le Thi Ngoc Trinh

●● Nguyen Thi Thanh Sang
●● Vu Thi Thuy Van
●● Tran Thi Kim Hang
●● Dang Thien Ngoc Truc
●● Duong Thi Cam Loan

●● Chung Pham Thanh Truc
●● Nguyen Thi Hoai
●● Chu Thi Kieu Dung
●● Nguyen Thi Thao Suong
●● Nguyen Thi Mong Huyen
●● Vo Duy Phong

SNA 2018 - 2019

10 Yearbook
Vietnamese Teachers
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen ●● Tieu Tuan Kiet

●● Trinh Thi Hien ●● Truong Thanh Cong
●● To Phuong Tu ●● Dang Thien Tam
●● Thai Thi Cam Minh ●● Nguyen Trung Kien
●● Nguyen Thi My Lanh ●● Nguyen Thi Anh Thuong
●● Huynh Truc Duy ●● Nguyen Viet Luan
●● Nguyen Thi Dong Thao ●● Le Cong Tai
●● Nguyen Ngoc Anh ●● Ngo Le Bao Trung
●● Vo Thi My Nu ●● Le Thanh Duy

SNA 2018 - 2019

Academic Advisors

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Ho Pham Ngoc Trinh ●● Tran Van Hai

●● Nguyen Thi Mai Trinh ●● Sophie Tran Thi Hong Phuc
●● Nguyen Le Hoang Mai ●● Vuong Phuong Dinh
●● Vo Thi My Nguyet ●● Denise Le Thi Thuy
●● Ho Thi Hai Yen ●● Nguyen Hoang Truc Linh
●● Christy Le Thi Thuy ●● Pham Ngoc Van Thanh
●● Dao Hong Phuc

SNA 2018 - 2019

12 Yearbook
Academic Advisors

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Dang Thi Kim Phuong ●● Rosemary Dinh Yen Thanh

●● Isma Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung ●● Nguyen Pham Bao Thu
●● Brandy Dang Thi Tram ●● Sage Tran Thi Phuong Thao
●● Denise Le Thi Thuy ●● Tran Thi Tuyet Nhung
●● Olive Ngo Thi Viet Tam ●● Grace Tran Thanh Thao
●● Becky Nguyen Thi Ngoc Yen ●● Stella Le Thi Bich Lien

Third row, from left to right

●● Tran Dinh Luan

●● Do Van Anh
●● Skye Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh
●● Cao Doan Bao Thy
●● Benjin Truong Nhat Bao

SNA 2018 - 2019


●● Lam Ngoc Men

●● Nguyen Van Hoa
●● Nguyen Minh Hai
●● Phan Thanh Tung
●● Tran Van Hoang STUDENT
●● Huynh Thien
●● Nguyen Kim Thao MONITORs
●● Nguyen Van Bong
●● Phung Tu Quyet
●● Ly Duong

SNA 2018 - 2019

14 Yearbook
●● Nguyen Thi Anh Nguyet ●● Nguyen Thanh Thao
●● Huynh Thi Tam ●● Nguyen Thi Linh Giang
●● Trinh Vo Quynh Nhu ●● Tran Thi Bich Lien ●● Truong Thi Thuy An
●● Tran Thi Kieu Diem ●● Le Thi Bach Le ●● Ngo Quang Truong
●● Pham Nguyen Yen Nhi ●● Vo Thi Linh ●● Dinh Van Sau
●● Than Thi Thanh Truc ●● Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham ●● Nguyen Thi Le Thuy
●● Ly Ngoc Dung ●● Nguyen Thi Mai
●● Ngo Thi My Phuong
●● Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh
●● Tran Thi Kieu Nhu
●● Truong Thi Ngoc Dang
●● Danh Nhat Quang

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right
●● Nguyen Thi Mung ●● Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao
●● Nguyen Ngoc Lan ●● Pham Thi Linh
●● Huynh Thi Thu Thao ●● Le Thi Thuy
●● Le Thi Huong ●● Nguyen Thi Phuong Tra
●● Truong Bao Châu ●● Do Thi Mai Tram
●● Vo Thi My Loan ●● Tran Thi Thuy Hoa
●● Vo Tran Thuy Tien ●● Le Thi Thuy An
●● Ly Tu Nhu ●● Truong Anh Ngoc
●● Le Thi Bich Tuyen
●● Nguyen Thuy Trang

Third row from left to right: Fourth row from left to right

●● Nguyen Hong Ngoc Dinh Duc Anh

●● Hoang Phuong Thao Tran Quoc Phong
●● Nguyen Cao Cuong Nguyen Phi Long
●● Tran Xep Nguyen Cong Phuong
●● Nguyen Minh Khoa Truong Minh Hieu
Nguyen Minh Xuan( not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

16 Yearbook

“ Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!”

Dr. Seuss

And now we would like to introduce you to our future leaders. Please take
some time to enjoy getting to know them, their classmates and some of
the activities they participated in throughout the school year. Notice their
curiosity, their growth and their interest in developing into caring, young
leaders here at SNA. Above all, take a moment to be proud of your children
and all they have accomplished this year.

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Chloe Le Tran Diem Quynh ●● Andy Vu Nguyen An ●● Chu Thi Kieu Dung
●● Sarah Phan Huynh Khanh Thy ●● Luximilian Le Huu Loc ●● David Frederick John, Remenda
●● Victoria Le Mai Quynh Anh ●● Kun Nguyen The Long ●● Christy Le Thi Thuy
●● Mia Tran Bui Quynh Thi ●● Nguyen Ngo Quoc Tru ●● Nguyen Thi Anh Nguyet
●● Bella Nguyen An Duyen ●● Ken Nguyen Minh Khang ●● Ruby Vu Thuy Duong (not in the
●● Judy Le Ngoc Uyen My ●● Andy Tran Ngoc Huy Anh photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

18 Yearbook
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● May Luu Ngoc Bao Han ●● James Trinh Minh Phuc ●● Pham Nguyen Yen Nhi
●● Cola Nguyen Linh Dan ●● Kevin Le Huynh Tan Vinh ●● Christy Le Thi Thuy
●● Amelia Le Ngoc Bao Tran ●● Kenny Luc Ung Kien ●● David Frederick John, Remenda
●● Sophia Tran Bui Anh Thu ●● Belly Nguyen Hoang Khoi Nguyen ●● Chu Thi Kieu Dung
●● Elisa Du Mai Kha ●● Robin Hoang Thien An
●● Alice Nguyen Hoang My Uyen ●● Vincent Ha Trinh Phuc Hung
●● Kent Nong Tran Gia Phuc

SNA 2018 - 2019

Andy Tran






Which one
do you Mia

pick ?



SNA 2018 - 2019
20 Yearbook







SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Julie Nguyen Minh Ngoc ●● Anna Hoang Khanh Bao Ngoc ●● Ms. Le Thi Bach Le
●● Anna Dao Chau Anh ●● Kevin Hoang Khang ●● Ms. Dang Thien Ngoc Truc
●● Suri Pham Tue Anh ●● John Trinh Nhat Minh ●● Ms. Krysta Sullivan
●● Kitty Vu Nhu Quynh ●● Tony Diep Gia Thanh ●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Trinh
●● Samantha Truong Gia Sa My ●● Bill Phan Le Anh Khoi
●● Stella Nguyen Tam Nhien ●● Kevin Nguyen Ha Nhat Khoi
●● Angel Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh ●● Eric Tran Hoang Bach
●● Julie Dao Minh Anh ●● Jack Le Phuoc An
●● Anabel Le Gia Han ●● Brent Pham Gia Bao
●● Annie Hoang Hoi An ●● Vicky Huynh Vo Thi Hanh

SNA 2018 - 2019

22 Yearbook


r e

Know n ced
ledgea B a l a
b le

-mind cator
ed u n i


we are sna students. we are ib learners.

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Phillip Dinh Ngoc Gia Phat ●● Benny Huynh Minh Khang ●● Ms. Rebecca Kidley
●● Mike Pham Minh Quan ●● Raphael Lai Tuan Dung ●● Ms. Tran Thi Bich Lien
●● Suri Dang Ngoc Tran ●● Suri Trieu Lam Bao Nhu ●● Ms. Vo Thi My Nguyet
●● Angel Nguyen Phuong Nghi ●● Bill Huynh Anh Tuan ●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao Suong
●● Ryan Truong Dinh Duy Anh ●● Nathan Nguyen Nam Anh
●● Alice Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen Tam ●● Keith Nguyen Huynh Tam Khang
●● Eric Nguyen Dinh Minh Tri ●● Thomas Dang Hoang Thinh
●● Tina Nguyen Hoang Thanh Van ●● Andy Le Gia Thanh
●● Ruby Doan Xuan Vy ●● Tina Pham Nguyen Gia Linh
●● Marcus Truong Ngoc Hoang ●● Sue Nguyen Hoang Hai Tran
Quan ●● Annie Nguyen Phuong Anh
(not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

24 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Elsa Tran Gia Ngoc Han ●● Isaac Tran Tri Huu ●● Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Sang
●● Anne Vu Phuong An ●● Tracy Do Anh Thu ●● Mrs. Tran Thi Kieu Diem
●● Ethan Tran Minh Huy ●● Emily Duong Bao Nghi ●● Ms. Nguyen Hoang Truc Linh
●● Ben Doan Chan Hung ●● Cheryl Ly Tue Lam ●● Ms. Marissa De Greef.
●● Kaiden Le Gia Khang ●● Nguyen Tran Vinh Kha
●● Jack Le Phuoc An ●● Sonny Luu Bach
●● Eric Luu Khoi Nguyen ●● Steven Nguyen Tan Phat
●● Annie Nguyen Minh An

SNA 2018 - 2019

26 Yearbook
Ann Ben
e Emily
yl Elsa
Annie Cher

Teacher Youtuber
Archaeologist Policewoman
Eric han
ck Kaide


Scientist Soccer player Chef Soccer player Soccer player

ha Sonn
y acy


Policeman Artist
Soccer player Policeman

They’re bright, they’re beautiful.

SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Ly-Syhan Nguyen Ly Huyen ●● Sony Hoang Quoc Anh Kiet ●● Mr. Robert Burke
●● Angela Tran ●● Tom Nguyen Nam Anh ●● Ms. Pham Ngoc Van Thanh
●● Moon Nguyen Phuong Linh ●● Coca Nguyen Xuan Lam ●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Linh Giang
●● Henry Nguyen Gia Huy ●● Ian Vu Ngoc Khoi Nguyen ●● Ms. Vu Thi Thuy Van
●● Fanny Huynh Thai Thanh ●● Kevin Nguyen Minh Khoi
●● Sophia Nguyen Mai Hoang Ha ●● Henry Ngo Minh Quan
●● Clara Pham Hoang Tuyet Tam ●● Max Nguyen Quang Minh
●● Ben Nguyen Dinh Hai
●● Lucy Truong Hoang Ngoc Diep

SNA 2018 - 2019

28 Yearbook
And that’s a good thing

2018 -2019

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Jerry Nguyen Huu Viet Bach ●● Ly Ngoc Dung ●● Mr. Bryan Rudd
●● Sunny Pham Thai Uyen ●● Tran Thi Kim Hang ●● Tracy Bui Pham Hai San
●● Sapphire Van Buu Ngoc ●● Yoo Hye Sung (not in the photo)
●● Angie Le Tran Bao Tran ●● Michael Le Mai Gia Duc
●● Alice Doan Anh Thu ●● Morly Nguyen Minh Tri
●● Natalie Nguyen Le Nam Phuong ●● Leo Le Duy Hung
●● Tyla Dao Mansfield ●● Alvin Vu Ngoc Dang Khoa
●● Anna Lai Tran Binh Duong ●● Ben Dang Hoang Bao
●● Freeman Huynh Thai Thien ●● Jack Trieu Gia Luong
●● Simon Nguyen Thien Lan
●● Ms. Ho Thi Hai Yen
●● Ms. Veronica Luu

SNA 2018 - 2019

30 Yearbook
Third graders 
are globally minded students
I am a thinker
and an inquirer We are

We are
We are caring

We inded
We are
We are knowledgeable

We are re

We are risk-takers

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Minato Sau Kiem Hung ●● Denny Tran Nhat Ngoc Duynh ●● Ms. Chung Pham Thanh Truc
●● Kenny Nguyen Xuan Khang ●● Patrick Nguyen Dinh Minh Quang ●● Ms. Tran Thi Hong Phuc
●● Sherman Pham Tuan Minh ●● Edward Ly Thanh Tung ●● Ms. Kate Louise Bittle
●● Anny Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen Thanh ●● Sunny Nguyen Nhat Tram Anh ●● Ms. Huynh Thi Tam
●● Louis Dinh Ngoc Gia Thanh ●● Annie Nguyen Huynh An Phuc
●● Alex Nguyen Dac Khoi Anh ●● Mary Nguyen Ngoc Thao Ngan
●● Andy Tran Gia Long ●● David Le Phong Phu
●● Scott Do An Khang ●● Scott Dong Nguyen Khang
(not in the photo) ●● Alex Tran Quang Vinh Tu

SNA 2018 - 2019

32 Yearbook
t! H ere are
o so fas
Thing s g
my home.
– hts of
gh l ig
the hi

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Dominic Lai Tuan Thanh ●● Tom Nguyen Tuan Kien ●● Ms. Aoife Mary O’Carroll
●● Elvis Nguyen Quang Vy ●● Phillip Nguyen Vinh Phuc ●● Ms. Ho Pham Ngoc Trinh
●● Tony Phan Song Gia Hao ●● Tyson Duong Le Thanh Tue ●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Mong Huyen
●● Harry Nguyen Pham Viet Tan ●● Cher Cao Bao Han ●● Ms. Huynh Thi Tam
●● Messi To Hoang Minh ●● Suri Ho Thanh Truc Vy ●●
●● Owen Cao Minh Quan ●● Stella Kim Hea Joo
●● Jordan Dang Tran Gia Bao ●● Teejay Nguyen Pham Hieu Thuan
●● Jerry Dao Thien Phuc ●● Andrew Tiet Hoang Tu
●● Louis Cao Xuan Trieu
(not in the photo)
●● Kate Nguyen Dang Khanh Linh
(not in the photo)
●● Park YeLin (not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

34 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Henry Vo Tuan ●● Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Trinh ●● David Ho Vi Khang

●● Windy Nguyen Kha Hy ●● Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao ●● Jackie Le Nguyen Bao Khoi
●● Kayla Dinh Pham Quynh Tram ●● Linda Nguyen Hoang Phuong Linh ●● Dennis Nguyen Tien Phat Dat
●● Kenny Le Thieu khoa ●● Natasha Tran Vo Xuan Nhi ●● Joshua Vigil Nguyen Lam
●● Victor Pham Minh Vu ●● Cherry Tong Ho Anh ●● Steve Truong Thach Trong
●● Sophia Bui Tran Phuong Anh ●● Rose Luu Nhat Ha ●● David Le Ngoc Lan
●● Lisa Nguyen Hoang Yen Chi ●● Hannah Phan Quynh Bao Han ●● Jerry Huynh Minh Quan
●● Mia Tran Ngoc An Duyen ●● Lilly Tran Thanh Thuy ●● Andy Luu Anh Dung
●● Laura Ton Nu Cam Ngoc ●● Kevin Vu Hai Long (not in the photo)
●● Nate Nguyen Ho Trung Nam
●● Ms. Vuong Phuong Dinh
●● Mr. John Doan

SNA 2018 - 2019

36 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
Mr. John Doan
What an adventure we had this year, I would have to say that this year class
has been my best class ever. I had so much fun being with all of you. We had so
many learning experiences, and we did everything together. We argued, fought
and made a big mess in the class. I watched you mature and took responsibility
for your own learning. Ms. Dinh and I would like to thank you all for being such
an awesome class and know that you all will be successful in everything you do.

Ms. Vuong Phuong Dinh

Time flew so fast. It’s almost a year observing those “little monkeys” growing up.
These kids are unique, sweet-hearted, obedient and sometimes “funny-crazy”.
There were moments that they drove me mad but deep down in my heart I love
all of them. Remember kids “You can play hard but you have to study harder”.

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Trinh

Each of us has our own dreams and ambitions and so do I. I hope all of you
always succeed in life and always remember the best of the student time. Have
a fun, rewarding and exciting summer, kids.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao

Hello 5A1 Class! This school year, my class and I were very happy. I’m very happy
to take care all of you. See you growing up. I hope that the next school year my
class will learn well, be obedient and fulfill all of your dreams.

SNA 2018 - 2019

38 Yearbook
Cherry Tong Ho Anh
Hi. I’m Cherry. I’m from grade 5. I’ve been learning here at this cool school since I was 4 years old. It was
lovely and fun. I love all of the classes and the extra-curricular activities. We did lots of fun things and
created many projects. However, all of that joyful year won’t last long. Next year, I will go to grade 6. I
remember that in class we learn about the galaxy. There are millions and billions of stars ready to be
known. It’s also like when I take my first steps to Junior High School, there are thousands of adventures
to be uncovered.

Sophia Bui Tran Phuong Anh

My name is Sophia. I’m a fifth grade student at SNA. I’ve been learning at SNA for about 2 years. I have a
lot of friends and we always go to the playground at break time. My teachers are Mr. John and Ms. Dinh.
Mr. John lets us do lots of fun things in class like projects and movies. This year we have many new things
like new school, soccer field, gymnasium and a lot more. Thank my parents for letting me learn at SNA.

Andy Luu Anh Dung

Hello. My name is Andy and today I will talk about my life at SNA. I like this school year a lot. My
teachers are Mr. John, Ms. Dinh and Ms. Trinh. Mr. John always tells us to do a lot of Math exercises. We
do many projects and lots of other things. I love this school year.

Dennis Nguyen Tien Phat Dat

Hi. My name is Dennis. This year is the best year I’ve ever had. I had a lot of new stuffs to learn so I
could go to grade 6 and graduate. I have been learning with three smart, handsome, beautiful and
nice teachers. Mr. John lets me learn all about space, history and English. It’s very interesting to tell my
parents about things I’ve learned from school. Ms. Trinh is my Vietnamese teacher who teaches me to
learn Math, Vietnamese and so on. Ms. Dinh always helps me solve any problem. Ms. Thao is my student
monitor. I’ve had many fun experiences this year. I also made lots of good friends. I feel really thankful to
my parents for letting me learn at the best school I’ve ever had.

Mia Tran Ngoc An Duyen

Hi. My name is Mia. My teachers are Ms. Dinh, Mr. John and Ms. Trinh. Mr. John teaches me Math and
English. Then he lets us make projects about the topic that I’ve learned. In class, Ms. Trinh teaches
us Vietnamese. My class is very big and my friends are nice to me. We play many games at the
playground. The playground is big so we can run around and play every day. Thanks to my teachers
and my parents for helping me learn at this school.

Windy Nguyen Kha Hy

I’m Windy. I have been studying at SNA since I was 3 years old so many great memories have been
built that I could never forget. I want to thank my teachers so much for teaching me important lessons
that I have been prepared for Junior High School. This year is the most memorable year in Elementary.
The school has observed me growing up day by day. It is associated with my childhood and I will be no
longer a child any more. I will miss this year a lot.

Rose Luu Nhat Ha

This last year in Elementary is a good year with lots of beautiful memories. I am so happy but I am also
sad because I will need to say goodbye Elementary School. My class is noisy but they are all my good
friends. Mr. John is a good teacher but I still don’t understand why he hates Wikipedia. Ms. Trinh and
Ms. Dinh are really pretty; however, they are also strict. I know that they are strict because they want
us to become good students. Ms. Thao is my student monitor who takes care us every day. In class, I
learned about Egypt civilization, global citizen, how the world works. I love to do projects, DEAR time
and computer lab. I learn in 5A1 which has a lot of good people. In this year, I’ve joined many fun events
like Halloween, Christmas, Story Telling, Read Across America, etc. This year is great. I really proud of
being SNA Elementary student. I love this school so much and it is time to say goodbye to Elementary.

David Ho Vi Khang
Hello. My name is David K. I learn with Mr. John and Ms. Dinh. We have learned lots of Math. I have
learned at this school for 5 years and my favorite teacher is Mr. John. Mr. John lets us do many projects
about Science and that why I like Science. He also lets us read lots of books. In Vietnamese program, we
learn with Ms. Trinh. We learned many good stories. I like this school year 2018-2019.

SNA 2018 - 2019

Linda Nguyen Hoang Phuong Linh
School of North America is a great place for students. I’m in grade 5 which is the last year of
Elementary School. The time goes so fast, next year I will go to grade 6. This year, I feel very happy to
meet many good friends. I would like to thank all of the teachers for helping me a lot in Vietnamese
and American programs. I love SNA. You are my second family.

David Le Ngoc Lan

My name is David L. I am a member of 5A1. I did a lot of projects and assessments. It was so fun. I have
lots of new good friends like Steve, Kenny, Victor and Henry. I learn with Mr. John, Ms. Trinh and Ms.
Dinh. Mr. John is very kind. He helps me when I have problems in learning. Ms. Trinh is nice too. She
teaches me many new things. We love her so much. Our AA is Ms. Dinh. She is very friendly. This year,
the IB program has more activities than last year. We have fun time together. In the afternoon, we have
extra-curricular class. It has so many activities so I can learn when I finish the classes. Next year, I will go
to grade 6. I love this school year very much.

Kevin Vu Hai Long

My name is Kevin and this is my last year in Elementary. 5A1 is the funniest class in my opinion. I have
lots of good friends and I have done many cool projects. My American teacher is Mr. John Doan. He is a
funny teacher. Every day, Mr. John gives us a paper of Math to do. Some questions are hard and some
are easy. Ms. Trinh is my Vietnamese teacher. She is very nice because she always lets us relax. Ms. Dinh
is a translating teacher and she likes to give us homework. At break time, my friends and I play soccer
in the soccer field. Soccer is my favorite sport because it is very fun. I’m so thankful to my parents for
letting me to learn at SNA.

Nate Nguyen Ho Trung Nam

This year has been one of my best Elementary year. Last year was great and fun but those were from the
past. It is time for a new beginning start. I had learned about how unfair the world is and the civilization.
The Egypt project was fun but it was kind of difficult and messy. I also learned that in 2024 or 2027 Mars
will be Earth like. I have experienced some chances and challenges. My favorite class is Computer Class. I
don’t know what to say any more but I do know that I have fulfilled my duties I was given as a student.

Laura Ton Nu Cam Ngoc

I was once a little scaredy-cat when I first got into SNA. When I started to grow up, I have started to
learn new things. I first learned simple things such as drawing and singing, but afterwards, things got
more complicated. I had projects and field trips which I adore so much. Every field trip is like a small
journey for me to have new experiences in the outside world. Each project helps me to understand
more about my unit. Both projects and field trips engage me to bond with my friends more than the
normal way of learning. And the teachers are like my second mother. They are very soft to me but they
know when to be stiff and serious at times. This year I had the opportunity to meet new friends and a
new learning environment. I’m going to miss this year.

Jerry Huynh Minh Quan

Hello, my name is Jerry. My school year in 5A1 was so good. I have done a lot of projects and assessments.
It was so fun. I have met many good teachers and friends. The teachers in my class are Mr. John, Ms.
Dinh, Ms. Trinh and our student monitor -Ms. Thao. Friends always support me. Sometimes we argued
with each other but we are still good friends. This year, the IB program has a lot of good activities so I
can feel relax when I’m finished the class in the afternoon. I will try my best to learn in grade 6. I love my
class very much.

Henry Vo Tuan
My name is Henry. It is a funniest year. Mr. John sometimes says he is handsome but I don’t see him
handsome ha-ha. Sometimes Ms. Dinh gives me hard homework and Ms. Trinh gives me an essay to do.
My favorite extra class is soccer and I play with my friends in the soccer field. On Saturday and Sunday,
I play Lien Quan Mobile with my best friend in 5A2. His name is Kai. During that time, I can open a chat
voice to talk about a war or a battle. He is a good goal keeper. He and I are good team to play football.
The global café is very expensive. This is my last year in Elementary School. I will miss this year.

Victor Pham Minh Vu

My name is Victor. This is the funniest year ever. I got many new friends and I have learned many good
things. My teacher is Mr. John who teaches us to do many fun things like projects. Ms. Dinh is my
Academic Advisor. Ms. Trinh is my Vietnamese teacher. This year has the biggest change. We have new
school, new canteen, new soccer field and new swimming pool. I love to play soccer with my friends.
SNA is my best school ever. I’m very thankful to my parents for letting me to learn at SNA. I’m very proud
of being student at SNA. I love you.

SNA 2018 - 2019

40 Yearbook
Jackie Le Nguyen Bao Khoi
I like this year of 5A1. Our teachers are Mr. John, Ms. Dinh and Ms. Trinh. We got to do so many projects
and we went on three field trips. We went to Jump Arena, 3D museum, and Vivo City. I made a lot of
friends in 5A1 and I play with them at break time. I like to read and draw. I have been improving my art
by my own. No thanks to those art classes on Monday and Wednesday. Anyways, that’s all I guess. Well,
goodbye! (P/s: Mr. John likes to use a bamboo stick to silence us so be careful)

Natasha Tran Vo Xuan Nhi

This is my last year to study at Elementary. I’ve been here for 6 years. Next year, I will go to Junior High
School. I have to say goodbye to my teachers and friends. This year I had a lot of good memories. We
have done many fun projects. My favorite subject is Science because we can do lots of fun activities like
researching about Mars, Earth. Thanks to my teacher and I never forget anything that I’ve learned from
you. I love SNA.

Hannah Phan Quynh Bao Han

Hi, my name is Hannah. This is my last year to study in Elementary School. This year I learn with
Mr. John, Ms. Dinh, Ms. Trinh and Ms. Thao. The unit that I like the most is Solar System. I love to do
projects of this unit because it was fun and didn’t make me feel boring. When doing Math, I don’t like it
because it makes me tired and boring. In Vietnamese, I learn about Math, Science, Vietnamese, History
and Geography. The three subjects I like are Science, History and Geography. Sometimes Ms. Trinh is
angry with the class because we talked and don’t listen to the lessons. However, sometimes she makes
many games for us to play. I have many good friends and I love this year. Next year, I will try my best to
get good scores and I will never forget this year.

Lisa Nguyen Hoang Yen Chi

Hi, my name is Lisa. This is my last year to study in Elementary School. At the end of the year, I have to
say goodbye to teachers and go to Junior High School. I have been studying there for 6 years. This year,
I have a lot of memories with my class. We have done many projects and some of assignments. It was
very fun. My favorite subject is Science. We researched many information about Mars, Solar System,
galaxies, etc. Ms. Trinh teaches us about Science, Geography, Math, etc. I will never forget my teachers
and my friends. I want to say thank you to my teachers for teaching me.

Steve Truong Thach Trong

My name is Steve. This is my first year at this new school with new friends and old friends. This year is
fun. We get to have a lot of fun. We cook, watch movies and work together with my friends. This is my
last year in grade 5. After the summer vacation, I will be in grade 6 which will be harder, tougher than
before. Sometimes Math is hard but it is my favorite subject. The group work is also fun. It makes us
better teammates. Thanks to the teachers who taught me in grade 2, grade 3 and grade 5. I hope that I
will have a better future and wish that my friends will have too.

Joshua Vigil Nguyen Lam

Hi, my name is Joshua and I had a fun time at school. I had a lot of friends and we had fun all the time.
This is my last year of Elementary School. Next year, I will be grade 6 student. My favorite subject is
Science because it’s interesting and very good to learn. To me, SNA is a good school to learn at. I like it
when we go to field trips. It’s pretty fun.

Kayla Dinh Pham Quynh Tram

Hi, my name is Kayla. I just start learning at SNA this year. I love to do Solar System project. My friends
are so friendly. I learn so many fun activities and the cool thing is about project. My favorite subject is
Science. And I love Ms. Dinh and Mr. John. Ms. Dinh is smart and Mr. John is fun. I also love Ms. Trinh.
She teaches me Vietnamese. I love to learn PE because PE is good for your health. I love SNA. I will not
forget this year.

Kenny Le Thieu Khoa

My name is Kenny. I’m in grade 5A1. My teachers are Mr. Jason, Mr. John, Ms. Dinh and Ms. Trinh. I like
field trips. I love to play soccer. The soccer field is very big. I love SNA.

Lilly Tran Thanh Thuy

My name is Lilly. I am a new student at SNA. This is a funny year. On the first days, I was shy because I
didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know any English. I try to get used to my friends and studying English
with my teachers. They are Mr. Jason, Mrs. Mia and Ms.Dinh. At the beginning, I learned basic lessons
with Ms. Dinh. Then I studied with Mrs. Hannah. She was happy with the lessons and created many
interesting games for me. Later, I learn with Ms. Mia. She is very funny because after each lesson, she
always gives me candies and snacks. When I am tired, she also gives me a 5-minute break. I’m very
happy to complete Elementary School. Good bye Elementary.

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row, from left to right

●● Dominic Lai Nguyen Anh Duy ●● Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao ●● Danny Dinh Hai Anh
●● Tyson Phan Duong Quoc Tri ●● Ms. Nguyen Le Hoang Mai ●● Ben Nguyen Quoc Bao
●● Kenneth Le Nam Khanh ●● Minnie Nhan Tu Ngan ●● Kevin Nguyen Nhat Minh
●● Justin Doan Quoc Khanh ●● Ann Le Gia An ●● Kai Nguyen Phuong
●● Albert Nguyen Phuoc Thien ●● Teresa Vo Ngoc ●● Kevin Nguyen Hoang Phuc
●● Tony Nguyen Huu Toan ●● Suri Nguyen Hoang Nguyet Minh ●● Jack Le Duc Minh
●● Andy Nguyen Duc Tri ●● Emily Duong Thi Bao Chau ●● Peter Truong Tuan Kiet
●● Jack Thai A Tu ●● Vivian Hoang Khanh Vi ●● Mr. Arthur Brocas
●● Victoria Pham Nhu Y ●● Lucy Tran Nguyen Bao Phuong
●● Vicky Dinh Nguyen Tuong Vy
●● Ms. Duong Thi Cam Loan

SNA 2018 - 2019

42 Yearbook
ONE for
All for

SNA 2018 - 2019

Mr. Arthur Brocas
Grade 5 - thanks for this last academic year. As you all know, I can be a bit
grumpy sometimes if I think students aren’t working hard enough. This year -
with our move to IB standards - and a lot of new techniques and guidelines, I
think we have all done quite well. So, thanks for a good year - I hope next year’s
Grade 5 is as good as you guys have been. Cheers!

Ms. Duong Thi Cam Loan

The best thing in my mind is your seriousness when you do assignment, your
eagerness when you are praised, or your sadness when you do something
wrong. All of them create the beautiful memories to me during this academic
year. Keep your smile, be happy, and stay healthy always. Love you all so much!

Ms. Nguyen Le Hoang Mai

I have experienced my first time in the elementary class and it is very lucky for
me to have you as my students. I will remember your laugh, your tears, and your
screams as my delightful memories. Sometimes you are so naughty, though you
are all amazing and perfect at certain points. Keep going ahead but sometimes
look back to know where you have gone and what you have achieved! Good luck
to my dear students!

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao

Hello to my beloved 5A2! I have been your companion for one year. I am very
happy to see your growth everyday. I hope you will study well next year. Please
fly high with your own dreams and ambitions. Love you all!

SNA 2018 - 2019

44 Yearbook
Ben Nguyen Quoc Bao
Because this is the last year in Elementary, I feel a little sad. I can’t be free like the former year and
have to learn more. But this year makes a lot of different feelings such as my failure in the semi - final
round of EEC, or my happy memory with my group to be the first to finish the model of the solar
system. Now, I have to work harder to be The Student of The Year in Grade 5. I also want to take a lot of
pictures with my best friends because maybe next year, our class will be seperated into 3 classes, and
we all can’t study together in one class!

Emily Duong Thi Bao Chau

I have learnt in SNA for 6 years but I will miss this year because this is the funniest year I’ve ever learnt. I
have many good friends and I also have very good teachers. I love Grade 5!

Suri Nguyen Hoang Nguyet Minh

Roses are Red. It was so much more exciting
Violets are Blue. That my class call it a trend.
I think this year was fine. Then my parents send me a picture of them
The smile of Ms. Susan shine in front of my eyes. eating pizza.
Eloquence was very challenging Then I even made a new friend named Tina.
And I didn’t believe in myself. This year was fantastic.
But when I have my friends But I met a lot of plastic.

Jack Le Duc Minh

This year was a fantastic year. My friends were good to me, the teachers are kind and the lessons are
useful. Lots of projects have been inspiring me to learn more. But there are also bad things such as
my losing in the first round of Eloquence Contest.

Minnie Nhan Tu Ngan

I have been learning at SNA for about 5 years. This school has a lot of memories with me. I want to
thank all teachers who have taught me from Grade 1 to Grade 5, especially in Grade 5 because we had
a handsome teacher, and 2 beautiful Misses. Mr. Arthur is very fun, he is the best teacher in the world.
Ms. Loan is very strict, but sometimes she has fun with us, too. Ms. Mai is the new teacher, but she is
very fun and pretty. We had one nice teacher, but she went to America because of family business.
I was very thankful to Ms. Sarah because she helped us for half of 2 years. Thank you, teachers. I love

Albert Nguyen Phuoc Thien

Since I was 5 years old, I have studied in SNA for over 5 years. SNA is like a home to me, not just a school
to study. I sleep here, eat here, play here. I spend most of my days in school. Every day I will return to
SNA even when I have graduated. I will still visit SNA, so it is both a school and a friend to me.

Kevin Nguyen Hoang Phuc

This is the last year of Elementary and I will miss it a lot. Thanks to teachers and friends, you will always give
me sweet memories. I will miss them a lot, too. Teachers always teach me important knowledge. Maybe, the
teacher that I will miss most is Ms. Loan. She is a strict teacher because my class has some naughty boys.
They are called “The dancing boys”. Also because of her strictness, everyone in the class always gets high
score in tests. In AMP, there are Ms. Mai and Mr. Arthur. Ms. Mai always helps me with new vocabularies that
I don’t know or understand. Mr. Arthur always teaches me good knowledge. Sometimes he has some fun in
the class. Also, there is Ms. Sarah who helps me a lot in English, Math. Thanks to teachers for giving me good
knowledge and my friends for being kind to me.

Jack Thai A Tu
This year is litlle hard to me because my favourite teacher, Ms. Sarah, went to America. I was very sad, but
I still try to study for the next year. I hope everthing will be better in Secondary and I love my friends!

SNA 2018 - 2019

Teresa Vo Ngoc
I’m having fun in SNA. I felt good for the new students, who are Danny and Kayla. They are the best
students in this school. I did well in the contest for Halloween and Christmas. We went to cheer the
opening presentation in the gym, and we did a good job on the project of the Solar System. Then we
presented about Colonizing Mars, in which we discussed in teams with teachers’ support. I hope you all
enjoy Secondary year!

Vivian Hoang Khanh Vi

This year was great, I can learn a lot of useful knowledge with Mr. Arthur. My English was not good but
Mr. Arthur helped me to improve it. My favourite subject is Art. This year, I learn Art with Ms. Susan,
who has taught me how to be a good artist. I love this academic year. Finally, I thank all my friends for
helping me a lot when I make mistakes. I love SNA!

Kevin Nguyen Nhat Minh

I think this year is a great year with a lot of fun stuff to do. I also like to learn with Mr. Arthur because he
is so much fun.

Max Nguyen Nam Son

This year was also kinda good to me but it is little different from the last year. We did not do much
Maths in class.

Lucy Tran Nguyen Bao Phuong

Hello, my name is Lucy. Last year, I learnt in ELD because my English was not very good. But this year,
I can learn in Class 5A2 because my English improved a lot. Thank all the teachers who always helped
me when I am in need, especially Mr. Linh and Mr. Jason.

Tony Nguyen Huu Toan

Hello, everyone. My name is Tony. I have studied in this school for 2 years. Next year I will study in Grade
6. Thank all the teachers who have taught me a lot in the last 2 years.

Justin Doan Quoc Khanh

All the teachers who have taught me are always complaining me about my playing and joking around
in class. Despite of that, I have learnt a lot from this school. Thank all the teachers for helping me
always when I don’t know anything. Also thank my friend Tyson for staying beside me always and
being my best friend. Without him I would never do anything.

Ann Le Gia An
Hello, my name is Ann. This is my last year in Elementary. I improved a lot this year. I can understand
the lessons more easily than before. I could do my homework at home much faster. There are 16 boys
and 9 girls in my class, and my best friends are Lucy, Vicky, Minnie, and Suri. My class is very naughty. My
teachers are Ms. Loan, Ms. Mai, and Mr. Arthur. I promise I will do my best in Secondary. SNA is the best
school. I love SNA so much!

SNA 2018 - 2019

46 Yearbook
Andy Nguyen Duc Tri
This is the year I will remember much because I have studied very hard in the last semester of
Elementary. And with that success, I would go to Secondary, study with new teachers, make new
friends, use Ipad whenever I want. I think Secondary will be a big challenge for my life. But I will try my
best like I did in Elementary.

Dominic Lai Nguyen Anh Duy

Hello, my name is Dominic. I have been studying in this school for 2 years, and I want to thank all the
teachers who have taught me a lot. They are Ms. Huyen, Ms. Loan, Ms. Kate, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Mai, and Mr.
Arthur. From the beginning of this year, I thought I could play more than study, but I couldn’t. There is
much more homework, but I will try my best to get the good score for that. I have a lot of good friends
here. I will be missing them so much if I am not in the same class with them.

Peter Truong Tuan Kiet

I have been studying in SNA for 2 years. This school has taught me many good things that I have not
known. I hope I can improve much with SNA. I love this school!

Danny Dinh Hai Anh

When I first came to SNA, I felt kinda different from other schools. This school is more awesome and
more wonderful than the former school I learnt 3 years ago. My class is 5A2 which is a cool and fantastic
class. My teachers are very nice and kinda fun. I have made many new friends in the class. They are
friendly and good. SNA is the best school I have ever known!

Kai Nguyen Phuong

Hello everyone, my name is Kai. I entered SNA in the summer of 2018. In the last year, I couldn’t play
soccer, and we couldn’t go to extra-curricular classes. But this year, we can make it. My best memory
is playing in the soccer club because I can showcase what I am really good at. This year, I have to study
many new vocabularies, so it is kinda hard to me. My friends are nice and friendly. They always help me
when I am in need. I love my friends and SNA!

Tyson Phan Duong Quoc Tri

Just 3 more months and I will be in Secondary. I and my friends will
remember Grade 5 very much. The best moment in class is that we played
in a very funny way, and it is my best class.

Vicky Dinh Nguyen Tuong Vy

I’m really happy because I just finished Elementary, but I’m kinda sad because I will go to Secondary. I
won’t be able to join Story-telling Contest and I will have a longer time to study. I want to thank all the
teachers who have taught me since I was just a little girl.

Kenneth Le Nam Khanh

Since I was 9 years old, my parents enrolled me in SNA. At the first time, I did not have any friends
but after two or three weeks, my first friends were Tony and Peter. In the first week, Ms. Dinh was my
teacher. She gave me all of the stuff I needed for study. If I hadn’t known any words, she would have
come to help me. At the last of my first semester, I could move on A class. Thank all the teachers who
have taught me, especially Ms. Dinh.

Victoria Pham Nhu Y

I have been studying in this school for 1 year. Although, it is short time, I really feel very happy because
I know many good teacher, make new friends, create delightful memories. I love SNA very much!

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Hannah Le Gia Han ●● Becky Nguyen Thi Ngoc Yen

●● Mia Huynh Vo Thuy Trang ●● Than Thi Thanh Truc
●● Jasmine Nguyen Hong Duong ●● Nick Truong Gia Kiet
●● Jessica Tran Nguyen Khanh Bang ●● Ben Nguyen Tin
●● Nancy Truong Tu Anh ●● Michael Nguyen Dang Dai
●● Lisa Duong Kha Ngoc ●● Alex Pham Nguyen Hieu Trung
●● Abby Nguyen Huu Hoang Anh ●● Johnny Tran Hoang Anh
●● Mary Ha Nguyen Tuyet Mai ●● Alan Van The An
●● Ken Nguyen Ken
●● Michael Phan Doan Duc
●● Trinh Thi Hien
●● Tim Nelson
●● Michelle Lai Ngoc My (not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

48 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row form left to right:

●● Kathy Bui Vu Thy ●● Mr. Guy Wallbank ●● Kevin Thang Anh Kiet
●● Annie Nguyen Hoang Gia Khanh ●● Huegli Tran Do Khoa ●● Brian Tiet Hoang Tuan
●● Tiffany Le Ngoc Quynh Thy ●● Alyssa Dinh Phan Thien Tu ●● Alex Bui Quang Anh
●● Smith Aimee Phi Phi ●● Mia Nguyen Ngoc Minh Anh ●● Harrison Trinh Hoang Tuong
●● Nina Trinh Gia Nhu ●● Xipan Huynh Phan Tuan Tu ●● Kevin Le Gia Vi
●● Elizabeth Truong Hoang Thao Nhi ●● Jasmine Lai Hong Ngoc Anh ●● John Luong Phu Nguyen
●● Kathy Do Kim Khanh ●● Spring Nguyen Xuan Mai ●● Randy Phan Nhat Huy
●● Ms. Do Van Anh

SNA 2018 - 2019

50 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Nhung ●● Barney Tran Do Quan

●● Ms. Than Thi Thanh Truc ●● Henry Pham Quoc Hai
●● Anna Nguyen Tam Nhu ●● Gordon Nguyen Minh Triet
●● Adele Nguyen Ngoc Anh Dao ●● Calvin Tang Chi Khang
●● Justin Pham Quoc Anh ●● Kyle Nguyen Dang Khoa
●● Tom Tran Thai Gia Bao ●● Tony Nguyen Thien Phuc
●● Cindy Pham Phuong Thao ●● Tony Tran Nguyen Dinh Quan
●● Alina Tran An My ●● Harry Bui Hoang Tuong Minh
●● Iris Phan Kathy ●● Will Nguyen Viet Khai
●● Candy Le Vu Bao Chau ●● Tony Le Minh Triet
●● Sara Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau ●● Brendan Dinh Nhat Duy
●● Jolie Nguyen Nhat Quynh Anh ●● Ms. Huynh Truc Duy
●● Ms. Ciara Lucey

SNA 2018 - 2019

52 Yearbook
Mình thích lớp 6A3
nhất, vì mình đã
thấy mấy bạn trong
lớp suýt khóc khi
thua trận đá bóng.
Có lúc tụi mình chia
nhau uống chung
một li trà sữa. Nhiều
khi tụi lớp mình còn
bị phạt chung nữa
chứ. Nhưng xa thì
mình nhớ...

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Kathy Do Mai Huyen ●● Mr. Truong Thanh Cong

●● Vivian Nguyen Nhu Phuong ●● Ms. Than Thi Thanh Truc
●● Christy Huynh Ngoc Chau Tran ●● Alwin Nguyen Duc Anh
●● Tracy Huynh Ngoc Thao Tran ●● Michael Lam Minh Huy
●● Beth Le Que Anh ●● Daniel Le Dai Thanh
●● Anna Nguyen Thi Nguyen Trinh ●● Mint Nguyen Minh Anh
●● Jessica Nguyen Hoang Kim Anh ●● Sam Pham Nguyen Gia Han
●● Bill Luu Chan Hung ●● Austin Nguyen Ba Nguyen Bao
●● Ken Huynh Phuc Khiem ●● Maximilian Le Huu Minh
●● Brian Tran Tan Bao ●● Johnny Duong Dat Nhan
●● Tom Nguyen Canh Ha Duy
●● Ms Cao Doan Bao Thy
●● Mr Peter Smith

SNA 2018 - 2019

54 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Jennifer Nguyen Linh Chi ●● Ms Jessica Phan

●● Anna Phan Quoc Quynh Huong ●● Ms Cao Doan Bao Thy
●● Anne Marie Doan ●● David Vu Ngoc Thien Tan
●● Vicky Vo Tran Tuong Vy ●● Justin Le Hoang Tam
●● Karin Truong Gia Linh ●● Alex Ha Duy Anh
●● Emily Tran Quynh Anh ●● Carl Nguyen Hoang Khang
●● Mary Nguyen Le Diem Quynh ●● Amy Ta Bao Anh
●● Anna Ngo Trinh Bao Nhi ●● Demi Lu Kim Doanh
●● Dori Ho Hoang Phat
●● Craig Bui Nhat Minh
●● Peter Tran Phuc Khang
●● Ms Than Thi Thanh Truc
●● Ms To Phuong Tu
●● Danny Cao To Hua Dat (not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

56 Yearbook
Lo v el y day s

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Sarah Duong Kha Nhan ●● Mr. Henry Dustin Leng

●● Abby To Binh Gia Minh ●● Ms. Than Thi Thanh Truc
●● Pearly Phan Vu Ngoc Quynh ●● Jerry Tran Duc Khai
●● Mary Huynh Thanh Mai ●● Mike Kim Manh Khai
●● Amy Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai ●● Peter Tran Dang Minh Khoi
●● Snow Nguyen Tuyet Vy ●● Bob Phan Khai Minh
●● Leona Nguyen Phuong Thao Vy ●● David Le Hoang Phat
●● Elyse Dao Mansfield ●● Tim Dang Thai Thinh
●● Ms. Nguyen Thi My Lanh
●● Mr. Tran Dinh Luan
●● Samuel Tran Gia Khang (not in the picture)

SNA 2018 - 2019

58 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right:

●● Yoo Jasmine Chaelin ●● Mr. Le Thanh Duy ●● Randy Bui Minh Lac
●● Maya Nguyen Ha Mai ●● Ms. Vo Thi Linh ●● Mario Nguyen Dac Khoi
●● Judy Nguyen Thi Truong Vy ●● Johnny Nguyen Ba Nguyen Quan ●● Johnny Le Tri Vi
●● Kathy Le Vo Yen Van ●● Anna Nguyen Trong Bich Vy ●● Charlie Le Minh Khang
●● Lawry Tran Quynh Que Phuong ●● Kelly Truong Nhat Lan ●● Jimmy Nguyen Minh Phap
●● Amy Nguyen Huu Hong Anh ●● Alice Sau Ky Anh ●● Ben Truong Thach Tu
●● Natalie Le Tran Tuong Nghi ●● Tina Nguyen Ngoc Minh Chau ●● Nathan Nguyen Minh Quan
●● Tracy Le Do Anh Thu ●● Jolie Ngp Thanh Ha ●● Tony Dinh Phan Tung Duong
●● Helen Le Vu Bao Ngoc
●● Ms. Wallen Arguelles
●● Ms. Grace Tran Thanh Thao

SNA 2018 - 2019

60 Yearbook
Sm i l e s a c l a ss
c l a s s , 8A1, i nd
Our e n e r g y a
full of ent. p i n e ss
e m
excit re always h a p
There a in the class.
and joy e lots of fun nd take
We shar , laughters, a
momentstogether. ies
selfie lots of memor
We have r . l
togethe our class wil
We hope be happy.

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right:

●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thuong ●● Mr. Ben Tran ●● Calvin Phan Le Minh Khoi
●● Cindy Vuong Thuy Nhan ●● Kevin Pham Tri Tin ●● Norman Ly Kien Nhan
●● Daisy Le Phuong Chau Anh ●● Fido Vo Trong Phuc ●● Jack Nguyen Dang Trieu
●● Kris Phan Uyen Nhu ●● Austin Mai Tri Nghia ●● Ben Nguyen Gia Kiet
●● Lisa Tran Le Uyen Phuong ●● Tristin Nguyen Minh Hieu ●● Patrick Pham Tam Buu
●● Tracy Pham An Nhien ●● Steve Truong Dinh Quang Anh ●● James Duong Minh Quan
●● Jessica Duong Huynh Thanh Truc ●● Tom Le Ba Khanh Toan ●● Nguyen Ngo Quoc Thinh
●● Ms. Grace Tran Thanh Thao ●● Brian Mach Nguyen Duy Tan ●● Peter Nguyen Thai Bao
●● Ms. Vo Thi Linh

SNA 2018 - 2019

62 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Jim Hoang Huu Anh Khoi ●● Ms. Nguyen Pham Bao Thu
●● James Huynh Tran Gia Minh ●● Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh
●● Tim Duong Minh Dat ●● Patrick Le Hoang Kien
●● Peter Pham Sy Thanh ●● Steven Trinh Ngoc Minh Duc
●● Henry Duong Nguyen Trung Nguyen ●● Anna Tran Le Minh Anh
●● Stuart Ton That Cam Tuan ●● Vivian Do Hien Vi
●● Brian Nguyen Pham Gia Khanh ●● Christina Duong Nguyen Thao Nguyen
●● Harry Chu Minh Hieu ●● Victoria Duong Dinh Khanh Van
●● Laura Huynh Phan Doan Trang
●● Mia Pham Vu Tuyet Hanh
●● Timmy Nguyen Tran Vi
●● Ms. Michelle Chau

SNA 2018 - 2019

64 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right

●● Scott Tran Cao Cuong ●● Ms. Vo Thi Linh ●● Mr. Matthew Stevens
●● Vivian Tran Khanh Vy ●● Aaron Tran Hoang Son ●● Peter Nguyen Hoai Phuc
●● Belle Huynh Thi Truc Ngan ●● Tony Vu Duc Hoang Long ●● Harry Huynh Trung Hieu
●● Christina Le Truc Anh ●● Tom Phi Trung Viet ●● David Vo The Toan
●● Michelle Ho Ai My ●● Darrin Le Hong Minh ●● Daniel Truong Ngoc Anh Quang
●● Lynn Hoang Nguyen Khanh Linh ●● Levy Nguyen Phi Hoang Lam ●● Joe Le Dang Quang
●● Max Le Dinh Anh Quan ●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Dong Thao
●● Cindy Truong Hoang Anh Thu ●● Ms. Nguyen Pham Bao Thu

SNA 2018 - 2019

66 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right

●● Annie Bui Tran Minh Anh ●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Dong Thao ●● Ms. Nguyen Pham Bao Thu
●● Jennifer Tran Vo Thao Vy ●● Lily Tran Nguyen Hong Lien ●● David Nhan Thai Thien
●● Sophie Ha Giang Minh Ngoc ●● Ben Ly Thanh Bach ●● Andrew Phan Duong Quoc Tien
●● Huynh Anh Khanh Vy ●● Vince Pham Quang Vinh ●● Bill Phan Duc Minh
●● Rachel Huynh Pho Vi Anh ●● Wesley Hi Tran Tri Le ●● Henry Nguyen Pham
●● Maya Le Thoai My ●● John Vo The Hung ●● Talan Nguyen Hoang Thinh
●● Anna Do Thi Thanh Hang ●● Jack Tran Anh Quan ●● Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh
●● Julie Duong Le Ngoc Diep ●● Christina Pham Hong An
●● Mr. Tran Dinh Luan

SNA 2018 - 2019

68 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right

●● Sindy Duong Gia Ngoc ●● Mr. Mark Simcoe ●● Andy Ha Thao Anh
●● Sarah Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen ●● Ms. Vo Thi Linh ●● Jeep Le Hoang Quan
●● Scarlett To Thi Thai Hoa ●● Gamon Tram Gia Hoang ●● Jack Le Minh Phat
●● Sophia Tran Ngoc Thien Trinh ●● Jason Duong Minh Kiet ●● Harry Ho Nhat Tan
●● Rachel Dao Duy Minh Uyen ●● Jackie Quan Ky Tuoc ●● Le Tan Khoi
●● Emma Le Dinh Khanh Quynh ●● Edward Tran Nguyen Khanh Trinh ●● Andy Vo Thanh Trung
●● Juliane Phan Nguyen Trieu Tien ●● Gakusen Nguyen Phung Hung
●● Tipi Tran Do Thanh Phuong ●● Hugo Dong Xuan Hoang
●● Mia Doan Tuong Vy ●● Johnson Nguyen Hoang Trong Nhan
●● Victoria Nguyen Kim Ngan ●● Ms. Vo Thi My Nu
●● Ms. Rosemary Dinh Yen Thanh

SNA 2018 - 2019

70 Yearbook
Pink Panther,
Pink Power
SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right

●● Mary Huynh Tran Tieu Vy ●● Mr. Ngo Le Bao Trung ●● Dylan Nguyen Dinh Khoa
●● Tiffany Hoang Anh Cam Tu ●● Ms. Rosemary Dinh Yen Thanh ●● Tony Tran Huu Minh
●● Katherine Thai Trung Anh ●● Lea Tran Vu Lan Anh ●● Sam Tran Minh Phu
●● Tina Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Anh ●● Jessica Thang Huyen Anh ●● James Nguyen Bao Khiem
●● Susan Huynh Thanh Truc ●● Wendy To Quynh Dan ●● David Nguyen Minh Hoang
●● Diana Duong My My ●● Anne Phan Nguyen Chau Giang ●● Billy Doan Anh Quan
●● Jenny Le Tran Yen Nhi ●● Ashley Nguyen Hanh Ky Duyen ●● Henry Le Nhat Hung
●● Xenia Nguyen Ngoc Mai Xinh ●● Ms. Vo Thi Linh ●● Don Nguyen Ngo Quoc Thai
●● Mr. James Uvally ●● Park Jong Hyeon (not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

72 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right

●● Catlynn Nguyen Hoang Anh Kim ●● Mr. Le Cong Tai ●● John Le Minh Tien
●● Mia Dinh Thi Khanh Linh ●● Anthony Tran Hoang Nam ●● Justin To Long Vu
●● Emma Nguyen Ngoc Trinh ●● Lily Han Min Kyung ●● Toby Le Quang Thinh
●● Tiana Duong My Tuyen ●● Tracy Le Nguyen Phuc Tuong ●● Jack Nguyen Minh Hieu
●● Lin Nguyen Thuy Trang ●● Kylie Dang Xuan Thanh ●● Jack Tran Tan Loc
●● Amber Huynh Ngoc Thanh Ngan ●● Miley Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Thao ●● Nguyen Minh Trung
●● Sarah Lu Hien Thuong ●● Amy Le Nguyen Nha My ●● Kevin Cao Hoang Kim
●● Jinx Ta Le Hoang Chau ●● Peter Lim Sang Hoon ●● Mr. Leslie Tran
●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham ●● Dily Nguyen Hien Gia Bao
●● Ms. Rosemary Dinh Yen Thanh (not in the photo)
●● John Kieu Nguyen Nhat Quang
(not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

74 Yearbook
We are the collection
of invididuals.

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right

●● Sandy Huynh Tran Lam Bang ●● Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham

●● Alice Ho Uyen Nhu Quynh ●● Ms. Dang Thi Tram
●● Sarah Pham Thi Quynh Nga ●● Mr. Le Cong Tai
●● Sue Ton Nu Cam Quynh ●● David Nguyen Tat Thanh Long
●● Kitty Hsiang Duong Huong Quynh ●● John Nguyen Viet Anh
●● Jessica Nguyen Ha Linh Chi ●● Ryo Tran Ba Vuong
●● Amie Duong Thi Bang Lang ●● Peter Le Xuan Thinh
●● Candy Huynh Tran Qui Ngan ●● Tom Kim Duc Duc Anh
●● Minnie Ngo Le Minh Ngoc ●● Dennis Nguyen Minh Duc
●● Lucy Nguyen Kim Ngan ●● Larry Tran Nguyen Duy Hai
●● Pat Huynh Tan Phat
●● Mr. Kim Abraham
●● Quincy Dinh Duc Hoang (not in the photo)
●● David Nguyen Manh Tri (not in the photo)

SNA 2018 - 2019

76 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

First row, from left to right Second row, from left to right Third row from left to right

●● Tiffany Luu Ngoc Tuyen ●● Mr. Luke Nguyen ●● Larry Phan Dinh Khai
●● Kim Hyun Ju ●● Ms. Dang Thi Kim Phuong ●● David Le Khanh Duy
●● Amber Tran Nguyen Hong Anh ●● Han Ga Yeong ●● Nick Tran Chan Nam
●● Ruby Trinh Hong Tran ●● Johnny Doan Vu Hoang ●● Luke Vo Nguyen Minh Triet
●● Trisha Tang Nguyen Thuy Ai ●● Taylor Oh Chung Min ●● Jay Tran Le Kha
●● Brittny Vuong Ngoc Anh Thi ●● David Ngo Hoang An Thien Co ●● Ryan Nguyen Xuan Thai Thach
●● Natalie Nguyen Ngoc Ky Duyen ●● Kevin Tran Huynh Anh Khoa ●● Nguyen Dong Danh
●● Brooke Truong Buu Doanh ●● Larry Do Quoc Nam ●● Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien
●● Vivian Pham Ly Thuy Vy
●● Jeannie Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen
●● Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham

SNA 2018 - 2019

78 Yearbook
SNA 2018 - 2019
Mr. Luke Nguyen
Before your graduation from a High School setting into the adult world of
higher learning, I know there will be an influx of advices from all the people
around you. So, I will spare you with the apathy. Please do allow me to offer
you just one thought: If you’re lucky enough to have two good options,
always go with the one that scares you the most, because that’s the one
that is going to help you grow. And yes, growth is painful - change is painful.
But in the end, nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you do not
belong. It’s always better to be exhausted from meaningful work than to be
tired of doing nothing.
It has been a pleasure working with all of you – and Ms. Phuong - through
Mathematics and Physics. Each one of you is unique and talented beyond
the classrooms and I have no doubt you all will be successful in many of your
endeavors. Good bye class of 2019 and may the paths you choose and travel
on will fulfill you and take you to Shangri-La everyday of your life. Till then.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien

Finally, my students, the 12th graders, have reached the destination of a 12-year
journey with much of hard work and effort. At this moment, you’re officially
adults, who are mature enough to be the boss of your own life. I just want to tell
you that your life is like a sailing boat in the ocean. If you want to get farther and
farther, you must equip yourself with a huge ship so that you can fight against
the heaviest waves. SNA staff and I myself are always proud of you.

Ms. Dang Thi Kim Phuong

People who don’t know you will assume that you are like elementary kids who
fool around and dirty their clothes, who pull the fire alarm out of curiosity, who
use books in the library to demonstrate the domino effect. But they don’t know
the real you. They don’t see what I see. To me - one who some of you see more
than your parents - you show me that the most important thing to a student is
not the grade which evaluates you. You are perfectly creative, care for each other
and are much more mature than you were before.

Soon, when you no longer wake up at 6 o’clock every morning to rush to school;
when you fail to see someone standing in front of the classroom waiting for
you; when you are not afraid of the word “kitchen duty”; and when your habits
become memories, you will realize that in your heart you wish you were a
student again. But you have no choice except to move forward. One day, not far
in the future, you will be successful businessmen, doctors or professors, please
don’t forget that we used to be together under the roof at SNA. Cheers!

SNA 2018 - 2019

80 Yearbook
Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham
Before working here, I spent 12 years studying in my beloved school. I had so
many different feelings: sadness, anger, happiness, and many more. I believe
that you – the seniors – also have those feelings. Anyway, everything is over;
today you are ready to step through a new gate label with one sacred word:
“University’. I wish all of you to be filled with the faith, happiness and bravery to
turn your dreams into reality.

Nick Tran Chan Nam
I’m Nick from grade 12. I have been studying at SNA for 8 years. I have a lot of memories both of
sadness and happiness. To me, SNA is my second home. It is very hard to describe my feelings
about SNA. I just want to say “Thank you Mom and Dad and thanks to all of the teachers that have
supported me.”

David Le Khanh Duy

Four years at SNA is not a long time, but I have created a lot of memories here. I have learnt many
things that I will remember my whole life. I used to think that I would have more time for fun, but it
goes so quickly. It’s time for me to leave SNA and begin a new journey.

Han Ga Yeong
I’m now graduating after three years at SNA. The time went by far too fast, faster than I had hoped.
There were both good and bad days, but all of them will remain with me into the future. The school
gave me a lot of unforgettable memories and priceless experiences. I want to give thanks to all the
teachers and friends at SNA who made for me a beautiful school life. It is so sad to leave school,
but we have to part for the next stage of our lives. I hope everyone goes the way they want with

David Ngo Hoang An Thien Co

To my dear school, I spent my youth with you and you are like an egg shell that is almost broken for
me to fly away. To my dear friends, we taught each other how to loath and love again. We started in
high school as best friends and now we’re heading our separate ways for college. The time I thought
we were wasting, was not wasted.

Kim Hyun Ju
Four years at SNA went by me so fast. Even though my daily life seems the same every day, when I
look back, those days made me grow stronger. Sometimes, I had a very hard time, but because of
my friends and teachers who gave me love and courage, I could easily overcome those situations.
In addition to the knowledge that the school gave me, the priceless relationships of people make
me feel so thankful to this school. They all made my school life better. It is now time for me and
all the seniors to leave SNA, step into a new social world, and take the next step of our lives. I wish
every step of our lives goes the way we all want, and we live happy and healthy lives. BYE BYE SNA!

Trisha Tang Nguyen Thuy Ai

SNA is where I began middle school as a child, but I’m leaving here as an adult with an education
to start facing the world on my own. It has been a long seven years, and I worked hard to get to this
point. But I didn’t do it by myself. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my family and teachers. I want to
say “Thank you” to my parents for giving me the opportunity to grow up at SNA and supporting me
in more ways than it’s possible to count. “Thank you” to our teachers for making school more than
just classwork. And throughout that long period of time, I was not alone; I always had my friends
beside me. Thank you for all the memories your presence helped me to create. Thank you for
coming into my life and making it worthwhile. From supporting me the past seven years to those
encouraging statements that you gave me, thank you.

SNA 2018 - 2019

Natalie Nguyen Ngoc Ky Duyen
Hey guys! My name is Natalie. I just want to say thank you to all the teachers and staff who
have helped me get through my student life. One last thing, just yell “plot twist” if something
wrong happens. It’s an itch, just scratch it away.

Kevin Tran Huynh Anh Khoa

After 12 years of being a student, after 12 years full of surprises and problems, I must move on to
the next stage of my life. After it all, I look back and I see a story of my own, the story of how the
boy changed and become a young man. I believe that a man only has one big change in life,
which is the transformation from a boy to a man. When these new traits form, that will be who
he is for the rest of his life. And at this moment when I sit down and think about my 12-year
journey, I am very thankful for all of the problems and conflicts that I have been through. I will
never forget my beautiful story of being a student at SNA.

Taylor Oh Chung Min

This year marks the last year that I’ll be with SNA. For 13 years, I’ve witnessed great friends
and teachers come and go. Some taught me great lessons and others impacted my life in
ways I never imagined. The memories that I’ve shared with my friends will always leave a
smile on my face when I look back on them. There’s no denying that there were moments
that were dark, yet if you find your way out, it will be very rewarding in the end.
Enough with the sentimental talk, here are three pieces of advice that I have for you.
• Don’t procrastinate
• Be responsible for all of your actions and how to deal with them.
• Create and complete small goals for yourself; it’s the small ones that build into a big one.

Jeannie Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen

Time passes by slowly as I now say goodbye to SNA, a school that I’ve studied at for the past five
years. A place where I’ve cried and laughed with my friends. Months from now I’ll be ending my
journey here, where I’ll leave my naive and carefree self behind and go on a new journey. Thank
you to all my teachers who have provided me with the knowledge that I need for the future. A
special thank you to Ms. Phuong, who has always been around, helping me to the best of her
abilities. Thank you to my friends, who have always been with me throughout my years at SNA. I
wish you all good luck on the final exams and have a bright future. Love you all!

Amber Tran Nguyen Hong Anh

Dear friends, it is the last year of high school, which means we have to say goodbye to each
other after spending ten years studying at SNA. My most memorable years are from grade 9
until now, thanks to all to my friends and teachers who supported me. Moreover, thank you
Mom and Dad for letting me study at SNA.

Brittny Vuong Ngoc Anh Thi

This is my first year at SNA and I enjoyed every single moment. My experience at SNA has been
perfect; thanks to my lovely friends and supportive teachers.

Brooke Truong Buu Doanh

‘Graduation is not the end, it is the beginning’- It was my pleasure to study at SNA; my teachers
and friends have been with me through it all. They are my family and my daily inspiration.
Although I know that they will no longer be by my side through the next pages of life, without
them I would not be me today. Thank you.

Larry Do Quoc Nam

I have studied at SNA for two years. I have many happy memories at this place.
I would like to say thank you to the teachers who have taught me to become a good person,
especially Miss Phuong, grade 12 Academic Advisor. She always helped me when I was in
I love SNA. This school is my second home and my teachers are my second parents. I will not
forget this school and my teachers.

Vivian Pham Ly Thuy Vy

I’m thankful for all the people who have taught me and treated me kindly with all of their
hearts. The more I studied here, the more knowledge about life I received. Studying in an
international environment and meeting all kinds of people helped me understand life better
and learn many social skills which will be necessary for me in the future.

SNA 2018 - 2019

82 Yearbook
Jay Tran Le Kha
Twelve years of studying have come to an end. Along this journey, we, the class of 12A1, have
somehow gathered under the roof of SNA. Throughout the school years, we found ourselves on
new journeys, each more challenging and more difficult. As a whole, we have moved on together
and left no one behind. Within each other, we always found the support we needed and joy to give
to others. Our class became known as the class that no teacher wanted due to our reputation of
being “good students”. Thank to Mr. Isaac and Ms. Phuong, two brave teachers who have had the
courage to be in charge of this “Little Class of Devils”. Thank you for all of your sacrifices and the love
for these stubborn students. From the beginning until now, more and more friends have come into
my life and brought me the courage to move on, some have given me the motivation to study and
push myself forward. Some had to leave us early to follow their dreams and passion, but soon we will all have to go and walk our
own path. Let the memories sleep in our heart and one day they will awaken.
“We didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun.”

Larry Phan Dinh Khai

Time goes by fast, just like our teachers said. Now we are opening a new chapter in our lives.
Friends won’t be in our classrooms anymore, as we will all be in different cities and countries for
college. I want to say thanks to my friends and the people who were always beside me. I have
high regards for my teachers and the staff at SNA for helping me so much at school. But there is
a universal truth we all have to face, ‘Everything eventually ends.’ Respect the moments that we
have. We didn’t realize we were making memories until we looked back, and then we realized
that our best times were over, just like that. “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying
goodbyes so hard”.

Ruby Trinh Hong Tran

I have studied at SNA for six years and this is my final year at this school. I would like to thank my
parents and my teachers for helping me during the time I studied here and I hope to pass the
graduation exam.

Tiffany Luu Ngoc Tuyen

Twelve years of a student’s life come to a close with graduation, a diploma and friends. Right now
what I want to do the most is to go to the highest place and shout “I have graduated!”

Luke Vo Nguyen Minh Triet

Finally, it is time to say goodbye. It has been a great honor and pleasure to be your friend and to
spend three years with all of you. SNA is the place where I received knowledge and learned many
useful things. It also taught me about friendship, kindness and the great love that I have. Thank you
to my family for giving me the opportunity to grow up at SNA. Thank you to all the teachers who
have taught me useful things during the past three years. It is not a long time, but it has left me with
many memories of my student life in high school. I had the opportunity to meet friends who have
the same ‘mental disorder’ as me. Thanks to my crazy friends who have done crazy things with me
all these years. I’m so thankful to my friends who were with me during the difficult times and when I
failed to submit my homework.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but memories are priceless…

Johnny Doan Vu Hoang

Hi, I’m Johnny, I started studying at SNA in grade 7. At first, I didn’t have any friends but day by day
I learned to communicate with others. Thanks to all the staff who helped me make friends and
those who helped me study and get good grades at school. Now I have great friends that have
been with me for 6 years. I am a just regular student with no special talents or skills. But what I
have are memories of me and my friends throughout our time at SNA. Thanks to my teachers who
helped me improve my studying and never left me behind. Dear friends, don’t walk behind me, I
may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
We are best friends. Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up...after I finish laughing. I
just want to say thank you to all my best friends and the teachers who followed me and helped me
every day to graduate from SNA

Ryan Nguyen Xuan Thai Thach

So we start to step into life, leaving our childhood memories behind. I am grateful; I thank the teachers
who were always dedicated to helping us and the friends that we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with. Even
if everyone goes their own way tomorrow, you can dream and keep walking on your own two feet.

Nguyen Dong Danh

This is my first year but also my last year at SNA. One year studying here built for me a lot of good
memories with my teachers and friends. SNA is a place that I was taught to be good not only in
academic subjects but also in my personal characteristics. I would like to say thank to my teachers
who have been on the same path with me and supported me in everything. Thank you my friends
for sharing and treating me like a brother. Thank you SNA.

SNA 2018 - 2019


2018- 2019

, Associated Student Body, is one of the highlighted clubs which is organized and designed
to build leadership and management skills for students at SNA. It has been established since
2011 on the purpose of contributing to SNA great success. With collaboration of ASB members,
devotion of responsible teachers, especially timely support and care of the SNA school management board, ASB has
been marked as a push-factor to better the learning environment.

SNA 2018 - 2019

84 Yearbook

A great leader should lead by examples. He/she should know the value of effective collaboration so that he can
inspire. This is the reason why ASB members are mostly encouraged to work in group. Through specifc activities,
they can learn how to share work and duty. They can come up with ideas of choosing a group leader, setting deadline
for any tasks, and managing time appropriately. To achieve these goals, all of them hav to be organized, disciplined,
and responsible. They are given opportunity to encounter challenges and make mistakes, which can help them
become more independent in dealing with future issues. They learn to work together respectfully. Additionally, ASB
members always get timely support from school administrators. With the help of various departments, ASB was
able to carry their school activities successfully. Generally, thanks to assistance and guidance from teachers and
school leadership team, ASB has been improving day by day.
In addition, ASB has shown its strengths while participating in various extracurricular activities and clubs at SNA.
With the advantages and skills provided, ASB is a good choice for students who want to be future leaders.

SNA 2018 - 2019


SNA 2018 - 2019

86 Yearbook
Boarding - feel like home

SNA 2018 - 2019


elementary art

Ocean-Cut outs Symbol of Vietnam Van Gogh Starry Night

Henri Matisse - Sunny Nguyen Nhat Angie Le Tran Bao Tran - 3A1 Jerry Huynh Minh Quan-5A1
Tram Anh- 4A1

Van Gogh Starry Night Picasso Cubist Face Poetry Leaves Drawing Still Life
Kenneth Le Nam Khanh - 5A2 Cher Cao Bao Han - 4A2 Bill Phan Le Anh Khoi - 1A1 Angie Le Tran Bao Tran
- 3A1


10A1 Jason, Andy,Jack, Tipi 11A1 Passion Never Die Angles of Chemistry
Jinx, Sarah, Toby 10A2, Katherine 11A2 - Alice Ho Uyen Nhu Quynh 11A2 - Sandy Huynh Tran Lam Bang

12A Kim Hyun Ju Purpet 01 Purpet 03 Vietnamese Program Project

SNA 2018 - 2019

88 Yearbook

SNA 2018 - 2019

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may
have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but
if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” -
Babe Ruth
You may ask, “Why are clubs important in an academic
setting?” Here at SNA, we believe they help students
develop additional skills any leader can use. Clubs
encourage students to interact with each other through
mutual interests in a fun setting. Of course, clubs can
also help promote academic growth, with a bit of fun!
Also, they encourage students to explore curricular
activities which will help them later, when figuring
out what they want to do after SNA.
Clubs are a healthy way to promote competition in
a collaborative setting. Also, they are community
oriented. Clubs promote diversity and can be a
motivating force, encouraging students to get
involved, meet their peers and bring out the
best in each individual leader.

occer, or football, is one of the most popular sports played, watched
and celebrated around the world. Through soccer, our young leaders
learn to work together as a team and always do their best. Soccer is
competitive but also teaches the fundamental skills of fair play. It is great
exercise and promotes diversity and global citizenry. A game that dates
back over 2000 years, and proven to have its merits, there is no question
as to why it is one of SNA’s most popular clubs! Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Mr. Công Vinh signed autograph for SNA students

SNA 2018 - 2019

Dance is the hidden language of the

ance club may just seem like dancing, but there is
so much more to the club and what can be learned.
It improves more than your flexibility and builds
more than your strength. Some of the skills picked up are
teamwork, self-confidence, determination, precision, and
talent. Also, it’s FUN! Dance class allows you to express
yourself. It’s a great stress reliever too! In dance class, you
make new friends, learn from mistakes and gain confidence
to achieve anything you want!

re you a thinker that loves games? Chess
club is for you! While playing, club
members are always developing thinking
skills and strengthening mental prowess. The
game helps individuals think rationally, develop
patience and increase cognitive skills! Chess
also helps players think before acting, which is a strong skill for any leader to develop. While developing a team spirit,
by being a member of the club, player’s also learn the importance and ability of an individual.

SNA 2018 - 2019

92 Yearbook
asketball is a valuable tool, not only in school, but for the rest of each player’s life. The sport teaches a
variety of skills that are not necessarily developed in the classroom. It teaches you to be a good team
player and is a great social sport. Also, it is a fantastic full body workout! After a long day in the classroom,
there is no better way to deal with stress! So, let’s dribble, pass and slam dunk into the new year!

ur badminton club allows students to sharpen
their badminton skills, meet new friends and
improve their fitness. As friendly sport that
anyone can play, our badminton club encourages
teamwork, diversity and fun! Pairs can play as teams or
test their own strength against someone on the other
side of the net.

SNA 2018 - 2019

extra curricular

Drum Class Taekwondo Class

Swimming Class Guitar Class

Patin Class Frisbee Class

SNA 2018 - 2019

94 Yearbook
Students will always remember their favorite subject, close

friends, an award they might have one and of course their

favorite teacher. At SNA we take time to incorporate a

wide variety of events throughout the school year.

We believe the provide students with meaningful

memories and inspire the mind, body and soul of

our future leaders. Our lives are like videotapes

that collect all of our memories. So, at SNA our

mission is to make each student’s time here

some of the best times in their lives!


elcome back is a
day to celebrate and
acknowledge all the
possibilities for the coming school
year! Full of positivity, traditions,
songs and games, we welcome back
the entire SNA school community
and together we honor this special
day! We all enjoy this special day.
Cheers to new beginnings!

SNA 2018 - 2019

96 Yearbook

ield trips help bridge the gap between
education and real life experiences. These
important shared social experiences
provide students with opportunities to get
hands on experience, learn about different
cultures and increase knowledge. Plus, field
trips are tons of fun!

SNA 2018 - 2019


hat is a pumpkin’s
favorite sport? Squash.
On this special day
witches, goblins, vampires,
superheroes and princesses join
our future leaders! A day filled with
fun activities, tricks, treats and lots
of candy to eat! One of the days our
students and teachers definitely
dress to impress! Booohahahah!

SNA 2018 - 2019

98 Yearbook

here in the world would we
be without our teachers?
On this special day, we give
thanks and acknowledge teachers
around the world for their dedication to
a very special occupation. Throughout
the day, expect performances, gifts,
games and celebrations thanking
teachers for their continued effort to
shape future leaders at SNA!

SNA 2018 - 2019

Season of GIVING

hristmas is fulfilled here with carols,
smiles and pretty gifts from Santa Claus.
Students enjoy games and food with
their parents or friends that make the fantastic
and relax time together. Moreover, the most
meaningful part of this Christmas is SNA’s
visiting and giving gifts to children at Peace
Village- Tu Du Hospital

SNA 2018 - 2019

100 Yearbook
Lunar New Year
AT sna

et is celebrated to welcome in
the New Lunar Year, to celebrate
everything accomplished in the
previous year and to set goals for the
future! Traditional celebrations, song
and dance fill the school and bring
our community closer together! It is a
special time for friends and families to
share and wish good health, wealth and
good luck for the coming new year!

SNA 2018 - 2019

English Eloquence
s what has become tradition here at SNA, we continue to hold the English Eloquence Contest for
all elementary students from December to February. First launched in 2010, this is our ninth
year participating! The contest provides a challenging and useful environment for students to
express themselves, brush up on their public speaking skills and learn all sorts of fun facts about their
friends and peers!
The contest takes place over three rounds. A class round, a semi-final round and a final round.
The 11 strongest contestants from grades 1-5 continue to present their speaking skills in the final
round with a presentation as their aid. They prepare themselves to be confident in front of others, and
show to the judges they have fine tuned their English skills and extensive knowledge of the subject
they chose to present.

SNA 2018 - 2019

102 Yearbook
n this event, students take the stage and
teachers take a seat in the audience! They
impress friends, families and staff with
tell tall and short stories tales spoken in
English and their native tongue. It’s a fantastic
experience and the students really do shine!
Through acting, performing and music,
everyone comes together!

SNA 2018 - 2019


SNA 2018 - 2019

104 Yearbook
SNA overseas

SNA 2018 - 2019

Dear seniors and juniors, I could guarantee that your
high school teachers are the ones who would advise
lifelong lessons for you, and I really encourage to keep
in touch with them and always feel free to ask for their
advice. High school friends might be a community
you have spent most of your time with, and some of
them will become your lifelong friends, as I had mine
from SNA. Some of you could be experiencing conflicts
in friendship, an overload of schoolwork, an anxiety
about your future, and many other stressful days. I
also often felt so stressed out, especially when I was
preparing for university application or struggling with
friendships. However, many experiences in high school
years, both psychologically and academically, and all
Kuh Hara your efforts will lead to personal growth and fruitful
results. Rome was not built in a day, so I encourage you
to not feel disappointed at the current result and keep
perspective on your dreams. As a SNA graduate, I will
Dear all my beloved teachers and friends in Schools of always encourage your dreams and a successful future.
North America, Love you all.

It has been almost three years since I graduated SNA. P/s: If you have a chance to visit Korea University in
Time flies. Seoul, feel free to contact me and I’ll buy you a meal. :D
This year, I have entered the second semester of my Hara
junior year. My name is Hara Kuh, a student of the class
of 2016. I feel a little weird, but honorable to send this
letter to my alma mater, today.
Recalling my life in high school, I realize more, day by
day, how blessed and encouraged I was by so many
teachers and friends. I still know not how to repay my
debt of gratitude to all my teachers, whose lessons
motivated me to find enjoyment in those subjects
until now. Most memorably, I was blessed to have Ms.
Jennifer as my teacher, who was beside and helped me
in so many ways since I was in grade eight until my
graduation. Moreover, thanks to Mr. Philip for inspiring
me to take
English Language and Literature as my second major,
along with my first major, International Studies. Life in
campus is full of hustle and bustle, full of excitements,
and solitude that occasionally follows along. I gained
more independence as well as decision-making skills
after entering my
university. All the encouragements as well as love that
I received in SNA acted as a
cornerstone for me to thrive through the
difficulties I experienced.
SNA 2018 - 2019
106 Yearbook
All teachers and staffs not only do their duties, but
they are also seen as a friend, a family member, they
always listen, share, and help you whenever you need.
(Love you so much Ms. Yen, Ms. Thanh, and Ms. Nu,
thank you for supporting me and gave me lots of good

Talk about the dormitory, the accommodation is really

comfortable which the furniture and tools are fully
equipped for students. At SNA, they also have a guard-
ian in each room to take care of everything for the indi-
vidual student such as clothes, meal, etc… (Thank you
Mr. Sau and Mrs. An who take of me for a year.) Save
the best for last, being a SNA student, I was developed
Jason by 5 factors Effective Communicators, Collaborative
Workers, Critical Thinkers, Life-long Learners, and
Hau Trung Nguyen Responsible
Global Citizens Through its curriculum and
Assumption College learning environment, SNA wants to inspire and shap-
5 IVES ST, Worcester, 01603, MA, USA. ing students to be ably facing the
challenges that are happening in the world around
Individual behavior is not shaped by the family, but them. Overall, I would like to say thank you to all the
it forms where you call the school. The time that we teachers and staffs who were helping and
spent at school not only focus on learning, and filling supporting me. Without it, there would not be me.
our minds with knowledge, but also time spend form-
ing our character, obtain various
attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life. The
basic traits of our personality are formed during our
school days. To be honest, School of North America
(SNA) successfully offered the student a good academ-
ic program, as well as helpful
activities to develop our skill such as critical
thinking, responsibility and become a good leader.

Even though I only studied for one year at SNA but it

gave me a bunch of unforgettable moment (friendship,
events, etc…) I transferred to SNA when I was in 11th
grade. A boy from a small town, SNA was impressed
me by the warm greeting of staffs and I still remember
Ms. Nu (a Geography teacher) and Mrs. Minh (a Phys-
ics teacher). At SNA, I found GUIDANCE, FRIENDSHIP,
DISCIPLINE, and LOVE. Individual staffs and teachers
describe in one word “professional ethics.” Yes, that is
true, I have
witnessed a lot of images that teachers devoted to
disabilities student.

SNA 2018 - 2019

This is going to be my last semester at OCC, and I will
transfer to one of the University of California in the Fall
semester 2019.

Being a student and president of SNA’s

Associated Student Body inspired me to be a good
leader, good citizen, and have a good performance in
academics. Therefore, after graduating from SNA and
attending college, I felt that I have a good preparation
to continue my journey to be
successful in college and get involved in campus. I was
lucky and proud to have the opportunity to study at
SNA and be in the environment because SNA’s ASB,
students, and faculties prepared and
Thao Nguyen inspired me to learn, to improve, to maximize
myself, and to be a better person.

Dear SNA, School of North America, Thao Nguyen

Class of 2016.
I am Thao Nguyen. I am a 2016 SNA graduate, and I
am currently a student at Orange Coast College (OCC),
USA. I am writing this letter to share some apprecia-
tions to SNA. I feel grateful for what SNA had contrib-
uted to me in educational and
leadership which prepare me to be successful in
college and life. After graduating from SNA, I got to
Orange Coast College which is the second largest com-
munity college in California. Besides being a full-time
student trying to achieve high GPA to transfer, I was a
secretary of Advocacy Committee which is a group of
student leaders who seek to protect the college’s inter-
est as it relates to
education policy, financial aid, and other
legislative issues. I was elected by the students of OCC
of 24,000 student to be the secretary of the Student
Senate which is the legislative branch of the Student
Government of Orange Coast College (SGOCC) and is
responsible for writing and passing resolutions, stu-
dent government policies, and
approving financial allocations of $1.5 million budget
to OCC clubs and programs. I also a board member of
some clubs such as VP of International Student Fel-
lowship, VP of Vietnamese Students Association, and
financial director for an Accounting Society. Every year
I received the scholarships and Leadership Award
from my college.

SNA 2018 - 2019

108 Yearbook
1. Saigon Academy (SGA)- the system of international kindergarten

2. iSchool: K-12 system of international integration school

3. United Kingdom Academy (UKA): K-12 system of British international billingual school

NHG 4. International Schools of North America (SNA)

5. iStudent: Institute for International Relations and Study Abroad

6. Gia Dinh University (GDU)

system 7. Ba Ria- Vung Tau University (BVU)

8. Hoa Sen University (HSU)

9. Hong Bang International University (HIU)

10. International Education City (IEC)

SNA 2018 - 2019

Memories and Notes from

SNA 2018 - 2019

110 Yearbook
Memories and Notes from

SNA 2018 - 2019


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